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How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

It’s evident to every online marketer that new traffic opportunity is a gold mine to boost the exposure.

Despite Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ..

Any new social media giant?

That must be Tik Tok. Tik Tok is the fourth most downloaded mobile app worldwide.

Well, you must be wondering how to boost your account in Tik Tok to get more traffic.

One of the best practices is by best using of Tik Tok hashtags!

In this guide, I am going to share everything you want to know about Tik Tok hashtags marketing, including how to research, use and trend Tik Tok hashtags that works great in 2019.



What is a Tik Tok Hashtag?


Tik Tok, the new, is a social media platform where you can share and stream your 15-second short-span videos. It is initially popularized in China for personal content but has now immensely expanded worldwide and can also be a marketing venue.

Tik Tok hashtags are basically words or group of words after the # sign. It can define the local market’s trending contents through the use of hashtags.

So if you are an online marketer, Tik Tok is a platform that can capitalize on your online presence. It markets impressively well because it can suggest recommendations to its users based on their favor.

The short-formatted videos in this app enable the users to random stream videos continuously for hours based on your hashtag searches.

Why are Tik Tok Hashtags Important?


Similar to other social media apps, Tik Tok hashtags are equally important. Hashtags are used to label information, topics, and themes. In Tik Tok, hashtags, along with users and sounds, are among the three items that can be plugged into the search bar.

It “tags” (thus the name) specific contents and make these contents searchable publicly. If you want to market your products, for example, the use of product demo, it is vital to use hashtags so other Tik Tok users can be directed to your account or page.

Below are other reasons why Tik Tok hashtags are as important as your visual imagery for your products:

1. Hashtags help you find your competition.

Searching a hashtag not only directs you to your products but also provides you an idea of your potential competition. It gives you a sneak peek on how customers interact with your competitions.

Through this advanced information, you can modify your marketing approach.


2. It can make your products more visible to your customers.

Hashtags contribute to creating or solidifying your branding and visibility.  It can increase people’s awareness of your products.

3. Hashtags increase your followers. 

When customers tag your content, they are spreading your products similar to promoting through the “word of mouth”. This can eventually add to your followers or customers.



How to Find Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro


If you are professional enough to find awesome Tik Tok hashtags for your social marketing — you’ll not only get more organic traffic — but you’ll understand your customers and followers better against your competitors.

Regardless of how important the Tik Tok hashtags perform to get you exposed, many of you start the hashtag research process like this:

1. Starting from some hashtags that potential followers might search for

2. Plug those hashtags into some research tools

3. Pick hashtags based on your feeling

Well in 2019, all that changes.

Because now I’ll show you EXACTLY how to search for hashtags that your target audience uses on Tik Tok.

And when you optimize your Tik Tok accounts around the right hashtags, you’ll watch your accounts rocket to the top of Tik Tok — meaning more traffic, visitors, followers, likes, sales in the process.

But there’s a catch:

Before you start Tik Tok hashtags research, you need to dig out Expand Niche in your industry.

Once you come up with these Expand Niche, you can find untapped Tik Tok hashtags that your competition doesn’t know about.


Expand Niche: (New Weapon) Tik Tok Hashtags Research

As I discussed in the very beginning, most people only start researching with a hashtags research tool.

This WON’T make any sense.

Why? Because your competitive is doing the exact same thing. No wonder, most of the hashtags you found were insanely competitive.

Moreover, the hashtags research tools are good at providing closely related keywords while fail to offer new hashtags ideas.

Here’s an example:

What will you come up in your mind when you hear“makeup”?

Whether or not you’re a super makeup fan, you may come out those keywords in your mind:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

But when you input “makeup” into hashtag keyword tool, for example: …

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

…none of the related hashtags listed.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

In other words, the hashtags research tools only give hashtags that are VERY closely to what you type in.

And it’s nearly impossible for them to offer any divergent keywords that are related to your niche which are always the winning Tik Tok hashtags for more followers & likes.

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It’s not surprising that you fail to rank for those competitive hashtags: everybody and their mom are using the exact same hashtags!

However, it doesn’t mean that you should never use those hashtags (in fact, you still have big opportunity to get exposure by those competitive ones, I’ll show you the tips later).

Don’t reply on hashtags research tools which only bring you limited ideas.

So what to do instead?

You need to figure out Expand Niche.


How to Find Expand Niche Easily

You may asking:

“What is a Expand Niche?”

A Expand Niche is a closely related niche that your target audience is interested in.

That’s to say, it’s not a specific hashtag. It’s a divergent idea.

(later in this guide, you will see a step by step guide to find winning Tik Tok hashtags)

For instance, Bonny runs a business that sells makeup brushes.

As we noticed before, the hashtags research tools are only capable of providing you very closely related keywords.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Even though some of these hashtags are a good fit for your niche, there are thousands of less competitive Tik Tok hashtags that work much better.

However, it’s TOO difficult to search for those ones.

Lukily, you can start from Expand Niche easily to figure out those winning and un-competitive Tik Tok hashtags.

Expand Niches are a list of markets that are interested and cared about by your followers while still closely related to your niche.

For example, Bonny wants to find a makeup brush may also search for:

● # Dior makeup brush

● # Taylor Swift dress

● # Diet foods

● # Model wedding

● # Fashion artist

Understand now? Each of the hashtags are some closely related ideas with target industry – Expand Niche.

For example, the hashtag “#taylorswiftdress” is a related Expand Niche of “makeup brush”.


Specific Tik Tok hashtags are usually low-density tags that don’t bring you large exposure posts.


However, when you post with those low-density Tik Tok tags which are much easier to rank, the great post-performance will push it to rank in next level density tags.


That’s to say, you should post with a mix of different density tags for most benefits.


As I talked earlier, Expand Niche provide the easiest way to come up with new Tik Tok hashtags ideas that help you reach more audience.


Here’s how to do it:


Prepare Your Expand Niche Ideas

The goal with your Expand Niche ideas is to figure out various hashtags that your target audience search on Tik Tok.

Now, you can prepare a Google Doc or other text file.

I recommend you to write down 5 different Niche Ideas …which is excellent to help you find more related Tik Tok hashtags.

For example, here are the Expand Niche ideas of #makeupbrush:

● How to keep fit

● Who is the best Popstar

● Improve makeup skills

● Attend a wedding ceremony

● What’s the latest fashion trend

Still don’t know how to complete the list?

Well, here are some smart methods that you can implement in 2019.


Audience Pixel

Identify audience pixel is a great and simple way to explore Expand Niche that your potential audiences also interested in.

As soon as you identify audience pixel, you will have an endless list of Tik Tok hashtags that potential audiences use every day.

So, how to identify audience pixel?

You can firstly dig out your target audiences:

● Gender

● Interests and habits

● Age

● Approximate earnings

● Desire that they try to fulfill

● Difficulties they struggle to overcome

Now: you might come up with various audience pixels which depend on your niche.

For example, we talked about Bonny wants to search makeup brush, you might dig out the audience pixels for direct buyers AND for friends.

You can start the audience pixel like this:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

This slide helps you understand your target audience, which can uncover Tik Tok hashtags that you never think of.



Hashtags on Twitter are performing same as on Tik Tok.

To quickly find out the expand niche that your target customers care about, you can type in any hashtags that come up from your mind:

For example: Bonny is searching “makeup brush” on Twitter:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

She then digs out some hashtags closely related to her niche from some of the top post:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Interesting part? She also finds some Expand Niche ideas for inspiration:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

In about 15 seconds, Bonny collected three potential Niche Markets from a single search on Twitter:

● Fashion brands

● Makeup accessories

● Beauty Blog

Write down a few Expand Niche Ideas to your list that make sense for you.



Forums are perfect places to bring you a group of ideas that people care about.

How do I find forums? Use these search strings on Google:

“keyword forum”

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“keyword” + “forum”

“keyword” + “forums”

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

When you check a forum, pay attention to the different forum sections that are usually Expand Niche Ideas.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Then research deeper, click on some of the sub-categories to find more Expand Niche topics that your target audience discuss.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

It’s so easy to catch some Expand Niches in 10 seconds, for example, what I’ve come up for “makeup” are:


● Kids make up

● Urban Decay

● Makeup color

● Make up lessons

Repeat the procedures sever times and add those Expand Niche topics into your list.



Reddit is a massive community of people that discuss their hobbies, life, travel, business, etc..

In other words, it’s a treasure for you to dig out the Expand Niche.

For example:

Jack runs a business that sells pet supplies.

Simply head over to Reddit and search for a broad niche which is related to the products that the target customer is interested in.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Then, choose a subreddit which might be interested by the audience:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Next, scrolling to find out what are the topics with most comments, like this:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Now, you can put “cat personality” into your Expand Niche ideas.

Repeat the procedures sever times to get more inspirations.



Finally, we have Wikipedia which is a large source of niche research.

To use Wikipedia for hashtags research, just head over to it and type in your Niche idea,

Like this:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Then take a look at the other entries that article links to. These are usually closely-related ideas and even potential hashtags themselves.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Also, make sure to check out the table of “contents” section:

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Again, these are usually the keywords that are closely tied to your niche.

Now, let’s include three more Expand Niche ideas into your list:


●Hairstyling products

●Cosmetic packaging

Now you have a list of potential hashtags and Expand Niche ideas. It’s time to choose the best from your list.



How to Use Tik Tok Hashtags Wisely?


· Think of a catchy signature phrase. Make a quick search of your hashtag ideas on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before implementing it. If you find that your tagline is common, create a different one.


· Make it effective by choosing a simple, short, and easy to spell out hashtag.

For example, your potential followers will not type out a #thebestpairofjeansintheworld hashtag so try a shorter version of it like #bestjeans. Remember, the shorter your signature hashtag, the easier it can get shared.


· Tik Tok is known for its trending memes or challenges so create your brand’s campaign by coming up with related challenges.


If you like to have a campaign for the jeans you are selling, you can start a similar Tik Tok challenge like the #InMyDenim which was sponsored by Guess.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

1. Use trending hashtags but do not spam or overdo them.


In the previous technique, we talked about how your business can stand out by using unique signature hashtags. Now, we will be tackling how viral and trending hashtags can help market your business. The most important tip in using trending hashtags is to not spam or overdo them.


The good thing about Tik Tok is that it is easy to locate trending hashtags. Look for the “search” button on the lower mid corner of the screen and it directs you to viral videos in your location or area.  The trending hashtags also include the number of people using the tags so you will know which one has a wider engagement.

How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Trending Tik Tok hashtags are hashtags that became popular or viral. These hashtags can change in real time depending on what is being talked about at the moment.

If you see a hashtag related to your business, update your content and use the hashtag to place your post in the trending timeline so you can potentially have a bigger audience.

There are also niche-trending tags that you can use to get your posts. For example in Google+, there is a #MusicMonday that musicians, DJs, or music lovers use to have their contents get noticed. Some other common niche-trending tags are #food, #travel, #books, #friends, #pet, #ThrowbackThursday, #ootd, and others.

To recap, below are tips on how you can use trending hashtags:

· Use popular or trending hashtags with your content but be quick to catch them so your post stays relevant.

· Use niche-trending tags like #music, #pets, #food, and others depending on your content.

· Never spam your post with unrelated tags as this can show poor internet etiquette.

· Utilize social media performance tools and analyze your marketing strategies.


One of the downsides of using viral tags in your marketing strategy is that your post can be drowned in hundreds of videos. You are fortunate if your customer chanced upon your post but if not, this is where our last hashtag strategy can help.


2. Connect and engage with your followers using the “content” hashtags.  

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Our last strategy is about content hashtags. Content hashtags are common hashtags that you can attach to your post. They are neither branded nor trending but they can definitely help improve your social media SEO.


Content hashtags also help online sellers to increase their engagement with their target audience.


Wishpond categorizes content hashtags into:


· Product


Product tags are the first tags that consumers search for if they are on the look-out of products to buy. If you are a consumer looking for a watch, you will search for tags like #watches, #watch, or others. In the example below, a simple search of #luxurywatch leads me to an online Tik Tok seller.


How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)


· Lifestyle

On the other hand, lifestyle hashtags refer to any characteristics of your target demographics which include gender, age, hobbies or crafts. For example, if you are a music record shop, you can use lifestyle tags ranging from #cd, #vinyl, #vinylrecord.


· Event

Event hashtags are used on special commemoration days, celebrations, or sale events. Examples of event hashtags are #BlackFriday, #summersale, #wintersale.

If you are holding special discount periods for your online business, you can use these tags. Also, if you are part of a local community fair or an online group bargain sale, you can use your group’s official hashtag


· Location

When you like to engage with your local consumers in your area, a location hashtag is an appropriate tag to use. Most consumers are also interested to find online stores or websites situated within their accessible geographic area, primarily for shipping or logistics purposes.


Content hashtags are also used if you want to check new trends on your consumers’ preferences or updates about your niche. If you want to check out what sneakers are “in”, do a simple search of the tag #sneakers.

This proves that Tik Tok is a powerful media platform for e-commerce businesses.


How to Find the best Tik Tok Hashtags Like a Pro (+Trending Tags)

Like in every marketing platform, getting your business videos viewed by thousands of followers using hashtags does not happen overnight. Marketing entails a combination of not a single but multiple techniques, and Tik Tok hashtags are only one strategy.

So, be patient, plan your videos ahead, and include an effective storyline. Maintain an active consistency to draw your consumers’ attention.

You may want to produce funny promotional videos and try to show these videos during Tik Tok events and auditions for you to obtain a crown and massive audience.




List of trending Tik Tok Hashtags


The following are some viral/ trending Tik Tok hashtags:

1. #tiktok

2. #meme

3. #challenge

4. #hashtagchallenge

5. #tiktokchallenge

6. #love

7. #cute

8. #follow

9. #fun

10. #music

11. #fashion

12. #happy

13. #comedy

14. #tiktoklocation (for example, #tiktokchina)

15. #chooseyourcharacter

16. #imadome

17. #musically

18. #hashtag

19. #posechallenge

20. #levelupchallenge

21. #InMyFeelingsChallenge

22. #idolchallenge

23. #matildachallenge

24. #unmakeupchallenge

25. #dontjudgemechallenge

26. #comfylook

27. #carnivalpartyanimal

28. #travel

29. #food

30.  #desserts

31. #featured

32. #viral

33. #trending

34. #foryou

35. #foryoupage

36. #slowmo

37. #slowmotion

38. #friends

39. #buddy

40. #siblings

41. #coffee

42. #latte

43. #christmas

44. #newyear

45. #birthday

46. #independenceday

47. #summer

48. #winter

49. #autumn

50. #lake



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Last Words


So, that’s my post all about Tik Tok hashtags marketing.

Now, I’d like to turn to you.

Are there trending hashtags you have already used?

Leave a comment to let me know how Tik Tok hashtags helped you in marketing your products.

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