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Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

Growing your first e-commerce business, setting up your first Shopify store, creating a business plan,… everything can be new and challenging for you at the beginning. But luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

Here in this article, we’ve collected the most active Shopify forums and communities out there for you to check out. You can find these communities ranging from Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups to subreddits and Slack workspaces.

So why don’t we become a part of a community on Shopify so that you will be able to chat with experts in marketing and traffic generation, get highlights of so many matters, etc. So, I have highlighted a list of top 15 best active Shopify forums and communities, where you can do all the mentioned privileged above. It is an opportunity for every store owner to connect with each other, learn from, and get help eCommerce professionals around the world.

By joining these groups, you can:

Ask the questions you have when building your Shopify store
Share your own experience with other Shopify store owner
Get inspiration from many successful e-commerce business examples
Get the most updated information and insight from the e-commerce industry
And many other things to support you in your journey of running a Shopify store.

Now, let’s get started.

1. Shopify Community

Shopify Community currently has more about 624088 members, with 627298 posts that contains all types of content. This community is first created to enable users to directly get connected with merchants and other partners so that they can receive tailored messages and subscribe to keywords that are associated with their expertise.

Most merchants’ posts are about asking for solutions to their business problems. These sellers often describe their problems in their posts and reach out to the community for help. For the partners’ role, they will receive the opportunity to connect with other retailers, at the same time, help them figure out the services they need to fix their problems.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

On the Shopify Community forum, you will be given the privilege to utilize 5 main special features. First, you will get the ability to subscribe to particular keyword mentions via search subscriptions on this community. Then, you will be given the access right to accepted solutions so that you can mark a reply as “the solution”.

Plus, with the Discussion boards and private messaging feature, you will be able to connect with entrepreneurs who have the same idea with you so as to uncover insights into your next big project. What is more, there are the participation rewards created by Shopify to recognize these active community members in case they had worked hard to address other merchants’ issues.

Finally, this community is an international and multilingual client, which will enable you to switch between four languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, and English.

2. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify Entrepreneurs a Shopify forum, which is set up by the founder of HeyCarson – a Shopify experts. This works as a group on Facebook, which is good at keeping the related content about eCommerce on the top. Also, the members here can really help others to fix their problems by commenting below each post and feedback for online shops or business ideas. At the same time, with this Facebook forum, Shopify store owners and experts will unite altogether to offer and get such invaluable support.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

What is more, joining this forum is also a great chance for you to see other designers, developers, and marketers, who also can help you to take your online store off the ground. In this group, there are currently over 90000 members and hundreds of posts from many parts of the world.

3. Shopify Subreddit

Shopify Subreddit is a Shopify forum, which is created on the Reddit website and totally different from what is happening on Facebook. Although Reddit itself isn’t solely a forum for Shopify sellers, however, they do have a very active subreddit for all things on Shopify. Shopify forum on Reddit is a little hit or miss because only when you come up with a good question that you will be able to gain trust and get suggestions from people who are located all over the world.

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Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

Normally, on Reddit, a merchant can start posting his or her question, then other people on the forum can vote as to whether or not they like it or not. The more positive votes that you get, the more exposure your question will receive. Then, when the voting happens, these users will respond to your question and create a dialogue about the matter that you are questioning, then people will come together to talk about every topic here.

Also, you are encouraged to post the content that suggestions for plugins, techniques on the Shopify store to boost its own effectiveness. Meanwhile, you will have to follow some rules here like no spamming, content marketing, advertising, or promotions. If there are any unapproved links matching the above criteria, your account might be banned from Shopify Subreddit.

4. E-commerce Fuel Forum

The E-commerce Fuel Forum is considered to be one of the best places for Shopify store owners to find information about what other online store owners are running their business. As a result, they will make things easier in scaling up their businesses as well as having marketing pro tips, and even seeking answers to a bunch of your questions.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

Actually, this forum is designed for established companies that bring in six or seven figures per year. Hence, this forum would be more suitable for the more experienced sellers. If you want to join in, you will be required to apply for a membership in order to make sure that you follow all the guidelines.

However, the main problem of this forum is its subscription of 49 dollars per month to enjoy the service. Once you have access right to this forum, you will see some threads that are packed with useful details as well as every detail of successfully running a Shopify online store. Plus, the invaluable experience regarding the best practices and mistakes on Shopify are also posted in the forum. On the whole, generally speaking, it is worth investing here when you are offered every detail as far as Shopify is concerned.

5. E-commerce Subreddit

E-commerce Subreddit is another forum that is based on Reddit. As you can see, Reddit is generally divided into a variety of individual communities, organized by theme or interest. When you are active on Reddit with your account, your own feed will be designed for the communities and topics that you care about.

From this section, users are enabled to support, vote, discuss, argue and answer each other’s questions. Then, there are some smaller topically themed discussion forums form by Reddit, which are called subreddits, each will have its particular rules set by the moderators.

Each subreddit will have the right to set specific rules that aren’t consistent across each page. For instance, some subreddits’ rules don’t allow to post of images. Meanwhile, other restrict users to link to commercial business websites or prohibit the promotion of specific products, and so on. These limitations are considered more suitable for social media platforms used by eCommerce companies.

E-commerce Subreddit is one of these mentioned platforms for eCommerce companies. As a member, you should follow the rules and contribute to the subreddits you post, in instead of just being here to promote your products. For small businesses on E-commerce Subreddit, they will find some specific advantages here like promoting their stores, together with gathering advice on the many skills and experiences needed so that they can apply on operating their small business. What is more, there are a group of small business subreddits in this forum share their content about eCommerce, which can help you in some cases, because reading posts from other business owners can make you become more enlightening as well.

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6. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is not a forum only for Shopify merchants, but it is the top place to go when you’re searching for discussions about online marketing in general. Nevertheless, I believe that you will find some aspects that help you here while getting started with Shopify. There are currently over 1 million active members here on this forum, together with over 8 million discussions on the wall.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

It is not necessary for you to post a question because going through these various available discussions on this forum is enough to find the answer to your questions with Shopify. You will don’t have to put your mind to worry about having a specific question that needs feedback as there is the Warrior Forum always has the experts available to answer you. There are some topics all covered through this site so that you can find out here to expand the reach of your website.

These include Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, and PPC marketing. Also, as this is a place where gather marketers, owners of Shopify stores, and other entrepreneurs, so you can also visit other threads and find social media, growth hacking, website design, link building, and eCommerce sites in general here.

7. Ecom Strategy

Ecom Strategy is another Shopify forum on Facebook that has everything related to Shopify Strategies or Selling Online With Facebook. This Facebook group is created to provide members mostly about Shopify strategies and tips on how to sell online using Facebook, which is known as a combined group for Shopify sellers looking for eCommerce tips and Facebook marketing hacks as well.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

There are some rules of this private group that you should follow, such as not posting the screenshot of your daily sales or post any affiliate links or the links of the blog that promote something. Also, you will be banned if you publicly ask on how to sell infringing products, or message someone directly in the group and trying to sell them something, or insult someone in the group.

8. ECommerce Issues

ECommerce Issues is a great place for small business owners to find a way to generate revenue from eCommerce with tips, tricks, and advice.

On this forum’s main page, it is divided into three columns including the Title / Thread Starter, the Title / Thread Starter and the Last Post By section. Each is designed to show every detailed content like the title. The topics are mostly about the challenges that such retailers face. On the user-generated forum boards, every merchants or eCommerce enthusiast can post a thread, a question or an idea on. Ecommerce Issues will show them in the listing pages, then others will view and comment to help retailers to find the right solution for their common problems. Shopify is also one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, so these kinds of questions are usually asked on Ecommerce Issues, like Shopify vs Woocommerce: Who’s better?, or Conversion Rate is Going Down on Shopify, etc. At the same time, most tricks and tips, which are able to be applied to other eCommerce platforms, can do the same on Shopify.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

This forum itself is geared towards beginners. Hence, if you have already run your eCommerce store well, then it’s probably best to look at some of the other forums geared towards people who have already gained some traction.

9. Shopify Money Makers

Shopify Money Makers is another forum on Facebook, which is created as a place where all people can learn how to use Shopify to build a business and makes money on their own. This group currently has about 22000 members with an active community with more than one published post per day. As it is called, this group topic is generally about how to gain profits effectively on Shopify.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

As usual, there are some rules that you have to follow while being active in this group. The (self) promotions, affiliate links, links to your own website are prohibited. No screenshots of your sales, ‘PM me for help’ replies or alike are restricted. When you want to post something that might benefit the group, but it has a link or promotion, you should ask an admin and explain that situation. You are encouraged to be respectful of other people in the group and give value to get value here to get help and learn from others.

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10. Shopify Freesources

Shopify Freesources is another private Facebook group created for Shopify merchants to share and discuss the best collection of Free tips, and other resources related to Shopify. These free resources could be Themes, Apps, Ways to avoid Apps, Design, Tips and Services on Shopify. This group is initially founded and maintained by the ShopaFree team, which is a free service that provides free Shopify setup and design based on the Shopify Partner Program, not your sales.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

There are currently about 11000 members of this group with over one post a day. In this group, people post to share with each other about great free stuff, some ask for feedback on this stuff and some even suggest improvements for the group. Self-promotions are also restricted. However, there is a day in the week that allows Expert or App developer to advertise their products in their post, which is Thursday. At the same time, these posts should include free stuff to give away.

On Clubhouse

11. Shopify Beast

Follower: 21k

A new social media platform, Clubhouse, can be useful for Shopify sellers and entrepreneurs as well. Brought to life by the people from Jag & Wolf, tune into Shopify Beast for audio-only discussions on topics like:

  • Shopify for beginners
  • Shopify for advanced users
  • Shopify for dropshipping
  • Facebook ads for Shopify
  • Google ads & website development

12. Women on Shopify

Follower: 4k

Women on Shopify is a rapidly expanding network for female entrepreneurs who are just getting started or are continuing their e-commerce experience. This group’s goal is to share experience and expertise, and support female entrepreneurs in a welcoming environment.

13. The Shopify Club

Follower: 2,3k

With approximately 2300 members, The Shopify Club is another unique group in the Clubhouse network. For panel discussions, the organization gathers Shopify professionals as well as experts from different media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. This club will give you advice on how to establish, operate, and expand an e-commerce firm using practical advice.

On Reddit

14. Shopify (Subreddit)

Member: 142k

If you’re looking for rapid professional answers related to Shopify, the Shopify Subreddit is one of the greatest digital spaces to check out. There, you may talk about everything relevant to Shopify, such as marketing, integrations, applications, and shop development. The Shopify forum’s policy and regulations are enforced by admins in this robust and mature community. Redditors are not permitted to advertise or promote businesses or services.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022

15. Shopify Ecommerce

Member: 6k

ShopifyEcommerce is another active subreddit that Shopify entrepreneurs should check out. Participants may use this online e-commerce community to ask whatever they want about their online business, get suggestions, find mentors and advisers, figure out the best ways to promote, and get solutions to any technical problems.

Top 15 Best Active Shopify Communities And Forums to Join in 2022


In conclusion, I have presented you with some of the best forums and communities for Shopify merchants in running an online business. I highly recommend that you join some of them, but not all, and monitor them closely. Because it is a waste of time for you to join several groups and not being able to find and consume the content that interests you.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the solution for you. It’s time that we can hear thoughts from you in the comments section. Also, if you have any troubles during your practicings, let us know so that we can help you.

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