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10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare


Women, as the main power among customers, cannot be ignored in dropshipping fields. Then what is the most popular products for women?

I guess besides snacks and clothes, skin care products definitely stand a maximum proportion.


If you’re dropshiping skincare products online, you need to know how to deal with common customer objections in a good method as the first step. Customers always goes first.

Besides this, I will summarize 4 methods about how to dropship skin care products successfully as below.


1. Increase sales channels


As science technology developing fast, people are not just satisfied with shopping in physical stores. So dropshipping skin care products online is also crucial and welcomed.


Trends and markets are changing almost every day, you need to be ready for taking the ability to jump on these trends and fill the gaps in the industry. Be sensitive to different sales channels.

Then, how to dropship skin care products online?


I ever did an interview for two girls who sell makeup online, their experiences may be helpful to you.


Thailand Mika is the owner of her beauty store, Thai Ka. She curates natural and pretty-designed skin care products and cosmetic lines in her Vancouver, Canada based online stores.


Kitty Lavie created Bluehead Revolution after finding very few suitable options to suit her complexion and light eyelashes. She manufactures and dropships skin care products like “Kitty Cute” mascara via her e commerce store.


According to their experiences, we can learn that dropshiping skin care products online is not so hard to operate. Products and online stores are available to dropship skin care products online.


2. Enhance customer experience


The customer always be the first. The purpose for us is to satisfy them. So enhancing the customer experience is the most important we should focus on, especially the two points below.

Understanding customer remands

A key content of effective marketing is your ability to understand and make your customers believe in your brands and products. Only upgrade a product image won’t be enough, especially if you’re dropshiping a skin care product.

Refer to the Chinabrands website, all the product data is obviously displayed, including listing time, customer questions, shipping guides, estimate order cost etc. These information gives customers a valuable reference before they purchase online. Solutions always come from objections, what we need to do is accept and deal with it.

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

Besides that, I think the package service definitely has an influence on customer experience.

Knowing package service’s importance

Represents your brand through design.

Protects fragile products like eye shadows or glass-bottle toners and pressed powders from breakage.

Post the important information to customers, such as ingredients, expiry date, and usage instructions.

Contributes to enhance the customer experience.

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3. An detailed product description


When people are unfamiliar with a product, they search your products with doubts. When dropshiping high-end skin care products, this truth becomes more important: buyers are afraid of spending money in products, which forces them to throw the product away.


An attractive product description shall not only capture the key word, but also express in a lively method. The main functions should be conveyed for a better understanding, such as a mask, the function may be moisturizing or whitening, attractive words and the exact function will be searched easier by the customers.

Here is an example from Chinabrands:

This product is a Natural Oil Shampoo Soap, the description has included all the features you may think about,and ingredients. That would directly get the requirement of customers.


10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare


10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

4. Focus on customers’ feedback


This point has some connection with point 2. But it talks more about customers’ experiences after using products. Customers’ feedback is a part that you should never ignore in dropshipping skin care products, how to deal with the feedback or complaints in a good way is very important.

Remember: people complains because they want a solution.

Here are 3 samples for dealing with customers’ feedback. It’s important for you to utilize what kind of way to face them. You can change your state of mind, see them as a chance to make your store better. Try to look past the negative feedback and unfold the lesson at the core of the complaint.

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

☆ The Proactive Response

If you notice is something wrong with a customer’s order, you need to contact them to let them know that you are trying to correct it—even if they haven’t complained about it yet.


☆  The Yes Response

If a customer complains, you need to be quick and competent to resolve their issue. Most customers always share their negative customer service experiences. That is a risk you can’t take. Instead, you need to come up with a solution that will satisfy your customer and keep them coming back.


☆  The No Response

In certain occasions, there might not be a solution for your customer’s problem. Sometimes customers will put negative reviews on design or product updates that there will be no immediate solution for. However, these can be a great opportunity for learning more about how your business can grow in the future. As long as you respond thoroughly and with compassion, your customer will know that their opinion get focused.


5. The finial conclusion


The 4 points above are about how to dropship skin care products. In gentle, dropping skin care products in a good way needs to:

☆ Step1 Increase more dropshipping channels;

☆ Step2 with some good channels, we can start to explore customer’s demands and enhance customer experience

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☆ Step3 what we need is a good description to attract customers.

☆ Step4 After we have customers to purchase our products, it may have some problems about before and after sale. So we need to care about customers feedback to improve our service.

Guess the 4 points are not hard to understand, but in practice may still have difficulties. Here we have a good example to dropship skin care products, Chinabrands.

It is a global dropshipping platform, dropshipping to over 200 countries. At the same time, helping you to sync orders on Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopify, Wish and other, totally up to 20 platforms, that is to say, one Chinabrands account can link to multiple platforms, therefore it is mostly useful for the business which wants to increase sale channels.

Let’s look at their skincare products. All products are at the low wholesale price, if you buy bulk, make sure to inqury the discounts.

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

Except for the low price, It also has high-quality products description and professional team to deal with every case. Their global warehousing logistics can ship goods to every customer.

Of course, there are also many cosmetics or makeup products for you to resell.

10 Lessons For Successfully Dropshipping Skincare/ Good Example to Dropship Skincare

Choose a Target Market

Skincare offers a broad range of products such as organic or anti-aging products. Before choosing a product range, look your ideal customer to thoroughly understand their wants and needs. Create buyer personas, research trends, and study the purchasing patterns of that ideal customer. Once you’ve fully developed your niche audience, choose a range of skincare products and craft a targeted marketing strategy. Need a starting point? Check out these top 9 skincare products.


Product Bundling and Cross-selling

Bundling products and cross-selling are great ways to increase sales by encouraging customers to purchase more items per transaction. Most people use multiple products as part of their skin care regimen. This gives you the opportunity to bundle products that can be used together, like an anti-aging bundle that includes a special serum, cleanser, and an anti-wrinkle cream. Cross-sell by recommending complementary products such as a moisturizer when a consumer purchases a cleanser.


Build Brand Awareness

With 82% of consumers seeking referrals from their peers before purchasing a product, word-of-mouth marketing is a very important tactic to include in your marketing strategy. Utilize this reliance on a peer’s recommendation by starting an organic conversation around your brand and products. Consider offering samples of certain products to various skincare influencers so they promote your product on social media. You can also offer a discount for anyone who leaves a review. Sparking positive conversation about your brand among customers will help you reach a new potential audience.


Sell in Sub-niches

Skincare is a broad niche with high competition from other dropshippers and big-name brands. Consider differentiating yourself by choosing a smaller sub-niche to operate in. A sub-niche has less competition and a potentially higher profit margin. Consider selling men’s organic skincare, all-natural skincare, or luxury skincare.

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Build Meaningful Supplier Relationships

Most skincare products you source will be branded products from the manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler. Due to the existing reputation and brand surrounding these products, you will need to build meaningful relationships with your suppliers. The supplier needs to trust that you will uphold the brand’s image before allowing you to sell their product. This requires you to develop relationships with suppliers and gain their trust. Prove that you can maintain brand standards and be a good ambassador.


Try Private Labeling

One option for retail dropshippers is to private label. Private labeling is when you purchase a product from a manufacturer and brand it as your own. The product’s formula will belong to the wholesaler or supplier, but the packaging will reflect your company’s information.

Branding and personalization is pivotal in the skincare industry. Private labeling is a great option for retailers because it offers more control over packaging and branding while eliminating the need to formulate your own product. It saves you time and money, while still allowing you to have a defined and customized brand. Check out one of these private labeling skincare companies: Nardo’s Natural, Cosmetic Solutions, or Pravada Private Label.


Know All Regulations and Restrictions

Certain countries and regions have differing or conflicting rules regarding the selling and marketing of skincare products. Depending on where you sell, you will need to stay up-to-date on all the various regulations of that region. Here are a few examples:

  • European Union: The European Union, which is made up of 28 countries, has much more stringent requirements for the ingredients going into skincare products. While the United States only bans 11 chemicals, the EU bans 1,328 chemicals.
  • Canada: Much like the EU, Canada has more stringent rules than the United States regarding ingredients. Canada also has stricter labeling requirements for increased disclosure on products.
  • China: China requires imported skincare to be tested on animals in government labs before it can be approved for sale.


Focus on Customer Retention

Skincare products are frequently repurchased which means your customer has a high lifetime value. Customer retention should be a big focus in your marketing strategy. There are plenty of opportunities to strengthen a customer’s loyalty to your brand. Create an email newsletter to remind them to get more product, develop a customer loyalty program, and run social media giveaways. Engage with customers as much as possible to ensure they are loyal to your brand.

Dropshipping is a great business model for selling skincare products. To simplify your ecommerce business, consider automating your dropshipping communication to ensure fast and seamless fulfillment of new sales orders.


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