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10 Sourcing Tips To Identify New Quality Suppliers

10 Sourcing Tips To Identify New Quality Suppliers

For novices, whether it is doing domestic trade or doing foreign trade, how to find product sources has become the most distressing thing for the majority of sellers. Today, I will tell you how to find product sources based on some experiences in recent years.

10 Sourcing Tips To Identify New Quality Suppliers


First, Use Interpersonal Relationships to find product Sources of Supply


If your home or friend has a physical store, or if you have a relationship with some manufacturers, then you don’t have to worry about it. By using your own communication circle, you can save costs and product is also guaranteed after sale.


Second, Look for the B2B Website.


Alibaba has gathered various manufacturers, many of them provide wholesale business, and the products are also equipped with pictures.

However, many of these manufacturers need a large amount of purchases. If the initial funds and experience are insufficient, I suggest that you can purchase them in the small wholesale area of Alibaba.

The products about 200-500 mixed batches are still quite a lot. Although the purchase price will be slightly higher, don’t pursue too high profits at the beginning. If the sales are up, are you still afraid of finding a better product source of supply?


Third, Do Online Shop Agent or Consignment.


Nowadays, many e-commerce websites not only do wholesale, but also provide agency and consignment services.

The online shop agent is more suitable for online shop novices, and can open the store without any cost.

And it is easy to start the business without spending any cost. However, when looking for such agents, you must compare with them. You can buy one or two pieces first. The quality of the products offered by many websites is not flattering.

If you agent such a product, you don’t know how the quality product is. And after the goods are delivery to the customers, they contact us directly if the products have any questions. Finally, it is not important that the money you have not earned, but it lowered your credibility.

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Fourth, Search Directly on well-know purchase website.


There are many powerful sellers on well-know purchase website, such as Taobao, many of them provide wholesale or consignment.

You can find out more about them and see how their customers evaluate the products. If the quality and supply are stable, it is good to find a product source of supply.


Fifth, Go to the Local Wholesale Market


If the funds are abundant, it is the most directly way to go to the wholesale market to see the goods and purchase them. There are two advantages.

One the one hand, we can see the quality of the goods.

On the other hand, if we have the inventory, there will be no situation where the buyer wants to buy a piece but it is out of stock.

If you can get along with the boss who is inside the market, you can get a lower wholesale price. When the boss has new products or the products with high sales, he will be happy to tell you first.

No matter where you choose to purchase the goods, you must remember that the first purchase must be multi-category, the same piece of goods can be purchased only one. If the product sells well, then purchase it again.


Sixth, make a Big Return with a Small Effort


One of the highest realms of operating online stores is make a big return with a small effort. Many products such as electronic products and cosmetics are the choices of the strategy.

The pictures and product descriptions of these things are all available on the Internet. You can input the information of the goods first, and it is not too late to wait for someone to buy them, and then you purchase them.

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However, mobile phones and computer products have a shortcoming, that is, the daily market prices are different. If you want to own the market, you must always grasp the pulse of the market.


Seven, Avoid Following the market Trend without thinking.


Don’t see what other people sells, and the sales of product are good. You also sell them. This is a big taboo in the business field. Knowing ourselves and knowing other people can make a good performance in the market.

We must combine our own specific conditions with external conditions and make decisions after comparison. In addition to the source market, it is also determined on the basic of its own time conditions.

If you are a part-time seller of office workers, then you need to determine whether you have enough time to deal with a series of details such as purchases, shipments and so no or not.

After-sales service and supply are equally important! At the same time, you should do it definitely and understand it clearly.

As a seller, the deeper and the more refined the knowledge of the industry you get, the more the buyer feels that you are an expert, they will have a sense of trust in you, and it is possible to trade with you. If you are a layman yourself, who will go to buy your product?


Eighth, Novelty products.


The buyers who buy things on the Internet are generally used for two purposes:

1. Buying a cheap product.

2. Buying a product that cannot be bought in life.

Therefore, it is recommended that some novice sellers should consider the development of some novel sources. Alibaba has a lot of good sources of supply, I believe that if you search the product in heart, you can find good product sources!

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9. Know Their Scalability

Determine how flexible the supplier is when it comes to providing small quantity and high volume orders. If you are looking for smaller quantities or prototypes to start, you will most likely find suppliers that focus on that volume. If you grow to require extremely large shipments of the product over time, you could quickly outgrow your original supplier selection. Knowing what the growth pattern is for the product you are sourcing before selecting a supplier will allow you to partner with a supplier that can painlessly scale to meet your changing needs.

10. Check Their Commitment To Customer Service

Expect the best and plan for the worst. Evaluate the customer service provided by each potential supplier. If you are working in 24-hour lights out manufacturing capacity that could require a call to the supplier at any time of day or night, work this into your research. A deeper understanding of the contract language about their return policy should be uncovered as well. You do not want to be stuck holding the bag.

11. Get Lead Time and Delivery Statistics

Delivery performance is key to industrial buyers. Ask for their lead time projections compared to on-time delivery rates. If these cannot be provided, then it is a good sign that they are not tracked or are not very good. Either reason is cause for concern.

12. Read Into The Payment Terms

Identify the suppliers that are willing to work with your payment requirements. As the long term need and delivery timelines can dictate PO or Net 30 billing options, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need to run your business appropriately.

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