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Buy in Russia: Should You Wholesale or Dropship from AliExpress?

Buy in Russia: Should You Wholesale or Dropship from AliExpress?

AliExpress Russia has been identified as one of the best companies for retail, dropship and wholesale. Except daily shopping, should you wholesale of dropship from Aliexpress Russia? You will know everything about Aliexpress in this article.

Buy in Russia: Should You Wholesale or Dropship from AliExpress?


What is AliExpress Russia? is the sub-domain of and it is the Russian website of the China-based retail website of AliExpress. Although with global headquarters in China, AliExpress has expanded its base to other countries including Russia, the United States, and Brazil. AliExpress Russia is an online retail franchise service based in Russia. It directly connects Russia businesses with buyers, leveraging Russia’s proximity to China. Hence, shipping is usually faster, making it a great place to buy stuff.


How Russians review/see AliExpress Russia?


This market is huge and the review and feedback from Russian buyers clearly show that AliExpress Russia is arguably the biggest along the Pacific and Arctic borders. In September 2017, Russia AliExpress was ranked top global market for the Alibaba-owned independent retailer with website traffic estimate of 748.95 million visitors (about 25.80%) ahead of the US AliExpress (5.16%), Brazil AliExpress (4.41%), Ukraine AliExpress (4.39%) and Spain AliExpress (4.35%) in that order.

Here is what Liu Wei, Director of AliExpress Russia had to say in the wake of the huge market explosion of the most visited retail website:

Buy in Russia: Should You Wholesale or Dropship from AliExpress?

Plus this, experts, have predicted that Chinese retailers, especially AliExpress Russia ‘might soon drive Russian companies out of the market if this trend continues.’ In fact, a survey carried out by Russian-based organization, Association of Retail Companies (AKIT) reported that Russia’s total retail e-commerce sales hit over 920 billion Russian rubles ($15.7 billion US dollars) in 2016. That was a significant 20 percent increase from 2015.

Besides, in terms of AliExpress Russia shipping, the price is amazingly affordable while delivery is prompt with orders delivered without shortchanging.


How do AliExpress dropship and wholesale works?


Dropshipping simply refers to a situation where your customer makes a purchase from your e-store/site while you order the item from your Chinese supplier and they ship the item directly to your customer. You don’t need to hold any inventory or worry about packaging and shipping.

Let’s explore how AliExpress dropshipping model works step by step. To use AliExpress dropshipping, first, you’ll need to set up your online store using a platform such a Shopify. Once this is done, you can start to import products from the AliExpress marketplace.

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To streamline and sync your imports, you can utilize an app like Oberlo with your Shopify storefront. The app will also notify you of any inventory or price changes from your supplier while also helping you in sending tracking codes to your customers once their orders have been dispatched.

When a customer places an order with your store, you’ll then go to your supplier and order that exact same item to be shipped directly to them. The infographic below gives a clear visual representation of how AliExpress dropshipping works.


Buy in Russia: Should You Wholesale or Dropship from AliExpress?


The pros of dropshipping or wholesaling from AliExpress Russia


On AliExpress Russia or Alibaba Russia dropshipping model, there is quite a lot of advantages that wholesalers and buyers derive from it.

· Importing Product Content

You can import the product content and images from directly to your store, choosing from millions of different items right at your fingertips.

· Freedom to set prices and markups

On AliExpress Russia, you have the freedom to set your prices and markups. The best part is that after you sell a product, you purchase it from a supplier on AliExpress and then have it shipped directly from their warehouse to your customer.

· Great platform for e-commerce startups

AliExpress dropshipping is simple, easy, and low risk for new e-commerce entrepreneurs and newbies. Suppliers tend to be more open to working with small companies (offering smaller quantities).

· A network of wholesalers/suppliers

Wholesaling on AliExpress makes the task of finding products, contacting Russian wholesalers and placing orders, extremely easy. AliExpress Russia has one of the biggest online platforms of buyers and suppliers in the world.

· Low Prices, quality products

AliExpress Russia offers incredibly low prices for a variety of products (There are more than 100 million items currently listed on AliExpress) that are of high and top notch quality. You can be sure that every product displayed on the website is of high quality and you’ll be offered at very competitively low wholesale prices.


The Cons of dropshipping or wholesaling from AliExpress Russia


Each coin has two sides. There are some cons of  dropship or wholesale from Aliexpress in Russia.

· Language and communication can be challenging

Dealing with AliExpress Russia comes with its own language challenge. Especially when you have to speak with the customer support team, the language barrier could arise for non-Russian speakers.

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· Longer delivery times

AliExpress Russia operates a lot of times with longer-than-usual delivery time. Some delivery outside the country could take longer than within. Since most buyers and users of AliExpress Russia site retail site are from outside Moscow and major cities in Russia, this poses a great challenge to delivery.

· Product importation and customs

Again, the cost of importation is high in relation to customs and import duties in Russia. Dropshipping costs a lot of dough for goods going out f Russia.

Does AliExpress itself offer dropshipping and wholesale service or its suppliers?

AliExpress offers dropshipping and wholesale services. However, buyers also have the freedom to use suppliers’ dropshipping model to dropship their purchased products. This is one of the results of AliExpress Russia’s flexibility models.


How to select suppliers for dropship/wholesale in AliExpress Russia?



Frankly speaking, there are many factors you need to take into account before choosing suppliers of dropship or wholesale in AliExpress Russia. You may have known which products you want to sell, you still need to make sure that those dropshipping suppliers you’re selecting are reliable in terms of product quality and variety, competitive prices, and delivery.

Let’s take a look at some of those steps on how to select suppliers for dropship/ wholesale in AliExpress Russia?

· Do Your Background Research  

By now, it is assumed that you have already decided on the products that you would like to sell; the next step is to research what suppliers are out there and which ones suit your needs best in terms of location (domestic or overseas supplier), raw material sourcing, delivery times, and service potential.

· Reach out to Suppliers


Contact the supplier that suit your needs and start a relationship with them. Here and then, you can ask questions about the service that they provide. Try to build a relationship that is trusted and ensure you make regular contact with customer support service team for an update on products, prices, delivery, etc.

· Order Sample Products from Suppliers

Having chosen your top two or more suppliers to do business with, order samples directly from them yourself. Test their quality of service, delivery times, packaging, and other supplier-related questions that will tell whether or not you’re happy with their services.

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· Order From the Competition

You may find out along the line that one or two of your competitors is using the same supplier as you. All you need do is to order from them to get an idea of the level to service you need to provide to rank in line with the competition.

· Choose Suppliers with Positive Reviews and High


It is important you look at your suppliers and potential suppliers’ reviews and rating from those who have dealt with or used the suppliers before. This will help you understand how to relate to their service.


What is the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?


Both Alibaba and AliExpress are platforms owned by the same company and they both host a large pool of suppliers that sell on them.

However, AliExpress works like the US-based Amazon. It targets consumers with support focus on small wholesale purchases. Payment on AliExpress is by Credit Card with seller arranging to ship. Orders are filled quickly, usually offering a guarantee and return or refund policy.

However, Alibaba is a platform that targets large and mostly custom orders. Payment is most often by Letter of Credit or some other commercial facility. Since terms are usually FOB the manufacturer’s facility, buyers make arrangement for shipping. This is usually carried out through a broker that handles logistics and customs.

Orders can take 2–10 weeks to ship. Alibaba does not operate guarantees nor refund/refund system.


Alibaba Russia vs AliExpress Russia: Which is better?


Well, this is a quite tricky one. One will say AliExpress when you think about small and medium wholesale buys. But when you’re considering large and custom orders, you can choose Alibaba. Going by recent (18 September 2018) trade relations strengthening between Russia and China, in a report by, Alibaba could claim 48 percent ownership of AliExpress Russia.

With the use of Credit Card and multiple payment options, AliExpress looks to offer the better deal as against Alibaba. Plus, there is refund and return policy on AliExpress which gives you the opportunity to return any incomplete, damaged orders you’re sure of getting back your fund 100 percent subject to all the terms and conditions.

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