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How to Sell on Wish Marketplace in 2022 (Complete Guide)

How to Sell on Wish Marketplace in 2022 (Complete Guide)

This article, is majorly going to focus on how to make money by selling on wish. Besides, you will know how does wish sell so cheap. So, buckle up, as we take a ride through it.

How to Sell on Wish Marketplace in 2022 (Complete Guide)



Wish. com was founded in 2011 by former Yahoo and Google engineers. It is a direct -from -China bargain hunting website that feature hundreds of different stores and millions of products from all over the world.

In comparison to other online shopping platforms. permits you to personalize your shopping experience using their unique algorithm which suggests products for you based on your past purchases, as well as products you have rejected or viewed.  The Wishlist allows you to save your product and buy later or share them through your social media pages.

With more than 25 million users in about 50 countries, wish is the market leader of mobile shopping in the U.S and U.K and provide customers from different countries with products straight from the factory.  They lack physical stores because they are completely web-based and all shopping is done through the wish app and website.

Then if we want to make money from selling on Wish, we must know Wish features and why they sell so cheap.


How does wish make money when they sell so cheap?


Products sold on wish app are usually cheap, this has bothered plenty of folks on the internet. Because of this many of them have questioned if Wish is real or a scam. So, here we are going to reveal how wish is able to make money and yet they sell their products at cheap prices.

Products sold by are mostly Chinese

Most Chinese products, from electronics, fashion & accessories, household stuff, clothing, and even toys are generally cheap. There are plenty of factors behind it which include but not limited to low costs of manufacturing the products, government policies, and mass production, the list is endless….

Wish has completely utilized this opportunity by buying stuff directly from the Chinese market at $1 and then selling it in other countries for $2 to $3.


Shipping Charges

Wish is known to offer free gifts to buyers who are joining their site for the first time, but the fact really is that they do not. They claim to give $5 worth product for free but at the checkout, you will discover that the total payable amount turns out to be something like $4 to $5 as shipping charges.  Got it?

If not let me illustrate more, Wish has created a whole new type of shopping for customers whose priority is low prices, they strive to maintain low shipping costs. The cost of shipping each product is displayed at the checkout.

Furthermore, things are getting much better for Wish users as they get free shipping on every order with wish promotional codes. When you shop with Wish there is a high chance that you will find products that have highly discounted prices. These features and more attract more customers to their platform, resulting in high sales.

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Also, shipping from China is extremely low priced, hence they may send an item for a $1 and still make money.


Product Quality

The product quality depends on what you order. Mostly, Wish makes more money by selling low-quality products. Wish to obtain their items directly from manufacturers at very cheap prices, but the product quality is low.

The fact is, Chinese manufacturers usually make few pennies on every units and batch that they sell. But the trick is that the manufacturers use low-quality materials to produce their products, this way they keep the cost as low as possible so that companies like Wish and Amazon are willing to buy them.

Eventually, Wish ends up with very cheap products that are not that great but they are able to meet and satisfy the needs of customers.

Wish makes its sells by utilizing the volume strategy. Where, they make nearly nothing when they sell one unit but when calculates in thousand or even millions of units, the profits are enough to keep the business operational and growing.


Promotion Strategy

Wish is completely different from Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Because it mainly focuses on unbranded and discounted products. Discounts are one way through which wish attracts their customers.

Items available on Wish are drastically cheaper than those you can buy on Amazon and eBay. People searching for deals tend to gravitate towards Wish for this reason. The kind of buyers that are attracted to Wish might still be shopping on Amazon or eBay, but when browsing on Wish they are looking for the cheapest price rather than the best product quality.

Those shoppers who purchase via Wish don’t mind about not getting the type of quality control, But they are willing to take the chance because the discount is big enough to justify the risk.

Instead of investing heavily in advertising, Wish offers great discounts on specific products and categories. This is another reason why Wish is actually cheap.


7 Tactics That Will Help You Boost Your Sells on Wish


1. Target the Right Market

By identifying the right market to sell your products, you can be able to make a huge market profit.  Finding the right market involves finding the right or potential customers and determine if they are in need of your products.

Wish became successful because it went for a market that was initially ignored by many e-commerce startups. What did they do? They identified the need for discounted good online.   This way they were able to corner their section of the growing market much sooner than their counterparts.

2. Pricing

The customers streaming to Wish are doing so because of discounted prices. Do not set your price so high, as it might repel away some customers.  Also, do not set the price so low as you might end up not making any profits.

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Wish offers low prices because of the direct-to-consumer model that emphasizes on cheaply manufactured, unbranded good, and usually, they make money on volume. If they overpriced the products they sold on their site, they would have had to plead with their customers, and they would not have that amount of success.

3. Target Impulse Buying

When you decide to sell on Wish try to sell impulse products, these kinds of products will boost your sales. Impulse products are those products that people buy on impulse. You can achieve this by showing your customers what products people are buying the most.

Not most of the customers who visit your site know what exactly they are looking for. If your store sells a wide variety of products, it can be really overwhelming, especially if the consumer is new. When people stumble upon your site, they may be attracted to products that are popular.

You see, the whole concept behind the Wish experience is based on speed and impulse. Shoppers come to visit Wish website to search for deals instead of shopping for specific products. By maintaining their low product prices and diversity, Wish has managed to position itself on top of its competitors.


4. Rewarding customers

Focusing on customers retention is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing online sales. One way of rewarding loyal customers and big spenders is through customer loyalty programs, these programs benefit both the customers and seller. Such programs give customers extra incentives to purchase more and keep their product top-of-mind through automated reminders.

You can choose how to reward your customers, for what actions and how frequently. For example, you can have a point-based program, which contains its own currency which can be redeemed for discounts, free gifts or free shopping.

5. Learn more about your targeted market

The more information you have on your customers the better. You will be able to recommend the right products to your customer. Wish pulls data from social media profiles, browsing habits, and history etc., and they are able to suggest products their customers are more likely to buy. This is very essential especially when the mode of the purchase is made on impulse.

6. Arrange your Products in a well-organized manner

What happens when your store is poorly designed? First you lose customers, secondly, your store looks untrustworthy. Some of the things that indicate poor design in your site is lack of a clear value proposition, confusing navigation or hard-to-read font.

Even if you properly implement the points above, you can still make some few mistakes like, improper segmentation of products or simply putting too many products in one page or not figuring the right balance between texts and visuals.

A clearly arranged site always attracts visitors. Arrange your products in a reasonable and clear format that can allow customers to easily search for the products they want.  You can list hot sale products per promotional activity and rank this group first.

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7. Offer Discounts

This might sound simple, but not that many e-commerce sites are offering discounts to their customers. Wish was started specifically to provide customers with low priced products, so don’t worry so much about your profit margin.

By offering discounts you attract a lot of customers, more customers mean more sales. You may not be making much profit from selling one unit, but if you are successful at selling thousands, then that’s the success.

Everybody loves getting a good deal, so this might be just the best way to drive more sales.


Can you sell used items on Wish?


You cannot sell items on wish if you do not have the permission for the copyright, patent or trademark.


Can I sell dropshipping products on Wish?


Yes, you can dropship with Wish. This is how it is achieved.

● You sell a product through your channel(website).

● Buy the item on Wish and inserts your customer’s shipment details.

● The product is shipped directly to your customer via the Wish seller.


Do you know some online shopping websites like wish?


Yes, there are other websites that are like Wish. If you like shopping you might like these other websites.

● AliExpress

● Deal Extreme

● Light in The Box

What Can You Not Sell on Wish Marketplace?

It’s better to have ideas also on what you cannot sell on the Wish marketplace before stepping for a registration.

  • Child car seats
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Nudity
  • Tobacco
  • Plant seeds
  • Drugs
  • Switchblades
  • Digital goods
  • Gift cards
  • Chemicals
  • Counterfeit products

How Much it Costs to Sell on

The pricing for the merchants on the Wish marketplace is quite seller-friendly. It only charges when you sell. Here goes the price structure to sell on Wish:

  • Based on the selling price of a product, Wish pays with the maximum percentage to the seller while keeping a commission of a minimum amount for their own.
  • A sales commission of up to 15% on the combination of order and shipping rates.
  • No monthly or annual subscription is required.
  • Zero registration fee.
  • Zero fees for product listing.

What Payment Methods are Compatible with the Wish?

Here are the payment methods that Wish accepts:

  • Google pay
  • Apple pay
  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, American Express, Cirrus.
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • Klarna
  • EBANX ( Boleto, OXXO, Credit card)

Also, it supports AllPay, Payoneer, UMPAY, PingPong to support the huge customer experience across the world.

Bottom Line

If you are willing to grow your business overseas, then can undoubtedly serve as a suitable platform for you. Targeting opportunities with worldwide shipping can be the best way to fill your pocket with the most profit and create a significant position in the market. However, don’t keep unrealistic goals regarding your sales, as shining in the market is a matter of patience and advanced strategy building. Use Wish as a ladder to your success while exploring the most benefits of selling at a well-established, customer-friendly e-commerce platform.

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