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Amazon Off-site Promotions--- Pinterest

Amazon Off-site Promotions— Pinterest

Compared to the Facebook, Pinterest is much less well-known. At the same time, Facebook advertising is also more influential than Pinterest advertising. But in fact, the Pinterest is more specialized and has great potential.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a popular social network built around photos. According to statistics, at 2017, Pinterest has 175 million users. On this platform, users of social media platforms can easily share and save photos shared by other users and organizations. Pinterest can be called the photo version of Twitter.

In Pinterest, netizens can save and manage the pictures they are interested in. Other users can also follow it, and the pictures can also be forwarded. Many companies such as Sony in Pinterest have also established homepages, using pictures to market their products and services.

For this era of information sharing, how can sellers miss this opportunity to promote their products?

Amazon Off-site Promotions--- Pinterest


How to use Pinterest advertisement


Pinterest ads use the waterfall stream form to display the picture content. Customers do not need to flip pages. The new picture will be automatically loaded to the bottom of the page, allowing users to continuously discover new pictures.

To use Pinterest to attract traffic to your amazon store, there are several steps for users to set up the basic attracted traffic settings on Pinterest.

Step 1: It’s similar to other methods of promotion outside of Attracting traffic on pinterest requires first creating a Pinterest Business account. That is the first step.

Amazon Off-site Promotions--- Pinterest

Amazon Off-site Promotions--- Pinterest

Step 2: Create Pinterest Public Boards which users can put their own product pictures and links into and describe them, or share them with Pinterest via the pin button. To get more attention, you can interact with other users, forward, comment, etc., to increase the viscosity of the followers or users on the account.

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Amazon Off-site Promotions--- Pinterest

Step 3: Look for the big V on Pinterest to collaborate with them and quickly push your products to the top of the search in Pinterest to drive more traffic.

Step 4: Enable “Rich PIN”. “Rich PIN” has more information than regular PIN. When your PIN is transmitted on Pinterest, people can change the picture description, but by enabling Rich PIN, you can embed the title and other information in the PIN. This way your headline can always be seen, which also makes your content look more professional. How to enable Rich PIN see link.


In fact, Pinterest ads is relying on image descriptions to rank pinterest images. In order to be productive on Pinterest, it is important to carefully study the description of the product image.

Many Amazon sellers find business opportunities on Facebook, invest in Facebook advertising, and spend a lot on Facebook advertisement, which also has effect. But compared with Facebook, Pinterest advertising seems to be a more professional website and Pinterest advertising competition will be smaller than Facebook advertising. a lot of. Amazon sellers can advertisement on Pinterest giving yourselves more channels to attract traffic, not just focus on Facebook.


What kind of pattern is Pinterest advertising?


Pinterest is essentially a social affiliate network. If users are aware of this, they will add buying links to all the “stuck” pictures on the site. Profits from them are quite simple, and this is a huge business opportunity for users and e-commerce sites. Amazon, as the world’s largest online retailer, can make full use of Pinterest’s professional advantages to gain more benefits from sellers who trade on Amazon.

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By displaying the products on the Amazon website as pictures + buying links on Pinterest, users will be able to browse more easily and this will also better stimulate their purchasing desires. In fact, Pinterest users are more proficient in e-commerce than Amazon. They spend a lot of time on arranging and sorting their own sharing, putting the most attractive pictures in the first place to get more views and increase their popularity. This will turn Pinterest’s land into a valuable asset.

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