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9 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

9 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

If you have been looking for wholesale plus size clothing suppliers based in China, look no further. This article will focus on showing you the best wholesale plus size clothing suppliers from China.

Before we show you the list of wholesale plus size clothing suppliers located in China, let’s see why using Chinese suppliers is beneficial.


Why Use Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers from China


9 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

1. Cheaper Price

China is known for offering high-quality products at very affordable prices. Even better, the upfront investment you make will help create a good business relationship with the vendor.

The cheaper prices offered by wholesale plus size clothing suppliers located in China allows you to set highly competitive prices for your products. This will give you an edge over even bigger boutique clothing stores.

2. Easy Product Customization

After establishing a stable relationship with your wholesale plus size clothing supplier, you can request custom products at larger purchasing volume.

For example, you could request products that bear your brand or even logo. Doing this will increase your profit margin significantly.

3. Better Customer Service

Chinese distributors offer better customer services right from the beginning when compared to domestic suppliers. This ensures you have a smooth experience.

4. Better Expansion and Diversification Opportunities

If you would like to expand your business at some point or tap into upcoming markets, using wholesale plus size clothing suppliers located in China might be your best option.

With Chinese suppliers, you get a chance to easily diversify your business, expand your product line, and even sell to international markets.



A List of Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China


Company Category Location
1. Chinabrands Plus Size, dresses & general China
2. Rosegal Plus Size China
3. Sammy Dress Plus Size Clothing China
4. Dear-Lover Plus Size China
5. Wholesale7 Clothing & Fashion China
6. DHgate Apparel China
7. AliExpress Women Clothing & Men Clothing China
8. SHEIN Plus Size China
9. ZAFUL Fashion & Clothing China

1. Chinabrands

9 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

Chinabrands has been in the wholesale and drop-shipping business for years now, and have developed a reputation as a trustworthy company.


They have all sorts of clothing items for those in the clothing business. Whether you’re looking for something with your kids, a sportswear, an outerwear, a dress or a jean, Chinabrands has got you covered.


They have very affordable products. If you buy wholesale, you can also get some discounts and points.


They also have an amazing quality control team that inspects all of their goods before shipping out, guaranteeing that their buyers receive only the best products from their inventory.


Chinabrands also has powerful automation software and tools that you can use to synchronize your orders and shipment. Chinabrand is fully dedicated to making your wholesale shopping experience an easy and comfortable.


Apart from having a diverse catalog of products, Chinabrands also has over 10,000 suppliers listed so you can find suppliers for both low-end and high-end products and anything in between. They add new items to their catalog every day so you can stay up to date with the latest fashion and trends.

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2. Rosegal

Rosegal has been offering its services since the year 2011. The company offers a wide range of plus size clothing. The plus size clothes available on Rosegal include tops, dresses, outerwear, swimwear, bottoms, intimates, and others. Below, we have the reasons why buying plus size clothing from Rosegal is a good idea.

Reasons to Buy from Rosegal

· The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has a wide range of plus size clothes.

· The prices are affordable.

· The company does offer generous discounts.

· All orders worth more than $45 are shipped for free.

3. Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress was established back in 2011. The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has plus clothes suitable for use by both men and women.

Buyers get a chance to choose the plus clothes to purchase from a wide range of sub-categories. We have outlined the main reasons why buying from Sammy Dress is good idea below.

Why You Should Buy Plus Size Clothes from Sammy Dress

· There are numerous sub-categories to choose from.

· The prices are affordable.

· Generous discounts are available.

4. Dear-Lover

Dear-Lover has been around since the year 2006. The company allows customers interested in plus size clothes to choose what they prefer from a variety of sub-categories. The sub-categories include tops, swimwear, dresses, lingerie, corsets, and costumes.

Buyers can further narrow down their search using the color and decoration options. Below, we have the main reasons why purchasing plus size clothes from Dear-Lover might be a good idea.

Reasons to Purchase Plus Size Clothes from Dear-Lover

· The company website makes it extremely easy for the buyer to choose what he/she wants.

· The wholesale plus size clothing supplier offers very affordable prices.

· There are numerous clothing options to choose from.

· Numerous shipping and payment options are available.

5. Wholesale7

For the past 14 years, Wholesale7 has been helping entrepreneurs get affordable plus size clothing from China. The company was established back in 2005.

Wholesale7 stocks a wide range of plus size clothing. Below are the main reasons why purchasing plus size clothing from Wholesale7 might be a great idea.

Reasons to Order Plus Size Clothing from Wholesale7

· Competitive prices.

· The company does offer all its customers discounts.

· Numerous payment options.

· Nice customer support via the live chat.

6. DHgate

DHgate was established back in 2004. Customers who wish to source plus size clothing from DHgate can get them under the Apparel, Sports & Outdoors, and Wedding & Events categories. Below we have the reasons why using DHgate might be beneficial.

Reasons to Buy from DHgate

· The company does offer its customers free shipping.

· The prices on DHgate are very competitive.

· Generous discounts are available.

· DHgate ships to all countries and regions worldwide.

7. AliExpress

AliExpress was founded back in 2010. The company sells plus size clothes from various brands. Examples of plus size clothing brands available on AliExpress include Dioufond, Yitonglian, TWOTWINSTYLE, COLROVIE, AOWOFS, COCKCON, NAVIU Elegant and Fashion, Liva girl, EYM, AREALNA, and HUI LI FA.

Below, we have outlined the benefits of sourcing your plus size clothing from AliExpress.

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Reasons to Buy from AliExpress

· AliExpress offers plus size clothes from a diverse range of brands.

· The prices are very affordable.

· Customers do enjoy free shipping.

· AliExpress makes it easier for customers to narrow down to what they want by making use of Size, material, and collar type options.


SHEIN has been online since the year 2009. The company has been offering its customers a wide range of plus size clothes at very affordable prices.

Plus size clothes for both men and women are available on SHEIN. Below, we have outlined the main advantages of using SHEIN.

Benefits of Sourcing Your Plus Size Clothes from SHEIN

· You will get plus size clothes for both men and women.

· Free express shipping is available for all orders whose value exceeds $129.

· SHEIN has numerous discount codes.

· SHEIN has a wide range of clothing options to choose from.


ZAFUL started operating back in 2013. The wholesale plus size clothing supplier has a wide range of plus size clothes. Buyers can get almost every plus size clothing they need on ZAFUL. Below, we have the benefits of using ZAFUL to shop for plus size clothes.

Benefits of Using ZAFUL to Shop for Plus Size Clothes

· The company accepts numerous payment options.

· Your plus size clothes will be shipped for free as long as they are worth over $49.

· The company does have generous discounts.

· Customers have a wide range of clothing options to choose from.


How To Choose The Right Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Online Suppliers


9 Best Wholesale Plus Size Clothing Suppliers in China

There are hundreds of online stores dealing in plus-size boutique clothing. So, what criterion can you use to select the best there is? Below are the key pointers you need to consider. Remember, it’s the same vital pointers we have used to come up with a list of the best websites we’ll be reviewing in the next section.


● Selection


Settle for a platform with more categories. Plus, ensure it has a vast selection for each category. Better still, it should be able to provide clothing for every activity, occasion, and season.

● Price Point


Consider a platform that is known for its incredibly low prices. This is quite crucial, especially if you are on a budget. Fantastic deals and discounts on selected outfits will be an added advantage. However, while choosing the website with the lowest price, ensure that the quality compares to that of other competitors with higher rates.


● Is It Cute?


Of course, you want to look good. That said, consider a store that stocks a vast selection of cute styles; styles that appeal both to you and to the masses. To be sure, look for a platform that stocks the latest fashion trends to make you stand out.

● Sizing


The more the sizing options, the better. Remember, sizing tends to differ with the region. For instance, Asian sizes tend to run smaller in comparison to UK or US sizes. A size 55 in China is the equivalent of a “Small” size in the USA.

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● Return Policy


Stick with online stores where you have the best shot of getting your money back. The more the number of days required for returns, the better. For instance, a platform with a return policy of within 45 days is better than one with a return policy of within 10 days.

Some stores accept returns even without receipts, provided you have the order number or paid with a card, hence increasing the chance of getting your money back.


Where can you find plus size clothing manufacturers in China?


If you are interested in finding wholesale clothing manufacturers located in China, you can use the tips we have outlined below:

· Attend Chinese and global clothing industry trade fairs.

· Use an online Chinese B2B marketplace.

· Use a search engine like Google.

· Use a professional social media network like LinkedIn.

· Look for sourcing agents or companies based in China.


I cannot buy large quantities of plus size clothing, where can I find low MOQ plus size clothing wholesalers in China?


You can try using an online wholesale website or a B2B marketplace to locate low MOQ clothing manufacturers based in China.

If you are interested in a company that has been in the clothing industry for years, Chinabrands could be a great choice for you. Chinabrands has already managed to established great relationships with famous clothing manufacturers located in China.


What are the best wholesale plus size clothing suppliers in India?


If you would like to source your plus size clothes from India, you can use the following wholesale plus size clothing suppliers:

· IndiaMart

· Wholesale Box


· Textile Export

· Shop4Shops

· Garmeto


What are the best wholesale plus size clothing distributors in the US?


If you would like to get your plus size clothes from the US, we have a list of wholesale suppliers you can use below:

· Wholesale Fashion Square

· Judson & company


· Ccwholesaleclothing

· Mono B clothing

· Curvy Fashion USA


What are the best wholesale clothing vendors in the UK?


The best wholesale plus size clothing vendors located in the UK include:

· Q Clothing

· Style Wise Direct

· J 5 Fashion

· City of Goddess

· Parisian

· Wholesale Clearance


Is there any market in China which provides clothing at a wholesale price?


China does have markets which provide clothing at wholesale prices. Below, we have the most recommended markets:

· Futian Market – This is the biggest marketplace in the world. It is located in Yiwu.

· Guangzhou Wholesale Market – This market has a wide variety of Chinese clothing. You will also find other products on the market. Guangzhou Wholesale Market is the best place to invest your wholesale product. It can help you increase your sales.

Last Words


So that’s my post all about the top wholesale plus size boutique clothing suppliers in China.

Now It’s your turn:

Which supplier from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start a plus size boutique clothing line?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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