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Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

China is undoubtedly one of the top countries in the production bags and there are just so many wholesale bags suppliers from this region. Check out such locations as Guangzhou and Yiwu and you will be amazed at the wide range of suppliers of wholesale bags in China that distribute quality products at affordable prices to all locations around the world.

In this post, we will look at some of the best wholesale bags suppliers from China in addition to outlining some key issues about the wholesale business in this country the responses to the relevant FAQs. So stay awake as we begin by looking at the top 12 suppliers of wholesale bags from China.

Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China


Top 12 Wholesale Bags Suppliers from China


1. Alibaba

Alibaba is undoubtedly one of the leading online marketplaces in the world. With a variety of handbags from different suppliers on its catalog, this site can be a viable option when looking to venture into the handbags business as well as to expand your already established business.

Additionally, Alibaba makes it so easy to find your desired handbags from the site before placing your order. Now, here’s the best part, you will get a 100% refund if the products do not match your expectations in addition to getting exceptional customer service.


2. Chinabrands

Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China


Appearing last is in our list doesn’t mean that Chinabrands is not a viable option for your wholesale handbags purchasing needs as you will find out in a short while. In fact, it is among the best platforms. So why is this so? Well, what would you expect to get when quality products are combined with on-time delivery? I guess that’s an exceptional service. Interestingly, that’s exactly what Chinabrands offers.

With a wide range of wholesale handbags at the most affordable prices, Chinabrands is one of the best platforms to solve your wholesale handbags purchasing woes. Contrary to many stores, Chinabrands has a team of professionals that carry out quality checks on all their products to ascertain that they meet your expectations. And it never stops there because the products at Chinabrands are SEO optimized for easy uploading to your stores.



When you consider for your bulk bags purchasing needs then be sure to come across reliable suppliers offering cheap wholesale bags from China. This site is ideal for purchasing trendy handbags, backpacks, and wallets for men and women alike.

Now, the most interesting thing about is that you can always enjoy plenty of incentives when purchasing from the site such as taking 30% off the shipping fee. That said, some of the product categories at include shoulder bags, clutch bags, tote bags, wallets, handbags, messenger bags, and men backpacks among others. Best of all, you can also shop the new arrivals section as well the transparent bags.

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4. DHgate


With as much as 6853 items under the bags category, DHgate provides the best platform to find a variety of wholesale China bags at the best prices. Just as important, DHgate provides a variety of bags under such categories as women’s bags, men’s bags, and other accessories at pocket-friendly prices.

Additionally, you can also find unique categories such as leather business bags, cosmetic bags, and cases and mini diamond bags all of which will be highly adored by fashion savvy individuals. Just like many wholesale websites from China, registration on this site is free and all you got to do is to create an account and place your order.

5. Chinabag888


Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

Have you heard of Chinabag888 before? Well, this is a cheap China bags wholesale supplier that boasts exceptional services. This company stocks a variety of high-quality bags including single shoulder bags, backpacks, and school bags.

And did I mention the large number of cheap bags for females available at the website? In a nutshell, Chinabag888 primarily focuses on ladies’ handbags so it can be a suitable option when looking to stock quality products under such category.

6. Aliexpress

Launched in 2010, Aliexpress is a subsidiary company of Alibaba that is comprised of a variety of small businesses in China. One of the best things about Aliexpress is that it supplies a variety of products to online buyers across the globe at competitive prices. So if you need high-quality China ladies bags at wholesale prices then this site can be a suitable option.

Additionally, it also provides worldwide shipping on all its elegant collection of quality handbags. That said, you can never worry about buyer protection when making bulk purchases from Aliexpress because this is one of the exceptional services it provides exclusively. Get a wide range of products at Aliexpress ranging from women bag sets to top-handle bags as well as elegant handbags and take your business to a whole new level.


7. Lox Handbag Factory


Now, Lox Handbag Factory focuses on the manufacture and supply of all kinds of bags at budget-friendly prices. With a wide collection of women’s handbags that your customers will equally adore, you can shop the trendy designer handbags online as well as the wholesale tote bags from China and make potential profits.

Lox Handbag factory comes in handy when you need fashion products and some of the categories of bags you are likely to find at this site include shopping bags, fashion bags, computer bags, and cosmetic bags just to mention a few. At Lox Handbag Factory, the objective is always to make you happy and have a memorable experience every time you make your wholesale designer bags purchases.

8. Global Sources


I bet you have heard of Global Sources before…not so? Well, as its name suggests, Global Sources is well known to source some of the highest quality handbags that are supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers from China. As a leading B2B company connecting buyers to a variety of suppliers, Global Sources features a wide collection of quality bags in such categories as new nylon bags, large fashion handbags, and women handbags among others.

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Ideally, this website has as much as 269 227 handbags from up to 15 454 verified suppliers. The best part of the Global Sources deals is that it accepts small orders in addition to providing videos on some of the bags available at the site.

9. Rosegal


Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

If you need a reliable China ladies bags wholesale while enjoying free shipping at the same time then Rosegal is an ideal option. At, you can make bulk purchases of the latest wholesale bags and fashion style wholesale bags from China at affordable prices.

One of the most interesting things about Rosegal is that they offer free shipping on select products and this can be so helpful when starting out your business. Besides, it is also advisable to check out the new arrival section at the Rosegal website since it is always updated on a daily basis.

10. JD Handbag Factory


As a subsidiary company of JD Leather Goods, JD Handbag factory is one of the leading manufacturers of handbags in China that specializes in producing a variety of high-quality fashionable handbags. As opposed to many wholesalers, JD Handbag Factory accepts your design in case you need a complex order that should be customized according to your customer’s wishes.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, there are just plenty of reasons to trust this company for your wholesale handbags purchasing needs. That said, some of the categories of handbags supplied by this company include evening bags, bucket bags, diaper bags, handle bags, saddlebags, clutches, and backpacks among others. Besides, this site also features a wide selection of wholesale tote bags from China.

11. Shoespie


Shoespie is well known to provide fashion wholesale designer bags from a variety of suppliers at the best prices. As a trusted wholesale handbags supplier, Shoespie ensures you always have an exciting experience when shopping by offering discounts on their items and special offers.

You can also shop the new arrivals section to get a wide collection of trendy products without much hassle. Best of all, Shoespie provides free shipping on all the designer handbags site wide.


12. Made in China


Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China

Now, made in China is another cheap China bags wholesale supplier. If you need easy sourcing of high-quality ladies handbags at competitive prices then Made in China is one such wholesale supplier that you can rely on.

Since its inception in 1998, Made in China has been fundamental at satisfying the customers’ needs by delivering innovative and high-quality designer bags. With more than 33 000 items in the bags category, you can never miss out on your desired products from this site.

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What’s more, some of the types of bags supplied by Made in China include tote bags, clutch bags, evening bags, handbags, backpacks, and sling bags among others. Registration, on the other hand, completely free and this makes the site even more convenient.


What to Know About Wholesaling Bags from China


1. Wholesalers may Offer Lower MOQs than Manufacturers

It is true that sometimes, wholesale suppliers in China can offer lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) than manufacturers. On that note, some suppliers can go an extra mile to let you order a few pieces for every product. And you know that MOQs of between 300 to 500 pieces per products is a huge milestone for small businesses.

2. Many Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Lack Export Licenses

Another key factor to note is that many wholesale suppliers in China, save for well-established sites such as Chinabrands, have no export licenses. Thankfully, there are legal ways to export goods without such documents so this is never a real issue to worry about.

3. Wholesale Products in China are non-compliant with the US, EU, and other Overseas Product Regulations

Most of the products made for the Chinese domestic market do not comply with overseas such as the US and EU product regulations. In a nutshell, China has its own set of product regulations that do not necessarily correspond to those in other countries.

Top 12 Wholesale Designer Bags Suppliers from China


How to Import Wholesale Bags from China?


Now, this is a commonly asked question by customers looking to sources their products from some of the best wholesale suppliers in China. Well, importing bags from China through B2B portals is just so simple. As simple as ABC if you like. Simply find a trusted wholesale supplier such as Chinabrands. Then gather all the necessary details including material, quantity, and color among others.

Enquire for the quote from your chosen supplier before placing your order. Arrange your cargo transport before finishing by tracking your order and ultimately preparing for its arrival.


Where can I find Cheap Bags from China Manufacturers?


Well, it is worthwhile to know that each bag manufacturer in China has unique features and products of specialty. For instance, Guangzhou is an ideal location to find some of the best handbag factories. When you need premium leather handbags, on the other hand, then Yiwu is your best bet. Other locations to find quality handbags at the best prices in China include Xiamen and Quanzhou.


Bottom Line


To wrap it up, it is clear that you can earn lots of profits if you venture into the wholesale bags business and play your cards right. Getting a reliable wholesale supplier is the first step towards propelling your business to greater heights. Fortunately, we hav

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