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11 Easy Steps to Make Aliexpress Dropshipping onto eBay Succeed

11 Easy Steps to Make Aliexpress Dropshipping onto eBay Succeed

Introduction to problems facing Aliexpress eBay dropshipping

To someone with no experience in the world of e-commerce, dropshipping always looks like an easy way to make a quick income without having to utilize a lot of capital and putting in a substantial amount of effort. This couldn’t be further from the truth as you will see when we explore the challenges many people have faced when trying to dropship especially internationally. eBay is one of the most popular online platforms and marketplaces to buy and sell goods and services. As expected, eBay’s main market is the US market and some parts of Europe whereas Aliexpress which is a subsidiary of Alibaba has managed to capture the Chinese and Asian markets. The biggest problems facing Aliexpress to eBay dropshipping have been the prolonged delivery and the quality of products delivered leading to a high return rate. Other issues include stock related problems from your suppliers and using the auction format to sell your products lower than the cost price.

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How Does Aliexpress Work with eBay?


If you’re going to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay you might as well do it right especially if you’re going to use Aliexpress as the marketplace for your products. This is a step by step guide on how to dropship Aliexpress to eBay. As long as you can guarantee that your product will be delivered within 30 days of the order being placed then you are allowed to dropship using eBay.


11 Easy Steps to Make Aliexpress Dropshipping onto eBay Succeed


Step 1: Decide on what you want to sell/niche

Being able to sell is one thing but deciding what you want to sell is another thing altogether. eBay has many sellers and therefore finding a unique product or one that isn’t being offered by everyone is key. Look at some of the highest selling products on the platform and look at what your potential competitors could be doing.

Step 2: Look for suppliers on Aliexpress

Aliexpress has reviews and ratings for all their suppliers and therefore the myth that all their suppliers are untrustworthy holds no water. Use the advanced search feature to look for suppliers who have the products you want to sell and if so how reliable are they in terms of stock and delivery. It is often advised to source for more than one supplier so that you are always prepared for every situation.

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Step 3Countercheck – Just like Amazon, selling on eBay is like walking on thin ice. Customer satisfaction and the reputation of your products is everything. Most times you should always purchase one of your suppliers’ products before you even start selling on eBay. This will allow you to confirm the authenticity of the products being delivered and also the efficiency of their deliveries.

Step 4: Create an eBay Seller account – You need to set up an eBay seller account that will allow you to sell products on the platform.

Step 5: Import products from Aliexpress using the alidropship plugin – Once satisfied with your suppliers you can begin importing products to your eBay account using the alidropship plugin or the google chrome alidropship extension. You can also edit the product titles and descriptions if you want to be unique. Edit the product images as well. Importing is very fast and reliable.

Step 6: Manage your product listings – When you import your products stay on top of how you are going to price your products, the timings, the format you are going to use to sell your products whether buy it now or it is via auction.

Step 7: Market your products – You can market your products on eBay using several channels such as social media, email and even requesting reviews from bloggers. From here you can build a target market and receive feedback.

Step 8: Start selling – Marketing and selling can go hand in hand. Immediately you start selling your products remember that customer satisfaction is key. Increase your customer engagement by asking for feedback and engaging your customers on social media. They can be great brand advocates and help you increase your sales.


Step 9: Customer orders – Customers will place an order based on how you list the products. There is the BUY IT NOW option or the auction system. The auction allows customers to bid for your product with the winner allowed to place an order. The BUY IT NOW is very simple and straightforward, the product is added to the customer’s cart once they click on the buy it now button. They will then proceed to checkout and purchase the product. You then send the customer’s address and details to the supplier for delivery as explained in the next step.

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Step 10: Order from dropshipping supplier – When you receive an order from a customer, the next thing you should do is purchase the product from the supplier and give him/her your customer’s address for shipping purposes. You must explicitly state how long shipping will take. The product will not go through you but will go directly to the customer instead. Ensure your supplier has the epacket filter feature so that delivery is more efficient. You can use your tracking number to track the progress of the shipment package and giving your customers regular updates.


Step 11: Customer get packages – Remember to ensure that your supplier doesn’t include invoices when sending the product to your customer. Once the customer receives the product, you can collect some feedback from them especially about the process and the quality of the product. If the product hasn’t been delivered, Aliexpress has a buyer protection policy allowing you to lodge a complaint disputing the purchase. This allows you to get your customer a full or partial refund or at least a solution that will leave them satisfied an ensures you don’t lose a customer.


Important things to Note


There is the aspect of financial and risk management. Initially, you will have a few goods to sell and therefore you need to watch your profit margins. On eBay, sellers begin getting charged from more than 50 product listings and above. To reduce risk, always attempt to be in constant communication with customers and make them as personalized as possible. This also means that you need to keep track of stock that is not selling very well and finding a way of removing them. Planning and organization are so important when you want to succeed in Aliexpress dropshipping onto eBay while also focusing on customer satisfaction and quality of service. Make sure that your suppliers are aware of this as well.

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Aliexpress to eBay: Is It Worth It?


The advantages

1. The clearest advantage of using Aliexpress eBay dropshipping is the ease and efficiency that comes with it. As opposed to running your own store, all you need to sell on eBay is to register for a seller account and it’s absolutely free.

2. Marketing an e-commerce website or a website, in general, is costly and takes up a lot of your time and energy. You don’t have to devise ways to drive traffic to the site as it is already extremely popular. Selling on eBay means you spend less time on marketing and focus on fewer channels. This is why the quality of your products and how you treat your customers is extremely important.


The Disadvantages

1. Having an eBay account is less personalized meaning there is nothing special about where you sell and how you are selling. Every seller account looks exactly the same meaning most times there is nothing that gives you the edge over other sellers. Additionally, there is no room for you to customize anything as you would on your own e-commerce store such as appearance and themes.

2. Making an income from eBay is more about the number of products you’re selling than at what price you’re selling them at especially if you’re selling competitive products.

3. The fees. After your 50th listing, eBay will start charging you a small fee for every product you list after that. The fee is small but may be detrimental if you’re not doing well in terms of sales.


In my view? Yes and No. Yes because Aliexpress is quite popular meaning many people dropship Aliexpress eBay and no because there are much better options with much better features. Take Chinabrands for example, they are also a leader in the Chinese and International market, they have the most reliable and authentic suppliers, have global warehousing, a massive stock control unit, prices are just as low, but most of all the most amazing thing is Chinabrands automatically docks with over 20 selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay while synchronizing your tracking codes with all of those stores/marketplaces. Chinabrands is definitely a better option compared to Aliexpress.

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