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Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

Today, you’ re going to learn exactly what garden supplies to wholesale and a list of reliable garden wholesale distributors and suppliers for your dropshipping or any other garden business.

Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items


Why Garden Products?


lawn and garden supplies is expected to  climb to $6.6 billion in US in 2019.  The growth in garden supplies through 2019 will be higher than the past years, because people still consider the lawn and garden care a way to beautify their life and mataining the home value.


Not only in the US even in the worldwide, gardening is viewd as a way to improve the qulity of life. You can find it on Instagram that more and more people like to share their plants or natural garden on social media.  So, selling garden supplies is a profitable business as long as you which products to sell and where to get them


10 Garden Supplies You Can Wholesale Online For Resale


Knowing what to avail for your clients in terms of garden supplies is very important. The last thing you want is to have a product that nobody needs occupying space in your store.

Below is a list of some of the most important garden products that you can get from garden wholesale suppliers that will attract customers and trigger them to make purchases.


1. Programmable timer

So many gardeners know the usefulness of a good programmable timer. This is because the product relieves them the tiresome work of opening and closing hoses on demand. Instead, all they need is a timer that does that automatically. Having it in your store will raise your sales and attract customers thus increasing your profits. All you need is a dropship garden supplier who will wholesale you quality programmable timers. With the right distributor, you will never lack timers for your customers.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

2.    Lawn light décor

Lawn light décor is a must have product for sale. These lights are meant to give your customer’s lawns an impressive display at night thus beautifying your whole place. Professional law garden wholesale distributors will be able to provide you with great lawn lights that are easy to install and setup. The lights should also be inexpensive.

They are the best option for anyone looking for incredible display lights that will enhance the look of their lawns effectively and without any problems. This makes them very suitable for sale since you will have gardeners flocking your place to have purchase them.

Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items


3.    Magic hose

The convenience of a magic hose is incredible. With this product, your customers will have an effortless time watering their gardens without having to waste so much energy to carry, use and store their hoses. The magic hose can expand a couple of times over thus creating a much long hose that is light and suitable to use anywhere on your garden.

Make sure that you’ve a couple of them in stock because it is among the first products that customers will demand as soon as you open your store. Ensure that the garden wholesale suppliers provide you with hoses that have multiple colors so as to suit different tastes of your customers.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

4.    Garden irrigation controller

Lacking this garden supply in your store will be a huge setback. The garden irrigation controller is exactly what your customers need to handle garden care without worrying about misusing water. A smart controller can easily determine the amount of water needed by your plants and thus delivers just enough to satisfy their needs.

With such an incredible garden product your clients will no longer have to worry about water bills because the device will closely monitor all their watering needs. Ensure you get a dropship garden supplier who will provide you with a number of them since it is the first product gardeners look for as soon as they start gardening.

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Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

5.    Pond garden pool irrigation water pump

This is a system that will not only improve the gardening needs of your customers in terms of irrigation but also ensure that they spend less on water bills. The pond garden pool irrigation water pump will enable your customers to pump water from their ponds and irrigate their gardens conveniently.

The water pumps you get from garden wholesale suppliers should be effective, durable and their prices have to be pocket-friendly for you to lure more customers from your region. With this, you remind your customers that no gardening tool lacks in your store and that will boost your reputation a great deal.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

6.    Garden pruner fruit tree branches cutting tool

Your customers will come looking for a garden pruner cutting tool. This is because no one likes bushy trees in his or her garden and this is the only effective tool to help then keep their trees pruned. Ensure you stock these tools to supply the demand whenever it is needed. The lawn garden wholesale distributors you pick are very important when it comes to determining the quality and price of the tools.

Make sure you confirm their efficiency before you go ahead and wholesale them. If any of your customers find out that your pruner tools are not effective, you risk losing them to your competitors.

Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items


7.    Gardening flower pot plant potted automatic watering tools

This is a tool that will ease your customer’s mind when it comes to taking care of his or her potted plants. They don’t have to waste so much valuable time looking after their plants. As a garden supplies seller, you are required to have a number of these products in stock. This will enable you to bring in those customers who love potted plants and give them a much better option that they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. What makes it even more important is the simple fact that the products have a unique way of ensuring your plants remain healthy throughout.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

8.    Portable household weeding machine garden cropper

This garden cropper is designed to make sure that your garden remains neat and attractive throughout. It is one tool that will end up giving your customers an easy time when weeding their gardens. When going for the croppers, make sure you pick them from garden wholesale suppliers who will wholesale them to you at a much lower price. This means that once you sell them, you will end up earning a good profit. Also, go for different colors if possible, this will give your customers a chance to pick which garden cropper best suits their tastes.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items

9.   Garden Snake Repelling Device


This is a useful garden product that every gardener would love it. It has a rechargeable solar panel which is energy-saving and eay to use.  The Vibration wave will stimulate the nervous system of mouse and snake to force them to leave. It also can drive rodents, ants and other harmful animals.


Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items


10.  Solar Garden Hanging Light


The led solor light for patio is one of the best garden supplies for your dropshipping and online business.  At dusk, the light can turn on automatically. Installation is simple and takes only one minutes of your time. They are allowed to charge for a full day in the sun.

Wholesale Garden Supplies: 10 Best Suppliers With Cheap Garden Items


List Of Garden Wholesale Distributors And Suppliers


This is usually the most challenging part whenever you want to start any business. You are always required to find the best distributor who will not only supply you with quality products but also wholesale them to you at a low price.

Below is a list of some of the best gardening supplies distributors who are known to provide quality products consistently and inexpensively.

Websites Product category Location Business type
Chinabrands Genral & Garden China,global warehouses Wholesale, Dropshipping Genral & Garden China,UK,USA Wholesale, Dropshipping
Garden trading wholesale Garden UK Wholesale
Wholesale garden supplies Lawn & Garden USA Wholesale
Downtoearth distributors Garden USA Wholesale, Retail
Pound wholesale. Outdoor&Homeware USA Wholesale, Dropshipping
Gardener’s supply Garden USA Wholesale, Retail
Dollardays Genral & Garden USA Wholesale, Dropshipping
Greenhousemegastore Garden USA Distribution, Retail
Wholesalefairy gardens Garden products USA Wholesale only
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1. Chinabrands

There is no better supplier to wholesale your garden products from than chinabrands. Both of bulk wholesale and dropshipping service are available in there.

They cooperate directly with the local factory thus will provide you the best price and best quality.  Besides, they also update the SKU every day, you have much choice and can always get some nice garden supplies at the cheapest price.

They have been in the business for quite a long time, and so they are fully aware of the logistics required to make sure that your shipment reaches you within the stipulated period without any delays.

You’re also at liberty to choose a shipping method based on your needs. They have powerful network on the world which will ensure you  keep your store fully stocked at all times.


These unique garden décor wholesale suppliers are known to have variable garden products in their store which they wholesale at a reasonable price. Here you will find everything from non-skid latex gardening gloves, trimming tools, hose connectors and watering cans among many others. The site is ultra-responsive and the prices are great. With most of your dropshipping problems will be well taken care of in no time, and once you get used to them, you will have a great time buying garden tools from them.


3.    Garden Trading wholesale

Garden trading wholesale are known to have a vast number of both indoor and outdoor gardening products that will entice your customers a great deal. They mostly deal with high-end products that will transform your customer’s home gardening into an incredible activity. The website is easy to navigate through, and the number of garden products they sale is huge. Their primary function is to ensure customer satisfaction. With Garden Trading wholesale as your lawn wholesale garden distributors, your store will always have classy tools for your customers.


4.    Wholesale garden supplies

Just like their name suggests, wholesale garden supplies is among the most popular garden products suppliers with a wide range of remarkable products on their catalogs. With them, you don’t need to worry about having any problem getting anything you want for your esteemed customers. You will be able to wholesale garden supplies such us grip gloves, solar path lights, bloom trowels, and multipurpose gardening tools among many other products. Wholesale garden supplies are very dedicated when it comes to helping your customers beautify their homes and gardens at a much lower cost.


5.    Down to earth distributors Inc

The first thing that will hit you as soon as you log into their website is how versatile they are. Down to earth distributors have supplies that will interest you thanks to their incredible wide range selections. You will find not only indoor garden products but also outdoor tools. They have an established website with an ultra-responsive payment system. You will never lack the main garden supplies in your store with Down to earth distributors, and your customers will always be fully satisfied. They also have a long list of customer support contacts which you can use to communicate with them whenever you want clarification.


6.    Pound wholesale

From garden tools, decorative products, outdoor lighting to growing accessories, pound wholesale has made sure that they have all the products to satisfy the needs of their customers. These are wholesale garden furniture distributors who will continuously give you whatever you want as long as it is in stock. The website is simplified to ensure you have an easy time locating whatever garden supplies you are looking for. The only drawback is that the prices of their products can only be viewed after you log in, otherwise you can’t. The wholesalers have also come a long way to ensure you get the best garden supplies that will make your store notable.

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7.    Gardener’s supply company

Gardener’s supply company is not just a website that will ensure you have remarkable garden products to wholesale but also provide you with the best customer experience. The platform is very attractive with quality pictures to keep you on the purchasing mood. They also have discounts on numerous products, and so if you make your purchases at the right time, you might end up spending less and this means huge profits on your side. Gardener’s supply company is what you want to keep your customers coming to your store due to product availability thanks to their variety.



Dollardays is an online garden wholesale supplier who not only sales garden supplies but also other products as well. They have an incredible website with garden products that you will love. The controls available make navigating their site very easy and incredible. You will be able to wholesale pruning shears, metal garden tools, flower pots and propagation tray among many other supplies. What is even more interesting is their product selection. It is meant to ensure you have quite an easy time shopping garden supplies for resell under one roof. Everything is just incredibly good with You will also be impressed by their payment services.


9.    Green house megastore

This garden wholesale distributor is precisely what you need  to stock your store and start providing your customers with unlimited garden supplies. Their menu is categorized into the products that are always on demand, the newest garden products available in the market and the most selling products at the moment. With this information, you can easily come up with a list of what to purchase on the spot. You will, however, have to navigate the website before you come to the products they are selling.


10.    Wholesale of fairy gardens

This unique garden décor wholesale distributor is known to be the master of miniatures, they are very good at providing the best miniature products in the market. They are known to wholesale gnomes, fairies, miniature gardens accessories, and fairy garden supplies among many others. With them, you will have something to sell to those customers who are always interested in the fairy world. You will also be able to shop garden supplies which your customers will love. Wholesale of fairy gardens is a world filled with fairy products and incredible gardening supplies.




1.   Is selling gardening supply profitable?

Yes, selling gardening supplies are very profitable since the demand for the numerous gardening tools is high and so you will get opportunity of more customers. But you still need to create a comprehensive business plan and find the best products selling to the right market.


2.   Where can I buy wholesale gardening supplies online in India?

In terms of wholesaling garden supplies in India, you can find the suppliers as below:



greenmylife india




3.    What is the best gardening website or blog?

If you want to wholesale garden products and dropship garden supplies, you must be familiar with gardening than your customers. There are some great gardening website that make you know everything about this field.




No matter you are going to wholesale garden supplies in bulk, or dropship garden supplies, these garden products and suppliers will be of help.

Now, I want to hear from you. Do you know some other unique and great garden supplies?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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