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Top 20 High-Quality Wholesale Websites in the UK

Top 20 High-Quality Wholesale Websites in the UK

In this article, you will get a list of best wholesale websites in UK. Besides, difficulties of wholesale in UK and some reviews can be found, here.

Let’s start…

Top 20 High-Quality Wholesale Websites in the UK

First, let’s know some details of a list of  best wholesale websites.


20 Best Wholesale websites in the UK


Are you a retailer? Are you looking for the stock to sell? Then don’t go far, wholesaler UK is your one-stop online. Here you will find hundreds of supplies that come from genuine wholesale supplies in the UK. They supply quantities that are suitable for independent retailers and they also supply with variable contact details.

Here, there is a list of wholesale websites in UK

Website Products Location


Antiques, Ceramics, Computer Accessories UK


Stationery, Health, and Beauty, Home, and Garden UK Domestic Appliances, Toys, Electricals, Mobile Phones UK Boots, Shoes, Men’s footwear, Wellingtons UK


Men’s and Ladies’ shoes, Mixed Footwear UK Dresses, Tops, T-shirts UK Clothing &Fashion UK Clothing UK Make-ups, watches, TV’s, Trainers UK All products UK


Makeup, Body Care, Giftware, Smoking, Party UK


Metal Ornaments, Animal Lanterns, Christmas Decorations UK


Electronics, Toys, Party Stationery, Smoking UK


Batteries, Bath Wares, Baby Products UK


All products, including clothing, 3C products, hom decor etc. UK Footwear UK Clothing, Shoes, Office products UK Pets, Fertilizers, Farm Feeds UK Foods UK Electronics UK

This company is an online wholesaler and pound supplier which was developed in 2001. Over time the company has become a known name in all of UK wholesale industry. It offers discounted items which have made them so famous a leading wholesale and almost the best online discount store.

Some of the largest ranges of wholesale products on the online store include seasonal goods, smoking papers, toys, garden products, wholesale tools, the large range of clearance household goods, clothes, stationery.

DK Wholesale

This company was established over 35 years ago in Manchester. Ever since they have been the leading distributors and exporters of branded Electrical Domestic appliances, Personal care, Haircare, Fashion design watches, clocks, Watch repair accessories.

Clearance Footwear

It is a foot ware company based in Cambridge shire and it deals in all types of wholesale footwear for both the kids and adults. They also deal with Ex-catalogue & overstocks footwear.

With the lowest cost, you will still get a better selection with no minimum order restriction. Not only are they wholesaler pf footwear they also buy surplus footwear.

Wholesale Clearance UK

This company was founded by Karl Baxter in 2005 and is based in Pool, Dorset. It is a British wholesale supplier of shoes, boots, Clothing, jewelry, pallets, and trainers to the public and trade.

They buy from high-street well-known shops so you are assured of quality. All pairs are checked before dispatch so that a customer can be assured of top-quality shoe boots and trainers.


Parisian is a famous brand that is expanding its market share by wholesaling attractive and beautiful dresses, tops, t-shirts, and skirts. This company is a celebrity-inspired fashion company that is dominating the wholesaler clothing industry in the UK.

J 5Fashion

This company website should be your number one choice when it comes to fashion. They have the best quality and also affordable prices when it comes to fashion products. Hence J 5, fashion is easy, cheap and better for wholesale business.

Babez London

From this website, you can find the best and the most addictive dresses, tops, skirts, and maxi dresses. They have the best deals that will really please you/. The quality of the products is of high standards as they are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.



This is the kind of platform where you will find a huge range of brand-new products on wholesale prices.  They carry over 10,000 items in mo5re than 30 categories. What makes his site more enjoyable and advisable is the ability of a customer to negotiate for the prices.

They process orders within 24 hours and handle the shipment from their warehouse to your doorstep.

Wholesale Deals

In this website, they have gathered the freshest, latest wholesale and dropship deals. In here there is a product that you can sell successfully on the online market and that you can buy from the wholesalers and drop shippers at up to 95% off the current Amazon and eBay prices.

Product undergoes a complete quality check and they undergo a string of verification process before they are released to the sites for sale. Also, all sources are monitored regularly.

At wholesale deals, new deals are updated daily to ensure that customers constantly receive a continuous supply of low-priced goods to sell at a profit.

Eapollo Wholesale

It is the leading online UK wholesaler offering over 20,000 and more products. Eapollo was launched under the name Apollo in 1989. And from then it has grown to be the UK and international trusted supplier, distribution and online wholesaler.

Sparks Gift wholesalers

Having a wholesale shop that sells only gifts is rear and that why Sparks Gift Wholesale is the leading wholesaler of gifts in the UK. They offer the latest themes and designs and also make sure they provide you with the newest trends.  They have collections of Christmas decorations, festive ornaments, traditional Christmas advent calendars and many more.

Cut Price Wholesaler

Cut-price is based in London and it first started as an import-export company who had specialized in homeware and bath wares. But as soon as the demand for products increased then the company expanded their company portfolio not only with their products but with products from other leading market leaders.

The company carefully chooses their products so that that can distribute to all the sectors of the market and make sure all the clients can stock high-quality products.


Chinabrands is a leading wholesaler/ dropshipper, offering various range of products with wholesale price, including clothing, 3C products, toys, home decor, beauty, health, car part accessories etc.


Most of sellers or retailers complain that it’s  hard for them to find a right and potential products and it also cost them lots of times and capitals on it, although they know how to find.


Most people ask , are there any platforms offer hot-sale products or new arrivals from different e-commerce platforms, countries and districts?


Yes, Chinabrands is such a company. They invest lots of money on data analysis for choosing trendy products that will sell well and product quality control system. They will push the new trendy products and hot-sale products which is from different e-commerce platforms. What’s more, each product of Chinabrands needs to be inspected at least 3 times.


Differ from many manufactures, who inspect products randomly, Chinabrands offers 100% product inspection to make sure that each products meet quality standard.

Besides, they offer over 500,000 SKU including low-end and high-end products with wholesale price.


Moreover, for each purchase, you can get CB points, which you can use as cash in next purchase. Register as their member, you can get extra discounts, including more CB points, free shipping etc., which can maximize your profits for your dropship and wholesale business.

Are all you can get from Chinabrands? No, you also can get the following attractive services from them.

  • Start your business with low/ zero risk & budgets


As we all know all business has its’ risk and need certain budgets. There is no  zero risk and budget business but you can start your business with low risk and budget. How you can do that? Chinabrands dropshipping programs allows you to staring business with low/ zero budget, which can also reduce risk for your business in capital, product inventory etc.


  • SEO optimization save your times


Over 16 main e-commerce platforms can be interfaced by Chinabrands,such as eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Joom, Wadi etc. achieving automatically listing, sync order, inventory and send you product infringement message.


  • 24 Hour delivery


All parcels in Chinabrands can be shipped out within 48 hours and reach worldwide customers within 48 hours.


  • Excellent customers service in more than 10 languages


You can contact customers anytime , because they are working within 24 hours/ week.

  • Sourcing everything you want


Cannot find ideal products in Chinabrands? Don’t worried, leave your email, pictures of your products or the requirement. Chinabrands offer customized services. And they will contact you when their receive your message immediately.

Kidderminsetr Footwear

Started in 1865 by a skilled shoemaker from Northampton, England. The wholesale business is one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality footwear in the UK and worldwide.

They supply in depend on stores and to the largest multinational store groups all around the world with footwears need, with high quality and with quick delivery. The footwear is frequently updated with international fashion trends, with the latest colors.

Euro Lots

Euro Lots stock a wide range of products which are fully licensed for selling and reselling. They have new brand-new merchandise with a minimum of 90% giftable condition.

In Euro Lots, there is no processing fee and no extra charges incurred. They allow room for negotiations of prices and also there is a variety of payment options such as bank wire and PayPal.

Armstrong Richardson wholesale

The largest suppliers’ wholesalers of fertilizers, farm feeds, pets and horse feeds across the UK. They offer regular delivery of pets and equestrian feed; accessories and supplement are too independent retailers nationwide. They have a dedicated team which aims to offer customers a first-class service and a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Top 20 High-Quality Wholesale Websites in the UK


In Bidfood website you will find a variety of food products and ingredients that will satisfy your taste and needs. They have a team which is committed to providing excellent service to the customers and are ready to understand customer’s needs. The company delivers rear real value through commercial and sustainable partnership.



Thumbs UP

Thumbs UP brings fun, quality, and value to the technology, home, and marketplace. It has been quickly bringing products to the retailers large and small. They aim to build household technology, home and lifestyle products of high quality to bring 100% satisfaction to you.

After knowing where to find wholesale websites, next it’s some challenges of wholesale direct from UK and some FAQ that you may meet when starting wholesale business.


Challenges Faced When Wholesaling Direct From UK


Each industry will encounter its’ challenges, including wholesale direct from UK. The following challenges you may face, when you wholesale direct from UK.

  • Disintermediation

A wholesale distributor is a bridge between the product manufacture and the retailer. But to make a profit as a wholesale distributor then you need to sell your product at markup.  Because of occupying the middle position then you might find yourself at a disadvantage.

To stay relevant and competitive during disintermediation, then you will have to offer your wholesale customers value-added services that will make staying relevant worth it.


  • Tight Margins

When retailers decide to buy products from manufactures directly then distributors have to keep their prices competitive and offer value added services in order to retain their customers.

To be able to run a profitable wholesale business on a smaller profit margin then you will need to keep your business as lean as possible. How do you this? First you might try to manage your inventory’s so that you have much to sale. You don’t want to end up with dead stock.

  • New Technology

To be competitive in the wholesale business you need to be able to move with the new emerging trends. What I mean you should be ready to adapt the new technology as readily as possible. Not all technology is expensive.

Technology can be used in inventory management and also be used to set up B2B commerce portals. If you can’t evolve and adapt the new technology then you won’t be able to outcompete your competitors.


  • Inventory Issues

Good inventory management system will result to sales of a lot of products. Also, your inventory should contain a variety of products that can be readily available to customers when they are in need of it. This can only be possible if you adapt an inventory system that will result to profits and not losses.

  • Keeping up with growth

You don’t want to start a business then lag behind and lack customers. Customers adapt to new trends faster. Your wholesale business should be flexible enough to keep up with the pressure of it growing and reaping all those profits. But also, faster growth might destroy your business hence you must be able to consistent and don’t rush so much.


Are There Any Wholesale Websites that Work with Shopify?


Shopify is a hot e-commerce platforms that many sellers open online store on it. There are some wholesale websites that can interface to Shopify.







To find the best wholesale website, the seller needs to undertake a rigorous survey on the available ones and check if their objectives align with yours. In conclusion, online marketing is the best place to be this year and also in the future as it provides endless opportunities for manufacture, distributors and suppliers to wholesale. In reality, an online marketing platform is much better than another. It is just like comparing apples.

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