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Gearbest, the popular Chinese online electronics store, appears to have closed its doors and let customers down. As reported by Xakata, the site has been down for at least ten days, displaying an error message indicating that the URL is invalid. In the app, which can still be found on Apple and Google stores, the message is also displayed, although it is still possible to browse some pages.

The company is suspected to have gone bankrupt, as its parent company, Shenzhen Globalegrow E-Commerce Co. Ltd, filed a similar request for bankruptcy protection in June. Customers who placed orders recently are unable to access their accounts and have not received responses from the company.

A few days ago Gearbest’s website went down and the site hasn’t been back up since. There were no announcements or explanations from the owners of the once vibrant Chinese e-commerce store. In fact, a lot of customers who had placed their orders with the site in recent months and weeks are now scrambling to find answers which may never come. Currently, if you visit the site you will get the following error: not working ,LEAVES CUSTOMERS STRANDED,here are some alternatives

The first sign of trouble was when its products suddenly became the most expensive online. At the time, only very regular users of Gearbest noticed that its goods are now very expensive which could spell trouble. Subsequently, the company modified its policies which made business very difficult for affiliate marketers. At this point, we knew that Gearbest was struggling to pay off its marketers. However, there were hopes that the company will somehow manage to stay afloat.

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However, this did not happen as the sinking continued. Early last year, the once e-commerce giant now had very terrible customer support, refund procedure, and other financial issues. At this point, it was struggling with orders and in some cases did not ship orders. Also, the store barely had any product in stock, whenever you check, it’s always “out of stock”. Furthermore, its once-vibrant customer service became lukewarm and it was overly difficult to get a response. Even when you get one, you can be sure that it wouldn’t make you happy.


After receiving multiple emails, we put up a post warning potential Gearbest customers of what is going on at the company. We also sent a couple of emails to Gearbest and didn’t get any response. Now, the worse we feared has happened, Gearbest’s website on all facets is finally down. The online store website is completely inactive as of the time of this report. The home page, products link, special sales, promotion, EVERYTHING is gone. This has been going on for many days now.

total disappearance

On Gearbest’s social networks, which remain online, the profiles remain without recent publications. On Twitter, for example, there have been no updates since April 2020. Consumers have posted reports in posts that were already on the air before the disappearance, but were also unanswered.

The declaration of bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that the company must cease its activities, despite the lack of clarification and the removal of the pages from the air. On the other hand, as Xataka noted, Gearbest’s parent company has been losing market value on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Founded in 2014, Gearbest competed with stores such as AliExpress and Banggood. The company used to “bridge” Chinese products with other countries, such as Brazil, where it had an affiliate program.

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