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30 Best Dropshipping Warehouse in China/USA/UK/EU/Canada/Australia [Guide Provided]

31 Best Dropshipping Warehouse in China/USA/UK/EU/Canada/Australia [Guide Provided]

If you are engaged in dropshipping business but get hustled with logistics and fast shipping, then this article is for you.

Here you will learn the pro tips and guide about dropshipping transportation as well as the best dropshipping warehouse based in China, USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

30 Best Dropshipping Warehouse in China/USA/UK/EU/Canada/Australia [Guide Provided]


What is the dropshipping warehouse?


Many times people think that drop shipping warehouses and online website platforms to shop are the same. But there is a huge difference between them. When you are engaged in a dropshipping business, you don’t really own any physical inventory. Inventory is maintained by the drop shipping warehouse. So when a customer orders something from your website, he or she just selects the product, and then the company ships the product to the customer’s address.

The process is organized in such a way that the company selling the goods to the customer does not come in contact with the product. So when you don’t really own inventory what does drop shipping warehouse mean? In simple words, dropshipping warehouses are warehouses where you store all the products that a business’ customers order.  And once the warehouse receives the order, all processes like packaging, shipping, and delivery takes place here.


3rd Party Warehouse Vs. Amazon FBA: Which Approach Should I Choose?


3rd Party warehouse is basically a warehouse where you store your products and you need to shift to another operating partner to carry out the other processes, while the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)model allows you to ship your products directly from Amazon for distribution.


Both services have their own pros and cons.


When you opt for a third-party warehouse you can connect to multiple sales channels and multiple shipping carriers creating contact and establishing relationships. In a third-party warehouse, storage options are also available at low rates. The service of processing and distribution is quick in the third-party warehouse.


While in FBA, the delivery of the orders takes place faster which helps to retain and attract more customers. In case of any damage, misplacement, or other issues, FBA management will directly look into the matter so you are nowhere in the picture. Amazon FB supports international shipping as well so you can expand your business also.


Best Dropshipping warehouse China


● CJ Dropping: Established in 2000 CJ Dropping is located in Futian Market which is famous for its Jewelry and Commodity manufacture in the world. It is one of the most leading professional drop shippers in China and focuses on the customer’s needs.

Its main target customers are Shopify, WordPress users, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sellers.
 The company claims to dropship 80 percent commodity and produces 99 percent products.
Its products are distributed in over 60 countries and thousand regions.
– No setup, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges.
– No minimum order and no storage fees.

● Dropship China Pro: Located in China, Dropship China Pro is a warehouse service company that provides the best services of drop shipping at a very low price. The warehouse service company has the best service team who can connect you to the best manufacturers, thousand of middlemen sellers, and poor quality family-based workshops.

 Services are provided at a very low price.
– Shipping of products is done via ePacket which delivers the provides very fast at a low price. For delivery of products, it has also partnered with Yun Express, DHL, eCommerce, UBI smart parcels, YDH express, Netherland Post,  Belgium Post, Singapore Post.
– The company claims to provide high-quality genuine products. All its products go under a strict quality check.
– Apart from drop shipping warehouse services in China, it also has its services in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and Belgium.

● China AdvisionFounded in 2011, China Advision is one of the known names for drop shipping warehouse services. Clients on this platform can connect to each other online and offline to source, stock, and ship goods directly from China.

– The main focus of the company is fulfilling customers” needs with high-quality products and expand their business.
– It has partnered with very good names in the industry like Orange Star Inc., CN Storm, Sudio, Deal Hippo, and Realisation.
– The company updates its stock regularly and products are checked and verified.
– It has a barcode system on all its products for smooth order fulfillment.
– The first 60 days of warehouse service are free.

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● Sino Shipping:  Based in Hong Kong, China, Sino Shipping is one of the trust warehouse services in China. It provides its services globally and makes sure that your shipment arrives safely without any damage.

– You don’t need to worry about paperwork as Sino Shipping promises to take care of your paperwork and other processes.
It makes sure to pay attention to details of all products as the company believes the high-quality product is equal to customer satisfaction.
– Its customer care service team is available for 24 hours to solve any of your issues.

● ShiplillyBased in China, Shiplilly is the best option for warehouse services. All their product undergoes strict quality check and their services are fast.

– Low cost of drop shipping warehouse services.
– Provides services internationally.
– Shipment of the product starts immediately as it receives the order.
– It also provides other services like knitting, labeling, and distributing.

Best Dropshipping warehouse in the USA

Sup Dropshipping: Sourcing and delivers amazing products to brands and retailers worldwide. SupDropshipping is a global Dropshipping and distributing platform dedicated to supporting customers to launch and develop their online business with ZERO inventory easily.

-Their services are provided at a very low price in the market.

-They work with big factories and platforms to provide quality services.

-No setup, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges.
-No minimum order and no storage fees.

● NFI Industries:  Located in the USA, NFI is one of the leading warehouse service providers in the USA. It has won many awards like Advanced Clean Transportation Expo Fleet Award, EPA Smartway Transport Partner Award, Food Logistic Top Green provider, and many more.

– It has the best solution team that takes care of your shipment.
– All their processing is done with advanced technology.
–  It claims to ship a high-quality genuine product that undergoes a strict quality check.

● Ryder: Ryder is one of the trusted names for warehouse services in the USA. It pays closer attention to the quality and product and makes sure that there is no wastage of material and shortens the lead time. It is ranked among  America’s top 15 packaging leaders.

– The dropshipping warehouse is more than 50 million square feet area which means a lot of products can be stored in it.

– Trained staff to ensure smooth functioning.
 You can customize your products according to your choice or interest.
– Its other services also include labeling, knitting, vendor compliance, packaging, re-packaging, re-boxing, and many more.

● Bombino Express:  Bombino Express is one of the known warehouse services in the USA. It is one of the best options because of its services and the proper handling of shipments. According to the company, it is not only a warehouse services space but will also help its customers by giving ideas and assisting them.

– Fast delivery services.
 The cost of service will also include build-outs, employees, software, transportation, insurance, and security.
– It helps you to invest in the foreign market with very low investments.
– Helps to grow your business by focusing on sales and the market.

● USA Fulfillment:  USA Fullfilments is one of the leading B2B and B2C e-commerce websites for warehouse services. The company is in this industry for 36 years and claims to provide high-quality products at competitive prices.

– Certified Level 1 PCI facility.
– The payments can be done online and it is completely safe to fill in your card details on their website.
– The company will keep updating you about your shipment in real-time.
– The main focus of the company is to build brands and establish a long-term relationship with its customers.

● Bright key: Located in the USA, the Bright key is known for its best dropshipping warehouse services. It is currently involved in activities like picking, packing, and shipping products to more than 100 associations.

– It has an excellent team that manages inventory very professionally.  
– It does both, domestic and international shipping.
– It makes sure that the product is high quality and double verification of product is carried.
  It allows its customers to track its activities by reporting them.

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Best Dropshipping warehouse in the UK


● DK Fulfillment: DK Fulfillment is one of the known warehouse services. It is located in the UK and also in Europe. The main focus of the company is faster delivery and reducing the cost as much as possible.

– It has space for all types of products. It gives enough space for the product according to the product size.
–  Complete security is provided, space is under CCTV surveillance so your products so there is no chance of theft or other incidents.
– It provides bulk storage and bulk shipping facilities.
– It also has services like reworking, repackaging, labeling, and special labeling.

● Whichware House: Whichware is one of the leading dropshipping warehouses in the UK. The company specializes in dropshipping warehouses as well as distribution. Its service covers all areas throughout the UK and Ireland.

– Specially designed warehouse with cold storage for chilled goods.
–  It is a third-party warehouse so you need to create other sales channels and shipping carriers.
– You can also rent space in their warehouse.

● DMG: Running its drop shipping warehouse business for 20 years, DMG has mastered the process of drop shipping warehouse service which makes one rely on them. It is not only a drop shipping warehouse service but also is a successful distributor.

– It focuses on customers’ needs and checks the quality of all their products.
– It also accepts to store loose items and pallets.
– It provides other services as well like knitting, labeling, reworking, repacking.

● E-ware Housing:  Based in the UK, E-ware housing has designed its service in a way that they can easily understand their customer needs.

– Its professional team gives a real-time update about your order.
–  There is complete transparency between the company and you so that nothing is hidden or no secret activities.
– The company completes work on cloud-based art technology.
– The service is very cost-effective, secure and the company has a very professional team.

● Simarco:  Simarco is a very experienced drop shipping warehouse service provider. Apart from warehousing, it has various other services like pallet storage and picks and pack services.

–  It delivers the  products in 24 hours (depending on the customer’s location)
– It ships the product through air and sea for fast delivery.
– Experienced and professional team for managing the supply chain management services, solutions, and consultancy.
 Ships in domestic as well as in international regions.


Best Dropshipping warehouse Europe


● SK LagicsSK Lagics is popular among European warehouse services to store your products. The best part about the company is that it focuses on the individual needs of the client. It also has expanded in other regions like Austria, Germany, Czechia, and Slovakia.

– The shipping of the product takes place within 24 hours.
– 24*7 customer service care team is active in your domestic language.
– It helps its customers to grow its business.
– Its main focus is customer needs and molds its services accordingly.

● KWL:  KWL is one of the known warehouse service providers for medical, health care, high tech, life science, and high care products. The company focuses on making trade easier in Europe with safety and ensure more profits to customers.

– TAPA certified bonded warehouse facilities.
– The best option for B2B and B2C delivery.
– Fast services and high-quality products.
–  24*7 customer service team to guide you.

● Fulfillment Europe:  Fulfillment Europe is one center for many processes which includes storing, packing, and delivering goods. Its main focus is customers fulfillment and successful safe delivery of the product.

– You only have to pay for the goods stored which are shipped.
– The service is available for all kinds of goods packaged in pieces, boxes, pallets, and containers.
–  Your cost of service will also cover insurance, labeling the goods, documents, loading, and unloading.

● Lufapak Fulfillment: Lupak Fulfillment is one of the leading warehouse services in Europe. It provides the best quality services and efficient storage space for your products.

– Best service at a fair price for small online shops and start-ups.
– It has warehouses even in England and Germany.
–  It ensures cost-effective dispatch.

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● Middle Gate:  Established in 1989, Middle Gate is known for its best services in warehouse services. It believes in providing high-quality products to satisfy their customer needs by adding time values and improve their activities like movements, storage, and handling of goods.

– It works on a digital system to avoid any kiosk so that efficient planning of deliveries and shipment takes place.
–  The warehouse is located in a market area which links to sea, road and air transport.
–  It is not stored but also helps to transport the product to your customers. 


Best Dropshipping warehouse in Australia


● Silk Logistics:  Based in Australia, Silk Logistics is one of the best dropshipping warehouse service providers. It has the best employees who take care of your order smoothly. The team is very professional and reliable.

 You can store food items like dairy products, light industrial goods, various retail goods.
– In-house technology is used in the department to maintain the safe storage of all goods.
– All updates are given in real-time.
– Its other services also include packaging, re-packing, labeling- relabeling, knitting, and many more.

● McPhee: Mc Phee is Australia’s leading third-party warehouse service provider. It has very great management services of houseware.

–  You can store your products at very low rates.
–  It helps in the organic growth of your business.
– it stores all types of products in bulk, palletized, stillage, or drum storage.

● Centurion: Centurion plays an exceptional role in maintaining a warehouse and distribution. They make sure to customize the process according to their client’s needs.

– It gives a flexible solution to all their clients.
– It has a lot of strong networking in local and regional warehouses across Australia.
– It also provides a specially designed storage for particular products.

● E-store Logistics: E-store logistics works closely to understand customers’ needs. It is one of the largest e-commerce and omi-channel warehouses in Australia providing 45000 orders per day.

– All types of storage are available like pallet storage and shelf storage.
– High-quality products with fast delivery.
– Your products are completely safe because of 24*7 surveillance.


Best Dropshipping warehouse in Canada


● Keeleware Housing: Keelware Housing is one of the leading dropshipping warehouses in Canada and is designed in such a way that it allows you to focus on your business.

– It provides a high-quality customer size.
– It provides safe and accurate storage for your products.
–  It provides an efficient and effective service with fast delivery.

● CDS Group: CDS group is known for the best services of warehousing as it combines intelligence and technology to help customers.
– You can store food items as well in their storage.

– 24*7 security is maintained for the safety of your products.
– They have an online inventory system and an online temperature monitoring system as well.
– The other services including labeling, relabeling, packing, repacking, transloading, and more.


Pro tips on fastest shipping


1. Select the correct warehouse: Selecting the correct warehouse is very important. Before you select a warehouse you must be aware of how they process. You can always do research and read reviews. You can also directly contact them through phone, e-mail, or fax.

2. Do smart work: Select a warehouse that will not only store your products but can also do packing and shipping. It will ensure fast shipping as everything will be done by one source at one center. So as soon as you place an order they can directly start the packing and ship the product.

3. Build a relationship with the shipping company: It’s always important to build a good and strong relationship with the shipping companies because they can sometimes do small favors for you in case of an emergency or give you discounts as well. The better the relationship the more you will be benefitted.



Turn to You


Until now, you have learned everything about the drop shipping warehouse. You can also try the dropshipping warehouse I list above. However, if you have any better suggestions, do hesitate to leave a comment below.

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