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Amazon Japan site operation tips you can definitely rely on!

Amazon Japan site operation tips you can definitely rely on!

Amazon Japan site operation tips you can definitely rely on!

Are you still find the answer about how to operate your online store on Amazon Japan site? Compared to the highly competitive amazon us site, it is necessary to conduct KYC audits and pay VAT taxes in Europe. Amazon Jp site is relatively simple to register, easy to get approval, and their consumption habits are similar as China. If sellers understand Japanese, then Amazon Japan site is a good choice for them. Today, I will tell you about the characteristics of the Amazon Japanese site and how to operate the Japan site:


The characteristics of Japanese consumer:


The online shopping capacity is strong. The population of Japan is equivalent to the combined population of the United Kingdom and Germany. It is close to China, so the freight rate is relatively low, and Japan has strong consumer shopping and online shopping experience, which is more common than China.

The buyer’s return rate is low, which greatly saves the seller’s operation and after-sales cost.

The feedback rate is relatively low. It is recommended to make the A+ page at the beginning of the product link.

Shopping rush hour: Japanese companies generally send 3-4 months of year-end awards to employees in December, to help them. This is the most abundant time for Japanese funds, and also the selling season for sellers.


Japanese e-commerce market


The population ranks second in several major e-commerce platforms, and its economic development ranks second. The market capacity is not as large as that in Europe, which is equivalent to 1/4 of the US, equivalent to a German capacity.

In Japan, the selected products are self-contained, and the selected products are self-contained. They can not be copied directly from Europe to Japan. Japanese people have a low acceptance of English. According to relevant information, a buyer complained to Amazon about the seller’s reply in English, so his account was closed.

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The Production selection on Japanese site


The first is the profuct selection. The first consideration in selling products in Japan is appearance infringement, food hygiene safety certification, product safety certification, etc. Japanese anime is very famous, so there is infringement of product appearance, if you are careless. Then the less serious infringement will make seller’s products taken off shop shelves, with the more serious one causing the seller’s account closed directly. Secondly, the Japanese station is very strict on the inspection of imported products. Most of the certification materials must be locally certificated in Japan; Other certification checks are not as serious as the food safety certification, but it is not easy. All the product certification data are ready in order to sell products at the Japanese station.


When selecting products, we must pay attention to product differentiation advantages and quality advantages, because selling products in Japan is not as similar as in Europe, where the products are popular, and the appearance and so on are similar. Japanese people pay great attention to craft problems, and very detailed problems will be picked out. Therefore, the details of the products must be handled well in Japan. The products with poor quality are basically not considered in Japan. Don’t think that low prices drive traffic. In fact, low prices do not work in Japan. All aspects of products are better, and the quality of listing is also very good, so don’t worry about no sales with differentiated advantages.


Japanese consumer buying behavior is affected by the season and the weather environment. They have a long rainy season. They like to buy rain boots and raincoats which are always kept at home and they like to buy flashlights. All kinds of flashlights are there because they have a lot of earthquake islands and their defense. Their awareness of disaster prevention is very high.

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Amazon Japan site operation


After the buyer’s account is reviewed, it is recommended to change the name of the store to Japan, because Japanese people prefer local products, and Japanese electronic products develop best. They also recognize that Japanese electronic products are world-class, so they need to make the store more local. It is easier to get recognition from customers.


The Amazon category in Japan is much less than that of the American site. When the product is released, it is suggested to be placed in a larger category. Otherwise, the size of the small category is smaller. When the advertisement is put on, the long tails should be carefully or less used. For the newly released new products, they begin to use the big words to hit CPC directly, and increase the exposure of the products.



These Amazon Japan site operation tips will very useful for you. Why not have a try?

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