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10 Best Video Sharing Platforms For Marketing In 2021

10 Best Video Sharing Platforms For Marketing In 2022

One of the best ways to improve your business’ or brand’s presence online is through online video marketing.

You will find that a lot of businesses now use video marketing platforms to push their products online. This is because social media video marketing is presently one of the tested ways to raise your search engine ranking and boost conversion rates.

With this, marketing has never been more easy, fascinating and effective.

10 Best Video Sharing Platforms For Marketing In 2021


What is Video Marketing?


This is definitely the new treasure trove for your SEO. Online video marketing is simply about making use of videos to promote your business online. It is a business strategy which introduces and promotes brands and products on the internet to increase sales by promoting your video on video marketing platforms. It is an effective way of contacting and attracting both existing and prospective customers and clients.


Why Is Video Marketing Important?


The importance of online video marketing has been on the rise and is only set to increase pace this year. According to research the growth of social media video marketing has no indication of being impaired. Below are the reasons for this conclusion.

1. 2019 is definitely a great year for social media video marketing. Internet video traffic will account for 80 % of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019. This means that only continuous and steady growth of online video marketing should be expected.

2. On average, there are 8 billion video views every day on Facebook.

3. According to Hubspot, there is a 100 percent yearly increase in video consumption on YouTube.

4. More than 55 % of people view online videos every day. (Source: Digital Information World)

5. Another statistics by Hubspot says that about 90 % of users say that videos about goods are helpful in making decisions to purchase the product. After viewing a video on the product, 64 percent of users are more likely to make a purchase of the product online.

6. About 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others. (Source: RendrFx)

7. According to SmallBizTrends, companies using video enjoy a higher 41 percent traffic on the websites from search than non-users.

Hence, the importance of online video marketing cannot be overemphasized.


Are You New To Video Marketing? What Do You Need?


★  Learn video content marketing

As you have realized above, video works in marketing. Therefore, it is essential you learn about video content marketing to make use of it for your business.

According to the director of content for Frozen Fire, “Content marketing is the creation and online distribution of educational and informative content delivered as a means of converting online information seekers into customers and current customers into repeat buyers.

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Thus, the goal is simply turning online content consumers into customers or prospective customers at the very least. This is done through the use of video contents about the product on the internet. You need to learn more about video content marketing and the process of video content marketing.


★  Learn video content marketing SEO

Yes, you now know a lot more about content marketing and video content marketing. But you still need to learn about making use of SEO for your video contents online. To really optimize your video content to suit the needed purpose, there is a need to understand the use of SEO and use it to improve your business. SEO helps to boost confidence that your video content deserves a ranking on the first page of Google. You would also need to know content marketing tips that you may consider for your marketing campaigns.


★  Learn some video marketing tools

Finally, you also need to learn about tools for your video content marketing. Top 10 powerful tools for online video marketing include:

1.  nFusz.

2. Wistia.

3. Filmora.

4. Vyond.

5. Animoto.

6. Magisto.

7. Picovico.

8. Powtoon.

9. Sellamations.

10. Wideo.


6 Recommended Platforms For Your Online Video Marketing


1. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos and maintaining a massive online presence for your business. It is presently the second largest search engine with more than 3 billion searches per month. It is second to Google and owned by Google. Therefore, a properly tagged video would do magic for your SEO! The massive amount of YouTube searches per month means that people go to YouTube for further visual information on their needs. YouTube is definitely the goldmine video marketing platform.


Why we love it:

YouTube allows you to upload your videos, share your videos, advertise them and build a fantastic brand. YouTube contents are easy to consume and have great viral potential. YouTube also gives your customer the feature of subscribing to your channel. Amazingly, YouTube is free. It also helps you to track the performance of your videos and see how well and often they are being viewed. This is a great way to know how successful your video marketing is and helps you work on improvements. It also has a great feature of target video ads based on the user’s recent search history. This is a fantastic marketing technique on transactional intent.

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2. Tik tok

TikTok is a free social media app for smartphones that is used to create and share short videos of15 seconds It is a relatively new platform but has over 500 million monthly users already. This is a highly desirable platform for advertisement and marketing. It allows video discovery which summarizes key points and enhances focus on fresh and diverse content.

TikTok once surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Instagram in terms of downloads. It was the most downloaded social app on iOS in 2018.


Why we love it:

TikTok is different. TikTok is not like other platforms in the market that focus on some particular key users. It encourages each and every user.

TikTok’s algorithm is designed in a way that when a user posts a video and it gets a specified number of views, likes and comments it is then revealed to more users.

Tik tok has many funny and shareable tik tok emoji and songs. Every one can use these features to make an impressive video. It’s much easier to get followers than facebook and instagram.



3. Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for pushing video content marketing. According to HubSpot report, one of three Twitter users use Twitter to discover new products. Moreover, four out of five Twitter users follow brands and companies. 67 percent of them say they prefer to make purchases from the brands and companies they follow online. A higher percentage are even more inclined to recommend these brands to their followers. Twitter indeed creates a fantastic atmosphere for online marketing.

Twitter users love videos. Therefore, users love tweets with videos. Videos uploaded on Twitter generate 2.5 more responses, 2.8 more retweets, 1.9 more favorites, fast consumption, increased visibility, better engagement and a great chance of getting viral especially when content is brilliant.

Why we love it

There are several reasons why we love Twitter and recommend it as a platform for video content marketing. Twitter is a great place to improve the image of a brand or business and above all does not require much investment. There is indeed everything to love about Twitter. Twitter is very good for connecting with your customers, spying on competition, free marketing, increasing sales and constantly engaging your current and prospective clients.


4. Instagram

From its inception, Instagram has revealed evidence to be a very powerful marketing platform. This is a viable space for business to grow as it enables massive visibility of products. Instagram has over 800 million active users. 500 million of these are daily users. Therefore, it is a great place for video marketing. It gives a free opportunity for any business to thrive irrespective of its size. It also has varying tools such as the hashtags to improve visibility. The best part of it is that the type of video that gets results are marketing videos such as branding videos, product videos and tutorial videos.

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Why We Love It:

We particularly love Instagram because it is highly audience focused and makes it easy to have a target audience. It offers many ways to get creative and engage your target audience while you keep an eye on competitors.

5. Facebook

Facebook is surely one of the best video marketing platform for advertisers as it holds over 1.39 billion active users. According to a survey, 47 percent of consumers state that they now get most of their video content on Facebook, versus 41 percent who say they usually watch YouTube. And 71 percent of those who watch marketing videos on Facebook indicate that the ads they view are relevant.

Without say, it is evident that Facebook is a great competitor to YouTube. With Facebook, you can reach out to your target audience in the best possible way. Facebook also increases the potential to reach out to a varied audience.

Why we love it:

Like other platforms, using Facebook is without cost. It has a track record of amazing digital marketing success.  This platform improves sales and creates a medium to engage current and prospective clients directly.

6. Vine

Vine is a social platform for creating and sharing short videos. It is considered to be among the fastest growing media content platforms.  Videos created on vines are only six seconds clips which prompt creativity. Marketers have the challenge to come out with the best video content to pass across the message and capture their target audience.

Why we love it:

It improves creativity, requires low cost and effort and is highly shareable. More importantly, vines are linked with Twitter, Facebook and other social media marketing platforms that widens the target scope.




Using online video marketing is an amazing way to grow your business online. Individuals find it relatively easy to assess needed information and get convinced to make purchases by simply viewing online videos.

It is therefore important to get involved and start using social media video marketing to connect with your target audience and improve sales.

Video works in marketing!

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