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Top 5 Turkey Wholesale Suppliers Bring Your Business to the Next Level

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Turkey is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and wholesale trade is really flourishing there. If you’ve ever been to the country – perhaps on vacation or on a business engagement – you may have ideas on wholesale products in Turkey.

Perhaps you are thinking of taking advantage of the big market in Turkey, and open a store or online business in the country, then you will need good wholesale suppliers or dropshipping Turkey suppliers.

Many people search for Turkey wholesale suppliers to start up their business in Turkey, but it is very easy to be misled with the amount of information flying around these days. Of course, there are many wholesale suppliers in the country, but it is very essential that you get the best possible one for your business.


We have put together this list of the top turkey wholesale suppliers to help you make a more educated decision.


What Are the Best Products to Wholeslae in Turkey?


Before you choose the turkey wholesale suppliers for your business, you need to ask yourself the question “will I get suppliers and consumers for my goods fairly easily?”


If the answer to that question is negative, then you may have to review your business strategy and product list.


Of course, there are many things you can sell in Turkey but you need to consider the availability of suppliers as well as consumers for your goods.


Some of the bestselling products you can choose from include clothing, shoes, electronics, computer software and accessories, home application and so on. Click here to check out what should you dropship in Turkey.  Here are some of recommended products that you can wholesale.


List of Turkey Wholesale Suppliers


Another factor that affects the success of your business is the type of wholesale suppliers you decide to do business with, as it will determine if you are going to get your products timely and in good condition. It is therefore advisable to pick reputable companies with a good record of accomplishment. Here are some of the best Turkey wholesale suppliers you can start today.

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Clothing, & Fashion


Turkish Exportal











Global Trade









1.  Knawat

Knawat is one of the top wholesale sites for ordering clothing, shoes and various clothing accessories. The site provides you with a variety of clothes and accessories for both men and women. One of the biggest selling points of Knawat is the fact that they allow you to pay after you sell. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to stockpile expensive inventory, all you have to do is pay the wholesale cost of the goods and keep your profit.

If you don’t have your own store, don’t worry they have you covered. You can integrate your store with Knawat’s platform and they will help you deliver to your clients wherever they are. The first step you need to take is to register on the site and then you can start your business.

2.  Turkish Exportal

Turkish Exportal is an online business-to-business marketplace that provides trade globally and is one of the leading online marketing service providers for Turkish exporters and manufacturers, and importers around the world. This platform is a great place for buyers and sellers to interact and find various trade opportunities that will promote their businesses.


On Turkish Exportal, you can post your products in their e-catalog for buyers to see. This platform is an excellent choice if you don’t have your own online store. You can just place your goods on the platform and you are guaranteed a 24/7 open store for consumers worldwide. The best thing about the Turkish Exportal is the fact that you can place your clothing goods, electronics, food and agricultural goods, machinery, and so on. Once you register, you can enjoy all these privileges.

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3.  Merkandi

If you are looking for an international wholesale platform with access to over 150 countries, then Merkandi is a great choice for you. Merkandi offers you the opportunity to meet various wholesalers around the globe and you can check for companies offering excess stocks, clearance stocks, and liquidation stocks.

One of the things that users like most about the site is the fact that you are given regular newsletters on the latest and best deals available, so you won’t miss any mouthwatering deal. You can buy anything from clothing, accessories, home appliances, and so on for a fraction of their price. If you are a premium member on the site, you will have access to information like the reliability of a wholesaler and users’ opinions about wholesalers, which will help you make a better judgment.

4.  eSources

eSources is another top wholesale marketplace with access to buyers all over the world. You can contact wholesale suppliers free on the platform. If you are in search of the best Turkey online shopping electronics suppliers, then eSources is your best bet. Some of the products you will find wholesale suppliers for include electronics accessories, clothing, shoes and tools and so on.

Registering as a premium member, you have access to various privileges such as access to the largest dropshippers database, and directory. Although, you can also use the site as a basic member and enjoy some of its amazing features.

5.  Global Trade

If you are looking for a platform that easily connects buyers and sellers from around the world, then you should definitely check out Global Trade. Global Trade offers you a chance to meet over 60,000 service providers that can help you in your international trade operations. You also have access to a knowledge Resource section that gives you information on over 14,000 market tips, news, and analysis covering various trade topics and industries.

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You can easily create a profile and start engaging with various wholesale sellers, so you have options you can choose from. Global Trade is best described as a meeting point for exporters/importers and service providers. Therefore, join the platform and you can start the process of moving your business to the next level.



Q1: Where Can I find suppliers in Turkey?

There are 3 ways to find the perfect turkey wholesale suppliers. FIrst, attend Turkey trade shows and fairs. You  can search on esources, or the orther directory for trade shows. Second, Buying Agents who are connecting the suppliers and buyers, like HTDK.  Third, buying on wholesale suppliers’ websites. It is the most convinient way to purchase items.

Q2:Which online sites are good to buy wholesale clothes from Istanbul, Turkey?

There are not that many wholesale clothes suppliers in Istanbul and Turkey. But i have selected some of turkey wholesale suppliers for you. Except for the above suppliers i have known, there are also some options from google, such like Turkopt, Whocit, Wow-Wholesale, clupfashion. 

Final Thoughts


If you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business in Turkey then you need a top turkey wholesale supplier that will help you grow your business rapidly.


No matter it is the turkey based suppliers or the suppliers with global warehouses, control your cost and leave more possibility to make profits is the most important thing. You may as well review your strategy and test the different dropshipping wholesalers. Whichever of the listed turkey wholesale suppliers you decide to go for, it is unlikely to be a bad choice.

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