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12 Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can't Miss

12 Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can’t Miss

This guide I am going to introduce the top Wholesale vases suppliers in the world, how to find the wholesale vases vendors, tips to sell the wholesale vases and Q&As about wholesale vases business.

First, I’ll show you the best wholesale vases suppliers in the USA, China, and the UK.

Then, I’ll introduce how to find the wholesale vases distributors and tips & tricks in the wholesale vases industry.

Last, I’ll include some Q&As about the wholesale vases business.

Let’s get started…

12 Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can't Miss

Why Wholesale Vases?

The florist industry is an evergreen marketplace that brings in profits over 100 billion each year according to Wikipedia. Apart from supporting the growing of flowers, it also promotes other industries like the manufacture of vases, and artistry as well.

Florists use vases to help keep the flowers fresh, and the art on the vases adds to the aesthetics of the environment where you utilize them.

Wholesale vases are important in events like weddings, birthdays, and many others as part of deco. Some use them as storage or holders for small items at home like in holding candles, lanterns, pens, and pencils. Also, you can choose to go the conventional way and store water in them!

Wholesale vases come in a variety of designs and construction. Some are made from gold, silver, metal, wood, plastic, glass, porcelain, crystal, ceramic, among other materials.

The designs, bodywork, and artwork are also in countless varieties. Therefore, all these properties have a role to play in determining the value of each piece of a vase.

Shrewd business people are taking advantage of the wholesale vase business across the world. The reason is simple; it promises to pay back.

The IBISWorld report 0D5069 shows that the popularity of the online vase and general flower industry is growing because of the convenience and affordable prices it offers to consumers. The fact that there are plenty of suppliers for these appliances makes it even better.

However, you need to be careful to choose a supplier that will make your business profitable. Here are some of the top wholesale suppliers from The United States, The United Kingdom, and China.

Best Wholesale Vases Supplier in China

1. Chinabrands

You will find a lot of great products in Chinabrands. It is one of the best when it comes to helping dropshippers or retailers get top marketing and sustainable results. The prices of its products are very cheap.

The best part is that these products are of very high quality as they have been made to pass through quality control procedures.

The pros:

● Engage much energy in technology: The API integration is fully optimized to guarantee a successful end-to-end system integration. Hence you can make your orders and inventory synchronous.

When your customer pays order from your store, Chinabrands will catch orders automatically from your store and then ship directly to your customer.

In addition, with API you can add multiple products at one time. Imagine that when your store generates 100 orders one day, this automatic function will be greatly helpful for your order management.

● Many choices of products and suppliers: After serious selection, Chinabrands provides more than 1000,00 products and more than 5,000 verified suppliers to choose from.

Your products are directly from manufacturers. There are many factories want to increase sales in China but lack in channels, and Chinabrands aims to connect Chinese good manufacturers with the global buyers. Manufacturers can join in Chinabrands and list their products, allowing buyer by directly from manufacturers.

● Much coverage of Warehouse and delivery: the warehouses of CB cover 3 continents and more than 50 countries, the whole warehouse is more than 100 all over the world. The delivery line covers more than 200 countries and 1W+delivery route to choose from.

2. Hzchtrade

If you want to shop from China, then the best option for you should be hzchtrade since they have all kinds of vases you might want. Their history in this industry started in 2010.

Meaning, they understand what you need and provides it. They have the color, designs, shapes, and sizes you might expect from wholesale vases.

They are specific about their target market on their website. These include North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.


● They have an active online service

● Have a wide selection of wholesale faces

● They claim to have high-quality products


● The payment methods not specified

● Do not supply worldwide

Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers in the USA

1. Vase Source

Vase Source is one of the top wholesale vase suppliers in the United States when it comes to deco products. They have a wide selection of vases.

This supplier also has a great website to make your orders easy, even if you are not tech savvy. Their customers are happy, particularly with their pricing and customer service.


● Has a wide selection of wholesale vases

● Cost-effective prices

● They deal in modern designs


● You need to log in for product prices

2. Vase Market

If you love discounts (who doesn’t), then the Vase market is the supplier to choose. They have glass wholesale vases that come in varieties and have in place multiple payment methods to serve everyone across the globe.

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Because of this, you find it easy to make purchases from any corner of the world. Customers are pleased by their customer care team.


● Great glass designs

● A customer care team that communicates well with clients

● Have an online live chat

● They have free shipping services when you buy goods over $1800+


● They only supply glass vases

3. Wholesale Flowers and Supplies

For over three decades now, Wholesale flowers and supplies have been in business. They have established their name in the industry and thus, have a great variety of vase products for many tastes.

Customers can’t hold back but praise their good prices because they have discounts for bulk buyers. Their delivery service is equally good.


● Numerous wholesale vases

● Good prices

● Safe payment options


● Customer care not available 24/7

4. Afloral

Afloral has a plethora of wholesale vases that are of good quality with decorative features on them. Whether you want vases made of glass, wood, metal, or plastic, they have everything for everyone.

Your first order with Afloral that is above $50 will save you 10% of your investment. They ship both for US customers and the international market.

They claim to have a personalized customer care system and promise to provide care to you when you ask queries for your product selection. A majority of their customers are satisfied considering the Google reviews in their favor.


● They have gift cards

● Have a wide selection of wholesale vases

● You can save 10% when you make big purchases

● Customer satisfaction gives you confidence when purchasing


● We didn’t spot any chat box on their site

5. Jamali Garden

Jamali garden prides itself on providing all manner of sizes and shapes of vases for all kinds of events. They also come in various materials and designs.

Their prices are affordable, high-end vase supplies, and they source some of the latest trends in the market. Their shipping services cost about 15% – 20% of the order you make. Customers are happy with their products and services thus, giving good reviews for their products


● Jamali garden has multiple ways of making payments

● Have a great website that is easy to use

● A variety of vases to choose from


● They don’t ship to APO, FPO, and P.O addresses

● No guarantee on delivery time

Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers in the UK

1. Excelsior Wholesale

Excelsior wholesale is for products made of glass. Their elegant vases come in various shapes and are fit for various occasions from birthdays, wedding, to any kind of events.

They are your perfect choice when looking for wholesale vases with varied designs from the same material.

Their website is simple to use during purchases. All you need to do is select and add to cart since the prices are readily available on their home page.

They also have multiple payment methods for your convenience (only for UK persons). You can make orders from overseas through their site, but beware that you need to make the payment solely through bank transfers.


● Numerous glass vases in their inventory

● A website that is easy to use

● Positive reviews from customers

● Have several special offers throughout the year


● Limited payment methods for international clients

● They are limited to glass vases

2. Something Special

Something special is a florist supplier from the UK, and they have a full range of high-quality vases. Even though they cannot guarantee the delivery periods, their shipping services are fast.

But they charge you for these services. They also have a clear return policy, together with terms and conditions for refunds. Something special also offers great services and quality products.

They are also interconnected with other suppliers, which guarantee that you will get all the vases you might need from others through them.

Something Special has a local store where you can visit in case you live nearby. They have more than two decades in the industry and understand their role in this business. Besides offering good shopping experience, expect high-quality products.


● Have a clear return policy

● Connected to other suppliers to supply all your needs

● Have a physical store to visit


● If you don’t report damages within 48 hours upon delivery, you might not get help

● You have to read their shipping payments carefully to be sure you understand their terms

3. Florist Supplies UK

Florist supplies give you experience on their site like nowhere else. They have a secure online shopping process and a wide selection of products.

Most of their customers from around the world are happy though there are a few complaints of non-refunds. The company claims innocence in response to these complains to clear the issues.

They have a huge collection of wholesale vases so you won’t lack varieties for your customers.


● They have a user-friendly website

● Their prices are affordable


● Some customers have had an issue with the refunding process

4. Etsy

Etsy is a well-known website with a reputable name in selling various items. They sell wholesale vases of all kinds including the vintage options.

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They have types of which some they deliver for free, while others you will have to pay for shipping. Etsy gets wholesale vases from various suppliers and so, have an endless selection of these products for you. They have branches in countries like Canada and the UK.

Their site is to maneuver. Each individual item on their website has exclusive reviews on it and so, you will make your own choices depending on quality, service, and, the popularity of the item.


● Etsy is a known brand

● Products have individual reviews

● There is a variety of wholesale vases


● There is no quick chat box on their site

How to Find Wholesale Vases Suppliers?

Many newbies are confusing on how to find a reliable supplier for their vases business, some of them take lots of time identifying the great suppliers, so I am including following some tips for you to catch a good wholesale vases supplier.

. Make Sure the Wholesalers Are great for Your Business/Brand

Finding a great wholesale vases vendor is often a personal issue. While the testimonials available on the internet and suggestions from fellow entrepreneurs may be helpful, you should always aim to work with suppliers who are great for your business/brand.

It is worth noting that business models do vary. Hence, what works for one entrepreneur may not work for another entrepreneur.

. Attend the Local Trade Shows

This is an extremely effective way to meet vases wholesalers you may potentially work with. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

If you happen to find vases you love during the trade shows, you can exchange contact details with the wholesalers. Use the suppliers’ details to request samples.

If you find that the products and suppliers will work for you and your customers, go ahead and establish a business relationship with the suppliers.

. Use Google

Whether a startup or an established vases business, Google is always a perfect resource. By simply searching wholesale eyelashes distributors on Google, you should be able to find wholesale suppliers you can work with.

. Find Businesses Exiting the Industry and Make Bulk Orders

This is a perfect way to get amazing wholesale deals when starting a vases store. Businesses exiting the industry often sell their stock at wholesale prices. Some will price the stock below the wholesale price.

It is important you ensure that you are buying products because you have a passion for them, not just because they are cheap. Make sure that the stock is in good condition. Also, confirm that the business is closing down for the right reasons before purchasing its stock.

. Use Yellow Pages

Search for wholesale stocks listed on the Yellow Pages in your locality. If you happen to find a listing, locate wholesalers selling the products you want to stock and have competitive prices.

Since shipping is easy to do nowadays, you do not have to limit your search to your local area.

. Purchase from Big International Companies

This option is ideal if you are just getting started or you are on a budget. If you choose this option, ensure that you have enough time to wait for your stock to arrive. Often, large international companies sell products at pocket-friendly prices.

Before purchasing from big companies, confirm that the vases you will receive are of the best quality.

. Purchase a Bulk Wholesale List

Some companies do compile lists of wholesalers who offer different vases. Such a list can relieve you of the need to look for all the suppliers alone.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Vases Suppliers?

When choosing the best wholesale vases suppliers, there are some important factors that you need to consider. These factors include:

1. Reliable Shipping

If a wholesale vases supplier delivers your products late, you may end up with huge losses. An unreliable supplier will make you look bad to your customers.

Choose a wholesale supplier offering product tracing, automated shipping alerts, and understands the industry’s shipping needs.

2. Price

You should use wholesale vases suppliers who offer you the best prices. Some factors which could affect the prices include:

· Shipping distances.

· The wholesaler’s relationship with the manufacturer.

· Currency exchange rates based on geographical locations.

The above factors prove that price is not always determined by just volume. It is crucial that you work with suppliers who allow you to enjoy big profit margins.

3. Customer Service

Before deciding to work with a wholesale vases supplier, there are some customer service-related questions you need to ask yourself. These questions include:

· Is it possible to reach out to a customer support agent to talk about an issue?

· Is there a live chat, support number, or help desk available?

Make sure that you can get answers when you need them before deciding to work with a supplier.

4. Product Offerings

Before deciding to work with a wholesale vases supplier, confirm whether the supplier offers the products you are interested in.

Try working with suppliers whose catalog is both clear and easy to search. Confirm how consistently available the products are. This will ensure that you never run out of inventory.

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Proven Tips to Start Wholesale Vases for Starters

. Have a Plan

Just like in any other business, you will need a plan before starting in the wholesale vases industry. It is through the plan that you will highlight the market statistics and metrics to be sure that you can invest.

The more solid your plan is, the easier it will be for you to penetrate the marketplace since you will be having the blueprint to look back to when things are not responding as they need to.

You can then go ahead and learn from other industry gurus and experienced entrepreneurs doing the same business.

. Monitor Your Competitors

It is important to underscore that you should never overlook competitors. See what they are doing and ensure you do it better. Through this, you will get to understand where they source their products, the prices they sell and even see their profit margins if you get the chance.

. Have a Physical Store and Consider Online as Well

When you invest, do it with all your heart. Do not just rush for acquisitions without looking into the repercussions. If you are starting from scratch, ensure you have stores with the necessary conditions and proper location in a prime place to access customers.

As mentioned before, the online florist business is growing faster compared to physical businesses because of the convenience it provides to the consumer.

Ensure you have your own website where your customers can order and get deliveries. Factor in the expenses that come with renting, transportation, and paying employees to see your profit margins.

. Never Stop Learning

Since you are starting out in this industry, find out ways to learn the industry trends, and some basic stuff like arranging your shop to attract customers, business relations, accounting, and more.

Google is a useful resource in this case. Some people pay for business classes for the same.

Hot Selling Vases for Your Wholesale Business Inspiration

Not all vases appeal to the masses. There are those that attract more buyers than others. And as a seller, you will want to have what you can sell easily. Here are some of the hot selling vases to put in your inventory.

. Geometric Glass Vases

These vases come in a variety of sizes but the bigger ones get more attention. They are decorative, have the curves and shapes and are clear.

They can be used in multiple events and still bring out the best results. Their pricing is competitive depending on the quality in question. But they are doing great in the marketplace.

. Decorative Tall Glasses

Besides their affordable prices, people love their heights and the glass materials used to make them. They also come in an array of colors. Some are in the form of famous constructions like the Eiffel tower.

. Designer vases

These could be in any material and color, but the designs and carvings on them are outstanding. Their prices also range, and most people buy them as gifts.

. Vintage Vases

Vintage vases tend to be pricey, but people are still willing to spend on them. They come in all manner of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Having them in your collection is a good idea.

What is the best way to get the wholesale flowers inexpensively?

The best way to get flowers in an affordable way is to search for wholesale suppliers online. Make an order and wait for the delivery of high-quality flowers at your home. If you are lucky, you might get discounts as well.

Which brands offer luxury home decor accessories such as flowers online in India?

There are many luxury home decor accessory providers out there, but they tend to mix up stuff. However, Frozen Music is strictly for luxury. They have a wide range of home accessories and ensure each piece is of premium quality.

Where can I find the best vases at wholesale prices in the USA?

There are plenty of wholesale suppliers in the USA, but the ones mentioned above won’t let you down since many customers buy and review them on various platforms.

The list of five includes Vase source, Wholesale Flowers and Supplies, Vase Market, Afloral, and Jamali Garden.

Is it profitable to dropship flowers from China and sell online?

It all depends on who your supplier is, and the client base you are having. If your supplier is affordable enough, the shipping services charge reasonably, and your online customers are readily available to buy, then it is profitable.

Last Words

So, that’s my post all about the best wholesale vases suppliers in the USA, China, and the UK and the tips & tricks in the wholesale vases industry.

Now I’d like to know from you:

Are you going to take part in the vases business?

Which wholesale vases vendors from today’s list do you want to choose first?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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