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Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

This guide will introduce some of the best good online business ideas in my opinion, which will generate more profit and help you succeed in the new year 2021.

There are a number of businesses you could do online and earn yourself some extra money in 2019.

The best thing about these businesses is that you do them remotely.

Whether you want to work in a fancy hotel room, a comfortable couch in your room or any just any other place, it is possible.

Even if you want to be your own boss and work as you wish, online business still offers that much-coveted freedom.

You need such a business, right?

In this article, I compiled 15 best ideas for online business in 2019.  Read on an implement whichever works for you.

Let’s dive right in:


Set up a High-Quality Blog


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

Setting up a blog and monetizing it is one of the best online business you could do in 2019.

One thing, however, is that it will not bring in money immediately.

But if you take things right, it will eventually become a cash cow and offer you financial freedom. What you need to do is to consistently churn out useful contents in your blog.

You need to generate content that inspires people, educate them or even entertain. Some people argue that the main purpose of writing is to entertain. And for sure, if your content entertains, you will soon attract a massive following.

But here is the deal:

As you entertain your clients, you have got to pass some lessons. This is then that your clients will not feel empty at the end of the day.

Once you get a loyal following, monetize your blog. This can be done by selling advertisement space, selling a product, and selling a service such as coaching and consultancy. You can sell anything!

If you can invest your energy and dedication, you can take your blog off the ground and start earning.


Run a Trending E-commerce Site


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

This another of the best businesses to try out in 2019.

In the recent past, online sales have been on the rise. People are getting busier and busier and they no longer love going shopping.

The only problem with this kind of business is that you miss out on people who do not have a source of internet. But all the same, you attract a big number of audience who want their orders delivered right to their doorstep.

The first step is to research the best niche to venture in. This is because you will be competing for recognition with several hundreds of other e-commerce sites existing. The other thing is to up your marketing skills. This is then that you can get them to buy from you.

Another tip to succeed with E-commerce business is to offer quality products at the best prices to your customers. This is then that you can get repeat customers and get recommended.

In general, this business requires a lot of dedication. In the long run, when your site has attracted good recognition, you will make a decent living out of it.

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Write an eBook and Publish on Amazon


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

Writers will love this idea. It is a way of making quick money. You only have to write a short eBook, publish it on Amazon and start promoting it.

There are many topics to write about. It could be a book on self-improvement, health, and lifestyle or even a motivation book.

One thing about this business is that if you can attract a couple of hundreds of buyers within the first few weeks, Amazon will take charge and promote the book on your behalf. It is then that you can make thousands of sales and earn a decent living out of it.

Writing a book can however be a daunting undertaking. But with a good plan, you can achieve it. The first step to success here is to pretest the topic by taking a survey.

This will ensure that you write on a hot topic that will attract a good readership. From there, you need to create an outline of the book and adhere to it. You can then allocate some time daily to write. The last thing is to format it according to the standards required by Amazon.


Build a YouTube Channel


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

Videos have never been this common.

If you can create useful content this is your thing. The deal is to attract more traffic to your channel. If you do it consistently, you will soon earn a decent living from advertisements.

For a start, you can use a smartphone to record videos. And once your account has picked on well, you can get yourself a camera and take your channel to the next level. You also need to know the basics of video editing. You can take a short training on this online or in colleges near you.


Up Your Writing Skills and Become a Copywriter


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

Many people do not know that writing can be a career. As a matter of fact, someone is seated at home facing a computer and making a decent living. It is one aspect that does not need much capital.

With a laptop and internet connection, you can start earning from writing. And with writing, just like any other online business, you can work from wherever you are and at your own time.

The other upside of writing is that you learn a lot.

It is like getting paid to learn something. It is this rewarding! If you already have cutting edge writing skills, you can sign up for a freelance writing account at some of the biggest cooperation such as and

With a good profile, you can attract some clients and grow your skill as you earn. In fact, you can get hired to write as you think of topics to blog on later in your career.


Start a Drop shipping Business Without Investment


You do not always need to buy products to sell. It pays to first look for a customer and then buy a product for them.

This is called drop shipping.

It is done by signing business contracts with manufacturers or distributors to supply the products to your customers on demand.

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After an agreement, you then market those products on your website. And when an order is made, you ask the distributor to supply to them. This is one of the best online business.

For one, you are not investing your money and risk if you do not get buyers. Instead, you only buy products you want to sell immediately. Another advantage is that you do not need a huge capital to get started.

Set up an Online Consultancy Firm


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

If you are a pro in some field and has some time to give advice, this should be your next big thing. The only thing you need to focus on is marketing and having a good website.

If you do things right, you will soon make a decent living out of it. You can work in the comfort of your home. It is also a viable idea as it doesn’t need much capital to get started. And since you are not selling a product but a service, you will make lots of money.


Generate a Course or a Digital Product and Sell Online


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

If you have mastered some skill pretty well, it is high time to teach people and earn a living.

It is simple.

What you are supposed to do is generate a tutorial or a course. You can either do it in form of a book or a video file. Once you have it ready, you have to market it. This is arguably the most challenging step in this business.

You will have to convince interested people to enroll in the course. This can be done best using a blog. If you do not have your own blog, you can buy advertising space in some established blog or request for a guest post.

Alternatively, you can self-publish it on Amazon and promote it there. It is then that you can reach out to people who could buy your digital product.


Venture into Affiliate Marketing


Best Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

This is where you market somebody’s products in order to earn a commission whenever someone buys.

This can be done in two ways:

One is promoting digital products such as online courses, eBooks, and a subscription to membership sites among others. The commission earned here is high. It could even be 50% of all sales made.

The second one is marketing real products. This can best be done with Amazon. It has a category for affiliate marketers who can choose what to market from the millions of products on sale. Once you sign up and request for products to buy, you are given a specific link for products.

Every time the product is purchased using that link, you earn a commission. Promoting such products needs a blog. If you can run a popular blog, making money through affiliate marketing becomes easy.


Help Businesses Generate Leads


What businesses want is to expand and reach out to a bigger audience. This is then that they can make more money. One of such ways is through leads generation online.

Such leads could be between businesses and other businesses or between businesses and customers. You could earn a living doing any of the two.

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App Development


The current world has embraced technology more than ever. And the market for smartphones is increasing. In part, smartphones are popularized by apps. And you will agree with me that many apps are coming out every year.

If you can tap this niche, you could earn a decent living. You could team up with a fellow and develop an interesting app and sell it. You, however, need to bring out new ideas and new apps if you want to get recognized. This is because there is a fierce competition in this niche.


Facebook Advertisement


Facebook is now a big thing. It is helping businesses market their products or services. Facebooks ads are however complicated and need an expert.

If you can learn how they work, you could offer support to businesses and earn a living. You will not fail to get clients. This is because new businesses do not have enough time for that or they just do not know how to go about them.

On the other hand, old business who previously did not use Facebook ads is currently aspiring to try them out. One good thing here is that you do not need much time to know in and out of ads. If you dedicate some minutes daily to learn, you will soon become an expert in this field.


Web Development


If you have knowledge of coding and programming, this is yours. Start a web development company and help new business set up a website. It requires expertise.

But in general, this is something that can be learned.

If you dedicate a few hours daily to learn to code, you will soon become an expert and start working online developing websites. You can then sign up for an account in or any other freelance cooperation and start submitting proposals to help people and businesses develops websites.


Skype Coaching


People are willing to pay for knowledge. If you are an expert in some field, you can coach people on Skype and charge for your service. What you need the most here, apart from expertise, is effective communication and good interpersonal skills.

It is then that you can teach people and make them understand. If you do not have an audience yet, you can buy advertisement space in some popular blogs and let the world know you can answer their questions and make them master some skill. It is never complicated.


Graphic Design


Last on our list is nurturing a skill and becoming a professional graphic designer. You must have come across e-commerce websites that are interactive. They attract attention and might convince you to buy a product.

You must have also come across graphics in advertisements. All these are courtesy of a dedicated graphic designer. You can also learn this skill and start making money out of it.




You have got a lot about online business ideas in 2021, how do you think of them?

Maybe you have picked up one, and just start it now!

It’s your turn !

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