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What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join it? This article will tell you everything about WholesaleCentral you want to know, such as wholesale central reviews and other similar wholesale platform.

I am also confused! Not because of whether to join Wholesale central but why wholesale central and not the other many platforms with the same functions.

For you to make that first step now, read all the answers to your question right here.

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

The main reason as to why you should join is because it is free to join and open your own personalized wholesale online store with a direct link with your main website. 

This is the only place you will get a chance to publish 500 products for free plus your online store being featured for free on their Independent Retailer Magazine.

Before joining Central wholesalers, Let’s know what Wholesale Central is.


What is wholesale Central?


Wholesale Central or Central wholesalers is an online directory designed to help wholesale buyer’s find wholesale suppliers by following a link to their websites. Central wholesalers headquarters in Beltsville, MD.

Central wholesalers inc, this site was started in 1985 purposely for B2B service. This is the simplest online directory for any wholesale buyers to find all the products they want. If you are a distributor, wholesaler or an importer, join and enjoy the benefits offered in this world’s number one online directory


What are the functions of Wholesale Central?


Ø To advertise your wholesale online store

Wholesale Central has more than 1,000 accredited wholesale suppliers who visit the site on a daily bases. Imagine being featured on the front page of that website! This is the first function of the of Wholesale Central to its new members

Ø Customer care support

Wholesale Central has employed many customer care representatives to answer to all questions raised on the site by buyers or suppliers. This is a free service offered to your online store to help maintain a positive view towards your business.

Ø Grow your business


What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

Being given an opportunity to publish your products on the biggest online directory with 10,000 daily visitors is the best way to grow your business. One of the main reasons why Wholesale Central was started was to help businesses to connect easily and make transactions thereby promoting their growth.

Ø Promote your new products and product offers

Many Central wholesalers have new products they would want to promote on a daily basis. Wholesale Central is always there to promote the place that new product on the hot deals page giving it the chance to be viewed by 10+ potential customers.

Ø Product location.

How would you know who has the product you are looking for? Helping wholesalecentral’ members in locating a product and the wholesale supplier with the product is among the reasons why wholesale Central Product Locator was launched. Wholesale buyers are saved the time they spend searching for products.


Due to the outstanding performance of Wholesale Central, a survey based on the number of visitors on various online directories was done. The results of the survey showed that Wholesale Central icl. was the most visited in the world. 

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )


Features of Wholesale Central


The Wholesale Central as a B2B directory has many features so as to suit any aspect that helps in attaining all the intended goals. Below are the common features in the Wholesale Central directory.

  •  Product feature
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To show the products on hot deals and products of the days’ featured wholesaler, Wholesale Central just like Chinabrands has set certain parts of the pages for them. Product feature occupies the largest part of the directory as it is the main reason for this directory. As at know, the following product types are listed:

i. Fashion clothing

ii. Jewellery

iii. Sports products

iv. Cosmetic and Beauty.

  •  Payment method


The most preferred payment methods used by Chinabrands are the same used by WholesaleCentral. Bank Transfer, Western Union, PayPal and Alipay are featured as the acceptable payment modes by Wholesale Central. These modes of payment make it easy it to transact any business with the interested parties.

  • Advertisement feature


What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )


As one among the income generating features, advertising feature is usually given the best strategic position on the platform. Wholesale Central reviews are very important when they are campaigning for any wholesale supplier or buyer.

For example, Chinabrands has formulated many methods like articles the one you are reading to attract huge traffic as this translates to acknowledging the presence of a particular buyer or seller.

  • Main Page Features

This page is always the face of every incoming wholesale buyer and seller and therefore most of the other features are on the page.

With almost similar features to Chinabrands, this main page is comprised of the login section, top bar section for retailers to find suppliers and suppliers to get buyers, product search and wholesalers listings.


What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

  •  Logistics features

This feature describes the different methods of transportation used by the suppliers to deliver the ordered products to their destinations. Chinabrands will, in fact, specify what method will be used for the sake of time convenience. Its customers are usually aware as when the products will be delivered and this gives confidence to its customers.


Is wholesale central reliable?


This can only be ascertained by the profiles of the wholesale sellers and buyers featured by on the main page. For such companies to register and join this online directory there must be positive reasons for that. With world’s leading wholesale companies like Walmart, Amazon and Chinabrands featuring on the Wholesale Central directory is approve trust to Wholesale Central.

What makes Wholesale Central reliable?

  • It’ advertising feature has been accredited by many new wholesale suppliers who have used the platform. The number of clients they got as a result of advertising has even led to the opening of new business branches.
  • Wholesale Central membership is very simple and requires a little amount of money compared to the level of promotion your company gets. This has led to enormous growth of the Central Wholesale market for the traders.
  • Wholesale Central does offer direct referrals from companies that would help in increasing the number of transactions from new entrants.

Some disadvantages about WholesaleCentral

Despite the many advantages, Wholesale Central has few disadvantages. These are:

Ø Wholesale Central has few registered suppliers compared to the other wholesale directory suppliers like Chinabrands who has more than 1,000+ suppliers.

Ø Other than linking B2B, Wholesale Central has no support tools to help its customers in their transactions.

Ø Wholesale Central does not involve itself in wholesale buy and selling making it lack in-depth insights into the whole business model.  


How about Wholesale Central reviews?


How were you served yesterday at your nearest candy shop? Every business has customer expectations and experiences. Customer experience is determined by how you offer your services. It is normal for any business to receive both positive and negative comments from the people it serves. This is the value of the wholesalecentral reviews, let us know more about it.

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Similarly, Wholesale Central has received all types of comments.Some really damaging its reputation while others equally repairing the damaged reputation. Here are some of the reviews:

1. This distributor expressly says how the staff is well conversant with their work. As much as they use other directories Wholesale Central is their best choice.

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

2. John McKinney attributes their growth to their membership in the Wholesale Central online directory.

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

3. Katy Messersmith did advertise their products and it really yielded a lot of traffic to her website.

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

4. Wholesale Central helps in getting new customers and this was what Michael Batson experienced.

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )


10 suppliers with the same features with Wholesale Central


Company Product category Fee Location
Worldwide Brands General $249.00 one stop fee USA
Salehoo General $67/month New Zealand
Chinabrands General free China General free UK
Alibaba General free China
Dhgate General free China
Alibaba General free China
hktdc General free Hong Kong
Wholesale2B General free UK
Doba General $60/month UK
esource General free UK

There are many suppliers offering B2B linkages and other business support services just similar to those in Wholesale Central.

1. World Wide Brands

This is one of the biggest online directories. There are also other businesses done by Worldwide brands like dropshipping.


Worldwide Brands is an all-around company with over 16+thousand wholesalers listed. It also offers direct access to wholesalers and thus cutting of middlemen. It has a very secure system of registering and listing of products to avoid scams on the system.

2. Salehoo

Salehoo has over 2.5 million products listed and 8000 accredited suppliers. Other than its directory services, it offers advertising services.

Salehoo has several advantages including training of new members and awarding them.The other advantage is its ability to cover a large area thereby giving traders a wider market. It has 60-day money –back. The directory site has features like Market Lab to help its buyer’s access product easily.

3. Chinabrands

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

Chinabrands is the global leader in promoting B2B relations by connecting wholesale suppliers and wholesale buyers via its features on its online platforms. It also leads in wholesale drop shipping business in China.

Besides connecting wholesale suppliers and buyers, you can also buy from the site and get CB points which you can use to buy goods next purchase. This is unlike Wholesale Central whose reward is only to advertising only to new members.

If you are looking for either cheap or expensive wholesale products, Chinabrands has all categories of products with more than 500,000+SKU for you to choose from whereas Central Wholesalers inc has no product of its own giving it no experience in the wholesale business.


All the products you buy through Chinabrands are thoroughly checked to ensure they are of high quality by its highly trained quality control team as opposed to Wholesale Central which its only duty is to link and never to think of the quality of Central wholesalers products.

4. The

This online directory based in the UK was started in 1999 mostly to help retailers who are looking for products from bona fide wholesalers. The listed wholesalers are vetted thoroughly to ensure that only those who meet the high set standard qualify.

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Their revenue is generated from their prime advertisements.

5. Alibaba

Alibaba is known by many due to its publicity and the easiness to use. IT is open to everybody who is in the business of wholesale. Its product features directly links the products listed on its directory the wholesaler making it simple to place your orders.

It has a wide range of products for wholesale buyers which it also facilitates by drop shipping a service not offered to Central’s wholesalers by its host directory company.

6. Dhgate

Expect to find almost every category of products in Dhgate from wholesale suppliers from all the countries in the world who can deliver as per the requirements. It is based in China and it has more than 30 million products listed in its online directory. These products are linked to the websites of their respective wholesalers.

7. hktdc


What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )

It was started in China in the year Hktdc just like Wholesale Central has a very wide range of products on its product page feature from all the wholesale sellers, buyers, producers and manufacturers. It was meant for only B2B buyers and sellers.

Hktdc’s online directory has more than five features which include wholesale sellers feature, product feature, advertising feature, protection feature and the logistics feature.

8. Wholesale2B

As the name suggests, this is a drop shipping wholesale supplier and also an online directory offering free linkages between wholesale suppliers and buyer. Due to a large number of diverse wholesalers with direct access to manufactures, buyers have the opportunity to buy products at a wholesale price.  

9. Doba

Doba has more than 2 million wholesale suppliers, buyers and manufacturers listed and actively doing business together. Being a B2B online platform, it has a simple log in feature which is also free to join thus making it a choice to many.

10.  Esources

What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided ) 

This is a UK online directory wholesale suppliers and buyers from almost all countries in Europe and Asia. Contrary to Wholesale Central, esources charge a little fee to any interested party.

It has simple and well-structured features that make it easy to be configured by its users. 


Outside of Wholesale Central, how do you start a profitable wholesale business?


You can choose to start with Chinabrands.


This platform, which brings together 5,000 suppliers and distributors worldwide, can use all resources to help you:


  • l Provide some reliable supplier you need.




  • l Do a quality check on the product.
  • l Cooperate with logistics providers to transport your products and guarantee delivery within 48 hours. (Chinabrands has 3,000+ logistics lines and has long-term relationships with well-known logistics companies such as EMS, DHL, etc.)
  • l Store goods in chinabrands warehouse. (Chinabrands has more than 40 warehouses in more than 12 countries around the world)
  • l Get product information and high-definition image download resources. (Businesses need to sign up for Chinabrands for free and become a member, get more downloads)
  • l Product promotion.
  • l Customer service after sales.


The general process of cooperation is this:


 What Is Wholesale Central? Should I Join It? ( 10 Wholesale Suppliers Provided )


In this case, we will have more time and energy to focus on making this eternal business. In addition to Wholesale central, you can also choose it.

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