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Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Let’s face it. Dropshipping from Aliexpress is a good starting point. But it does reach a saturation point pretty soon. There’s limited scope to scale. Shipping takes forever. Sellers are not the most reliable.

Ditto with storing inventory in your target market. It’s expensive. Eats into your margins. Storage in particular, is a huge upfront cost. That’s why smart ecommerce businesses work with fulfillment companies in China. They store inventory in China and fulfill at source. Today, we have for you, the best fulfillment centers and companies in China.

What are the Best Fulfillment Center in China?

Here are what we believe are the top fulfillment companies in China


1. Sourcingbro

We’d like to start with ourselves, Sourcingbro. We are a small team of passionate professionals who grouped together from different areas of the Ecommerce supply chain, to form a unique service.

Unique because we bring accountability to the business and prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Who does that these days? That does not mean that we are a great fit for one and all. No, we are not.

In fact, we like to work with small and medium-sized ecommerce brands who prefer a real partner in China, rather than a transactional relationship. Someone that cares about your business, watches out for your interests rather than their own, and watches over the entire supply chain. That’s us.

Here are some reasons why our clients choose us.

1. A Short & Agile Supply Chain

Sourcingbro offers the full gamut of services that cover all touchpoints in a supply chain. our team has worked in numerous capacities in supply chain management which gives us an astute understanding of the business and the market.

Our supply chain expertise ranges from private sourcing, warehousing, private labelling, pick and pack, shipping & customer service. In simple terms, our goal is to create an agile supply chain by combining all services under one roof.

We are nimble enough to react quickly to market changes and give quick turnaround times on demand – this is key for all brands who want to beat out their competition with superior logistical capabilities.

When you source from an overseas country, which in this case is China, or from a B2B marketplace like Alibaba, its rarely a smooth experience. For most businesses, it borders on a cumbersome experience.

This is because it takes weeks if not more to reach out to sellers, screen them, send samples, negotiate with suppliers, order product and then find a separate fulfillment provider. By the time, testing is over and you are ready to start selling, it may be months.

In comparison, Sourcingbro can set up a flexible and agile supply chain relatively faster, saving you both time and money. Since we fulfill at origin, the transition phase from one part of the supply chain to the next one is much smoother and quicker.

2. Fulfillment at Origin

There’s no denying that domestic fulfillment has improved supply chain by leaps and bounds. You store inventory in warehouses closer to the customer, cutting down on logistics expenses.

But, it’s far from the perfect fulfillment model for all businesses. In fact, there are a plethora of reasons why fulfillment at origin is a more efficient model.

When you store inventory in a warehouse close to the target market, you are looking at a long transit period for inventory shipping from source to this warehouse. It will in all probability be shipped in a container through sea freight. During peak seasons, this can extend to months of waiting.

Secondly, domestic store in fulfillment centers is always expensive. Again, this will depend on the time that you store inventory for, but this is a common problem that all brands face. In case your sales forecasting was flawed or misfires, you are stuck with dead inventory that will cost an arm and a leg to store and even to dispose.

It’s not the most flexible model as there’s months of advance planning and forecasting involved. On the other hand, fulfillment at origin gives you the leeway to be more relaxed.

Since Sourcingbro has a network of reliable suppliers, we can help you with low MOQs which allows you to place smaller orders as and when you run out of inventory. Moreover, inventory arrives at our secure warehouses within days of an order placement which saves on transit time substantially.

Not to mention that unless your package is heavy, it will be much cheaper to ship from China. Our Express Line Shipping partners reach key markets within 5-10 days too.

3. Done for you inventory management

Inventory management is the trickiest aspect of dropshipping. Even established brands have to constantly monitor their inventory levels, reorder quantities and replenish stock on time and with precision to stay ahead in the supply chain.

That said, in models like Dropshipping and even small brand ecommerce, it’s tough to predict inventory requirements as accurately as large brands can. In most cases, small brands lack the overheads, the software and the workforce to support an in-house inventory management system.

If you are relying on old sales patterns, or your 3PL fulfillment service provider’s in-house cloud-based platform to forecast inventory, you might be in for a rude surprise. A 3PL doesn’t really care how much dead inventory you are stocking. They are going to continue to bill you for storage regardless of your losses.

This is where Sourcingbro makes a difference. We take care of your inventory orders, reordering and replenishing through our partner vendors so you can focus on sales & marketing activities. Our MOQs are low and we partner with multiple vendors. So, even if one of the products is not performing as well as you expected, you can cut your losses.

You never store more than required. If there’s a sudden spurt in sales, the manufacturer is a stone’s throw away for a quick replenishment. No waiting for months to receive inventory. It also eases the cash flow situation for many businesses, allowing them to order only what they need.

4. Personalized customer support

fulfillment is never complete until the item is delivered to your customer in a timely manner and with utmost care. Tracking the package in transit is a good way to make sure that your customers are remain updated about their deliveries.

Sourcingbro’s team is vigilant about tracking the order from warehouse to doorstep. We ensure that your packages are picked, packed and shipped correctly with tamper-proof packaging materials so that you don’t have to deal with lost or damaged parcels.

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In case of any issue such as a delayed shipment or one that goes missing, our team will inform you in advance so that you can inform your customer about the delay.

This of course, is just one instance. If you face any problem at any point of time, or any touch point in the supply chain, our team will be available on multiple communication channels. We believe that one-on-one personalized customer support sets us apart from the rest.

If you look at most 3PL fulfillment services, they have limited communication channels for customer service. Most of them use an email-based support system that’s slow and does not offer prompt resolutions for even simple problems.

In comparison, we have an efficient system with each parcel’s journey broken down into tasks. We monitor each task and add notes for pending ones, which helps us provide a more personalized service to our customers.


At Sourcingbro, our onus has always been to provide our clients with a pricing tier that’s simple enough to understand. Fewer numbers, no hidden charges, and a transparent invoice.

To that end, we have created a customized pricing system for sourcing and fulfillment. Unlike some 3PL services, we will give you one flat fee for sourcing and fulfillment and another one for pick and pack.

The pick and pack fee is $1 per item in an order and $0.25 for additional items in the same order.

Our Thoughts:

In modern day ecommerce, success is no longer dependent on overheads, inflated marketing spends or infrastructure. We have seen small brands build a sizeable market share because of reduced workload, streamlined operations and smart social media marketing

Platforms like TikTok offer massive potential for startups to build a steady and consistent stream of traffic. Even if you are a one-man operation who knows how to leverage the potential in these platforms, you can build a successful ecommerce brand.

But there’s a caveat. You cannot afford to shop pig in a poke when it comes to fulfillment. You need a partner who legitimately cares for your business, as much as they care for their own.

Someone with strategic partnerships and a deep understanding of the intricacies of ecommerce

Someone who can identify your needs based on conversations, not spreadsheets. This is where Sourcingbro fits in seamlessly.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the way we do business, so that you can focus on building your brand long term. We don’t force you to buy a lot of inventory so that we can secretly make a killing with storage.

Instead, we help you reduce your overheads and buy smart. Buy what’s required. Only buy again when you sell what you bought. The cash flow’s better, the margins are better and your focus is on the right things.

2. Boxc

Boxc is a unique addition to this list because they differ from the conventional dropshipping and ecommerce fulfillment providers. They offer an open international shipping and logistics network with multiple strategic last mile and first mile carrier partnerships.

Ecommerce retailers can get access to their network that covers 50 countries at the moment and is growing fast. Logistics providers get can more efficient coverage at reduced fulfillment costs, all pay as you use. No contracts.

Key benefits:

A single API – International shipping is a complex web of service providers, partners, compliance, tracking and customs which can make your head spin. This is where Boxc’s API comes in to make things seamless for retailers, saving them the time and effort of managing multiple interfaces. All you deal with is one single API, which saves you time.

Faster fulfillment – For ecommerce companies, this is an excellent opportunity to offer faster shipping options for their international customers without spending through their nose for traditional overseas fulfillment models.

Pay as you go – No contracts! Can it get better than this? Most 3PLs will require you to commit to a long term contract to get the best prices. With Boxc, it’s just pay as you go. This saves you from recurrent, upfront charges.

Our thoughts:

Boxc offer a unique and faster shipping model by utilizing an open international freight network that consists of carriers, freight forwarders and logistic providers. They have simplified shipping protocols to offer more security and speed than traditional fulfillment models.

3. Floship

Floship is a global ecommerce fulfillment service for D2C brands that has a global warehouse and shipping network spanning 180 countries. It’s an end-to-end solution that covers all touch points of supply chain management from inventory management, order management to logistics and returns.

Key benefits:

Warehousing – Floship offers a global warehouse and shipping network making it easy for dropshipping and ecommerce brands to ship internationally. They currently have warehouses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Germany, and Lithuania. But it’s expanding fast.

Multichannel – Floship is a single platform that integrates B2C, DTC & B2B business channels enabling its customers to manage complex ecommerce operations with a simple interface.

Dedicated Account Management – The team at Floship is a lean and mean one consisting of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced staff. Their customer ratings indicate a focused and dedicated customer service team with a track record of successful fulfillment operations.

Our thoughts:

Floship is an all-inclusive ecommerce fulfillment solution with a unique multichannel approach that enables companies to manage end-to-end operations from sales, inventory management & fulfillment to over 180 countries.

4. Zhenhub

Zhenhub is a large-scale ecommerce fulfillment service for dropshipping and ecommerce brands that offers warehouse management, returns management, shipping with access to a network of global warehouses.

It also offers a cloud-based software for inventory management and logistics with cutting-edge features for ecommerce business owners. Zhenhub’s network consists of warehouses in 23 countries.

Key benefits:

Warehousing – Zhenhub offers warehouse management and multi-warehouse shipping with access to a network of global warehouses. They currently have warehouses in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, China and Europe. But it’s expanding fast.

Automated fulfillment – Zhenhub’s cloud-based software is designed to help ecommerce owners manage their operations in a simple and efficient way. From warehouse distribution to selecting the best logistics partner, the software does it all.

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Multichannel fulfillment – Zhenhub offers numerous one-click integrations that include most of the leading sales channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon. This allows you to rest assured that your orders will be fulfilled fast and flawlessly across all platforms without tinkering too much with data.

Our thoughts:

Zhenhub is an automated and reliable fulfillment service with a range of warehouses across the world. It has streamlined workflows and integrates with major sales channels which makes it an excellent choice for dropshipping and ecommerce brands. That said, it might be a better pick for large brands and experienced ecommerce vendors with a global customer base.

5. Chinadivision

Chinadivision is a full-spectrum ecommerce fulfillment service with large warehouses in China. They cover all aspects of the supply chain from sourcing, warehousing, pick and pack, packaging and order management to logistics and returns.

They have a proven track record in providing service for many small and medium-sized ecommerce companies. They also provide custom services for brands that want to expand their presence.

Key Benefits:

Amazon FBA Fulfillment – With a warehouse in Shenzhen and an API that automatically syncs your Amazon inventory, Chinadivision makes it easy for you to fulfill your Amazon orders. Orders are processed on the same day and shipped out on the next which means prompt deliveries.

2-5 Day Global deliveries – Chinadivision offfers 2-5 day deliveries in key markets such as the US, Canada and Europe. This alone makes them a great choice for ecommerce vendors looking to expand their global footprint.
Branding – For dropshipping businesses that are generating a steady volume of sales, Chinadivision offers branding services to turn your dropshipping business into a full-fledged ecommerce brand. From marketing inserts to more value added services like logo design and company website creation, Chinadivision can do it all.

Our thoughts:

Chinadivision is a quick and convenient fulfillment service with a large warehouse in China. They offer complete fulfillment with value added branding services to turn your dropshipping business into an ecommerce brand.

6. Send From China

Send From China or SFC is a multifaceted fulfillment service in China with two large warehouses in strategic locations. It’s primarily designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs with dropshipping businesses that are looking for an all-inclusive fulfillment service with lower shipping costs.

But even if you seek any one aspect or service specifically, SFC can provide you with exclusively that service. For instance, if you are looking for a cost effective warehouse for storing your products, SFC’s warehouse is perfect for you.

And if you need dropshipping services, they can fulfil the orders as well.

Key Benefits:

Automated Fulfillment in China – SFC’s fulfillment services tick two very important boxes off from the ecommerce entrepreneur’s standard requirement list. Firstly, it can serve as a massive warehouse for storing products in China. One that’s much cheaper than any 3PL service. And secondly, it has the technology to automatically fulfill orders from either one or multiple sales channels.

50+ Shipping Partners – Many 3PLs harp on their ability to ship internationally. But SFC has partnered with over 50 shipping carriers to allow for much faster, cheaper and more streamlined fulfillment across the world. Their shipping times rival those of USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Easy Fee Structure – One of the things that we like about SFC is that they have a very few and easy to understand fee structure. There’s one charge for storage, one for pick & pack and one for shipping. This allows ecommerce entrepreneurs with drop shipping businesses to quickly and easily calculate the costs associated with using their service.

Our thoughts:

SFC is a no-frills fulfillment service in China. They cover the entire logistics supply chain from sourcing to warehouse management. Their storage is one of the cheapest in the business, and they offer a one-stop cheapest fulfillment solution for ecommerce entrepreneurs with dropshipping businesses.

7. Nextsmartship

Nextsmartship is an upcoming ecommerce fulfillment service based in China that offers end to end fulfillment services with strategically positioned warehouses near major shipping ports. This allows them to offer fast shipping.

That’s not the only feature that we like about Nextsmartship. They also offer a wide array of other services, such as Amazon Fufillment and value added services. Dropshipping businesses looking to scale will find them to be a good fit, barring the one on one attention of course.

Key features:

Full Ecommerce fulfillment – Nextsmartship offers complete ecommerce fulfillment which means, right from product sourcing to warehousing, order processing and even shipping. This is what makes them a good fit for dropshipping businesses that are looking to scale up their operations. It’s a hands off solution.

Green Packaging – How many Chinese Fulfillment services offer green packaging? Nextsmartship does. And that’s a welcome change for many entrepreneurs looking to tap into environment-friendly solutions. It’s a great branding tool too.

Transparent Pricing – Nextsmartship has a simple fee structure that works on storage + pick & pack + shipping. The storage is free for the first 30-days. (Sourcingbro offers permanent free storage). They charge $0.99 for pick + pack and there’s a custom shipping price. While it’s not the cheapest service out there, it’s definitely simple enough to figure out.

The Top 13 Order Fulfillment Companies for Your Online Business

1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) brings you access to Amazon’s giant network of 170 fulfillment centers, which have more than 150 million square feet of warehouse space and 250,000 full-time employees.

If you use FBA, you can make your items Price-qualified. This means Amazon Prime members can order products with free two-day delivery. As you consider how additional costs such as shipping are the most regular culprits of abandoned carts, along with the fact that over 80% of American households join the Amazon Prime program, it’s easy to recognize how FBA can skyrocket your sales dramatically.

Amazon requires the following fulfillment fees for standard-sized packages (including picking and packing your products, shipping and handling customer service returns):

  • Small (shortest side 0.75 inches or less, longest side 15 inches or less, median side 12 inches or less): $2.41 for 10 ounces or less and $2.48 for 10 to 16 ounces.
  • Large (shortest side 8 inches or less, longest side 18 inches or less, median side 14 inches or less): $3.19 for 10 ounces or less, $3.28 for 10 – 16 ounces, $4.76 for 1 to 2 pounds, $5.26 for more than 2 pounds with an extra charge of 38 cents per pound after the first three pounds.
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Amazon charges an additional fee of 40 cents per product for clothing and 11 cents per product that contain lithium batteries.

As for inventory storage, there is a fee of 60 cents per cubic foot for standard packages from January to September and a fee of $2.40 per cubic foot from October to December.

Fulfillment by Amazon is supported by nearly every eCommerce platform, including Shift4Shop, making it a convenient choice for most merchants.


2. ShipBob

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

ShipBob was launched by eCommerce entrepreneurs for eCommerce businesses.

The company was established in 2013 after the founders began their online photo printing business and figured out they were not content with any of their shipping options. This led them to create ShipBob, a program that implements the eCommerce fulfillment process automatically.

The ShipBob fulfillment network involves warehouses situated in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Most notably, ShipBob provides a 2-Day Express Shipping Program, which helps you meet expectations set by Amazon. Plus, ShipBob also brings plenty of benefits to your store:

  • Its proprietary software is free to every ShipBob client, and it integrates with popular eCommerce platforms. This dashboard makes it simple to track your orders, inventory, and shipments.
  • International shipping is supported in more than 200 countries.
  • B2B and wholesale services (freight quotes, pallet preparation, etc.) are supported.
  • You can utilize custom branding for your boxes.
  • ShipBob can perform kitting if necessary.
  • No minimum order volume is needed.


3. Huboo

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Huboo is a UK-based fulfillment service provider that partners with any sized businesses, whether that’s a large established online retailer sending hundreds of orders per day or a brand-new business getting started with eCommerce.

Huboo takes care of storing, picking, packing, and dispatching your packages automatically when orders arrive, so buyers can receive their orders in a short time and in good condition. The company boasts about grasping what its sellers want. Its team will do the same, abiding by how want your product to be packed and delivered in line with your brand and shipping instructions.

Moreover, Huboo software integrates with many eCommerce platforms, so it doesn’t matter where you sell. This creates a chance for you to focus on doing what you do best: developing your business.


4. Rakuten Super Logistics

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Rakuten Super Logistics was born in 2001. Its extensive experience in this industry enables the company to offer its high-quality services. Rakuten Super Logistics ensures 100% order accuracy and 100% order turnaround by the next business day. Plus, the company can offer two-day ground shipping to 98% of the US with its infrastructure.

Bear in mind that Rakuten Super Logistics does require an order volume minimum of 250 orders a month, so this might not be a good choice for smaller stores.

With their Enterprise plan, the company can manage up to 10,000 orders on a monthly basis.


5. eFulfillment Service

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

eFulfillment Service is among the top choices for online businesses just starting out. The company requires no order minimums or long-term contracts with competitive pricing for fulfillment and storage.

Remarkably, eFulfillment Service offers cross-docking, which means orders are collected at the warehouse and then instantly shipped out without being stored. This is a beneficial service for crowdfunded ventures that need to have a newly developed item delivered to their backers as quickly as possible.

Many eCommerce platforms, including Shift4Shop, support integration with eFulfillment Service as well.


6. Red Stag Fulfillment

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

Red Stag Fulfillment proves to be a reliable service. If the company doesn’t unload your shipment within 48 hours, it will pay you $50. If an order isn’t delivered based on your service level, you won’t need to pay for that shipment, and you’ll get $50.

Moreover, if the company delivered the wrong product or the wrong number of products, it will fix the mistake, not charge you for the shipment and pay you $50. Plus, Red Stag Fulfillment ensures no shrinkage and takes charge of any damage in its warehouse.

This is a perfect option for smaller stores as there are no order minimums and long-term contracts. Additionally, popular eCommerce platforms like Shift4Shop directly integrate with their software.


7. FreightPros

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

FreightPros stays among the list of the most popular freight broker companies, which is best suited for small businesses. FreightPros brings you access to attentive services and a large variety of tools that enable you to directly handle your shipment, rail carriers, and so on.

This third-party logistics company carefully monitors the whole shipment process, from pickup to the final delivery. This lets them to instantly catch and resolve delivery problems, saving a great deal of time and money.

Moreover, the company adds freight carriers based on users’ needs and gives them exact recommendations, keeping affordable options in mind for their shipment. It also leverages terrific online tools to complete the entire process, including booking, quoting, and tracking the products.

FreightPros is ideal for small enterprises as it not only handles large shipments, but it also processes as low as one shipment with proper management. The small shipping level is the key feature that makes the company stand out from the crowd.


8. WhiteBox

Top 15 Best Fulfillment Center in China and USA

WhiteBox is an eCommerce company that covers all fulfillment solutions, storage fees, and shipping services under one platform. Suppose you want to grow your business and make it reach a more global level. In that case, WhiteBox is the right choice for your online store, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary costs.

However, the company requires an initial onboarding fee of $3,000. The fulfillment cost is 10% of the total sales.

WhiteBox provides an excellent customer experience by handling all the tasks effectively. This leads to reducing your in-house work and freeing up your time. Now you can invest more time into other important tasks for your business.

Our thoughts:

Nextsmartship is a good alternative for ecommerce entrepreneurs that are looking to scale their dropshipping operations up with no hassles. The service covers the entire supply chain from warehousing to fulfillment and shipping. Plus their green packaging option separates them from the competition.

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