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25 Best Wholesale Garden Supplies & Accessories Distributors [China/US/UK/Canada/Australia/India]

25 Best Wholesale Garden Supplies & Accessories Distributors [China/US/UK/Canada/Australia/India]

The list of garden supplies and accessories that are needed for gardening can be quite long depending on what exactly is being grown. Some of the most common gardening supplies and accessories include garden hose, garden hoes, garden leaf blowers, rakes, spades, digging forks, pruners, pruning saws, shears, trowels, lawnmowers, chain saws, wheelbarrows, and fertilizers among others.

All these and many more are available on many wholesale garden supplies websites that we’ll discuss below:


Best Wholesale Garden Supplies & Accessories Distributors In China, US, UK, Canada, Australia, And India


No. Supplier Category Location
1 Chinabrands Garden Supplies China
2 HKTDC Sourcing Gardening tools manufacturers China
3 Trade Wheel Home & Garden China
4 Border Concepts Garden tools China
5 Your Heart’s Delight Garden USA
6 CROV Factory Direct Garden & backyard products USA
7 Wholesale Central Lawn & Garden USA
8 Down-to-earth Distributors Wholesale garden products USA
9 Greenhouse Megastore Nurseries and Gardening USA
10 Gardener’s Supply Company Garden supplies USA
11 Anglo-Eastern Trading Planters & Bowls UK
12 Smart Garden Products Hanging Gardening supplies UK
13 Somerset hydroponics Indoor gardening Supplies UK
14 MIMS pottery Outdoor garden pottery UK
15 Eddi’s Wholesale Garden Supplies Canada
16 AMA Hort Garden tools Canada
17 Link Green Home & Garden Canada
18 Stellar Wholesale Wholesale garden products Canada
19 Dome Garden Supplies Garden supplies Australia
20 Garden Express Gardening tools & supplies Australia
21 Nursery & Garden Supplies Gardening products Australia
22 Gardens Need Planters and other accessories India
23 Green Carpet Garden products India
24 Hosco Yard & Garden India
25 Nursery Live Garden Supplies & Accessories India



1. Chinabrands

Are you looking for a one-stop place where you can get all your garden accessories wholesale? Chinabrands is a gathering place for global manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors most of whom have their warehouses in China. Chinabrands provides a large list of reliable suppliers in the garden supplies and accessories industry who sell their products at affordable prices.

2. HKTDC Sourcing

This is a high-recommended website from where you can source quality products from Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers. HKTDC is an online marketplace offering a wide range of garden tools from verified wholesalers at affordable prices. Most of the wholesalers here are from China and other Asian countries.

3. Trade Wheel

On Trade Wheel, you have the chance to explore a great collection of garden products such as grow bags, hanging baskets, planters, flower pots, pot trays, nursery trays & lids, and basket liners at amazing prices. All these products are of premium quality and are from authentic manufacturers; they’re available for sale in the international market.

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4. Border Concepts

Border Concepts is your source of landscaping supplies, lawn garden supplies as well as garden decoration wholesale. This company supplies independent garden centers and wholesale commercial yards across the globe. Over the last 25 years, they have been dedicated to creating supplies that sparkle creativity and imaginations in all realms of lawn and garden.

5. Your Heart’s Delight

This company was founded in 1980 and it has grown over the years into one that embraces creative product design. Your Heart’s Delight has evolved into a premier supplier that offers a tremendous variety of products for a wide range of retailers. The line includes fabrications ranging from wrought iron, wood, glass, ceramic, cement, and metal.

The team does in-depth research on each new product and also ensures that the supplies are superbly priced compared to similar products in the market.

6. CROV Factory Direct

At CROV, you will enjoy low warehouse prices on high-quality gardening supplies and accessories as well as outdoor and backyard products. The order process is a very secure one and you have a wide choice of delivery options to choose from.

7. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central provides customers with the best wholesale home and garden décor, tools, and accessories. There are more than 750 different items to shop from including actual flowers and plants, garden tools, unique planters, and other rare items. Anything you might consider hard-to-find, you can get it here.

8. Down-to-earth Distributors

Down To Earth offers a wide variety of garden products ranging from basic planting items to quality gardening tools and garden gifts. Apart from the garden tools, other supplies items that are available for sale here are wholesale organic fertilizers, natural pest control, garden irrigation supplies, work gloves, imported pots, and garden statues.

9. Greenhouse Megastore

Greenhouse Megastore is not only a leading supplier for greenhouse supplies but also sells garden supplies of all types including plant pots, polycarbonate panel sheets, weed barriers, shade cloths, plastic sheets, hydroponic supplies, grow lights, and so much more.

As a professional grower or a home gardener, you can shop here with confidence because they have everything you need to get the job done at the lowest possible prices.

25 Best Wholesale Garden Supplies & Accessories Distributors [China/US/UK/Canada/Australia/India]

10. Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardener’s Supply is America’s leading resource for gardening that sells environmentally friendly products such as raised beds, pots, planters, supports, soils, and many more. The website spreads information about the joys and rewards of gardening and gives solutions for almost every gardening challenge. They design and develop innovative products, manage test gardens, and maintain an extensive how-to library.

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11. Anglo-Eastern Trading

The Anglo-Eastern Trading company is a supplier of a unique range of hand-painted plastic patio planters and hanging baskets. As one of the leading suppliers of home and garden planters in the UK, the company prides itself in providing a comprehensive range of planters, baskets, troughs, and containers at affordable prices.

12. Smart Garden Products

SGP is a renowned supplier of an exciting range of solar and battery-powered garden lighting, hanging gardening, garden décor, plant support, and garden extras with innovative merchandising and packaging solutions. The company’s main aim is to give its customers a broad product choice, outstanding growth, and profitable growth.

13. Somerset Hydroponics

Somerset Hydroponics is an expert in Hydroponic and organic indoor gardening and aims to help gardeners to achieve maximum plant yield. The company was started in 1999 and since then it has offered competitively priced gardening products accompanies with experienced advice to help you obtain maximum results.

14. MIMS Pottery

MIMS is synonymous with quality crafted garden pottery; in a market striving for individuality, they are committed to constant innovation bringing new and different products. This customer-inspired company has been in operation since 1988 and since then it has always maintained the same vision which is to provide customers with exceptional garden pottery and lifestyle products.

15. Eddi’s Wholesale

Eddi’s was founded in 1968 and is one of the largest garden wholesale suppliers in Canada. It has a streamlined ordering process, enhanced customer support, and a wide selection of products. Some of their main products are organic-based fertilizers, garden accessories, decorative planters, horticultural lighting and control products.

16. AMA Hort

A.M.A Hort is committed to providing its customers with highly-functional products thanks to its dedicated staff that has extensive knowledge in the gardening and horticulture industry. Some of their products include crates & bins, fertilizers, berries, plant support, sheers & pruners, tree supplies, growing mixes & soils, hanging baskets, and nurseries.


17. Link Green

These wholesale suppliers offer customers convenient online access to a list of leading suppliers of garden accessories and supplies. In addition to suppliers, they also offer a sourcing resource guide for garden centers, landscapers, and wholesale lawn & garden suppliers. These wholesale suppliers offer sellers convenient online access to their product catalog.

18. Stellar Wholesale

Stellar Wholesale proudly distributes retailers as well as commercial and small-scale growers with the best garden supplies in the industry. For a decade and a half, Stellar Wholesale has been distributing hydroponic, greenhouse, and garden products to retailers and commercial growers.

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25 Best Wholesale Garden Supplies & Accessories Distributors [China/US/UK/Canada/Australia/India]

19. Dome Garden Supplies

Since 1998, Dome Garden Supplies is the leading international distributor of a large range of hydroponic goods and horticultural products. Dome provides industry-standard brands which allows customers to harvest rewards of a greener future with rapid supply fulfilment and customer satisfaction to grow partnerships.

20. Garden Express

Garden Express is Australia’s largest online and mail order garden supplier with an easy ordering system. Their main aim is to help customers create beautiful gardens by supplying flowering bulbs, landscaping trees, shrubs, ground covers, indoor plants, succulents, roses, edible produce plants and seeds, plus quality gardening tools and accessories.

21. Nursery and Garden Supplies

This Queensland family business provides great service, reasonably-priced, and quality gardening products. They supply plastic plant pots, saucers, trays, jiffy pellets, hanging baskets, fertilizers, and planter bags.

22. Gardens Need

This company has been in business for more than 20 years running a successful planter and plastic flower pots business across India and abroad. Their garden products are designed to help grow stunning displays of annuals or perennials with world-class products.

23. Green Carpet

Green Carpet is an importer and pan India distributor of uniquely-designed garden products. They supply pots, self-watering planters, artifacts, garden furniture, and accessories. They constantly strive to bring the best of products sourced globally to their customer’s doorstep.

24. Hosco

Hosco is a wholesaler that deals in the manufacture and distribution of plastic pots, plug trays, plant labels, irrigation drippers, and watering wands. They’re ideal suppliers to retailers, commercial growers, and botanical gardens across the world.

25. Nursery Live

Looking for planters, pots, pebbles, garden pots and accessories? If yes, then your search ends here. Nursery Live provides a wide range of garden supplies in Delhi and beyond. They have a large collection of plants e.g. annual flowers, aquatic plants, aromatic plants, cactus, ferns, indoor plants, landscape plants, and bamboo.




In today’s world where everyone is extra busy trying to earn a living, some people like to get in tune with the environment by practicing gardening. These people enjoy growing their own food which means that they need to have all the necessary supplies and accessories. If you’re a good gardener who enjoys gardening, we hope that the list we gave above helped guide you on where you can source your wholesale garden supplies from, at affordable prices.

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