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5 Things to Know Before You Buy Heated Motorcycle Gear (+Suppliers)

5 Things to Know Before You Buy Heated Motorcycle Gear (+Suppliers)

The wholesale of heated motorcycle gloves is increasing in the market according to surveys. But for the newbies, in order to achieve success in the wholesale business of motorcycle gears, it is extremely important to keep abreast of what they are dealing with.

The purpose of heated motorcycle gears is to absorb the road fall off shocks, bruises as well as the severe cold climate influence upon the bike riders. These heated gears come in various varieties, styles, sizes and shapes and important point is to know which one is the best category for wholesale from the supplier.

In this article, I am going to encapsulate this specific niche of heated motorcycle gears, their background, market trends, tips and mistakes to avoid during wholesaling and the best 3 wholesale suppliers to chose from.

Let’s dive in!

5 Things to Know Before You Buy Heated Motorcycle Gear (+Suppliers)

Market Background and Business Trends in Heated Motorcycle Gears


With the changing trends, fashion, style and lifestyles, the use of vehicles has also changed. In the 21st century, a huge tilt towards the bike ridding is observed by the global report analysts. People like to drive bike regardless of the weather, either it is rainy or sunny, cold or warm, they just love to ride. So keeping the customer demands in mind, the manufacturers came up with heated motorcycle gears, as the main problem was rising in the cold regions.

The demand of heated motorcycle gears increased so rapidly that it moved from $22 million in 2013 to $36 million in 2016. Bise report analysts observed that this rise in trend will further reach to $82 million by 2021.

According to business and commerce study, the demand in the global driving heated motorcycle gears will expand at a CAGR rate of 5.3% from 2017 to 2025. Analysts have rested the opportunities in this market in terms of revenue as the US $18,565.0 mn till 2025 with US$12,312.5 mn in 2017. In 2016 protection clothing was the biggest contributor in terms of demand with a 50 % market share.

Keeping in view the rapidly rising demand of heated motorcycle gears, it is becoming a very good business for the wholesalers and buyers, as the customer traffic is very high.


With the increasing demand and changing weather conditions more innovations are coming up in the heated motorcycle gears. In new innovative categories, such apparels have been introduced which contain an intelligent ventilation system with high durability for longer time periods.

Geographically, Asia Pacific is becoming the more profitable region with new market trends and demands here. The estimated revenue in this apparel market is US $6,603.6 mn by the end of 2025. A number of top outlets have opened in countries like China, Japan, and India.

No doubt Europe and America are two profitable regions that are still the focus of vendors with the demand from the latter areas to increase above CAGR of 6.2% from 2018-2025.

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What are Heated Motorcycle Gears?


Heated motorcycle gears are those apparels that are meant to keep your body warm and safe from road injuries and falls along with the harsh cold climate. Protection accessories like helmets, elbow caps, knee caps, armor and spine guard and few such other items play a significant role in enhancing the safety while driving at high speed.

In the market, fiberglasses, reinforced plastic, carbon fiber type materials are used to make the helmet and joint caps. In 2016 the demand for synthetic gears increased above other material demands. These apparels are thicker and heavier than normal routine life outfits. These are specially designed to be waterproof with closures and pockets, substantial zips, high collars and some with armors.

In recent years, there have been many innovations in the technology to create this heated motorcycle gear.

For bike lovers, there is now an enormous choice in riding gear to make winter enjoyable and more comfortable, safer and warmer. An extensive range is being produced in the market, below is the list of few such cool items:

1. Cold weather gloves

2. Cold weather pants

3. Cold weather jackets

4. Cold weather vests

5. Cold weather head gears

6. Cold weather accessories

These all above mentioned items are highly water-resistant. The sealed seams, extended sleeves and back, zipper covers, high collars and proper fitting are designed to avoid any space for the cold air to enter and environment to effect.


Tips and Mistakes to Avoid When Wholesale Heated Motorcycle Gear


Given below are some tips and mistakes to ponder on before initiating your business.

1. When you are about to settle your business, first look up for the place and region. As winter isn’t always sitting for long in some region and never leaves in some, carefully plan your sales.

2. Heated motorcycle gears are crucial for survival in cold severe inhibits to manipulate the biker for strong grip and control over its bike. If you are wholesaling the gears from any company, make sure what you are going for.

3. Wholesaling heated motorcycle gears can be a bit pricey, so try to mold your business in this niche in a way that you can wholesale these motorcycles heated gears and then resell them for some other purposes too like snowballing, hunting in cold and working outdoors.

4. It is better for you to search for suppliers on your own, instead of relying on the views of other retailers.

5. It is first and foremost rule to thoroughly read the contract paper and discuss its points.

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6. Always look up to the supplier that supplies the best quality with minimum or no shipment rates if it is in your region.

7. Always try to contract with a company, that keeps itself updated with the recent innovations in the market and the needs of the customers.

8. Do test the products by yourself to avoid any kind of scam or fake protects from the wholesale supplier, like waterproof and cold proof fabric. 9. Look up for the market needs and end customer demands before wholesaling to avoid a burden on your pocket.


Online Wholesalers of Heated Motorcycle Gears


1.     MyLeather

MyLeather is of the largest manufacturer as well as importer of leather products all around the world. They wholesale heated motorcycle clothing like boots and jackets of Xelement brand. They specializes in leather made products and their wholesale buyers outstands among other retailers and mall shops.

All products come directly from factories located in Pakistan, India and China. As the products are made purely of leather, these items are wholesaled at $1-2 more cost than other wholesaler items. In return the wholesale buyer can resell these products at little bit higher rates to end customers.

MyLeather’s large inventory has 80,000 jackets, over 20,000 boots and above 500 helmet varieties. They have experience of 25 years in the leather business and have high customer traffic. Their partner brands are Xelement, Hawk tech, HAWK, SnowMaster, Hustler and many more.

2.     Banggood

Banggood is the best supplier of dropship. It is a very attractive site to wholesale heated motorcycle jackets, pads, pants, boots and socks.  It has access to 800 plus brands, its catalogue comprises of 14 plus categories and has more than 200,000 products in those categories.

Under their wholesale program, they provide up to 30% off over each wholesale. They provide free and fast 7 day business shipping along with super discounts. The more you will add to your cart, the more discount you will get and the more you will save.



Looking for wholesale heated motorcycle gloves? Or wholesale heated motorcycle gears as a whole? Well then, Chinabrands is the among the top wholesalers that specializes in all items related to the heated motorcycle gear, from jackets to pants, gloves to vests, head gears to socks and shoes as well as boots.

The Chinabrands isn’t just any name, it is among those companies about which the customers speak itself because of their high satisfaction. Chinabrands gets its high quality products from the world’s top 200 brands with more than 1 million products in its stocked categories and 10,000 suppliers.

The Chinabrands has supply chains in more than 50 states across all the continents in the world. The warehouses of Chinabrands are above 100 and have access to more than 200 countries with fastest, top leading logistic network partners like EMS and DHL. It makes its shipment within 48 hours to any corner of the world.

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Choosing Chinabrands has a reason, and the reason is its true advantages.

※ Surety of Product Quality through QC Team:

Chinabrand has dedicated a separate team of “Quality Control” to make sure that the product delivered is of good quality, there isn’t any flaw in it. And as mentioned above this aspect matters a lot in Drop Shipping business.

※ Surety of No Troubles in Shipping: 

Having around 200 different categories of shipping available, Chinabrands make sure there is no problem occurring in delivering the product to the customer. They act like the speed of light and no matter what happens, the product always dispatches within 2 days of it being ordered. And even in the course of delivery they get the product damaged they will take full responsibility of it. Which overall means you’ll never face a loss through them.


※ High-quality Description:


All product descriptions are professionally written and accompanied by high-definition photographs.


※ Easy Select & Sync Products:

API technology guarantees fully successful end-to-end system integration with the Chinabrands’s platform and provides real-time updates. (Here is the guide on how to sync online store with Chinabrands)


※ Great Warranty and Return Policy:

Possibility of return/refund due to product quality issue and shipping insurance.

Features at a Glance:

● Their backend can integrate with your store

● Over 5000 verified manufacturers

● They have discount point policy which can be offset as payment.

● Integrate with over 20 platforms

● Work only with Chinabrands team

● No MOQs limit


With Chinabrands,

● You only need to:

○ find products on Chinabrands.

○ add products in your store.

○ start selling.


● You do not need to:

○ Contact the manufacturer.

○ Find the inventory warehouse and spend money.

○ Contact logistics delivery.

○ Handle packaging and other manual matters.

○ Customer service after sales.



The wholesale of heated motorcycle gears is a business which is deepening its roots in the market of sports. The bike lovers are increasing in number per year, both in Europe as well as in Asia Pacific. The difference which lies among different wholesale companies is in the quality, price and brand products they provide. Many companies provide high quality gears at very high rates and many provides mediocre or low quality at cheap rates. Among them all, Chinabrands is the trustworthy and customers speaks about their satisfaction. Therefore, Chinabrands is the wholesale supplier highly recommended if you wanna buy in bulk from China.

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