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8 Best Wholesale Toddler Clothing Distributors in China/UK/USA

8 Best Wholesale Toddler Clothing Distributors in China/UK/USA

Every business person in the toddler clothing retail sector is looking for the best wholesalers around the world, the best distributors who can give better deals in terms of quality and cost of the clothes.

Having a good distributor can make the difference between success and failure in your retail business.

There are many wholesalers and distributors of toddler clothing around the world, they have different terms of trade, and your choice of wholesalers will have an impact on the competitiveness of your business.

If you go for the right distributor, you will have that competitive edge over your competitors. If you are looking for flashy clothes, clothes with status, cheap clothes, toddles clothes in bulk, or any other specification, there are different distributors who are best at what they do.

By the time you are completing reading this article, you should be able to choose toddler clothing wholesalers and distributors wisely given your type of retail shop that you have or want to start.

8 Best Wholesale Toddler Clothing Distributors in China/UK/USA


Why Wholesale Toddler?


The wholesale toddler industry is quite the new big thing. Toddler clothes of children between the ages of 1 to 36 months are on high demand. This is because toddlers are changed more than three times a day, so they need to have many clothes. Apart from that, toddlers also grow quite fast; their clothes need to be renewed now and then. Selling toddler products are hence becoming a venture that is profiting.

If you are looking to enter into the retail or wholesale of toddler clothes, you need to look for the best suppliers in the world. You also need to understand your market, are your customers looking for cheap clothes, are they looking for winter or summer clothes?  Are they looking to have a fashion statement? Understanding your clients will be the first step before begin looking for distributors and wholesalers. This is because different wholesalers around the world have various orientations, and that is the purpose of this article, to highlight the best wholesalers and their angles.


8 Best Distributors and Wholesalers of Toddler Clothes in China/UK/USA


1. Chinabrands

This is a company from China. It is the leading distributor and wholesaler of toddler clothes from China. The authority in the supply of toddler clothes can be attributed to the fact that Chinabrands has more than 2500 types and brands of toddler clothes. So when it comes to variety, Chinabrands can offer variety in wholesale of toddler clothes.

So depending on the kind of retail business that you have or want to venture into, variety can go a long way in making your business to be more competitive. Consumers do not like clothes that are being dressed by everyone; they like feeling special, consumers want to feel like the clothes they are buying for their children cannot be found anywhere else.

Apart from that, Chinabrands has an outreach spread out across the world. The company has warehouses around the world, so in most cases, when you purchase your toddler items, they get to you quite fast. Chinabrands also offers very cheap toddler clothes. For low-end toddler clothes, you can get a ten pack at less than $2, and for high-end toddler clothes pack, you can get a six-pack for $75. The flexibility in price shows the variety. Apart from having variety in the products, there is also variety in the pricing.

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For a person with small capital wanting to venture into retail of toddler clothes, China brands would be a great option because of the flexibility in prices. Besides, Chinabrands offers Chinabrands points, commonly known as the CB points. They are offered when you purchase an item. This points be used to purchase an item the next time you are buying wholesale staff at Chinabrands, or they can be used to reduce the price of an item.

Chinabrands also offers a quality check for all toddler clothes. You will not find any item that does not meet the standards; they must pass through a team of quality checkers before they are disbursed to you. With that in mind, Chinabrands also have researchers who go through all the baby products around the world; they choose the best products with the latest brands and quality. Their quality explains a lot as to why they are a big shark in the toddler clothes wholesale industry.

2. Parisian

This is a United Kingdom-based company that distributes toddler clothes around the world. The distributor has an online platform where you can order wholesale children clothes, and they will be shipped to whichever destination you want. The main orientation of this site is that they distribute wholesale toddler clothes that are basic. The normal clothes that most parents want for their children. Nothing extraordinary. You can find playsuits, blazers, jackets and many more toddler clothes.


It is important to note that for customers who live in Europe, they have to pay 20% tax if they are ordering in wholesale. For buyers outside Europe, the tax does not apply. The clothes for toddlers available in Parisian are quite cheap, and you have to buy in a pack of six. You cannot buy one item while purchasing in wholesale; it has to be a pack of six and above. Apart from that, there is a shipping fee, so you should be prepared to pay around $25 for the items to get to you. Parisian use DHL to ship wholesale items.



3. Wholesale Central

This is a company based in California in the United States of America. This is a company that only sells in wholesale; it is a B2B wholesale supplier. That means that Wholesale central does not sell in retail; it supplies only in wholesale. You cannot purchase one item at the site. So this is a company that provides the interaction between different manufacturers and the business owners intending to buy in wholesale.

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Wholesale central as a company has hired researchers that look at the trends occurring around the world. If you are looking for fashionable toddler clothes that are modern and trendy, wholesale central should be your supplier. If you are a fun of Hollywood trends and fashion on toddler clothes, then Wholesale central can give you that status.

Apart from that, Wholesale central can ship your commodity to any part of the world after you have ordered. They guarantee the toddler clothes until they get to you.



4. AliExpress

This is one of the leading distributors of toddler clothing around the world. There are many toddler clothing manufacturers that are brought together at AliExpress. These manufacturers offer a wide range of variety for toddler clothes. AliExpress also offers an option to buy cheap toddler clothes. Retailers are also allowed to buy at AliExpress; they are allowed to purchase at the wholesale price.

AliExpress has warehouses in the UK, USA, Germany, and other European countries. Ordering wholesale toddler clothes from these location guarantees that the package will reach you quite fast. Many toddler clothes from AliExpress are of high standards, the quality is great, and they can compete in the international arena.



5. Paperdoll

This is a site that focuses on the sale of children clothes in wholesale. Paperdoll mainly focuses on wholesale; no retail is allowed. Every toddler clothes that you purchase at Paperdoll should come in a pack with a minimum of six items. The clothes also come in different sizes. The purpose of all the sales from Paperdoll is to fulfill a wholesaler’s persepctive.

Paperdoll shipping is fully guaranteed, and they ensure the product until it gets to the customer’s hands. If the customer has any complaints about the product, they can ask for a refund. Paperdoll shipping is international; there is no country that they cannot ship a commodity to. Even the countries that are unstable politically. Paperdoll, however, cannot be used to drop ship toddler clothes.  Paperdoll is a great supplier of toddler clothes. Their variety ranges from baby shoes, sweaters, summer and winter toddler clothes, among others.



6. DHgate

This is an online platform that offers wholesale for many products; however, they have a children’s section. DHgate is a platform that has high-quality toddler clothing. They offer distribution of wholesale toddler clothing across the world. They are also reliable and trustworthy. If you are starting up your toddler clothes business and you experiencing trouble trusting online platforms, rest assured that DHgate got you covered. They will bring the item to your doorsteps.



7. Angel Wholesale

This is a company that is based in the UK. The company has an online platform that offers great toddler clothes wholesale sales. Angel Wholesale is known for great deals that are cheap, suitable for beginners. If you are looking to inject just a small amount of money to see how the business will go, try Angel Wholesale, they have awesome deals that can get your business running.

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8. Kiddies World Wholesale

Toddler clothing forms a big part of these suppliers. They are based in Leeds in the United Kingdom. They specialize in the sale of wholesale toddler clothing. Their style is to make clothes available that have a sense of childhood; their products give that baby feeling. Their products are well thought out, and they have a sense of family in them. They also ship their products across the world, and their toddler clothing comes in different sizes.

This is a company that has everything that involves children. They range from dresses, pajamas, onesies, among others. The children clothing from Kiddies World Wholesale come at a reasonable price; they are quite flexible. Their baby products can be found in both high end and low ends; they can be flexible for beginners.


What Makes A Good Toddler Clothes Distributor?


Babies are very tender, they are very sensitive, and the best of care should be channeled towards them. When looking for toddler clothes, they should be warm, show love, and care, they should welcome the baby into the world. So what makes a good supplier for toddler clothes?

A good supplier should have toddler clothes that are of high quality. When choosing a baby clothes supplier, let quality come first. Remember that they are clothes for infant children; they are the most sensitive of humans.

Apart from quality, check the material of the clothes, they are baby clothes, so they should be very soft and smooth. There should be a difference between them and clothes for adults in terms of material. A good supplier should also be able to ship the toddler clothes to any part of the world, and the product should reach you in one piece, the same way you ordered.

Toddler clothes distributors should be flexible in prices. The toddler clothes supplies should be flexible in price such that there is something for everyone no matter their financial state. Besides, a good toddler clothes distributor should have variety. No one wants to buy the same toddler clothes; everyone wants their retail business to be competitive.


How to Pick the Best Wholesale Toddler Clothing Suppliers?


To begin with, before you choose your supplier, you need to ask yourself some questions about your target market. What do your customers want? Do they want baby clothes that are classy or do they just want normal baby clothes? You need to assess your target market before you can choose a supplier. After understanding your customers, take a look at the suppliers mentioned above and make a choice.

In addition, go for the supplier with the best deals, a distributor that is global and cost-effective. Pick a distributor who guarantees the package until it gets into your arms. Variety should also influence your choice on the distributor to pick. Go for the supplier with various brands of toddler clothes.

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