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Top 3 Tips About Spanish Product Release

Top 3 Tips About Spanish Product Release

This article aim to give everyone top 3 spanish product release tips, help you close to success.

Spanish market in the cross-border e-commerce industry showing a rapid growth trend, attracting the attention of sellers. And the skills about how to release Spansih products can not be ignored. How can we get a profit from this big cake in the western language market? Today we share the experience.

Top 3 Tips About Spanish Product Release

The release of the product involves a lot of skills. Spanish products as an important part of aliexpress markets, how to release a good Spanish product is very important. This course will be explained from the various sections of the product.


1. Attributes, titles, and keywords.


First of all, we should pay attention to the following contents when we fill in the attributes and the title, and we can also refer to the following methods when we grasp the key words.

1) Attributes

the rules of filling in: complete system parameters, preferably close to 100%; Attribute words and products should have high matching degree. In order to avoid disputes, we should skillfully operate “picture” under the uncertain product size.

Custom attributes fill ten articles on the English product edit page. Fill in the correct attribute value and avoid the dispute. The custom attribute is used as a keyword burial word.

Searching ways: Download nearly 30 days of Spanish product data from the hot selling of selected experts.

2) Title

How to optimize titles in order to increase the ranking and exposure of products in western language sub-stations? What is the relationship between English headlines and Spanish headlines?

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Test one: we remove one Spanish keyword, A from the Spanish title when the English title is unchanged. Then we use this word again in Spanish again. We search A in Spanish station two days later, and it’s still able to search out and the rank is the same. We find out that the product can be searched out while there is not the Spanish keyword in the Spanish title.

Conclusion: the title description in Spanish has no relation with the rank. We only need to write the title of the minority language more locally.


Global keyword data analysis, Spanish keyword data analysis, English Title Editing. It’s important to write these three points. In addition, the keywords in Spanish are translated into corresponding English, the titles of English pages are modified, and the headlines in western languages are automatically translated.


3) Keyword

Method: arranged in descending order of heat

Use: selection of products and headlines

Writing: Hot search keywords, the long tail keywords is the second, the third.

Keywords source:

1. Vertical and horizontal data.

2. Google Trends

3. Google Adwords

4. Hammertap(from the buyers’ dimension statistics, we can see the quantity and conversion rate of sales)


2. Picture, color, size, detail page.


After setting up the title and attribute, we need to carefully fill out the setting of the picture and the details page, including the color and size.

1) Picture

PC end: Master graph 500*500.

Color: 250*250.

Details page: 750*750.

1. Name the picture as the corresponding Spanish key word

2. Red and yellow are the traditional colors of Spain, deeply be loved

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3. Like pomegranate flowers

4. Dahlia and chrysanthemum, these two flowers are regarded as symbols of death, so try not to upload products of this type.

2) Color and size

1. Display in a color option in the form of a picture style

2. The custom name matches the corresponding picture to avoid buyer’s color misleading.

3. Win more SKU products, multi SKU make difference

3) Detail page

1. Considering the wireless terminal, the top related marketing controls the quantity and quality of products.

2. You need to use Spanish in the picture of detail page, it will be more professional and precise and the customer viscosity will be increased.

3. Detail page product picture showing selling point.

How to reduce the miss rate is related to the content of the details page.

It is best to customize Association templates for different products, add category links in detail pages, and add store links at the bottom.


The middle and bottom pages of the details page are displayed in words, not in the form of pictures, otherwise they can not be converted into languages.


Here’s the detail page of the mobile terminal:

Mobile terminal:

1. A comprehensive display of six main graphs.

2. The title outlines the main points of the product.

3. The property parameters description of the product is complete and correct.

4. Time and quantity limit discount for mobile terminal.

5. Guarantee the quality and quantity of the related marketing.


3. Pricing, inventory, freight setting.


Finally, there are some tips and precautions for pricing, inventory and shipping.

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1) Pricing

The pricing is divided into different sections, but there are also some matters to note.

a. Drainage products.( to do according to the shop product classification )

b. Profit products. (exclusive style, custom logo, product customization, Spanish lettering.)

c. Active products:

  • l Platform activity, Spanish group purchase.
  • l Shop independent marketing

d. Inactive products (for the first few days before promotion.)

Notes on pricing:

a. 13% discount, or price number of13.**, **.13 etc. is not allowed, people do not like 13 in Spanish market.

b. The price generally does not exceed the dollar’s integral pass. For example, if the price is 10.38, it’s better to set the price to be 9.98, the demand will have a great impact(using customers’ psychological tactics)

c. The amount of customs declaration should not exceed 22 euros(Spanish duty threshold)


2) Inventory

Do not write too much stock, give customers a sense of urgency in inventory. At the same time, it is very important to ensure a certain quantity of stocks. It is better to reduce inventory after choosing payment, avoid malicious filming, and too many unpaid orders affecting customers who want to buy.

3) Freight setting

First, we must set the rules of product packing weight and size in detail page.

About the shipping rates setting, you should do your best to service free shipping in Spanish speaking countries, then the weight of the rankings will increase.

Argentina has restrictions on the times of buyers purchasing, so choose carefully. It buys at most 2 times a year, more than 25 dollars, and the excess part needs to pay 50% customs duties.

Hope those Spanish product release tips will help you.

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