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How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio?

How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio?

How to Create a Killer Instagram Bio?

Having a killer Instagram bio is a must if you want to attract new followers.

Your Instagram profile is like a website’s landing page. Just like the goal of an attractive website homepage is to convert visitors into buyers (loyal customers), the purpose of your Instagram profile and bio is to convert visitors into followers. That said, is your Instagram bio fully-optimized to help you make a striking first impression?

If not, this article will show you the elements, styles, and tricks top Instagram influencers use to grab the visitor’s attention from the get-go. If you feel confident about your profile and bio, there are still a few things you might learn to help you hit the roof.


Write a better Instagram bio


Everyone on Instagram gets 150 characters for their bio, but not all bio(s) are click-worthy. Why? Let’s see below how you can optimize your Instagram bio by writing a better copy that not only shows off your brand’s personality but also convinces customers/visitors to click the follow button.

Use Line breaks, Spaces & Alignments

People dislike reading wordy content online. Instead, they quickly scan through bite-sized lumps of content to get the gist of the whole content. That is why Instagram bios allow only 150 characters – to limit wordiness.

You can optimize your bio by using line breaks to make the primary information easy to identify. You will also notice that most Instagram bios take the list-style format. This format is scannable and looks appealing too.

Since people don’t like slogging through prose and typical text structures, use line spaces and varies alignment options to break the monotony. Don’t hesitate to use special characters, emojis, and symbols as spacers.

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Bulleted points make your bio short and punchy. You can also get creative and use emojis, special characters, and symbols to denote different bulleted points.

The list-style bio format is easy to follow. Use the template below as a starting point.

Slogan or brief mission statement
Bio link

Customized font (Use Instagram bio font generator)

IG allows you only one font per bio update; you cannot use more than one font in the same bio update. Fortunately, you can customize your bio, caption, and comments font on Instagram using font changers. Instagram fonts generating tools and programs help you make your texts on Instagram stand out by producing unique, customized fonts.

IG fonts generators are simple and easy to use. The most common interface consists of two text boxes, the first text box (left) is the input and the second one (right) is the output. To customize your IG text style, type or paste some text on the first text box and click the “process” option -it could be in the form of and “OK,” “GENERATE,” or “GO” button.

The generator will return a variety of crazy, stylish Instagram bio fonts. If you find an appealing font, you can copy it and paste it in the bio, comment or caption section. If you don’t fancy any of the results, click the “load more fonts” option to render more results.

The best thing about these IG bio font generators is that they have hundreds of text style options that make your profile, bio, or comments stand out with more individuality. You can easily customize your normal text into styles like calligraphy fonts, web script fonts, tattoo fonts, cursive fonts, and handwriting fonts. You can generate different fonts for each word to create a mixed font text line or list.

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The most sophisticated Instagram font changers can generate decorated text, large text, emoji text, and emoticon text. They can also be used on Twitter and Facebook texts. They certainly give your IG texts cool and stylish vibe.

Symbols & emojis

Symbols and emojis convey a lot of information in just a single character. With a limit of only 150 characters for your IG bio, you have to use every tool at your disposal to make sure that your profile stands out while communicating all the necessary information at the same time.

Emojis not only carry your personality and your main details in a limited space but are also a great way to break up your Instagram bio visually.

Some brands stick to normal text or the 90’s wingdings and weddings because they feel like emojis are too cute for a “serious” brand. But in real, emojis have come to be widely liked by corporate and casual brands and are used by both young and old in their personal IG bio. That’s not to say that simple checkmarks will not work.

Don’t let emojis confuse your message . Emojis are playful elements that make a text fun to read, but they should not ne overused at the expense of the main message. Using too many emojis just makes your text feel forced and utterly confusing. Simplicity rocks.

Use emoji text generators like CoolSymbol to create fancy bio texts with fantastic symbols.

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