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The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

White-label products, along with services are regarded as re-brandable as well as re-sellable items produced by a company to be rebranded before reselling by another enterprise. White-label providers generate a product or service rebranded by reseller companies so that they are able to resell it as their product to their own end clients. This instruction will take you through many things you require to know about the white label, consisting of benefits, types, risks and more.

In this article, you will be told of 12 White Label Product Ideas For You to Earn Money From.

What are white-label products?

White-label items are usually sold by lots of retailers with their own logo and branding; however, products are manufactured by another third-party. In fact, white labeling happens as a manufacturer of a product wants to use branding demanded by marketers or purchasers. That means the end product appears will be likely to be produced by its buyers. White-label items are spotted easily in the store since they have the retailer’s own name on the label such as Whole Foods Market’s “364 Everyday Value” on the products.

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

White label products vs Private label products

While white labeling and private labeling are the same, there remain some differences to separate those two.

When it comes to white labeling, a generic item will be generated by a producer for many resellers. For instance, a white-label producer will sell soap to 10 different retailers. Take note that each retailer can rebrand the items on their own. With white labeling businesses, every retailer will be selling the same soap with no changes. The soap is rebranded simply and marketed as the retailer’s own items. Without differentiating your items, you might have to work hard to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Regarding private labeling, the item is generated for the exclusive sales by singer resellers. Apart from soap example, private label retailers then will have the option to change it to fit their selling demands and brand. The changed soap is exclusive to that specific retailer and then it can complete with the name, brand identity, and logo. This will take more time than white labeling; however, it will enable you to generate a unique product to your own niche.

Types of white label product

Following is a list of several popular kinds:

B2B white label

Items or services created by white-label companies selling their services or items to many different resellers reselling it to their end-users. For example, Vendasta generates white-label digital marketing solutions that the agency partners can rebrand as well as resell to their business customers.

B2C white label

Products and services that will be resold by enterprises before selling to the end-user that is a person or a consumer.

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

SaaS white label

A.k.a software is known as a service. Keep in mind that re-brandable software is licensed on a subscription basis, along with being hosted over the Internet. Re-sellers will brand the software as their own as well as selling it to resellers’ customers. White-label SaaS disrupts traditional software shipment method in which users will need to purchase a subscription on an annual basis. In addition, it can provide you with distributed returns on a regular basis requiring more cash flow.

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The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

11 Best White Label product ideas to take profit from

Should you be seeking several white labeling items to start selling, let’s take a closer look at 12 best white label product ideas to earn more profit.

1. E-cigarette and Vaping

As you might not know, vaping is gaining popularity all over the world, apart from the fact that traditional cigarette smoking is declining daily and vaping is expected to reach nearly USD50 billion by 2025. Keep in mind that most successful vaping brands are produced in Shenzhen, China and most of them are commented to manufacture generic vape equipment for your as well as include your brand too.

They are cheap items with high-demand which is increasing and based around the niche that is easy to generate a following for, then making them become brilliant items to start selling on Amazon in 2019.

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

2. Phone accessories

Phone accessories can bring huge benefits and high demand, making them become one of the best white label products. In addition, Print On Demand services, along with custom printers make it cheap to get your phone accessories customized with your own design or logo. As you can see, they are one of the best selling items on Amazon, then making it a wonderful business to start on. However, you have to remember that phone accessories are also a competitive market; hence, you had better consider asking a proposal to check how we can promote your items rank as well as land it among the big boss in this industry.

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

3. Cosmetics and Skincare

If you were not even a woman, you also knew how big the cosmetic and skincare industry is. This skincare niche is such a monster and has big margins. Cosmetics and skincare industry is going through the transformation with various demand with the aim of heading to environmentally friendly as well as natural options like Luminositie.

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In fact, this is a very big chance to help you get on board and become among the largest brands to bring skincare into a new level. The wide range of items that you are targeting on this from charcoal toothpaste, natural deodorant, and organic sunscreen with cruelty-free makeup can be white-labeled to develop your own cosmetics brand in the upcoming time.

4. Essential oils and health products

Ranging from food to aromatherapy, massage, and candles oils, essential oils are loaded with a huge container of promising users. They are incredibly cheap to manufacture and bring about huge profits, then a variety of white labeling suppliers are providing their users with very cheap essential oils.

Definitely, this can use for other health items from CBD oil to dragon blood extra and many more that makes them become incredible items for white-label businesses.

5. Packaged food

Private label food brands tend to go online to find out health-conscious consumers at home. Let’s think of vegan, gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO. Over health food, custom sweets and other presents are also common with online shoppers. With the appearance of the loosening Marijuana laws in North America, there exist a huge demand for this kind of edibles.

In case you do not consist of the cojones to get weed sold online, then a safer will be better to start a gluten-free snack brand.

There remains super easy to the private label, all you need to do is to design the packaging.

  • CBD gummies (32K Amazon Searches Per Month)
  • keto snacks (89K)
  • Matcha green tea powder (32K)
  • Gluten-free snacks (20K)
  • Organic baby food (9K)

6. Haircare products

Based on the requirements, everybody has various hairstyle needs. This is a big market with an unlimited customer base. As you can see, from bald men to natural curls, there are unrestricted segments here.

Following are several white label ideas on haircare:

  • Hair growth shampoo (12K Amazon Searches Per Month)
  • Hair mask (26K)
  • Beard Oil (61K)
  • Human Hair Bundles (21K)
  • Hair growth vitamins (11K)

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

7. Water bottles

There exist two main things that this generation will much care about more than anything in the world: the environment and healthy living.

This means that apart from reusable gym, sports water bottles are a must-have item to help them avoid unnecessary waste getting involved in regular disposable plastic bottles, along with keeping hydrated while they are exercising.

In case you a brand that is related to fitness or social responsibility closely, water bottles are a must, and in case you don’t, they can be worth-dipping your toe into.

8. Party games or board games

There are a variety of incredible wholesale suppliers of toys, and you are able to create homemade children’s toys looking amazing to make your kids become happy at a very low price.

Selling toys is something that will not run out of demand, then they can go through annual surges on Christmas Days that always brings you a huge benefit.

You can branch these related niches like drone equipment and drones, dollhouses, tabletop games, or other niches you might feel underserved.

Homemade children’s toys are some best selling homemade items and usually include a personal as well as a unique aspect meaning they are able to fetch at a higher price than frequent mass-manufactured toys.

9. Tracking devices

While the world is becoming more and more interactive and connected, tracking devices are going to gain in popularity. Like phone accessories, tracking devices are mainly all the same lines in the demand for functionality and design.

Those GPS trackers can be widely used to help track your own car on the occasion of theft and used for things such as keyrings and dog collars.

Getting tracking devices are made in China and can brand them with your logo, which becomes very cheap and you can see that the demand is increasing steadily on Amazon.

Basically, for a low cost-of-entry business idea, you can even hire someone locally to help drivers around the installation to people’s cars before charging installation fees in the whole process.

The Best White Label Products To Sell Online in 2022

10. Yoga accessories

This interest in yoga as an indispensable means of exercise keeps increasing. As you can see, Yoga accessories are not too complicated to produce, pack, and ship, then making them become ideal for any product labeling or white labeling.

11. Shaving equipment

Shapewear is known as tightening and shaping form of underwear that is widely used to provide the body with a flattering shape. Shaving equipment is also a popular corner of women’s clothing industry which is rapidly developing and you will surely wish to be on the bandwagon to make use of it.

A large profit of this niche industry is known as the sheer quantity of bloggers and influencers you are able to access.

There also remain companies that are doing very well in this niche; however, in comparison to sectors like lingerie or makeup, it is relatively low in competition.

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Best White Label Product Example #12: Coffee products 

Coffee products, such as coffee beans and instant coffee powder, are also available. You can find coffee beans from many different countries around the world (these include Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya). There are also instant coffee powders available (these include black, white, latte).

These products could be sold at a much higher price than you would pay for them if you bought them in bulk. They will look the same as their branded counterparts, except they have no brand name or logo anywhere on the product. They were probably made in a factory that also produces the branded product.

Best White Label Product Example #13: Travel accessories 

Best White Label Product Example #10: Travel accessories 

Simple travel accessories can also make good white label products. Consumers need these items when they are traveling somewhere. For example, products such as a portable power bank, waterproof mobile phone bag or protective sleeve, anti-theft bags, passport holders, laptop backpacks with wheels and TSA locks built-in, foldable raincoats, portable self-inflating pillows, portable vacuum for sucking up dirt, etc.

Best White Label Product Example #14: Grilling accessories  


Grilling accessories can also make good white label products. These include skewers, barbecue sticks, portable barbeques, grill mats for cooking things like bacon and sausages without having to use a pan (this is good because the fat runs off the food and lands on the mat instead of in the bottom of your oven), tongs with wood handles, etc.

Why should businesses consider White labeling?

Perhaps, you have not persuaded the fact that white labeling is cost-effective. And including your brand name on the third-party is not properly important. Then, there are eight reasons to explain the reason why white labeling can be helpful.

White labeling promotes your brand visibility

Should a business you are running ask you to provide a variety of products or services from a third-party, paying additional for white labeling on all of the items you are offering is known as one of the greatest ways to help proliferate your own brand name without becoming obnoxious in order for enhancing public’s awareness of your own brand.

White labeling boosts the customers’ loyalty

Definitely, the third-party items you are white labeling as well as inserting into the order are. In fact, dependable, as well as satisfactory. Whenever customers use the white-labeled items and they see your name being attached there, they will realize the convenience, along with quality, then the loyalty from customers will be increased significantly.

White labeling enables you to make use of expert work

In case a third-party developer concentrates on and expertise in order to create products that are better than your ability, what you have to do is to pay them for their white-labeling privilege before being fond of slapping your brand name on the quality work.

White labeling offers your brand a refined product

Each third-party tool has already experienced through revisions, beta tests, troubleshooting, and lots of other fine-tuning processes. Instead of going through the growing pains of running your own item, you are able to use a polished item with your attached name.

White labeling saves you money and times

Creating your product from scratch may sound like a wonderful idea at any point; however, if you are not completed it successfully, you will not be aware of all of the resources and energy that can come into generating original items. Why do you have to waste time reinventing the wheels as you are able to white-label?

White labeling provides you with a luxury choice

White-labeling can open a world of item selections for your own business. You can launch and wish to give your customers to the house wine. Basically, there remain lots of vineyards outside that want to consist of frequent bulk buyers. Hence, you can choose and pick from many until you can find out the perfect whine for your own label. This is known as a vivid example of a popular scenario in each industry. You had better not waste time building up single items as you are capable of choose from many selections and white labels.

White labeling puts the pressure off

If there is something going wrong with an item or the customer complaints, most third-party tools will hold the responsibility, then either work on an update and a fix for the service or get the cost of the item refunded. It depends on you to opt for quality products from the third party providing dependable support; however, in case you can do it as well as enjoy proposing your customers an amazing tool while someone can do the troubleshooting.

White labeling is just like having in-house developers for the fraction of the cost

You really love the idea of developing your product; however, you might be impressed by high-profit margins. Should you build up your product, you are able to invest a huge amount of money and effort without guaranteeing the final item’s ROI. As you are using third-party tools as well as white label it, you are paying for the manufacturers and developers so as to generate items for your own business. And then paying for white labeling is becoming cheaper rather than paying developers to develop your own brand products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about labels and packaging?

You can customize your labels and packaging, too. There are a few options for labels in clothing:

Sewn-in label

This means the label will be sewn into the garment itself. You can request that your branding will be printed onto this label.

Tear-away label

These are thin labels that can tear away without damaging the garment itself. This can work out cheaper in terms of customization, but once they have been removed, your branding will be gone (unless you’ve printed your logo onto the garment itself).

Custom-print label

Some t-shirt printing manufacturers will print your logo directly onto the inside of the garment, creating more permanent branding. This tends to be more expensive but it does mean your customer will always be able to see your logo. Many print-on-demand companies offer this service.


Some white label products have no printed labels at all. This is the cheapest option, but it does remove some of the brand identity and consistency from your products.

Some white-label providers offer to put your branding on the packaging, too. This is a great way to keep things consistent and professional but will cost a little more. Many people find this is worth the expense of strengthening brand identity.

How can I tell what’s trending without spending any money?

There are a few ways you can do this. Check out Google Trends – this will show you how a search term is trending in any country across time periods from the last few weeks to the past five years.

You could also try Trendhunter, which is the world’s largest trend platform, to see what’s trending worldwide.

Are there any downsides to white labelling?

The biggest downside is that you have no control over the manufacturing process. You’ll be relying on the manufacturer when it comes to quality control and the supply of the products. This is a risk that you will have to take, but it can be mitigated a little by ordering samples to check the quality before you commit to selling each product.

Manufacturer’s recommended retail price. 

If you have chosen a manufacturer with its own recommended retail price (RRP), you will need to make sure you don’t charge less than this. However, doing so may mean you lose money from selling them, as this would mean the manufacturer is not making their profit from producing your white label product.

How much other companies charge for the product 

It is always worth taking a look at market value what competitors of yours are selling a similar product for. This means that if they have a more expensive version on offer, you may want to charge a little less than them to make customers buy from you instead.

How easy the product is to produce 

Some white label products will be much easier or much more complicated to produce than others. For example, if your product is selling well and there are hundreds of competitors selling similar products, then this may mean that you need to charge a higher price than your competitors to make the same level of profit.

What is the cost of producing your product? 

Last but not least, remember that if it costs you more money to make your white label products, you will need to include this extra cost when calculating how much the product should be sold for.

Your primary goal should be to price your products at a fair price.

This can help ensure that you are making enough money from the product while also attracting customers who feel like they are getting good value for their money.

Finally, remember that many companies make it part of their business strategy to sell white-label products much higher than their competitors. This is because they usually offer a high-quality and exclusive service and brand, so you may want to consider trying out this strategy if you feel like your products could benefit from it.


As far as creating an unbeatable product is concerned, every little detail counts. Your product must be perfect from every angle. It must be detailed, accurate, error-free, enticing, and have a powerful benefit/drawcard.

However, another important detail is often overlooked, which is… the way your product is presented!

Many entrepreneurs get so focused on the details of their products that they forget about how they are presented. This is a big mistake.

Often, people don’t buy what you offer them; they buy why you offer them something. Therefore, the “why” is far more critical than the “what.” And, the “how” that you use to deliver your “why” will make a massive difference in your sales.

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