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15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

There is no shortage of business ideas for entrepreneurs out there, but that doesn’t mean actually picking one isn’t a significant challenge. Having an excellent dropship idea with high profit is the first step to success, or may very well be the last step if the product doesn’t return enough profit.

Many people dream of starting a dropshipping business from home and making money online. Only a few ever turned the dropship dream into reality, even with more people staying at home more than ever now, thanks to the pandemic. The good news is that coming up with a high-profit dropship item idea isn’t that hard now.

In this article, I’ve researched the market and analyzed it to come up with a list of the top dropship items to sell. They have not only a high-profit margin but also low enough competition for you to take advantage of. You have the potential to make a lot of money with these dropship items today.

Take a look and go with the niche idea that you believe you can succeed in. Let’s get started!

How to identify high-profit dropship items

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

All consumers aren’t created equal. Big spenders, small spenders, male, female, LGBT group, American, Asian, they all have different tastes and needs. And you have the opportunity to dropship your items to them all with modern technology in shipping and communication.

Targeting the right demographic is a good start for your dropshipping business before choosing a product. Items that appeal to these clients tend to be worth your effort and have a high profit:

Items for hobbyists

Hobbyists love their things and are ready to spend mind-boggling bucks on equipment, training, and tools. Serious mountain bikers can have bikes that cost more than your cars, and folks who love to play music might spend a fortune just to decorate their instruments. If you can find the right hobbyist niche and successfully connect with these enthusiasts, you can provide exactly what they need and do very well with the profit.

Items for businesses

Business clients are often more price-sensitive but will most certainly always order in larger quantities than individual buyers. Once you establish a relationship and earn their trust, you open the door to a profitable, long-term, and high-volume partner. If at all possible, try to dropship products that can appeal to both businesses and individual customers.

Items with repeat purchases

Recurring revenue is beautiful magic for any type of business. If you sell disposable and/or frequently ordered items, you can grow rapidly and build a loyal customer base that returns to purchase every month or so. Remember Dollar Shave Club? A subscription model was how they got so big as a man grooming business.

Items hard to find locally

Selling products that consumers can’t easily find locally will significantly increase your chances of success as long as you don’t have to get too specific. Most people can run down to a local store for things like sprinklers or tissue boxes, but where could they find a piece of dog-training equipment or medieval knight’s costume? They head to Google and search, of course, and that is where your dropshipping store shows up.

Items with the perfect price range

The price point and the level of pre-sale service you need to provide will heavily influence your profit margin. Most people can place a $50 online order without thinking much or talking with the seller, but what about a $500 item they are not familiar with? Chances are they would want to talk with a sales representative.

The price range between $50 to $200 is often the sweet spot for your store to maximize the revenue without the need to provide much pre-sale support for your buyers.

Top high-profit dropship items to sell

Let’s browse this list of the top high-profit dropship items for your eCommerce business without further ado.

Kids’ face masks

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

It’s probably not a surprise that masks are trendy right now. While adults may be okay with the regular medical masks, kids may be picky with this item. If parents want to ensure their kids’ safety during the pandemic, facemasks with kids’ taste in mind are what they need.

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Besides general searches for kids’ face masks, more specific searches for kid-friendly masks with cute patterns, cartoon characters, and fun animal design are also on the rise. Many schools are reopening around the world, so you have many potential opportunities to find a new market for your kids’ masks.

Not only can you dropship these masks, but you can also offer print-on-demand service and let customers design their own face masks. This is a fantastic way to build your brand and provide exclusive one-of-a-kind kids’ face masks.

Fitness tracker

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

The pandemic has made everyone more worried about their health, so naturally, they would exercise more and need a tool to help them track the progress. A fitness tracker saves the users a lot of effort to see their performance and overall health. Not only that, but it can also send push notifications about emails or meeting invitations.

If you are running errands around the house and a sudden meeting comes up, you would know right away from your wrist’s fitness tracker! It is also a fantastic gift with many price ranges.

You can import products from many suppliers, such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Garmin, Coros, and many cheap options from China suppliers. With high-pricing fitness trackers, you would need to represent your brand as a trusted one.

Yoga mats

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

You can see the trend with fitness items to dropship here, right? Yoga mats are lightweight, have many colors, and should be replaced frequently. Home fitness products saw record sales in 2020, so it’s not surprising that this must-have for every home gym has seen a lot of growth.

Searches for yoga mats on Google Trends are high all year round, peaking toward the holiday season. These mats are perfect to upsell with their colors and varieties, people would certainly add a new one into their cart if it is at a discounted price.

Posture corrector

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

This item has appeared multiple times in my list of dropshipping products to sell, and it still is! Every person has a posture problem while sitting for a long period of time, even at home. This posture corrector keeps people healthy and fit, as well as boosts confidence.

The product is highly profitable since you can find suppliers selling at $12, then easily dropship it for $30 to keep a handsome margin. Now, with more consumers being aware of this item, you can dropship by being a professional health store and help people improve their postures.

Massage gun

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

After a long day of working and exercising, your muscle needs to relax a little. This massage gun emits vibration to relax muscle tightness and increase blood flow. It has become a popular post-workout tool for athletes, but anyone with tense muscle and joint pain can use it.

Massage guns quickly became a popular gift idea, with more and more fitness bloggers or influencers featuring the product. Demand has increased throughout 2020, so we can expect high interest from consumers.

Scented candles

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

You don’t want to spend time working at home and find it smelly, trust me. So these scented candles can aromatize the living space, whether it is the living room, the bedroom, or the bathroom. The candles are in high demand, and you can send them as gifts to your dear ones.

Because the item is flammable, make sure you follow and the safety rules when shipping it from your manufacturer. Although you are just dropshipping candles, dealing with customer’s complaints is still your responsibility, not the supplier.

Silk pajamas

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Silk pajamas are a timeless sleepwear item, sitting at the cross-section of class and comfort. Silk is breathable, flexible, and provides a cooling sensation against your skin, perfect for sleeping comfortably. With the buying trend peaking in the last year’s Christmas, if you start dropshipping this item now, you are up for a huge return over this year.

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Also, you have a lot of bunding items: lingeries, socks, housecoats, sleep masks, etc. You can instantly become a house wear’s dropshipping brand and explore more selling opportunities.

Electric toothbrushes

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Electric toothbrushes have been around for quite some time, but they have seen a steady upward trend in searches and sales in the last five years. Sales typically peak during the Christmas season and you can sell this product the whole year-round.

Another good thing about this product is that you can offer it to many different groups of consumers, from the elderly to children. Electric toothbrushes also have many color variations so they are a perfect gift option.


15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Moisturizer is an essential product in everybody’s daily life, so it is a great option for dropshipping and gaining a good profit. Over the last year, the buying trend for this product has only gone up, and the sale trend is expected to continue with the environment getting more polluted.

One thing to note is that moisturizer is a skincare product, so some ingredients can be restricted based on the countries. Make sure you do some research before offering drop shipping to any country. Some suppliers for moisturizers that you can try are Breylee, Lism, or Beauty Factory.

Air purifiers

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Air purifiers are household appliances that circulate the air in the house, filtering out harmful elements such as dust, smoke, odors, and pet dander. They’re most popular for people with allergy symptoms but are becoming increasingly more common to eliminate hash air in any environment.

With numbers of sales and trends remaining steady, even hit unprecedented levels of needs during the last year, you have many opportunities to sell air purifiers and have a handsome margin. Be prepared to answer technical questions about size, energy consumption, and filtration systems.

Electric comb for pets

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Many people suddenly have to stay inside with their pets all day, and these little friends need regular grooming and bathing to get rid of fleas, dirt or leave too much hair on the floor. Also, pets are the number one reason for kids to get fleas.

The best way to clean your pets and get rid of the flea problem is by combing them with this electric comb and removing all the harmful bugs from the pets. Anyone with a general dropshipping store can sell this item or start a new store focusing on selling pet products.

Portable green screens

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Green screen technology has been around for decades, but only recently the at-home version has become prominent. These portable green screens come in different styles and sizes, with some also acting as reflectors and some being designed to attach to chairs. Think of starting a Zoom meeting, and you have a beach background.

Partnering with influencers is a fantastic way to market portable green screens. It will show potential customers the cool effects that your product can provide and help get more words about your brand. Since they are portable and lightweight, you will save money on the shipping service too.

Automatic soap dispensers

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Automatic or touchless soap dispensers have seen an increase in demand thanks to more awareness of viral health. Now, many homes and restaurants have seen this as a must-have for the restrooms. With cleanliness still being at the forefront of everyone’s minds, automatic soap dispensers can be your high-profit dropship item this year.

Think of your target customers before partnering with any supplier. A modern and sleek design would suit most home styles, while metallic or industrial ones can be perfect for stylized restaurants or coffee shops. It is important that your buyers can visualize the soap dispensers in their environment.

Scalp massager

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Scalp massager is an oddly shaped yet high-demand massager-comb for people to shower with. The product is available on AliExpress for only $3, but you can easily sell these massagers for $10+ considering the quality of your item and the value it has.

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Not only can this scalp massager help clean the hair better, but it also stimulates the scalp and increases hair growth. You can find manufacturers with good materials to increase your selling price. You can be a general dropshipping store to sell this or start a hair care store; men and women both can need this item.

Blue light glasses

15 High Profit Margin Products to Dropship in 2022

Many people work at home and find their eyes tired of staring at the blue screen all day long. Blue light glasses are specially designed to limit the amount of harmful blue light that enters your eyes. This small item can prevent eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

With more people searching for blue light glasses last year, you can expect a good profit selling this item this year. Your buyers would need different types of glasses for short-sighted, long-sighted, and more, so make sure you have some medical knowledge in the field.

Tools to run a dropshipping business

I have helped you come up with some new business ideas, but validating those ideas and actually running them is a different story. Even If you have made up your mind about which to sell, I recommend you do your own market and product research. It is a good skill to have for any entrepreneur.

Here are some tools that you should use to validate your business idea, run a dropshipping business, and maximize your profit:

    • Google Trends – a powerful tool to show how a search term, or a specific product, has been trending overtime on the search engine. It provides a general idea of how much interest from consumers your target product or niche has and whether the trend is going up or down.
    • – the world’s largest and most popular trend community. This website has everything you need to keep you at the cutting-edge of what’s hot and what’s not, providing daily inspiration, advice, and market insights.
    • AliExpress (Hot Products) – The China-based online retailer AliExpress has a Hot Products section that shows you which items are in high demand. You can browse the page to see if your product or niche is popular right now.
    • Shopify – Not exactly a tool, but Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for you to build your online store and dropship any items you want. Being professional is a big aspect in convincing your customers to buy, and Shopify certainly has the tools for that.
    • Oberlo – If you want to set up a Shopify store of your own and start dropshipping, Oberlo is the perfect tool. It helps you browse, import, and sell directly from AliExpress, saving you a lot of time in researching and processing.
  • AVADA Email Marketing – If you want a cheap yet effective marketing tool for your dropshipping business, email marketing is definitely the answer. AVADA Email Marketing helps you create automated email campaigns, build a subscriber list, segment the audience, and more. And you can start using the app for free!
  • AVADA Product Review – For a dropshipping business, social proof plays an important role in convincing consumers that a store is trustworthy. AVADA Product Review lets buyers review products, give testimonials, and display notifications of sales for the site’s visitors. This tactic drives prospects to take action and purchase.


Final advice

The above high-profit dropship items are in different niches, such as clothing, health, electronics, and more. If you can find the right market, the profit margin can be up to 200%. But when that comes, you need an automation system to auto source your products so you can focus on making your customers happy.

Be prepared, and soon you will find yourself a successful entrepreneur with a profitable dropshipping business. Have you found a startup idea with any item? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts on dropshipping!

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