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10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices

10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices

Love branded stuff but can’t afford? Don’t worry we have you covered. Are you looking for best places to buy branded stuff at cheaper rates? This actually seems difficult because wholesalers who sell imitation always seem to go into a hiding and not make public appearances. But, to make life easier for you, we did some research and gathered 5 best websites from where you can easily buy branded products at cheaper rates.


Best 10 Chinese replica websites to buy cheap replica products

When starting a business of importing goods, it’s always a good idea to meet your vendors in person.

However, this may not always be possible which is why taking the assistance of professional sourcing agents such as EJET, will make the process easier for you in the short and long run.

You can definitely opt for the best Chinese Replica Websites that have a huge variety of products at extremely cheap prices. You can also communicate with the vendors through the websites and build a good client-seller relationship.

Here are the top 10 best Chinese Replica Websites for cheap goods in China:

SI Website Best replica products
1 Alibaba Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Watches, Bags, Health & Beauty
2 AliExpress Women’s Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Bags, Toys, Shoes
3 Made In China Apparels, Bags, Furniture, Hardware
4 Dhgate Shoes, Apparels, Watch, Bags
5 Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Bags, Home Essentials
6 Global Sources Electronics, Hardware, Fashion & Lifestyle
7 Accessories, Clothing, Home Improvement, Sportswear
8 DIY trade Apparel & Fashion, Accessories, Office Supplies, Toys
9 FashionTIY Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty
10 Rotita Shoes, Handbags, jewelry, Accessories

Keep in mind that you may not succeed in wholesale replica products from the mentioned websites, because there are various rules & regulations for buying replica products. In such cases, try to ensure all the processes with the supplier beforehand.



10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices


You might have heard enough about Aliexpress. This is a wholesale business of Alibaba. It is a collection of many suppliers offering a wide range of products wholesale, mobile phones, watches, jewelry, and of course various brands of bags, etc. These things are very cheap, maybe more suitable for your business, if you are looking for cheap branded designer bags or clothes online.



10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices


This is another website if you want to buy fake branded handbags at wholesale prices. DHgate currently offers more than 40 million products and serves more than 10 million buyers from more than 220 countries across the world. You should surely visit this site at least once as this is a great place to buy bags.

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10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices


If Alibaba doesn’t make it to this list, I’m not sure what can be. Alibaba is one of the best places to land if you’re looking to buy fake stuff on a wholesale basis. The goods are as real as they can be and the price is soft on your pockets. Taobao, a registered Alibaba seller is one of the biggest players on Alibaba to sell fake and replica products.

Alibaba is one of the sites that can help you to buy counterfeit goods at wholesale prices. has more than 1 million registered buyers on its website.  It sells wholesale products worldwide, with a large number of suppliers from China. You can get replica of products that look almost real. You get what want on this website at a cheap price.



10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices


This site was founded in 2005 which is a UK based wholesaler. It offers a lot of wholesale branded clothing for you to choose from, as well as replica ofdesigner costumes such as Calvin Klein. It not only provides cheap clothing for the business but also guarantees quality.



10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff Of Top Brands At Dirt Cheap Prices


Amazon offers a comprehensive range of needs for merchants at cheap price. is one of the largest replica designer apparel suppliers around the world, with the most affordable price tag on these products. Though this site does sell original products too , for those who can’t afford, it does provide brand imitations (from sellers). Trust me this is value for money. All ya online shoppers already know that Amazon offers great products at your doorstep with flexible payment options too.


6. Stockfirmati

At wholesale pricing, you may acquire replicas of top brands like Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, and the US Polo Assn. They offer wholesale replicas of branded sweatshirts, knitwear, belts, and much more.

Stockfirmati is Europe’s largest wholesaler of designer apparel and replicas of branded products. Their online wholesale website offers a vast selection of apparel, shoes, and accessories for men and women from the greatest brands on the market at low prices.

They can assure you a large selection of items with a high sales turnover and are always up-to-date thanks to their more than 30 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Contact info:

Tel: +39059782339

Email: [email protected]


7. RepFashions

You might be able to obtain a large number of replicas of branded clothing at RepFashions. Their prices start at $60 and go up from there. They use USP to deliver to over 150 countries.

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They are a group of fashion and streetwear enthusiasts that decided to make RepFashions out of their passion for cool trends.

Their goal is to supply the highest quality reproduction of streetwear fashion at the most affordable price.

They are always improving the quality of their products to ensure that you only receive the highest quality replica sneakers, clothes, and bags at the lowest possible price.

Contact info:

Email: [email protected]


8. Good Stuff Apparel

At Good Stuff Apparel, you will be able to acquire replicas of top brands at wholesale prices.  They offer wholesale replicas of branded dresses, rompers, maxi dresses, and small dresses.

They are a Los Angeles-based wholesale apparel distributor that carries the latest trendy clothes from hundreds of local manufacturers and suppliers.

They specialize in providing a diverse selection of wholesale fashion clothing for your store, including skirts, dresses, pants, joggers, apparel, jeans, sportswear, sweaters, blouses, jackets, and clothing from the United States.

Because of their prominent location in the Los Angeles fashion area, they are able to establish mutually advantageous connections with manufacturers who create women’s clothes in the United States for all of the major fashion retailers.

Contact info:


9. Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale clearance is a UK wholesaler that was founded in 2005. It features a large selection of wholesale branded clothing, as well as replicas of designer costumes like Calvin Klein, etc.

It not only offers low-cost imitation apparel for businesses but also ensures quality. Individuals and businesses of all sizes can purchase wholesale replicas, as well as end-of-line clearances, at Wholesale Clearance UK.

They offer their products to internet traders, market vendors, business owners, both big and small, and party planners.

Contact info:

Tel: 0330 113 1636

Email: [email protected]


Address: Unit N Waterside Estate, 25-27 Willis Way, Poole, Dorset BH15 3TD, UK.

10. Shop Style

ShopStyle is the premier fashion and lifestyle shopping platform that allows you to browse, explore, and find precisely what you’re searching for in one convenient location.

They work with a variety of leading brands, both new and established, to bring you the best replicas of fashion, beauty, and home products.

You may find things for men, women, and children at wholesale pricing. Accessories like belts, sunglasses, scarves, and wallets are also available.

Contact info:



What is a replica good?

Different with the counterfeit goods that are sold under another company’s trademark, replica goods involve similar looking products but don’t have labels that would violate another company’s trademark.

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Replica goods exist in nearly every industry and can include clothing, apparel, accessories, electronics and so on.

2. Will it be illegal to sell products which buy from Chinese replica websites?

The marketplace is littered with millions of counterfeits relating to brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Selling replica products is illegal in any market. But the customers are aware of both real and replica products. But it’s better for you to buy those products without any brand logo from the market if you really want to start your business with selling replica products.

3. Can I do the international shipping for my replica products from China to my country?

The shipping methods of replica products are same with the normal ones, but you need to confirm that how the customs in your country will judge the products are replica or not. Know the rule beforehand can help you a lot while choosing the products.

4. Do I have to pay extra charges for shipping internationally?

Yes, you will have to pay extra charges. Most often, you will be charged for various unanticipated costs that might disappoint you if you are not well informed. These usually include:

  • Charges related to Shipping

For this category, you can expect fuel surcharge, “remote area surcharge” or “extended area surcharge”, address correction fee”, “delivery reattempt” or even “return fees”.

  • Charges for Parcel handling

Every delivery service have some set of rules and charges for handling parcels. These may include extra charge for heavy products, the nature of the product (fragile), or the material of the parcel.

  • Tax & duty-related charges

Be prepared to pay for tax and duty charges for the goods that you import. You might be charged for DDU shipments (Deliver Duty Unpaid), DDP shipments (Deliver Duty Paid), and sometimes under-declaring the goods of your shipments on the commercial invoice.


Finding the right and trust able Chinese replica websites may seem too overwhelming at first and a little difficult.

From choosing the right replica websites, searching your desired counterfeit product, communicating your expectation with the vendor, to arranging international shipping.

We have covered some of the most common concerns in our post. Make sure you are also aware of the international shipping charges and other costs mentioned in our FAQ while you plan to purchase. The extra charges can overall impact your product pricing.

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