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Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022

Best 10 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022

Guangzhou Wholesale Market – Understanding the Chinese markets and their potential has become synonymous with running a profitable wholesale or retail business. The ability to deal in a market hailed as “The World’s Factory” is an unparalleled skill. As a businessman, you can truly get the best out of China, if you are aware of all its secrets. In this article, we are unlocking The Secrets of China’s Guangzhou Wholesale Market.

Guangzhou rules the global market by being the go-to spot for importers. It offers a myriad of products and comprises of numerous wholesale markets. These markets are spread across the city and those unaware of where to find what find themselves lost and overwhelmed.

You are a businessman, and time is money for you. We get that. And, that’s why our experts have prepared this brief Guangzhou guide, with a special focus on the best wholesale markets for each type of products. So, let’s enter the wholesale city and unravel its secrets!

For Wholesale Clothing Products

Let’s start by addressing the products which Guangzhou is most celebrated for – Clothes. The wholesale clothing markets in Guangzhou are diverse, vibrant, and never see a dull day. While the city has several different markets, some of them deserve a special mention.

You will found most of these markets surrounding the Guangzhou Railway Station in the city center. A bullet train from Luohu in Shenzhen or Guangzhou Subway Line 2 would take you to this destination. Near the Provincial Bus Station, you’ll find a large cluster of markets known as Liu Hua. It features 13 wholesale centers for clothing, including:

  • Baima Market is theleading market in terms of high-end clothing products.
  • Bubugao is situated being Baima is a hot market for female clothing products.
  • Tianma is a ten-story building with about 1000 shops selling clothing items manufactures by local Chinese brands. You can even find some international brands selling business wear and furs here.
  • Xindadi isa place where you’ll find the best-quality woolen sweaters and cardigans.
Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022

If you are looking for cheapest wholesale clothes, then go directly to the Shahe Wholesale Market, located the east of Guangzhou East Train Station in Shahe in Tianhe District. Here, you will find three buildings, namely Wanjia Market (万佳), Jin Ma Market (金马), and Fu Li Market (富丽). Each of these markets offers an amazing variety of women wear.

Also, check out the New China Clothing Market (新中国大厦服装城). Refurbished in 2014 and located at Thirteen Hong, it has two floors and sells middle to high-end clothes. You can even find low-end clothes if you go below the first floor. As a pro-tip, we would recommend exploring all the floors before closing the deal as you will probably find the same products on the lower floors but at much lower rates. This market hosts a number of Korean sellers who will offer you the latest Korean designs.

For Wholesale Lady’s Handbags

From high-quality replicas to genuine leather and canvas, Guangzhou offers everything. As you enter the wholesale market, it is hard not to get impressed by the street sellers approaching you with replica bags. These bags are made with such finesse that only an experienced person can tell the difference. However, we would suggest buying from the shops inside the market that hold a license to sell. In case of any issue with the product, these shopkeepers would hopefully assist you in finding a solution.

There are 24 major wholesale markets in Guangzhou that offer an extensive range of designer handbags, school bags, luggage bags, and more. All of these markets are located in the Guihuagang area in Sanyuanli. Hence, the wholesale bag market is often called “Guihuagang Wholesale Market” or “Sanyuanli Wholesale Market.

You can find the best replica handbags from the Baiyun World Leather Trading Center. Another plus is that most sellers here can speak in English. Depending on the product quality, the bags will cost you in the ranges from CNY 200-800. You may come across price tags, which would seem exorbitant, and the seller might try to justify them, but remember that half the skill is in bargaining. We would also suggest avoiding the peak time, which is around 17:30 pm to 19: 30 pm.

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Cross the bridge from here, and you’ll come across cheap China wholesale PU bags/canvas bags. Remember to also check out Shengyi Leather Market, Jinyi Leatherware Plaza, Mingju Leather Trade Center, Xin Dong Hao Leather City, and Zhonggang Leatherwear Mall.

For Wholesale Shoes

Don’t be surprised if the pair of shoes you are wearing right now is made in China. After all, about one-third of the shoes worn around the world are manufactured and supplied from Guangdong. If you are planning to source wholesale shoes from China and sell in your country, Guangzhou wholesale markets will be of great help.

Geographically speaking, there are three major shoes wholesale markets in Guangzhou:

  • Huanshixi shoes wholesale markets center
  • Jiefangnan shoes wholesale markets center
  • Shijing shoes wholesale markets center

Huanshixi is considered the Mecca of shoes best-suited for importing. The quality, design, and sizes are all spot on. On the other hand, if you are looking for low or medium-end options, go to Jiefangnan as it Is a local market.  If you are looking to buy in bulk or want replicas of famous shoe brands, then look nowhere but Shijing.

You can get high-quality shows in affordable rates from  Global International Trade Centre: Bu Yun Tian Di Shoes Wholesale Market, Fuli International Shoes Wholesale Market, Fuligong Shoes Wholesale Market, Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City, Guangzhou Universe Costume & Shoes Plaza, Jinma Shoes Wholesale Market, and Jiulong Shoes Wholesale Market.

When dealing with wholesale shoes, bring on your A-game for haggling. Avoid being replicas with brand names and convert the Chinese shoe sizes into the sizes used in your country.

For Wholesale Watches

It is a well-known tale that in Guangzhou, you can purchase a ROLEX for USD 100. And, let us tell you that there’s truth in these stories. Most of the watch wholesale markets in Guangzhou are primarily located in ZHAN XI Road. These watch markets in Guangzhou first started in 198. Fast forward to the present, and there are currently 9 buildings with over 2000 shops

ZHAN XI watch markets have previously been the hub of replica watches, but the Chinese government now has put strict restrictions on counterfeits. In recent times, the focus has shifted towards high-grade watches. For most low to medium-end watches, you will be expected to pay around RMB 15-60. Quartz watches are popular in these markets and comprise about 80% of the sales.

You can go to the ZhanXi Kowloon Watch Center, Southern Watch Trade Centre, Southern Trade Center of Horologe, New Kowloon Watch Center, and SanYi Watch city.

For Wholesale Toys and Stationery

As we said, Guangzhou has something for everyone. Toys and stationery items are among the popular products being imported from China. You can find toys made up of plastic, rubber, and even wood in these markets. Some of the best toys and stationery markets for wholesale buyers are:

Also known as Guangzhou Zhonggang Toys Wholesale Market, Liwan Toys Wholesale Market is the largest wholesale market in the entire province. You can find plush and stuffed toys as well as toys that work on batteries or voice or remote-controlled.

 Onelink International Plaza is another famous toy wholesale market with products for wholesalers as well as retailers. Here you can buy toys in small quantities as well.

Some more worth-visiting markets are Yiyuan Stationery Wholesale Market in Huangsha, Yide Lu Toys & Stationery Wholesale Markets, and Nan’an Lu Stationery Wholesale Market.

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For Wholesale Electronics Items

Whether you wish to buy cutting-edge, brand new electronic items, or low-priced second-hand products, there are a variety of wholesale electronics markets doing business in Guangzhou. You can purchase phones of all famous brands, including Apple iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei, etc. Gaming machines like PS4 and Xbox ONE are in demand as well. You can buy TVs, Display screens, laptops, Macbooks, DSLR Cameras, Drones, speakers, audio devices, pen drives, and so much more in large quantities and earn huge profits. You can even find small accessories for all major global brands in these markets.

Nanfang Building is surrounded by the four main that make up the Guangzhou Electronics wholesale market. Each of the four markets deals with different products, so it’s important to do your homework before dropping by. These markets are most-suitable for foreign retailers and wholesalers, as most of the shopkeepers want to get export deals.

The first in line is the Tianhe Gangding Computer Market, which mainly deals with computers. Located near Gangding metro station, Tianhe is famous for computer parts and gadgets as well. It is best to plan your visit on a weekday as weekends as pretty crowded and busy.

A walk-in Dashatou would give you the Bazaar-vibes. Shengxian Dashatou Electronic Markets are full of sellers from the Middle East and Africa. These markets have both new and second-hand electronic items but are most famous for used phones, computers, cameras, and household electronics. It is undoubtedly the cheapest market in Guangzhou and can be easily reached via the bus. Buying second-hand products in bulk can be more profitable than you can think.

Next is the Jiefangzhong Lu Electronic Market, which is small in terms of size and houses mini-shops with a variety of gadgets and electronics. This market is especially attractive to those who love working with spare parts and inventing new stuff out of them. The products sold here are DIY parts for other electronics.

Lingyuanxi Lu is another wholesale electronic market situated along Lingyuanxi lu near China Plaza. Before visiting this market, make sure you have surveyed other markets and know the best price as shopping here would require great bargaining skills.

You’ll reach the next market from the Nanfang Dasha bus stop. The market is known as Nanfang Dasha as well, and you would notice the building from afar because of the prominent red star twinkling on top of it. This market celebrates “Made in China” by selling local products instead of western ones. The quality might not be too high, but it justifies the low prices.

Jewelry Wholesale Markets: 

Jewelry is an essential part of apparel for a complete style. Sourcing quality jewelry at a low cost? Then this bustling wholesale market is your must-visit.

Guangzhou has several dedicated wholesale city for fashion jewelry, including:

Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022
  • Xijiao Building Jewelry Market:

Xijiao building is one of the best jewelry markets in Guangzhou. It supplies a wide variety of jewelry that is trending across the world.


2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou


This wholesale market has a wide variety of fashion accessories and jewelry. For instance, stainless steel jewelry and African jewelry.

Many jewelries are sold here, and you can find all types of jewelry you want.

  • Liwan Plaza:

Liwan Plaza is another place to find the perfect jewelry to be sold out at the best possible prices. This place is all about stones, beads, crystals to make jewelry.


9, Dexing Road, Liwan District in Guangzhou


You can find every style and type of crystals, beads, jades, pearls. There are also jewelry-making supplies in bulk.

  • Taiking Jewelry City:

It is the best place to shop for diverse jewelry and accessories. The market is like a global presentation of cultural jewelry to the world.

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111, Taiking Road, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou city


There is virtually nothing under the category of jewelry that cannot be found here. You can shop for jewelry, scarves, hats, Hair ornaments, Key chains, and much more.


Fabric Wholesale Market: 

Fabric Wholesale markets in Guangzhou are world-famous for their unstitched fabric. This market has various qualities and fabric types. No other markets can compare to Guangzhou fabric markets.

Some famous markets dedicated to selling fabric in Guangzhou are:

Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022
  • Guangzhou International Textile City:

There are many textile factories located in Guangzhou. They sell various products, including fabric, garment accessories, and more.

The Guangzhou international textile city is one of the largest and popular markets. The suppliers here can meet global clothing demands.


144, Xingang Road, Haizhu District in Guangzhou


The market is meeting the needs of people across the globe. It has unstitched fabric, lining, and other garment accessories.

  • Ruikang Lace Accessory market:

This market in Guangzhou is devoted to laces, lining, and other garment accessories. You can find items needed to make beautiful dresses here.


Fengyang Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou


The market supplies laces, lining, and other garment accessories in bulk.

9. Auto Accessories wholesale markets:

Several markets in Guangzhou sell auto accessories and spare parts for vehicles. There are benefits they have over the brands and vehicle manufacturers.

They have fewer preparation costs, hence cheaper yet durable products. The famous markets in the district are:

Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022
  • Guangdong Yongfu International Automotive Supplies Center:

This is the biggest market, with auto accessories and spare parts diversity.

You can find anything you want conveniently in this market. Whether a bolt for vehicles to suspension, fuel filters, or car care products. You name it.


48, Yongfu Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.


There are many products here like spare parts and auto accessories. You can also find car care products like polishes, lights and other equipment.

  • New Guangzong Auto Parts Trade Market:

This market is famous for larger auto parts. For instance, lights, steering wheels, windshields, and more. You can source such parts easily over this widely spread market in bulk quantities.


113, Baiyun Avenue North, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


The market sells larger auto car parts like lights, bonnets, engine spare parts, etc.

10. Cosmetic Wholesale markets:

Cosmetics are widely sold commodities worldwide. You should visit the cosmetics wholesale markets in Guangdong province to source them.

There are diverse quality products for cosmetics here, from low to high-end prices. The most famous in the market are:

Best 12 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets To Import In 2022
  • Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center:

This market in Guangzhou has an extensive range of product types. For instance, electronic beauty accessories and machines, wigs, and makeup.

You can find these products here in relatively large quantities.


121, Guangyuan West Road in Guangzhou


The market has lots of products like wigs and hair, makeup, and cosmetic packages. There are also electronic beauty accessories and machines of several qualities.

  • Guangzhou Xingfa Plaza:

This market is dedicated to cosmetics. It supplies a massive part of the world’s cosmetic requirements.


138, Xingfa North Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


The market sells all types of cosmetics and related products.

  • Guangzhou YifaPlaza:

It is another wholesale market selling cosmetics. This multi-story building is a must-visit place for you to buy cosmetics.


96-98, Jichang Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


There are many sellers here selling cosmetics wholesale for reselling purposes.


Guangzhou is the Mecca of wholesalers and retailers. While this article has managed to briefly touch some of the most popular products and the best markets in Guangzhou where you can find them, it is always a good idea to get some professional help in sourcing from China.

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