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Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Looking for Shein reviews?

looking for a fast-fashion store that holds are the trending brands, clothing, and accessories of your style and taste? Have you heard about Shein?

Well, Shein is an emerging fast fashion store where you find every clothing/accessory that you desire to be in your wardrobe.

Found in 2008 in Nanjing, China, Shein believes that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.

 There is a lot to say by the customers of Shein about it and, being a newbie to this store, you must view their reviews before buying.

For that purpose, here we are providing a detailed guide of Shein reviews and other information that you would love to read.

Chapter 1: What is Shein?

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Shein is one of the Chinese online retailers of fast fashion. On the 8th of August 2008 by Chris in Nanjing, China. The brand is well-known for its affordable clothing.

It’s not difficult to comprehend why Shein gained so much popularity since it’s the exact situation as every other fast-fashion brand.

Although all fashion brands draw their inspiration from famous designers and fashion, Shein has developed its brand right from the beginning by tapping into micro-trends.

As a result, Shein is among the leading retailers in the world of fast fashion that caters to fashionistas all over the globe. Moreover, it is known for its cheap clothing products.

1. Shein Establishment and Market

Shein was established in October 2008 in Nanjing, China, believing that everybody can appreciate the elegance in fashion.

Shein’s goal is to provide customers with fashionable styles at reasonable prices. In 2012 Chris Xu, an American-born graduate of Washington University, gave up his wedding dress business to purchase

He changed the name to Shein in 2015, focusing on markets outside of the United States.

Today, the fast-fashion company offers websites for customers within The United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East, with numerous worldwide-located warehouses.

In America, US, it will show different products pictures and experience a different experience for customers buying in Japan.

If you’re interested in finance, you should be aware that in 2020 Shein was able to complete a round Series E financing, which provided Shein an equity value of more than $15 billion.

Revenues aren’t publicly disclosed. However, local estimates suggest exceeding $10 billion per year.

The U.S. is estimated to be Shein’s biggest market and among the brands most discussed through Tik Tok in 2020.Shein’s marketing strategy employs an integrated approach that combines organic and paid advertising.

In addition, the company is adamant about targeted advertisements across various sites and platforms for social media.

2. Business Model of Shein

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Shein has been operating for just over a decade, and, in this time, it has grown into a highly successful business.

As a result, Shein’s unique business model draws the attention of another professional who wants to be successful in the fast-fashion world.

Shein is a multinational corporation with eight main markets and delivers to 220 nations. As a result, Shein has become strategic to operate on this scale and remain economical.

Shein utilizes an online-based sales model that combines desktop and mobile storefronts.

Using an eCommerce business model will allow the company to cut expenses because they don’t need to incur the overhead costs that come with the maintenance of a physical storefront.Shein contracts out specific production tasks to reduce costs.

But, Shein keeps close tabs on the partners’ activities to ensure they are meeting the standards of their brand.

We want to emphasize that the company doesn’t divulge the names of its partners or the location they’re in the world.

Shein operates under a high fashion model and is recognized for its unethical and environmentally unsustainable practices.

3. Marketing Strategy of Shein

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

As per CNN, TikTok plays a significant role in driving customers to the company’s website because of the TikTok trend of buying bulk clothing from Shein and then presenting Shein clothing to the viewers as a typical haul video.

On May 17, 2021, the number of downloads from Shein’s app surpassed the downloads on Amazon.

Shein says it is utilizing the psychological characteristics of the current generation and develops strategies for marketing according to its customers’ needs to grow.

Social media is where Shein shines. Shein enjoys 21.9 million Instagram followers and 2.8 million TikTok.

In 2020, Shein was the most talked about brand on TikTok and YouTube and was the fourth top Instagram brand in terms of popularity.

Its affordable prices draw young internet users with low budgets to share what they bought on social networks.

To increase user numbers, the company provides affordable prices to encourage demand.  If customers spend more money, they will be offered more discounts, enticing them to apply to the next shopping spree.

Shein doesn’t just use an algorithmic recommendations system and encourages customers to use the platform frequently for tasks including adding items to their carts, watching live streams, and taking part in the contests to earn points to redeem in the future.

This gives customers to get additional information and rewards for shopping.

Shein’s marketing strategy employs an integrated approach that combines organic and paid campaigns. In addition, Shein is highly aggressive in its targeted advertisements across various sites and social media platforms.

Through Shein’s innovative targeted advertisements, customers who visit their site will discover the products they’ve previously found on a variety of different platforms. So it’s like the products are there regardless of where they go on the web.

4. Manufacturing Department of Shein

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

At first, Shein did not design its clothing. The company mainly sourced its clothing from China’s wholesale market in Guangzhou province. Guangzhou.

However, Shein became a fully integrated retailer in 2014, when it incorporated a supply chain of its own.

The company now uses the services of suppliers and manufacturing partners to manufacture and distribute its merchandise. Shein forecasts trends and creates items in just three days following the discovery of trends.

Shein restricts its orders to smaller batches of around 100 articles to gauge customer demand.

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Its competitors, such as Zara, purchase larger quantities (about 500) which increases the chance of losing profits when orders aren’t purchased in the total amount. Shein can also stay clear of paying import and export taxes, which results in larger profit margins.

The U.S. legislative bill Section 321 of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (also called “de minimum”) declares that all imports up to $800 are tax-free.

This bill allows Shein to export in the USA without paying taxes and enables Shein to enjoy an advantage over domestic businesses within America.

Despite their low prices and stylish products, online brands’ production and sizing are known to have a reputation for inconsistency, and Shein isn’t other than.

Similar to other top-brand retailers, their clothing could be inconsistent in terms of quality.

5. What Shein Sells?

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

A gorgeous blouse at $12, when a similar one is available at J.Crew at $70, is too tempting to be accurate.

It’s true, but it’s not.If you’re looking for Shein, you’re paying for low-quality and fast fashion.

Unfortunately, it’s not always a good thing.Shein is a brand that takes trendy, popular expensive items and makes the same quality product but with lower quality. These items are at a lower price.

If you’re looking for a dress to wear at least twice per week, throughout the summer long, for the coming four years, purchasing from Shein isn’t the best option.

However, for a dress to wear to brunch with your pals? It might be perfect.Shein is indeed a desirable Chinese fashion retailer that delivers to more than 220 countries across the globe.

Unfortunately, it was the subject of a security breach in 2018. However, Shein does not sell your personal information.

6. Why is Shein Trending?

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Fashion is trendy because it allows consumers to catch up on the latest trends without sticking to an affordable budget. Shein predicts trends and creates products as fast as three days after discovering the movement.

What’s made it possible to put Shein in the spotlight recently is that most of their advertising isn’t based on targeted, paid-for marketing campaigns.

Generation Z or younger generation customers post their most-loved looks and try on purchases through their social media accounts, including TikTok.

In the Spring 2021 “Taking stock of Teens” report, an investment banking company Piper Sandler ranked the merchant at 2nd place in the list of the top e-commerce sites favored by teens, as well as Amazon being the top position.

On August 20, 2021, the RushTok community, the popular TikTok community where college students in their first year documented their experiences while attending numerous events to recruit for their sororities, made Shein’s fame rise even more.

Users would upload footage of their”OOTD” (outfits that day) for every day of a rush to create an escape route that didn’t violate the rules of the National Panhellenic Conference against sharing their recruitment experiences through social media.

When recruits and sisters of sorority shared their outfits on social media, Shein clothing and accessories appeared with all kinds of Lulu lemon clothing and t-shirts to sneakers from Nordstrom.

Chapter 2: What Shein Reviews say about it?

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. Shein Star Ratings and Review Highlights

SHEIN has a rating for customers with a score of 2.85 five stars from 3,698 reviews which suggests that most customers are dissatisfied with the purchase.

Customers who complain about SHEIN usually talk about customer service, tracking numbers, or credit card problems. Shein is ranked 47th among women’s clothing websites.

2. Shein Dress and Clothing Reviews


Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

“Very interesting application there is a lot of variety of clothes from casual to elegant dress. Various accessories.

Excellent value for money. Practical and intuitive, always deliveries on schedule. I recommended it”


Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

“Very bad logistics service

Customer service was bad and they lie a lot about shipment order and misguided a lot also it made me cry because they didn’t deliver my valentine dress

Never use SHEIN”


“So far I really enjoy using shein. Clothes are affordable an so stylish. I enjoy coming to the site often.

I experienced a bad dress recently an I reached out to shein an was refund. I will always support shein”

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

3. Shein Kids Wear Reviews

“I love a denim romper – for babes, kids and moms. No ironing required! Structured fabric! SHEIN has around 100 to 200 denim rompers for kids and babies on their site.

(Unlike other product categories, where there are thousands of options to sort through.)”

4. Shein Sweaters Reviews

“I’ve always wanted some of those adorable sweatshirts and hoodies that stores like SHEIN sell, but those weren’t in my size range (3-4x) until now.

I have about five different sweatshirts I like, with one issue keeping me from purchasing anything – I am sensitive to fabric and HATE thick seams on the insides of sweatshirts.

Does anyone have feedback on the feel of their top five most popular plus size sweatshirts?”


Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

“I though this was going to be a good sweatshirt to take with me on a trip but I opened my package and saw shein that’s when I instantly knew it was going to suck.

My advice? Don’t buy it its total rubish and feels like your wearing a bed foam mattress things”

5. Shein Blouse Reviews


I almost didn’t purchase this blouse/top Its perfect ������ Very silky feeling i suze up to medium, wich felt much comfortable but i did have room for more boobs for example….lol It has tine bit stretch as well, very good design too.

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

6. Shein Swim Reviews

-Madeleine jones dorisco

“From my experience, Shein swimsuits are really good value for money. They are not the best quality But for what your paying they are really good. Keep Up the good work”

“I was pretty excited when I found Shein. Whether you are looking for a swimsuit, maxi dress, shorts, swimming suit bottoms, jeans, cover-ups, or even shoes, SheIn has you covered with trendy pieces that will flatter any body shape!

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping
While I like all the clothes that they have, I really found myself browsing their great selection of swimsuits and SheIn has become my go-to!”

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Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

“Loveee this swim suit. The color looks great with a tan. The back ties but it does the thing where it sits high on your back when you move around.

The white fabric on the bottoms does flip over sometimes but it doesn’t bother me. Also cheeky. I do recommend! Like this review!”

7. Shein Bags and Accessories Reviews


“Awesome dresses!!

With my petite size, here is a website where you can get a size 4 and 6!
Lots of different styles of dresses, bags, accessories and stuff for the home.

I shop here very often… I have always liked what I bought.
My wardrobe is full of Shein dresses, bags and footwear! Wall arts and other female stuff”

“I recently completed a mini haul on SHEIN and found such a beautiful bag (see attached)! I he pearl detailing IS gorgeous! The price was 13.49 and I definitely thinkI got a lot for my money.

The bag can be worn two ways, as a grab bag, uSing the pearl handle or as a cross body/shoulder bag using the gold chain that is detachable. To be honest I always find SHEIN’s bags to be so lovely and always worth the money.

There is always the concern that buying a bag lower in price might mean you end up with a bag that just falls apart or has really low quality, but I think SHEIN get the balance right.

You can always get a cute bag without having to spend loads”

Chapter 3: Is Shein Legit?

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. Shein Safety Features

Shein has a good reputation as a Chinese manufacturer of fast-fashion clothing that delivers to more than 220 countries globally.

There was an information security breach in 2018; however, Shein does not share your data. You’ve ordered from Shein for over seven years with no issues.

2. Shein Shipment and Tracking

In the United States, so many things are shipped much faster. Shein has a warehouse that is the main one located in China and Hong Kong and then many fulfillment centers across the globe.

In the US, the primary fulfillment center is located in LA.When you have placed your order type, it takes between 2 to 4 days of preparation until your purchase is shipped.

Most items take around ten days for delivery in the US if you’re taking standard delivery.

Standard Shipping takes about two weeks and costs $3.99, while Express Shipping takes about two weeks and costs $12.90.

There are often deals on the site that offers free shipping if customers meet a minimum order.Shoppers can also choose to pay $0.99 for a guarantee of delivery.

This “insurance” will protect the purchase as all items are replaced if the package gets damaged or lost.

Although Shein has factories across the globe and orders are typically delivered by China Post and fulfilled by USPS for standard shipping and FedEx to expedite shipping.

Standard shipping is about two weeks, and express delivery is about 1-2 weeks, but that doesn’t consider the processing time for orders, which Shein claims can range between 1-3 days.

You also have to factor in other possible delays that could occur, like problems with customs or weather.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised to receive a parcel early at your door. However, it’s always better to be on the safe side of the prudent.Be on the lookout for coupons.

Although Shein’s clothing is significantly discounted, buyers must pay for shipping for orders less than $49, that’s $3.99 for standard delivery as well as $12.90 to get express delivery.

Each now and then, Shein does promotions for free shipping. In addition, they often also offer markdowns which will reduce the cost of shipping.

You can, for instance, receive discount coupons for certain holidays and events by registering to create an account through their website or purchasing through their mobile app.

3. Shein Payment Options

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

When selecting the shipping option, the customer must choose the payment method. The accepted payment options for Shein are PayPal, Google Pay, credit card, debit cards.

Customers can also use Klarna and after pay to break their total into four interest-free payments.

4. Shein Sizing Guide

The best way to find excellent products worth purchasing on Shein is to have a closer look at the reviews for individual items.

In addition, we recommend taking a close look at the pictures posted by users to determine how the clothes fit various body types, as some buyers are unable to find the sizing chart to be a little off.

Despite the low cost and fashionable products, the production and sizing have an established reputation for being inconsistent, and Shein isn’t any other.

5. Shein Refund and Return Policy

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

(Be aware that the shipping and insurance charges you pay for your package will not be refunded.)

If you choose to return additional products from that same order following the first one, you’ll be assessed an additional $7.99 shipping cost, which can be taken out of the refund.

You can also decide to pay for the shipping of your return on your own, and it could or might not be less expensive based on where you live and the amount you’d like to return.

According to Shein’s website site, refunds usually require about one week to appear on your account after they have received your return.

However, you could be waiting up to three to five days due to the pandemic.

Concerning what you can and cannot return, Shein lists non-refundable items as “bodysuits and jewelry, lingerie products such as underwear, event, and party items DIY items pet products and accessories (except bags, scarves, and the mermaid blankets).”

In addition, you aren’t able to return products if you’ve removed their original tags or hygiene labels (including makeup) or when they’ve been worn, washed, or damaged.

If you receive your order damaged or are defective, if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact Shein’s customer service team to resolve the issue.

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However, you’ll need to contact them within 24 days of receiving your order. It is recommended to examine the contents of your package as soon you receive it.

Many customers have been able to keep the damaged items and get their money back; however, it’s not a guarantee.

6. Quality of Shein Products

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Yes, and not. My experience was that the quality of clothing was just as variable as the size. It’s the same worldwide as those reviews you’ve seen written by other influencers and bloggers.

As an example, leopard-print cardigan is warm and thick, and, contrary to my concerns, it’s not at all rough or stiff.

However, since it’s made of acrylic, it didn’t shrink nor extend even after wear for two consecutive days and then went through two dryer and washer cycles.

“As for the pet coat, I’d consider it subpar. It’s soft and comfortable; however, the polyester fleece fabric is skinny. I wore it one cold fall day, and it wasn’t much warm since the wind blew through the jacket.

However, it could stand up when washed without shrinking, and it looks much more premium quality than what it feels”

Chapter 4: Essential tips to follow while buying from Shein

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. Double Check Shein Reviews

Please take a look at the material to determine whether it’s stretchy or not, so you’ll be able to decide on the size you should purchase.

Placing an order was challenging, mainly since each item differed in dimensions and size. Large size on one thing might not be the exact size as a larger one!

So make sure to measure before beginning shopping, and make sure you check the dimensions charts before making a purchase.

2. Go for Brands and Clothing that are in Trend

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

“Shein is an excellent place to get your feet wet with the latest trends. Are you thinking about peplum but aren’t ready to pay $50 at Nordstrom?

Pick up an item or two from Shein. I love the pom-poms everywhere right now, but you know that you’ll probably not like wearing it in the next season? Find something at Shein”

“These pieces aren’t made to stand up to repeated washing, so if you’re searching for a white t-shirt that you’ll wear with your entire jeans collection during the summer and underneath cardigans throughout winter, make sure you purchase one of a higher-end in quality ( like this stunning one I love of Able).

There is an enormous selection of exciting and trendy pieces to select from at Shein at only a fraction of the cost you’d get elsewhere”

3. Make Sure the Size Measurements before Placing Order

Even if you’re typically an XS, and you believe that the size guide could be inaccurate since it’s telling you to buy an L, trust the size guide.

Be aware that sizes vary across all sites, so keep a measuring tape in your bag and make sure you know the measurements for every product you purchase. It’s also helpful to read customers’ reviews on Shein’s items size.

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

4. Be Ready to Clean Up

The pieces that come out of the box are pretty wrinkled and unappealing, but they wash well. You usually dry delicate clothes, and Shein pieces are no different.

Make sure you keep a steamer handy (my preferred one available on Amazon) to refresh your clothing.

5. Go for Bonus Tips and Promo Codes

Shein offers a variety of coupon codes. They have codes available on their homepage website.

The different college representatives (who receive credits for sales) can also provide special coupon codes that they can share on social networks.

Chapter 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Shein

Is Shein Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. Are Shein Cloths Good Quality and Affordable Prices?

Shein’s quality Shein clothing is high, but it’s not as good as products from top retailers. But you’ve had great luck with their clothes.

Make sure to buy items with lots of reviews from customers. SHEIN is an apparel company of Chinese origin.

The reason is that SHEIN is selling at such low prices due to their manufacturing facilities each day producing clothes, and warehouse managers deliver dresses to those who shop via their website.

Thus, the selling-off results in enough funds to continue the company even though prices aren’t high.

2. What is Shein famous for?

Shein is an Internet-connected fashion brand located in China, established in 2008, and has since become renowned for its affordable clothes focused on women.

-Top Countries

  • The United States. 40.84%12.52%
  • 8.24%14.71%
  • 6.28%1.55%
  • 5.53%27.93%
  • 4.43%1.44%

3. What are the best items to buy from Shein?

  • White floral one-piece
  • Mustard Cardigan
  • The jacket is black and white
  • Plaid jacket
  • Easy summer dress
  • Chambray Blouse
  • Knock-off sweater
  • The striped t-shirt is black and white

4. How Does Shein Works?

SHEIN is a Chinese online store that offers low prices on men’s, women’s, and girls’ clothing, accessories, home wear, and the ability to adapt women’s and male’s clothing to larger sizes.

You can shop on SHEIN across 220 countries, making it available from any place around the globe.

This is why SHEIN is so well-known worldwide and why people are eager to shop the website.

5. Does Shein Steel your Information?

It’s safe to buy from Shein. There is no need to be concerned about this being a cleverly designed scam using phishing.

In 2021 Shein could share secure credit card or debit card details.


You believe that the acclaim of Shein in the world of eCommerce can provide you with an opportunity to learn from using effective digital marketing strategies as well as new methods.

There is no reason to rely on traditional marketing strategies as we’ve used in the past.

In today’s highly competitive digital world, you will need to develop ways to be creative and change with the times to ensure that your company is at the top of the list of potential clients.

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