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Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Are you wondering about what is Zaful and is it safe and legit?

Are you crazy about clothing and accessories? Do you want your wardrobe to be filled with various dresses and related products within a click?

Well, today, we have come with a discovery of an online fashion store that keeps a variety of clothing and accessories on a large scale.

Established in 2013, Zaful is considered a new e-commerce fashion store having headquarters in Hong Kong. It aims to provide a variety of high-quality clothing and accessories, especially for women, at affordable prices.

Over the years, the customers seem a little unsatisfied with the services of Zaful, which raises the question, Is Zaful legit?

To answer this question, we have come up with a complete guide considering all the aspects. Let’s follow up the writing below.

Chapter 1: Overview About What is Zaful?

Zaful, an online fashion shop that sells clothing and accessories for a broad audience, is called Zaful. Established in 2013, Zaful has established itself as an online fashion store that offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

While Zaful’s Hong Kong headquarters is their main office, they also have a US office located in Redwood City, California. Zaful’s business has seen a lot of growth in recent times.

They now have more than 100 suppliers worldwide who produce their fashion accessories and garments. Zaful, a well-known brand, can be compared with Shein.

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Shein sells excellent quality clothing for women and is very affordable. Zaful offers clothing both for men and for women.

The website has many sliders and coupons which show women’s clothing. While there aren’t any products for kids, the company’s inventory is extensive, with literally thousands to choose from.

1. Establishment and Market of Zaful

Zaful’s affiliate program allows you to earn Z points as well as money. An affiliate program is where you promote their products or do business. A commission is paid out if you can make a sale.

The maximum amount you can earn is 30%. This network includes three types. These are agencies, Influencers, or Individuals.

Zaful can provide you with banners, data, coupons, and video if you are an agency.

In addition, Zaful will offer you free clothes if you’re an influence. Zaful will also give you special coupons.

However, Zaful must know how the product was used on your website. Individuals need a Facebook account.

Zaful will also offer you free clothes if you have one. But, each social media channel must meet specific criteria, such as how many followers.

2. What Products you can Buy from Zaful?

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Zaful has thousands upon thousands of products. It is impossible to list them all. Shopping on Zaful’s website will make you happy as a shopper.

It stocks almost any clothing item you could think of. Zaful isn’t a specialist in shoes. Although you may occasionally see some shoes, it is not the primary business focus.

Here’s a list of product categories that can be found in Zaful for women:

Product Categories Product Categories
Dresses Sweaters
Hoodies Intimate wear
Mini-dresses Leggings
Swimwear Pants, Blouses, Jeans, Jackets
Casual dresses Bohemian and summer dresses

The site allows you to browse by category, making shopping easier. For example, filters let you show only certain materials like nylon, wool acrylic, wool, polyester, wool, or wool.

3. Shipping Methods and Cost

Zaful charges shipping costs to customers who shop from different countries. There are also differences in the shipping timeframe.

US customers can expect the shipment to take between 6-8 business days. Standard Shipping does not include the seven-day processing. Express Shipping only takes 3 to 7 business days.

Standard Shipping is available for orders from the United Kingdom, and Express shipping is available for seven days.

Standard shipping is free for all customers who purchase more than $49. After that, shipping rates can vary from $3.99 to 12.99.

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

4. Overview and Star Ratings of Zaful

ZAFUL has 3.99 stars consumer rating based on 5,932 reviews. In addition, ZAFUL is 2nd on the list of Discount Clothing sites.

Zaful reviews styles from various sources before agreeing to sell them in their storefront. They market themselves as a direct shop for Zaful clothing

Zaful reviews reveal that one of the most common complaints is the low quality of the clothing they offer.

Unfortunately, these products may be imitating well-known brands’ high-end clothing. Many clients get a poor copy of the photo listed on their portal.

Buzzfeed posted a Zaful review. It included a photograph of a swimsuit that was less than $14.

The advertisement for this bath-suit shows a similar picture to the one featured in Free People. Unfortunately, it costs over $155.

This is not the first review to find that the photos listed on the site and the Zaful app were stolen from other websites.

They are then sold to customers who will be receiving poor-quality imitations.

However, customers need to know that many of the clothes may not fit exactly as they appeared on the model.

Chapter 2: How Zaful Work?

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Zaful is a legitimate online cloth and fashion retailer. You can get great prices on clothes and accessories.

The prices also seem to agree with customers. Zaful also offers worldwide shipping services through its web.

But, it isn’t easy to get in touch with client service. In the same way, buyers have lost money because they never received their orders. Zaful makes it easy to shop online.

1. Online Placement of Order

From personal experience, you believe it’s worth the cash. However, it is essential to ensure that you don’t get disappointed by any order placed on the website.

First and foremost, you only purchase clothing products that include images or recommendations.

No photos or suggestions are allowed on a T-shirt/top. You will not order it.

Second, you inspect the type of fabric and its quality. For example, you will not recommend any material made from viscose or polyester.

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Instead, you prefer cotton because it is more flattering on the skin.

2. Worldwide Shipping

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Zaful is not a fraud. Although some negative reviews about the business, Zaful is still the most popular fashion retailer globally.

They do not have any brick-and-mortar shops, but they have warehouses worldwide.

Shipping is an excellent opportunity for the business, but it’s not the only company with delayed shipping. Zaful must improve its handling and processing time.

Zaful employees must retrieve the item from their warehouse in seven days. After that, it should take less than 24hrs.

Zaful is an honest and legal company. You can find so many products on Zaful, and their clothing line is always in style.

There are always sales, and students can take advantage of the savings program.

3. Promo Codes and Discount Offers

Zaful coupons and promo codes are always available on their website, especially for new clients. Zaful coupons are only valid for online shopping.

Zaful coupons can be used only for your shopping. Customers can use Zaful coupons to shop. You must use your Z points within 30 days of purchasing the items.

For example, you might shop for two products totaling $10.

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

If you wish to redeem your Z points for $5, the limit will be waived. Because $30 is 30% of $10, the maximum you can use it is $3. Z points cannot be combined with items on sale as they are already discounted.

Additionally, Z points cannot be used to purchase Z point-earning money.

A wide range of clothing: Thousands of designs suit every taste.

Promotions: Zaful is always offering promotions. Customers are always eligible for discounts. Flash sales and clearance sales are standard on the site.

Return Policy:  Zaful has a 30-day policy for returning products if they are not satisfactory. This 30-day return period begins after receiving your item and not after ordering it.

Student Discount: If you are a student, you can join the programmer. An annual fee is required to join this program.

In return, you will receive a discount each time you shop. The free membership will give you a value of 6%, but not enough to qualify for the discount.

The deal would be 8% for the rest of our members.

4. Payment Methods by Zaful

  1. PayPal:

The most widely used online payment method. can be accessed via PayPal, and customers can shop with confidence.

  1. Credit card via PayPal

PayPal allows you to get a credit card via PayPal (Visa MasterCard MasterCard Discover American Express).

  1. Credit card

You can purchase a product by using your credit card.

  1. Western Union

Contact for more information on the western union. It is fast, reliable, and secure.

Note: We need the following statement after making a payment using Western Union.

  • The 10-digit control code
  • Sender’s name
  • Please enter the exact amount
  • Customer’s name
  • Sender’s address
  • Order numbers
  • From which country did you send the payment?
  • The shipping addresses

Chapter 3: Is Zaful Legit?

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Zaful is a rising fast-fashion site founded in Hong Kong in 2014. They offer a wide range of party wear, daywear, and swimwear.

They also have a men’s section that you haven’t seen before. Zaful has cute and fun pieces at a lower price.

This isn’t always bad. You don’t need a workhorse white shirt that you will wear every day for the rest of your life.

Instead, you might find the perfect suit for your tropical vacation, brunch with friends, or dinner. It’s a great spot to experiment with new trends and discover what you like.

1. Who owns Zaful?

If we want to know if Zaful is legit, we must first look at the hard facts. Zaful will not be a good choice for you if your luck has been poor with dressily or Rose Gal.

One Chinese company reported more than $200 million in sales last year, and at least eight of these websites are linked to it.

These websites are Dressily, Rose Wholesale, Shein, Rose Gal, Sammy Dress, Zaful, Nasty Dress, Twinkle Deals, Trends Gal.

Zaful has a Luxembourgian address listed on its website. Rose gal and dressily use the same address.

Rose wholesale is another company that uses it. Google Earth reveals a virtual workplace or a physical address but no employees.

Further investigation revealed that Shein and Zaful have similar domains. The websites are owned by Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co. – a substantial Chinese e-commerce business run by Yang Jianxin.

According to Business Insider, in 2014, the company made $200 million.

  • Give Zaful a chance if you are still interested.
  • Check out past Zaful reviews and listen to their opinions.
  • You shouldn’t buy pieces with 0 reviews.
  • Make sure you get a credit card that offers an excellent policy for recovering any money lost during orders.
  • Don’t expect anything to be returned, as it’s unlikely to happen.
  • Use a throwaway email.
  • Don’t buy the jewelry.
  • If you’re not over 8 inches tall, do not shop here

2. Are the Online Pictures Matches the Real Products?

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

Z Points, Zaful’s loyalty program, is what you will get. To start earning points, you can sign up for a Zaful Account.

Every 50 points equal $1. This can be used to buy Zaful products. Z points are also available if Zful users write reviews or post images promoting Zaful products.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a clear policy about how many points this can bring you. A clear policy does not cover Zaful products.

When you’re ready to use Z points, the discount cannot exceed 30% of your order.

So, for example, if your order is $100, and you have $50 worth of Z points to use, the Z points will only allow you to apply $30 (so the $30 discount does not exceed $30).

Z points cannot be combined with items on sale as they are already discounted. Additionally, Z points cannot buy Z points with discounted money.

3. Marketing Strategies of Zaful

ZAFUL Uses Social Media to Build a Brand Image

  • Analyze your target audience and improve your self-image
  • Brand Content.
  • Excellent and prompt interaction.
  • Products and Services are the Determining Factors.
  • Engage with Influential Opinion Leaders
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4. Customer Support and Service

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

You should contact the Customer Support Center immediately if you find that an item is defective, damaged, in error in size, or wrongly shipped.

Customers are asked to return items to Zaful’s official return address to receive a replacement at no cost or a full reimbursement within the policies outlined in the official terms.

Any item returned due to reasons not listed above may be eligible for partial reimbursement. It is best to consult their website or call customer support to verify their current return policy.

5. Refund, Return and Exchange policies by Zaful

To return your item, please contact Zaful within thirty days. In most cases, you will have to cover shipping costs.

If you have received an incorrect item or a faulty size item, please call our support center and send a photo or video. The issue’s cause will determine the outcome.

You can always change your mind, even if the wrong item was sent to you.

In such cases, you can get a partial return or exchange. You’ll still need to pay the shipping costs.

Orders of any of the following items by Zaful cannot be returned, mainly for hygiene reasons:

  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Beauty products
  • Luck Bags
  • Protective equipment, including masks
  • Special Discounts
  • Items with nonreturnable tags
  • No cost gifts

6. How Long Does Zaful Take to Process a Return?

Once your item has been returned to Zaful, it takes three to six weeks for the company to process it. As per your payment method, see the table below.

-How to Return an Items to Zaful by Yourself

To return an item that you don’t like, please:

  • Log in and locate the order to which you would like to return
  • Click on My tickets, and then fill out the After-Sales Application.
  • Select Returns & Exchangealong with the second reason from the question Type field
  • Select the option you want in the after-sales type
  • Input the order number, and mark the item you want to return.
  • Use the messagefield to describe the issue
  • Upload any relevant photos or video
  • Verify your contact info and hit Submit

For the Zaful teams to reply to you with an RMA number and return address, please wait 24 hours.

You can then package the item securely, complete the form and drop it at your preferred shipping company.

You can visit the website to see that the company will exchange or refund your item if it is unsatisfactory.

It isn’t that simple. If you wish to return your item, you will first need to log in with your email password or create an account at their website.

Only then can you access their Support Centre to submit an issue. There is no email, phone, or online chat.

If you wish to return your item, you must provide information about the reason you want it returned, along with the SKU product number. There’s more! There’s also an additional catch.

Incorrect sizing falls under the customer’s responsibility. The original item could be returned and exchanged, but shipping charges to China still need to be paid.

However, these inexpensive items will be less expensive than shipping. This is why many people never get the item back.

It doesn’t matter if the item you receive isn’t what you expected. This is again considered “customer responsibility.”

  • Zaful Order Statuses

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

For a complete check of your order status, please take the following steps:

  • Login with your registered email address to view your order and make changes.
  • If you’ve placed an order via PayPal directly, then check your PayPal Account for your Invoice ID’. This will be your Zaful order.
  •   If your order were placed through PayPal, Zaful would send an email with a password. Please log into Zaful with your PayPal email and the password we have sent.

Chapter 4: Reviews on Zaful

  • Positive Highlights

You have to once email customer care. Their response was a day later. You’ve made two Zaful purchases totaling 12 items, including tops, rompers, and bathing suits.

  • Critical Highlights

I have not been able to get a hold of the Post Office. They have no idea where it is. Discuss the scam charges with your credit card company.

Chapter 5: Tips to Consider Before Ordering from Zaful

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. Do Take Measurements and be Accurate About the Size

Be sure to check the reviews before you decide on your size. They tend to be true-to-size, but you have to find that some of your items were large and oversized.

HOWEVER, if you had read the reviews first, you would have known.

2. Order Things where Fit is Less Important

Perfect tailored pants will be something you can fit into. But unfortunately, it is not easy to wear a bodycon or chunky sweater in a fitted style.

3. Do Look for the Accessories

You love adding a pair or two of cute sunglasses to your order. Zaful offers tons of options starting at $10 and ending at $5.

Unfortunately, the reviews for their jewelry say that they tarnish quickly, so you didn’t order any necklaces. However, you were happy to receive the sunglasses!

4. Order Products Having Previous Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be feedback based on customer experiences with a business. These reviews can either be public or private.

The company or third-party review platforms collect them. Companies can analyze customer reviews and measure customer satisfaction to improve customer relations.

5. Don’t Think of Using Return Policy

Zaful has a weak return policy. This is not a store where you should place a large order.

Therefore, you can expect to return only half of your items.

6. Use Credit Cards With Payment Recovery Policy

Zaful orders should be made with a credit or debit card offering insurance coverage.

This will allow you to receive a full refund. Don’t forget to cancel your order. You don’t believe it’s possible or easy.

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Chapter 6: Pros of Buying from Zaful

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

It’s helpful to be aware of what you can do if something goes wrong. For example, Zaful offers a full 45-day return warranty.

In addition, customer service can be reached immediately if an item arrives damaged, defective, or in the wrong size. Zaful prices are meager, and they often change over time.

Zaful clothing costs between $5-$30, with most items in the $10-$20 price range. Other popular articles can go for $15-25.

Zaful coupons, Zaful discounts, and Zaful promotional codes can all be used to help you save money. This website also offers all of these benefits to the buyer.

  • Variety of Products

There are thousands upon thousands of clothing designs to suit every style.

  • Free Shipping and Promo Codes

Zaful coupons and promo codes are always available on their website, especially for new clients. Zaful coupons can only be used to save on your purchase.

Zaful coupons can be used only for your shopping. Customers can use Zaful coupon codes to shop.

  • Return Policy and Process

If you aren’t happy with Zaful merchandise, you can always return it as long you have paid for return shipping and the item has not been damaged.

You must contact customer support to request a return or refund. Visit the Support Center to do so.

Fill out this form. You must describe the issue clearly and explain why you want to return the item.

To file a claim for a refund, you will need to include the SKU product number and then your order number.

Zaful can only accept returns if the issue is within their control. Zaful can make either case a full recovery or replace the item.

Zaful will not accept a return or issue any refund because you changed your mind. However, if the thing is not what you wanted, Zaful will likely give you a partial recovery, but not a complete one.

For example, if you order the wrong size or the wrong design, you cannot request a refund or exchange.

  • Student Discounts and Feasibility

The Student Membership Program is available to students. An annual fee is required to join this program. You will receive a discount each time you shop in exchange for this.

The free membership will give you a value of 6%, but not enough to qualify for the deal. The discount would be 8% for the rest of our members.

Chapter 7: Cons of Buying from Zaful

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

  • Mainly a Women Products Store

Many customers think that Zaful is a scam. Perhaps, Zaful is an e-commerce site that sells clothing online.

Zaful is a popular online retailer of bikinis for young women. Each day, Zaful receives thousands of customers who love their Zaful products.

Zaful isn’t a scam. Instead, Zaful created a professional group called Risk Control to ensure financial security

  • Time-Taking Service ships around the world. offers free shipping on all orders above $30. Advanced Zaful shipping is also available for $99.

Shipping costs can reach $6.99, depending on the location. For example, shipping to the USA costs $2.99, Oceania or New Zealand $4.99, Canada $3.99, and Australia $3.99.

Zaful usually takes between 4-5 business days to complete Zaful shipping. Shipping time for orders placed from the US is generally 6-10 working days.

Add to that the four-day processing time, and your item will arrive in 10 business days.

  • Late or no Response for Refunds

You could wait for hours before customer support responds to your queries. Live Chat is for pre-sale clients only, so you can’t complain.

  • Shipping Issues

The Better Business Bureau reports 34 delivery issues against the company. This is because it takes so long for the product to arrive or not complete.

This is the most common complaint. These are all valid concerns, but it’s essential to realize that no company can be perfect.

Zaful isn’t a fraud, but there are opportunities to improve the business and customer service.

  • Not Suitable for Wholesale

Zaful cannot offer any discount on purchasing more than one item. This is not friendly for distributors and wholesalers who specialize in this niche market, swimwear.

  • Limited Choices

The selections are not as extensive as Aliexpress and China brands. However, as you all know, Zaful focuses on swimwear and makes it hard for you to pick from other categories

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions About Zaful

Is Zaful Legit? A [2022] Review: The Good & The Bad Reviews Before Shopping

1. How can the Customers use Z Points on Zaful for Payment?

Redeem Z-Points earned from Zilla product sales for excellent Zilla merchandise.

Unfortunately, Z-Points can’t be redeemed at Complete the Z-Points Order Formula and fill in all of the required fields.

2. How is Zaful Quality?

Yes, Zaful’s online store is legitimate. They sell high-quality clothing relative to their competitors, especially the low-price points.

Over the last six months, I’ve placed seven orders and have not seen anything that raised any concerns.

3. Does Zaful Offer Shipping Insurance?

Zaful shipping takes around 1 – 3 weeks, depending on what shipping method was used and where it was delivered.

Two main activities affect shipping times: the order processing process and the delivery location. Free Standard Shipping for orders greater than $30

4. How do I Return a Shipment from Zaful?

An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) can be applied to request a return after the order has been dispatched. Please refer to the warranty details on your products page.

5. How long does it take Zaful to Process a Return?

Payment Method Time Frame
PayPal It can take Up to 48 hours
Credit card 7–14 business days
Zaful Wallet It can take Up to 24 hours

Zaful is an affordable option for those who want trendy pieces. However, be cautious when shopping with Zaful.

Their return policy isn’t the best, but the price points are very affordable. It is worth it. 90% of my purchases have been satisfied.

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