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Wholesale Packaging Supplies: List of Best Suppliers (+ Pro Tips)

Wholesale Packaging Supplies: List of Best Suppliers (+ Pro Tips)

Packaging materials business is among the booming industries in the modern world. Because booming online purchase, it has a high growth rate, and therefore it is an ideal worth to try.

To succeed in this business, you need to identify the best-rated suppliers in the world and wholesale packaging materials for your business from them. Or you also need prefessional packaging for your own boutique.

After reading this article, you will come to understand the best wholesale packaging supplies distributors in the world. We have also answered some of the commonly asked questions by most small and medium packaging materials business owners.


Wholesale Packaging Supplies: List of Best Suppliers (+ Pro Tips)


Here are the best and cheap wholesale packaging distributors in the world. Read and get to know them.


1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is among the best and leading distributor that offers wholesale shipping supplies across the world. The company is located in China, and they have global reach serving clients in more than 250 countries and states. Chinabrands is the ideal supplier if you are looking to wholesale packaging boxes for your business. The company offers a wide range of wholesale packaging boxes at a wholesale price.

If you are looking to wholesale cheap packaging boxes or qualified packaging boxes, you will get them here.

About the quality, Chinabrands has invested a lot of money on their packaging material system. Any packaging material from Chinabrands is inspected more than three times to ensure that they produce high-quality packaging boxes.

As compared to other packaging sup-pliers, Chinabrands is providing the best prices for wholesale packaging supplies. In addition to that, you will get corresponding CB points as a return. You can use these points to deduct your order amount in your future purchases.

Another attractive area of Chinabrands is that they offer wholesale packaging discounts and therefore the final wholesale packaging materials you get from them is hugely competitive. This allows you to make reasonable profits after selling packaging materials in your shop.

Feature Overview

Very low prices

Professional dropshipping services

A wide collection of quality products

Custom designed products

Next day delivery

Global shipping at low costs


Recommended for: 

Resellers looking for professional drop shippers and general wholesalers with no Minimum Order Quantity.

2. Mr. Box Online

Mr box online has been in operation for more than forty years selling wholesale packaging materials like boxes to small and medium businesses. The company knows exactly what you need for your business. They have invested in modern printing machines that are capable of printing different designs. This allows them to customize the packaging materials to meet the demand of your business.

When you visit their site, you can find the particular design you want to wholesale to your business.  Wholesaling packaging materials from Mr box online is pretty simple. For instance, if you do not want to make an order through their online platform, you can still call or email them, or you can even go to their office in person and outsource whichever design you of packaging boxes you want.

You can redeem the loyalty shopping points you accumulate each time you shop wholesale packaging materials from them. This implies that they appreciate when you shop with them.

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3. Paper Mart

Paper mart is a family owned company that deals with wholesale shipping supplies of packaging materials. It has been in wholesale packaging supplies business for about 100 years. They produce high-quality wholesale packaging materials that are designed to meet your specific business need. Their packaging materials are lightweight, strong and durable. On top of that, they manufacture eco-friendly packaging wholesale products.

Even though the company has some items to sell, but mostly they deal with wholesale packaging supplies. This allows them to do thorough research on packaging materials to bring out amazing and modern designs that meet the changing needs of most packaging businesses and yours is not an exemption. At any given time, their warehouse contains about 26000 wholesale packaging boxes, and therefore you are assured of getting the particular packaging item that you are looking for your business.

Ever since the company was established, they promised to supply the best packaging items at low price. Looking back they have achieved this goal. And this is the reason as to why they have hit one century in packaging industry.

Moreover, their delivery procedures are fast and straightforward. Therefore you can always depend on them when you run out of packaging stock in your business.



4. Packaging Supplies

This company offers you a wide selection of wholesale packaging boxes for all your business needs. They will supply you with all the designs you may need for your business. For instance, if you want to outsource small or big packaging boxes, then you can find then in packaging supplies company. Whether you wish boxes for cakes, gift boxes, boxes for jewelry, customized boxes for candy or ties, then you can be assured to get them in this company.



5. Premier Packaging

This is a company that specializes in custom printing. Custom packaging materials are less expensive in this company. They offer wholesale packaging materials at extremely competitive price. The reason behind that is that they usually deal with in house printing which regulates the amount of money they spend in the process. This implies that you will spend less when you wholesale packaging materials for your business from them. It means that you will be able to save more money which will translate to more profits for your packaging business.

Premier packaging company offers the best wholesale packaging solutions because they care about your business.



6. Tiny Box Company

This company was incorporated back in the year 2007 by as a sole company by Madam Rachel Watkyn. Tiny Box Company offers ethical wholesale packaging options without compromising on luxury or beauty.  They supply eco-friendly packaging wholesale products that are carefully handpicked to provide you with a wide range to choose from.

To meet the needs of your packaging business, they deal with rigid boxes, recycled bags, gift packaging, ribbons, jewelry bags among other packaging materials. With this distributor, there is no minimum order quantity, and there are no hidden charges.

If your packaging business runs out of stock unexpected, you can make an urgent order, and they will deliver to your stores within 48 hours.

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7. Stock Pack

Stock pack is among the packaging wholesalers who supply high-quality wholesale packaging materials in the United Kingdom. Being the producer of the packaging materials on sale, it offers highly competitive rates in the United Kingdom.  It introduces new and modern packaging materials from time to time to give you high quality and unique packaging items for your business needs to select from.



8. Self Packaging

Self-packaging is a great wholesale packaging supplies distributor of gift boxes that offers a wide range of options to select from. They take small, medium and large orders from businesses without imposing extra charges on their packaging products.

What you need to note with this distributor is that they do not stick to specific delivery dates and this means that you can order wholesale packaging materials according to your convenience. The company has introduced a DIY concept in the packaging industry thereby making the whole packaging process easy, fun and cheap.



9. Varanaa Industries

This company was established back in the year 2002 as a manufacturer and wholesale packaging supplies distributor in India. It is a sole trader wholesale packaging supplier that was established by a famous businessman Mr. Radhesh Kumar.

The packaging materials produced in this company are of the highest quality without compromising on the quality.

This is the best wholesale packaging distributor in India. Therefore you can consider outsourcing high-quality packaging materials from this company if you are considering to stock your business from Indian manufactured packaging materials.


Wholesale Packaging Supplies: List of Best Suppliers (+ Pro Tips)

Tips to Make the Best Use of Packaging to Marketing and Boost Sales


While each product is different from the other, but the information that you want from the packaging is almost the same. Your packaging should be informative and attractive to your customers. Here are some tips and information that you need to include in your packaging to improve your sales.

Information: When you provide more useful information you build more trust with your clients. For instance, if your client is dealing with food products, then you need to include nutritional information that lists the importance of the product to the consumer.

Color Consistency: This is where you will use color to reflect the type of the item that is being sold. The color does not necessarily have to match that of the product, but it should be related to how a client will feel after owning it. The color should be bright and attractive.

Brand Identification: Note that the packaging does not only sell the item but also the business itself. Proper brand identification is essential in winning the confidence of the consumer. It leads to an increase in sales.

Clarity: All said and done, all the aspect of your packaging should be clear. It should not be confusing. This is very critical in the selling conversation because consumers will not be ready to purchase an item that contains confusing information.


Where to Wholesale Candy Packaging?


There are many suppliers providing candy packaging. One of the best suppliers is Shadani Group. They produce and distribute best candy packaging and they located in New Delhi, India. Their candies are manufactured under strict high-quality principles. Their prices are incredibly competitive, and therefore you are guaranteed to make reasonable profit margins if you wholesale candy packaging from them.

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Where to Wholesale Gift Packaging?


Various individuals or companies use gift packaging for the giveaways on special occasions. People give away gifts to increase affection and love. If you are a brand dealing with selling gift packaging, then you need to make your gift packaging look excellent and attractive. You can get gift packaging from various websites, but one of the best site to outsource gift packaging for your business is print stop and Chinabrands.They have a wide range of gift packaging from which you can select from to meet your business needs.


Where to Wholesale Packaging for Jewelry?


Packaging items for jewelry is a common business in the modern world. Most women treat their jewelry with a lot of care, and that is the reason as to why you will find them buying jewelry packagings. They want to take care of them to avoid them from getting lost. If you are in this business and you are wondering where to wholesale jewelry packaging for your business, then take heart. Fetpak company is the solution for you. They are located in the US, and they offer high-quality jewelry packaging at very competitive prices.


What Are the Best Marketplaces to Wholesale Packaging Supplies for Food?


Food packaging is a method to ensure that food items are delivered safely to consumers. Food packaging items are among the upcoming businesses to explore because people are continuously improving their hygiene measures. To wholesale food packaging items for your business, then you should visit paper mart company that is located in India. Their deals are friendly, and they are reliable.


Where to Wholesale Plastic Packaging Bags?


To wholesale plastic packaging bags for your business, then visit oasis bags website. They produce high-quality bags that will fulfill your specific requirement. Oasis bags manufacturers are globally recognized suppliers of high quality plastic packaging bags at very low prices.  Your business will go a notch higher after you make a business deal with them.


Where to Wholesale Tea Packaging?


For all your tea packaging business solution, then Alibaba is the best. They offer high-quality tea packaging items at an affordable price without compromising on the quality. They are internationally recognized in providing excellent customer service, and their delivery procedure is fast and straightforward. Alibaba is a wholesale shipping supplies distributor across the world.


Final Words


In conclusion, we hope that the above information will help you to manage your business effectively. Remember that the aimed goal of your packaging materials business is to maximize on the profit.

The packaging wholesalers above are carefully selected and thoroughly audited to make sure that we come up with a list that will help you to take your business a notch higher. They are wholesale packaging supplies distributors with a positive reputation in the packaging materials industry. Concluding it all we can say that Chinabrands can be considered the best place for you.

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