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Top 13 Cheapest Websites to Wholesale Quality Clothing in the USA [FAQs]

Top 13 Cheapest Websites to Wholesale Quality Clothing in the USA [FAQs]

Wholesale clothing in USA is one of the best performing businesses. If you are looking for the cheapest websites to wholesale quality clothing in the USA, this is the best article for you.

In this article, I will list the best and cheapest wholesale clothing websites in the USA. To help you select the most suitable website, their features comparison in the chart provided.

Clothing business is a really broad topic. The FAQ part not only covers about the cheap clothing websites in the USA but also plus size wholesale clothing the USA, branded wholesale clothing in the USA and unique boutique clothing wholesale USA.

Let’s get started.


12 Cheapest Websites to Wholesale Quality Clothing in the USA


No. Company Name Product Category Delivery Period
1. Boohoo Clothing and Accessories 1-7 business days
2. Chinabrands General 1-2 days
3. Walmart General 2 days
4. Amazon General 1-5 days
5. Clothing Standard 5-8 business days
6. Sammydress.Com Clothing and accessories Standard 5-8 business days
7. Clothing Standard 3-5 business days
8. ASOS Clothing 2-5 days after payment
9. Clothing and accessories Standard 7-10 days
10. General 2 day free shipping-$35
11. general 1-5 working days
12. Wayfair General 1-3 working days
13. General 3-6 business days


1. – boutique clothing wholesaler

By February 2019, Boohoo saw its revenues up by 75% to £31.4 million. They also operate 24/7 making them an ideal company to wholesale clothing in the USA.

Boohoo was established in 2006 and it adds 100+ new products on a daily basis giving you the chance to be part of their wholesale suppliers.

They do specialize in all clothing styles and accessories like handbags, jewellery, sunglasses, scarves, gloves and hats. Their boutique section allows any supplier to sell its unique boutique clothing wholesale.

Products purchased are delivered within 1-7 business days by standard means in the US.


2. Chinabrands – general clothing dropshiper & wholesaler


This is an ideal international dropshipper and wholesaler for those looking for cheap wholesale clothing for they are always available on the flash deals.


With over 5000 verified exclusive manufacturers, you can buy clothing in bulk at wholesale price with Zero MOQ. And they have discount point policy and CB points which can be offset as payment.


Wholesale clothing from this wholesale distributor, you can buy tops in $0.29, and the quality is quite good. If you look for high-end fashion brand, it may just cost about $40.


They provide a one-stop drop shipping service from products sourcing, products publishing, system integration to shipping, everything. Only what you need to do is to promote your store.


Chinabrands auto integrate with all mainstream platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, Wish, Aliexpress, Cdiscount, Jumia, Priceminister, ect.


Having around 200 different categories of shipping and over 50 fulfillment centers available in the global, Chinabrands make sure there is no problem occurring in delivering the product to the customer. They have a short delivery period of 2 working days.

Features Overview:

● Source from 5000+ verified exclusive manufacturers

● 500+ million products of 172 categories

● No minimum order requirement

● Cheap wholesale price from $0.3

● Extremely strict on quality inspection by the professional QC team

● Heavy discount and CB point offset as payment

● Global shipping with Next-day delivery

● Free to download/Sync SEO-optimized product listing

● Auto order fulfillment

● Seamless integration with 20+ platforms

● 24/7 customer service

3. – clothing wholesale website


This company should be on the top of your list. This is one of the websites that will leave your wallet still full as most of the Clothing are below $10. They are located in Miami and are mostly interested in outsourcing from cheap wholesale clothes suppliers from the USA.

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The clothing industry is really broad but ClothingUnder10 has large quantities of almost every category. This is a good market for you are not limited to a particular fashion or brand. What you only need is the assurance that your company can constantly supply when required.

Accepted payments methods include; credit cards like the Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express, PayPal, money order or Cashier’s Check.


4. Walmart – wholesale&retail company

This is one of the largest wholesale/ retail companies in the USA dealing in all categories of products. With branches across hundreds of cities in the world, Walmart partners with all verified wholesalers to stock their stores.

Walmart started as a small discounted store 50 years ago and has e-commerce websites in 10 countries. Junk foods have become a phenomenon in this country and their website offers the best opportunity to supply plus size wholesale clothing in the USA.

Can your business meet the supply demands for a company with sales revenue of $514.4 billion?

Joining Wal-Mart’s market place is easy. You can download their app or and register as a seller or click here and fill the form provided.

5. – wholesale by contact with sellers

This is probably the most known e-commerce websites with millions of products listed for sale. Its spread all over the world and you can either supply them directly to their stores and join as an affiliate and sell your USA-made wholesale clothing and their accessories.

Amazon has millions of online buyers and since 2000 it has helped thousands of individual sellers and businesses increase their sales. This is the biggest market you always target because you can wholesale any cloth and enjoy your profits.

Amazon sells all clothing brands from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can also sell any quantity as long as your business is registered with them.

6. Sammydress – Clothing Specialty wholesaler & retailer

This is a wholesale supply company as a retailer and it specializes in clothing only. Both small and large scale wholesale suppliers can sell their clothes to Sammydress.

One of the greatest benefits of dealing with Sammydress is that it among the few companies who wholesale clothing in the USA with no minimum order one is required to supply.

Sammydress has more than 200,000 products lines almost all supplied at a factory price. There are several ways one can wholesale clothing in the USA online via this company. You can join their drop ship program, sign up their free affiliate program or register to supply directly to their stores.

7. – design and wholesale clothing suppliers

Even though designs some of its clothes, they also give chances to wholesale clothing suppliers to supply clothes at a low price. To get a reasonable supply share at Tobi, you need to be renown for plus size wholesale clothing in the USA and have the capacity to deliver when needed.

They specialize in all kinds of clothing and they can also customize your orders. Most of their customers’ orders are delivered within 3-5 days but you can also expedite shipping to 2 days.

8. ASOS – wholesale clothing suppliers

ASOS has 165 suppliers located in 28 different countries across the world. They are constantly engaging in wholesale clothing in the USA online to find the best suppliers who can meet their set standards.

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This is an online wholesale store with some of the cheapest but high-quality clothing not found in other wholesale clothing in the USA online stores. It’s easy to join ASOS as a wholesale supplier. Read their sourcing program before partnering with them.

The ASOS marketplace was established in 2010 to seek out the best fashion startups and its now a home to the most unique boutique clothing wholesale suppliers.


Top 13 Cheapest Websites to Wholesale Quality Clothing in the USA [FAQs]


9. – wholesale supplier directory

This is among the largest online cheap wholesale clothes website in the USA, specializing in clothing and accessories only. They have different order delivery periods but the normal usually takes 7-10 days.

There are two ways you can sell your clothes on RoseWholesale. You can join their affiliate program and get 4%-10% commission on any sale when a client clicks a link on your website and buys from RoseWholesale. The greatest advantage with this program is you are not restricted by wholesale clothing in the USA, and no minimum order requirement imposed on suppliers.

The other process involves contracting with them to supply to their warehouses located in different locations. However, thorough screening on the quality of your wholesale clothes is done before you are given the opportunity.



10. – dropshipping & wholesale supplier

This is a wholesale supplier/retailer offers a huge market to wholesale clothes suppliers who can commit themselves to the Targets Rules of Use. partners with suppliers from the whole world to meet the demands of their customer.

Do you want to supply directly to their stores or start dropshipping with them? The option is yours. In fact, this company can help you double your sales as they have a large customer base. deals generally with all types of products but they are more focused on clothing fashion for all gender and ages.

They are very positive towards their vendors and this is well put by the CEO in his speech, “We believe it is good business and invite suppliers to engage and explore opportunities with Target”.


11. – wholesale companies & retailer

Costco opened its first doors in 1976 in Seattle and has been severally mentioned as among the wholesale companies to work. It deals with all categories of products. Their set minimum order requirement is $35 and orders can be delivered in 1-5 days.

Being in the list of top companies in the State of Washington, it might be your biggest opportunity to wholesale high-quality clothing to them. Costco suppliers or vendors are selected from across the world and their products tested to ascertain what will sell well.

12. Wayfair – General Wholesale Clothing website & retailer

Wayfair is a large online retailer with more than 14 million items listed on its website. They have the largest customer base of over 50 million active users. If you are looking for cheap clothes website to sell your wholesale clothing in the USA online, Wayfair will offer a huge market to your business.

This company relies on drop ship suppliers for their business. You have to register with them as a drop shipper to be allowed to supply your quality clothes.

Wayfair was established in 2002 and deals with all categories of products. Their policy is to always deliver customers’ orders within 1-3 working days.


13. – Wholesale Clothes company


You can wholesale clothes for as low as $0.2 for is popularly known as a cheap clothing website. This company sells all kinds of products which are sourced from diverse and sustainable wholesale suppliers from all the continents.

Their recruiting process isn’t that vigorous compared to other online companies. One of the main qualification requirements is that you must have the ability to deliver high quality and cost-competitive clothing which is a plus to you. Customers’ orders are delivered within 3-6 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Clothes in USA


How to Find the Best Distributors to Wholesale Clothing in.USA?


There are thousands of distributors with the potential to wholesale quality clothing but the tricky part is evaluating them to know the best and most suitable.

Here is how to find the best distributor;

● Referral- People in the same business are in a better placed to tell their best distributors as opposed to starting trial and error to establish who is who.

● Visiting Trade shows- This will provide one on one interaction and even though you may not know their past history and financial status, it’s easy to prejudge them.

● Internet search- Most of the largest clothing distributors do have a well-detailed website. Based on the customer reviews and the number of listed products, you will be able to know the best.


USA-Made Wholesale Clothing Vs Made-in-China Wholesale Clothing: Which One Should I Choose?


The best answer is both USA-Made and Made-in-China clothing are manufactured with the same materials and technology and therefore none is better than the other. But wholesale from China is much cheaper than from USA.

Some of the websites to wholesale clothing in the USA and China are as provided below.

USA Clothing Website China Clothing Website AliExpress Dhgate Chinabrands Banggood


Is It Possible to Find Some Suppliers to Wholesale Clothing in the USA with No Minimum Order?


Of course yes. These are some of the suppliers;

i. Alibaba



iv. Tasha apparel


Where to Wholesale Plus Size Clothing in the USA?


Plus size clothing is now a booming business in the USA and getting websites to wholesale your clothes can be a really big boost to your venture.

This is where to wholesale;






How to Wholesale Brand Name Clothing in the USA?


Branded wholesale clothes are always in high demand. It will be of great advantage to know how to wholesale them in the USA. This is how to go about it.

Almost all wholesale clothing websites do sell brand name clothing and what you need to register with your business with them. You must first ensure you read their qualification requirements as a supplier before sending your request to them.


I’m Opening a Boutique in the USA. Where to Find Unique and High-Quality Clothing?


There are plenty of clothes designers looking for wholesale buyers to supply their trendy quality clothes. This is where to find the most suitable clothes for your boutique store in the USA.

i. Magazines and newsletters have plenty of unique clothes and their designers’ websites or contacts.

ii. Internet (Google) has more places than you need.

iii. Trade exhibitions are organized very often and this is a good platform for you to meet the designers to supply unique and quality clothes for your boutique.

iv. Business partners do have large lists of clothes suppliers. It’s easy and cost less to use this method.


Over to You


There is a countless number of cheap clothing websites available for your wholesale clothing in the USA. Some do have such a so high demand that you cannot satisfy.

The above-provided list is the best for you to start with.

If you have any further ideas, pls leave comments below.

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