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Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

If you are confused about the choice of fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers, this article will give you good answers and inspiration.

We list the fashion jewelry wholesalers in China, India and the UK, as well as answers to many questions that many businesses need to answer.

Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

I could not believe the huge amount of cash in my money saving box after the close of day one of my wholesale fashion jewelry business. This was my dream come true business.

Now that I can see you are stuck, this article is for you. All that holds you back is well explained in this article.

Today my wholesale fashion jewellery business marks its first ten years. To celebrate together, here is what you should know about wholesale fashion jewellery supply business.

Let’s start.


Why you should start wholesale fashion jewelry supply business?


Strong market demand brings greater possibilities to the fashion jewelry business, the same with hip pop jewelry wholesale.

According to the Global Online Jewelry Market research, the jewellery business is expected to grow at a rate of 15.6% from 2018 to 2022.

As opposed to luxuries jewelry, fashion jewelry are quite affordability. Their low prices mostly results to impulse purchases by the youth whose population is growing fast enough to guarantee future markets.

Many college and university students as well as new graduates are after fashion jewelry because they are commonly available. The demand for these jewelries by retailers is at upward trend.

This illustrates the continuous growth expected in the wholesale fashion jewelry business.

Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

There will be an unexpected customer at every moment for they usually perceive fashion jewelry like any other product and therefore can be bought at any time as they are cheap and easily worn.

Below is a list the best suppliers to consider.


Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)


There are hundreds of wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers across the world but few are reliable.

Best 4 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Suppliers in China

Brand Payment method Price range Delivery time Quality
Tanai Cash/DD/cheque Average 2-12 days ★★★
Chinabrands PayPal/bank transfer/credit card Cheap 24 hours ★★★★★
AliExpress Western union/bank transfer/PayPal Average 2-5 working days ★★★★
Nihaojewelry PayPal/bank transfer/credit card Average 5-7 days ★★★

1. Tanai

Tanai does its business online and has more than 25,000 different designs. They have different payment methods available to their customers. They have a wide network with the manufactures which helps in getting cheap products.


Its factory is situated at the source of the jewelry mineral so as to cut the costs of transport. It also eliminated its shop salesmen and started online supply model. This enables them to sell its products at competitive prices.

Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)


Chinabrands is the preferred market leader in the wholesale supply of fashion jewelry. There are many factors to consider while looking for the best supplier of your jewelry. These factors found in Chinabrands should help you know which supplier to select.


√  A quality supplier should be able to deliver the customers’ orders within the shortest time possible. Just like Chinabrands, for a supplier to have quick deliveries of the orders, it should have warehouses across the world and good transport systems.

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√  A good supplier should have an excellent customer service and well trained customer service agents to handle every customer’s challenges. Customer care agents should be available 24/7 to answer queries from every country.

  To emulate Chinabrands minimum order quantity, your supplier should always be there to help you as its partner in the business. In case of orders beyond your capacity, your preferred supplier should be able to supply your customer’s order without minimum order restrictions.

√  Jewelry products are held with high esteem and having your supplies from a supplier who cannot ascertain its products qualities can be a great risk to your business. Chinabrands has employed permanent and well-trained quality controllers to ensure goods received and supplied are of high qualities.


This is one of the jewelry wholesale suppliers with the best prices in this jewelry industry. It has a well-established customer care that ensures good customer response. Nihaojewelry deals only in jewelry making and wholesale supply thus making it easy to track and maintain the quality of its products.

If you want your orders to be delivered within the shortest time possible, try Nihaojewelry. With its partner DHL and FedEx ready at all times, it ensures timely delivery of orders.

4. AliExpress

This is among the biggest China wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers with the widest category of products. It has cheap products for its customer. AliExpress has a good customer response due to its long-term investment in customer care.

AliExpress delivers customer orders within a period of 24hours. It has warehouses in many countries to facilitate faster delivery orders.

Due to its wide networks and more persuasive power to the manufactures, they get big discounts and offer which lowers the price of the products.



Best 4 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Suppliers in India

Brand Payment method Price range Delivery time Quality
India Best jewelry Average Cash/DD/cheque 5-12 days ★★★
Kanhai Jewels Cheap PayPal/bank transfer/credit card 2-15 working days ★★★
Shalimar Fashion Jewelry Cheap Western union/bank transfer/PayPal 2-5 working days ★★★★
Shubham Creations Average PayPal/bank/cash 5-7 working days ★★

1. India Best Jewelry

It was formed in 2013 and due to its trendy cheap wholesale fashion jewelry; it has raised to be among the top wholesale fashion jewelry supplier in India.


Indian Best specializes in jewelry products thus resulting to a few product categories. India Best has an excellent customer care service.

2. Kanhai supplies

Kanhai jewelry supplier is defined by its finest collections of simple and cheap jewelry. Their long experience has perfected their quality control systems. They have well-established different channels of communication with their customers. There is a 24/7 live chat on their website with their clients an also direct phone talks.

Because they deal with diamonds, their prices calls for clients who are of high class.

3. Shalimar Fashion Jewelry


Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

This wholesale fashion jewelry supplier is best known for its stylish and quality wedding rings. It is an affiliate company of Indian mart which gives it the capability to have wide categories of jewelry.

Due to its fastest modes of transport, it is reliable for any urgent customer orders. There are customer care representative ready replies to any of your queries. This is the only place to get the cheapest wholesale fashion jewelry for you to extra profits.

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4. Shubham Creations

This is the best jewelry wholesale supplier to handle your customized orders. They are also referred by many customers because of the artisanship found in their ornaments which makes them very unique.

Being among the accredited China wholesale fashion jewelry manufactures, they are recognized for their cheap but high-quality products. They have a wide distribution network which makes them have a timely delivery of customer orders.

Shubham Creations has many methods payments. You can either pay using cash, direct bank transfers and cheque.

For more tips and tricks in the jewelry industry, you can check wholesale jewelry suppliers.



Best 4 Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Suppliers in the UK

Brand Payment method Price range Delivery time Quality
Jewelry World Credit card/cheque Cheap 3-10 days ★★
Alish wholesale jewelry Credit card/cheque Fair 2-12 working days ★★★
Jewel city Credit card/cheque Average 5-10 working days ★★★
Western counties Creations Western union Credit card/cheque Cheap 3-8 working days

1. Alish Wholesale Jewelry

This company manufactures its own products making it among the most reliable for their high-quality products. They have a wide range of jewellery products and accessories for you to choose your best taste.

Expect to maximize your profits if you buy from Alish wholesale Jewelry because they sell what they manufacture and there are no middlemen. They also offer free shipping to their customers and this also helps reduce customers’ expenditure costs.


Top 12 Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers (China/ India/ UK)

2. Jewelry World

This is the home to your best stylish wholesale fashion jewelry. With more than 30,000 product categories selling from as low as £ 1 to £10, many youths fall under this category. If you have the youth as biggest customers this is the place to buy and wholesale your fashion jewelry brands.

Jewellery world has good customer care representatives available 24/7 who are well equipped to answer to any issue you have.

For you to have your diamond bracelets insured, the first thing you get is quality. They have the experts to check all the products to ensure they meet the set quality standards.

3. Jewelcity

Jewelcity gives its customers the option of buying 1 piece of a style will enable you to accept any specialized order. This is further facilitated by the provision of bespoke private label designs.

Jewelcity leads the way in low-risk smart buying, with a low minimum order of £50 and the option of buying 1 piece of a style. You can try a style first before moving to bigger quantities at discounted prices with our tiered pricing offers on all products. Jewelcity offer free next working day delivery on UK mainland orders above £100

4. Western Counties Wholesale Fashion Jewellery

This wholesale supplier has many discounts almost at every stage of your purchase including a 5% discount an all cash and carry customers.

To the customers in other countries, the delivery period is between 2 to 12 days depending on the location of the customers’ business. It has a wide product range of about 3,500 products for its customers to make their selection.

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Quality Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Suppliers Features


There are many wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers who are very smart in pretending to offer the best and quality jewellery only to scam you.

These are the features of a quality supplier:

  • 1. Quality management system

Jewellery products and accessories are mostly worn as a self-actualization product. How would you feel if the jewellery you sold is returned due to poor quality? Like Chinabrands, your fashion jewellery wholesale supplier should have strict quality control systems to ensure what you order is what you receive and is of the best quality.

  • 2. Supplier accountability

At times there are errors that will occur while packaging or labelling of the ordered products. A quality supplier will authorize the exchange of the products without complications. Refer to the best Return Policies Statements by Chinabrands and compare with the other suppliers.

  • 3. Product Diversification and supply capacity


Will you choose a supplier who specializes in only silver or bronze? Because you expect any kind of order from any customer, your wholesale fashion jewellery supplier should be capable of supplying any type of jewellery. The number of jewellery your supplier can supply greatly determines the orders you can accept.

  • 4. Minimum order quantity

Imagine selling products while still on your supplier’s website without minimum order restrictions? This is why Chinabrands has been my supplier. You should also choose a supplier who will enable you to accesses their websites and sell to customers and then order the chosen items.

  • 5. Competitive pricing

We are in business to make profits. Any wholesale fashion jewelry supplier you choose should offer prices almost similar to the other suppliers to similar products. You should even want to look for a cheaper one without compromising the quality.


All the above qualities can only be found in According to all the above information on the 12 listed wholesale fashion jewellery suppliers, it is my opinion we use the most reliable supplier. My choice is Chinabrands.


Frequently Asked Questions about wholesale fashion jewelry


Q1. Where can I buy cheap wholesale fashion jewellery accessories for my customer online?

Almost all the reliable online wholesale fashion jewellery supplier has a category of cheap jewellery accessories. However, the price of the accessories is determined by the buying price and the offers on the particular item you choose. You will get cheap but quality jewellery accessories at

Q2. My customer wants has placed an urgent order to be supplied within the shortest time possible. Which jewellery wholesale supplier can qualify?

Only wholesale jewellery supplier with warehouses in your country or neighbour country, and has the best reliable drop shipping services like Chinabrands should be on their way to deliver that order.

Q3. Where can I find the best fashion jewellery wholesalers from China?

There are many fashion jewellery wholesalers in China but you have to always look for the best for your business to grow fast. Search engines offer the most relevant information. You will even get access to the websites to some of the wholesalers. You can also visit trade shows and you will have first-hand information from the fashion jewellery wholesalers themselves.


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