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How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

This guide I am going to introduce everything you need to know about how to find the best high quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers in China, USA and UK.

First, I’ll show you the advantages and disadvantages of buying locally and from overseas.

Then, I’ll include supplier lists of top wholesale boutique clothing in China, USA and UK.

Last, I’ll let you know everything about how I find these clothing vendors respectively.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

Where To Purchase Wholesale Clothing From? Domestically or China?

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

Wholesale boutique clothing business has a lot of potentials. But before kick-starting the business, you need to know the best place to outsource for your goods. For instance, are you better off sourcing domestically or from China? To provide a clear answer, let’s look at a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of each option.

1. Buying from China

It’s not a secret to purchase from China in bulk, and many businesses have taken great advantages of buying from China, in my personal experience, there are:


● Cheaper Price

China offers products at unbeatable prices. Better still, the upfront investment opens doors for a smooth-sailing business relationship with the vendor. You’ll be able to set more competitive pricing for your products, hence giving you an edge, even over the larger boutique clothing stores.

● Easy Product Customization

Once you’ve established a stable relationship with your supplier, you can request for custom products at larger purchasing volume. For instance, ones that bear your brand or logo. By doing so, you’ll significantly increase your profit margin.

● Better Customer Service

Compared to domestic suppliers, Chinese distributors offer better services right from the onset, at least from the experience of many clothing businesses out there.

● Better Opportunities for Expansion & Diversification

Looking to expand your business or maybe tap into upcoming markets? Well, outsourcing from China might be your best option. With Chinese suppliers, you can easily expand your product line, diversify your business, and sell to international markets.


● Communication Issues

Most Chinese suppliers are not good at English. Most often, you’ll have to rely on written communication, such as email.

● Slow Product Definition

With Asian suppliers, it’s often hard to establish the quality of the merchandise online. Most often, you’ll have to get product samples shipped to you, which is quite a time-consuming process.

● Higher Minimum Order Quantity

Asian suppliers are mostly factory-based. As a result, you’ll have to order in large quantities, which is quite uncomfortable, especially to beginners in the business.

● Extra Hassle

Shipping from overseas countries is complicated. For instance, you’ll have to deal with customs and logistics issues.

● Tricky Quality Check Control

Mass production often presents a challenge when it comes to maintaining consistent quality. Most often, you’ll have to self-manage.

● Longer Lead Times

Getting products manufactured often takes months. As a result, you’ll have to plan for your inventory requirements carefully.

2. Buying from local vendors (such as suppliers in the USA and UK)

Rather than purchasing from China, some newbies prefer to start cooperation with local vendors for their clothing line. And you can notice that:


● Hassle-free

Buying locally from the US saves you the need of traveling to a foreign place. Plus, you save yourself the headache of customs and logistics of transportation. By placing your orders, you’ll have your merchandise delivered at your doorstep.

● Better Quality Control

The supplier does all the hard work of quality assurance. Better still, wholesale suppliers undergo vetting for quality assurance. Therefore, you save yourself the need to perform quality control checks.

● Better Communication

A local supplier is just a phone call away. Better still, the timezone makes it possible to visit the supplier in person. Plus, there’s no language barrier, making for a better communication experience.


● High Prices

Wholesale dealers in the US offer goods at extremely high prices, resulting in low-profit margins.

● High Competition

There exist a large number of competitors stocking the same items at the lowest prices possible. That said, you’ll have to think twice before buying from a US supplier.

● Declining Local Manufacturers

Most products, including boutique clothing, aren’t manufactured in the US anymore. That means wholesalers have to handle the burden of warehousing and importation from the manufacturer, hence higher prices.

So where should you purchase from?

You might be asking yourself whether China is your ideal wholesale boutique clothing supplier. Well, in the case where you’re doing large volumes, China is your best option owing to the significantly cheaper labor costs. And as far as it goes, boutique clothing is quite labor-intensive, which makes China your top consideration.

But on the flip side of the coin, newbies in the boutique clothing business will do a lot better sourcing within the domestic market, and for a good reason. China is the ideal place for doing large volumes.

But let’s face it, as a beginner, you want to start small. That said, you’ll be better off purchasing fabric in the USA and then employ the service of a local seamstress to manufacture your clothing.

However, if you’re a beginner but still focused on China, a better recommendation would be to try drop-shipping with some Chinese suppliers.

High Quality Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers in China

There are helpful steps to finding the best wholesale boutique clothing distributors and suppliers. But before then, how about a list of the best wholesale clothing suppliers in China, USA and UK? Below, we take a look at each of them and what they have to offer.

1. Alibaba/Aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress are the online marketplaces for wholesale and dropshipping with a gathering of millions of products shipped worldwide and sub-suppliers mainly from China.

The suppliers are only responsible for their products ,and some high rate suppliers have good custom service, you need to do more test to get an excellent one. Alibaba and AliExpress both offer free sign-up.

2. Chinabrands

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

If you are still wondering where to buy clothes, Chinabrands is one of the best options for you. Chinabrands have a wide range of wholesale clothing and all of them is at wholesale prices. No matter you are looking for cheap clothing wholesale, qualified clothes supplies, you will get what you want from Chinabrands.

Moreover, many retailers complained that they don’t know how to identify the products quality of wholesale clothing, and some of them even get cheat during the purchasing.

Chinabrands is investing lots of money on the quality control system, every products from Chinabrands needs to be inspected for 3 times at least and differ from most of the vendors who ramdomly check the goods, Chinabrands is offering 100% products inspection to make sure every piece of wholesale goods meet the quality standard.

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Again, compared to what retailers got from some other online marketers at expensive price. Chinabrands is insist on providing the best price of wholesale clothing for all the businesses.

Besides, every purchase on Chinabrands, you will then get corresponding CB points as return which can be used to deduct your order amount in the next purchase.

To register on Chinabrands, you will notice that there are attractive discount offered for Chinabrands’ members. With CB points and the attractive discount, the final price you get from Chinabrands could be extremely competitive.

Is that all you can get from Chinabrands? Of course not, there are more possibilities Chinabrands is providing:

. Start Your Wholesale Clothing Business At No Risk

You are in shortage of money for the business? You are not willing to take any risks? All your troubles have been solved by Chinabrands. Their drop ship service for retailers to set you free from risks and capital problems.

. Click On The Button On Chinabrands To Get The Boost Products

Most of the retailers are investing lots of time on searching for the profitable products. There are more than thousands of retailers purchasing from Chinabrands everyday. You are very easy to find the market trends and hot selling models from the website. Just leave the product research to Chinabrands, you can put 100% capacity to boost your sales.

. Leave SEO Job To Chinabrands, Save Your Time

Many retailers complained about the preparation of optimized SEO products description for e-commerce online shops, especially for the new starters. Chinabrands is equiped with professional teams to build strong SEO products descriptions for its group members to upload all the product details to their online shops much more easily.

. Get Your Wholesale Clothing Within 24 Hours

Are you tired of waiting for your packages? With the help of the wordwide warehouses and logistics system from Chinabrands, you can even get your wholesale clothing within 24 hours.

High Quality Wholesale Boutique Clothing Vendors in the USA

Company Category Location
FashionGo lTops



lLingerie & Hosiery

lOutwear, etc.

Los Angeles, California
LA Showroom lTee & Tanks




lActive Wear, etc.

Los Angeles, California
Fashion House LA lBottoms




lActive Wear, etc.

Los Angeles, California
HYFVE lGirl Dresses Los Angeles, California
Cherish lHoodies & Sweatshirts

lCardigans & Outwear



lRompers & Bottoms, etc.

Los Angeles, California
Zenana Wholesale lOutwear

lActive wear


lBottoms, etc.

Los Angeles, California

1. FashionGo

FashionGo sits at the top of the list regarding online business-to-business (B2B) fashion stores. The company has over 15 years of experience in the fashion business. FashionGo employs unparalleled technology and services, a feature that has made it a hub for hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers across the world. It boasts thousands of daily updated styles in boutique clothing and related items.

You get all these at the best prices, and gain 24/7 access to the vast collection. At FashionGo platform, you can register and get access to the vendor stores. Plus, registration is open for all, provided you have a verifiable business related to fashion and apparel. Just for the record, the platform boasts hundreds of thousands of active retailers. FashionGo provides consolidated shipping in the case where you order from more than one vendor to save shipping charges.

2. LA Showroom

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

Located in the heart of LA Fashion District, LA Showroom offers you with B2B convenience. The showroom boasts one of the biggest collections in fashion clothing. Plus, it offers an ever-expanding array of the latest styles in the fashion industry.

Upon registration, you get access to the company’s thousands of styles and benefits, including private label, consolidated shipping services, buyer reward program, among others.

3. Fashion House LA

Fashion House LA has over 20 years of experience in wholesale boutique clothing supply. The company specializes in sourcing and selling both non-branded and branded off-price merchandise. It constantly adapts to rapid change in fashion trends, hence keeping up with the competitive fashion industry.

Fashion House LA supplies to over 50 states in the US and to several foreign countries. Your order is eligible for free shipping within the US once you surpass the $99 mark.


HYFVE stocks every clothing that a unique, fun, and stylish girl needs. The company supplies girl dresses for every occasion, both in modern and classic styles. Upon registration and approval, you gain access to the whole collection.

HYFVE sells within the US and outside. There’s no free shipping at the moment as the platform depends on other shipping companies.

5. Cherish

Cherish is your one-stop shop for hot, exclusive summer clothing. The company is strictly a wholesale supplier boasting the latest in designer-inspired apparel. Its long line of clothing is sourced from hundreds of local importers and manufacturers.

The company gives you variety, from the very basic styling to the most fashionable items. Besides being tailored for the young, contemporary market, Cherish clothing line has something to suit every occasion. Free ground shipping (within the Continental US) is available for orders above $300.

6. Zenana Wholesale

Zenana has been a supplier of fashion basics and trendy novelty since 2003. The company deals only in wholesale supply and accepts international orders, except in some few restricted countries. It boasts a warehouse in LA and a factory overseas. The minimum order you can place at Zenana is $150.

High Quality Wholesale Boutique Clothing Distributors in the UK

Company Category Location
Wholesale Clearance Cheap Clothing & Discount Fashion UK
Q Clothing High Quality Clothing UK
Missi Clothing Clothing & Fashion UK
Influence Clothing UK
The Wholesaler UK Clothing & General UK
Parisian Clothing UK

1. Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale Clearance UK has a wide range of incredible, discounted clothing perfect to stock up your online store, shop or market stall. Clothes in this store come from reputable fashion sources including ex-catalogue and ex-high street stock.

You can, therefore, choose branded, high-quality clothing from respected and well-loved brands to pocket-friendly kids’ clothing. New clothing designs and styles are added every day on this website at a cheap price for you to make profits when you sell the clothes individually.

2. Q Clothing

Q Clothing is UK’s leading company in ex chainstore wholesale clothing. It offers premium quality discount clothing, shoes, accessories, and ex-chainstore fashion. Stock here is updated every sing day according to the current fashion trends.

The high street quality collections available at this marketplace come at affordable wholesale prices. This is a UK clothing supplier with a wide range to choose from and every product here is carefully picked for quality and value.

3. Missi Clothing

Missi Clothing is simply trendy and fashionable. It is for multiple chain retailers and individual retailers all together. The wholesale clothing in this marketplace is fashionable and stylish for modern people.

Therefore, if your customers love making fashion statements, this is the clothing vendor for you to shop in the UK. This distributor specializes in modern trend-lead wholesale evening wear, dresses, celebrity inspired styles, party wear and much more.

4. Influence

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

Influence Fashion is the hub for fashion trends, making it the ideal wholesale clothing distributor in this fast-paced fashion industry. It is the wholesale fashion supplier who got only the newest designs and styles just for you.

This is the clothing supplier that helps you to update your current collection with eye-catching and unique designs that your customers will love.

5. The wholesaler UK

The Wholesaler UK was started in the year 1999 by David Heasman. The company is very keen on the wholesalers they list on their website. This is one of the things that make them unique from other directories.

Wholesalers are personally vetted to determine if they should be listed on the website and this way, retailers are rest assured that only bona fide traders have presented their deals.

6. Parisian

Parisian is the leading online wholesale women fashion distributor. Deals here are pocket-friendly but still, quality is never compromised.

Boutiques and retailers can choose from a wide range of professionally and incredibly crafted wholesale women products like jumpsuits, coordinated sets, blazers, dresses, and jeans among others.

So far, we’ve looked at a list of the best wholesale boutique clothing suppliers in China, USA and UK. Now, I suppose you are desperately looking for the tips to find those suppliers?

Well, in the following part, I’ll show you everything you need to know about finding the best wholesale clothing suppliers.

How To Find Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers in China

Top places to search for the best wholesale clothing suppliers in China:

● Trading fairs/fashion exhibitions, both in China and worldwide

● Online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace in China

● Sourcing companies, including agents and buying offices in China

● Search on Google

● Linkedin

1. Fashion Exhibitions

Trade fairs and fashion exhibitions are the best places from where you can meet and approach the many wholesale clothing factories in China. And as a professional buyer, these are must-attend events.

In Shanghai, some of the famous exhibitions to watch out for include Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles and ACLE. In Hongkong, the top fashion exhibitions include Centrestage and Global Sources Fashion.

Fashion exhibition in China 2018

Fashion Exhibition Location Time
Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles Shanghai, China August 27-30, 2018
ACLE Shanghai, China August 29-31, 2018
Centrestage Hongkong, China September 05-08, 2018
Global Sources Fashion Hongkong, China October 27-30, 2018

Note: There are some helpful tips for attending exhibitions. For instance, you can arrange for a meeting with clothing suppliers in advance. Doing so will help them create more time to discuss with you in detail.

2. Online B2B Marketplace in China

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

Chinese online platforms are one of the best places to find wholesale clothing vendors. Some of the popular B2B marketplaces in China include:

● Alibaba

● Made in China

● Global source

Alibaba is among the top B2B marketplaces for finding wholesale clothing suppliers. Though it boasts a large selection of vendors, you should exercise due diligence to get a legitimate, high-quality clothing vendor. Below, I outline 8 steps you can use to search for and get a legit manufacturer or supplier on the platform.

How to start from Alibaba?

Step 1: Find and enter the right keyword in the “Supplier Search” function

All suppliers have their area of specialty. So you need to identify those that are relevant in your search. But ensure not to go too specific. Examples of keywords you can employ in your search include:

● Polyester yarn

● Bamboo rayon t-shirt

● Organic cotton baby clothes

Supplier search

What you’re after is a quality manufacturer and not a product listing. That said, switch from “Product search” to “Supplier search.” You’ll get a list of suppliers from the search results. If the number is overwhelming, use the “Filter” function.

How to filter suppliers

Access the filter options from the left column. Focus on “Mgnt Certification” to help you filter clothing vendors based on the following:


● ISO 9001

● SA 8000

● ISO 14001

● IS 13485

For quality and compliance, BSCI is your bet filter option. You can also try out 1SO 14001.

STEP 2: Review the supplier page

After filtering your search based on BSCI certification, you’ll now have a number of suppliers that are easier to manage.

The next step is to visit the supplier page and make an assessment based on the details provided on their company page. For better results, try using the checklist below:

● Is the supplier listed as a manufacturer or trading company?

● Does the supplier specialize in the product category of your choice?

● Does the supplier distribute the same type of fabrics?

● Does the supplier have factory images?

● Does the supplier have uploaded test reports and factory audit reports?

Gold Suppliers

Though not quite necessary, try finding out the number of years during which a supplier has been a Gold Supplier.

Alibaba Trade Assurance

A Trade Assurance is an added advantage. Therefore, you might want to consider that in your search.

Step 3: How to read the TrustPass profile

Every Gold Supplier has verified company information that helps to determine whether or not the supplier is qualified.

In the supplier’s TrustPass profile, look for the registered capital. Consider suppliers with a registered capital of RMB 500,00 or more.

Step 4: Review product pages

By reviewing product pages, you can determine:

● The accuracy of the product listing provided by the supplier

● Whether the materials offered by the supplier are in stock

● The supplier’s capability of manufacturing and supplying the product in focus

Step 5: Select suppliers, submit techpack, and request quotations and ask relevant details

So far, you should have narrowed down your list even further. The next step is to click on the “Chat Now” or “Contact Supplier” button and request for quotations and relevant details.

For successful “Request For Quotations” use the checklist below:

● Provide specification sheets, patterns, and component images

● Introduce yourself and your business

● Clarify that your aim is to get a quotation, order samples, and place your first test order

● Request for the supplier’s Wechat ID

● Make a followup until you receive your quotation

Take following email script I personally use to contact suppliers in China:

Hi, [name of clothing suppliers]

I am [your name] from [your company name] company.

I am interested in

. I would like to ask some questions first:

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

2. What is the price of

based on minimum order quantity? What’s the price if I increase the amount?

3. Can you let me know the lead time based on minimum quantity?

4. Can you do OEM or ODM?

I need a sample first to verify your product quality. Can you indicate the sample cost, including shipping to:

[Your address]

Thank you,

[Your name]

Note: You should try giving the supplier at least 4-7 days to provide quotations. There are helpful tips for contacting suppliers. For instance, you want to keep your emails short and precise for the first time. After all, there are many other emails coming from other buyers, and the manufacturer is likely to settle for something that is concise and well-organized.

Step 6: Order samples from at least 4 suppliers

Now it’s time for the real test. But to compensate for failures, try ordering from at least 4 suppliers.

● Prices

Prices for samples range from $50-$200, an amount that excludes delivery fees.

● Lead times

Most often, product samples take 30-40 days to deliver. That said, you might want to request for photos before getting the samples. Doing so gives you the chance to inspect for quality issues, and probably save $50 in the shipping fee.

Step 7: Place your order with Alibaba Trade Assurance

What Alibaba Trade Assurance does it to offer protection in the case where the product is not shipped on time or where the product doesn’t match the specifications stated in the agreement.

But to qualify for coverage, you need to have followed the following process:

1. Place your order through Trade Assurance

2. Communicate with the supplier via the Alibaba Trade Center

3. Create a Purchase Contact on Alibaba platform (applicable only to products)

4. Conform to contract

5. Make payment (Trade Assurance doesn’t cover replacements or refund once an order is approved)

Step 8: How to book for sea or air shipment

Once the goods have undergone quality check, lab testing, and approval, it’s time to book the shipment. Here you have 3 choices:

●  Allow the supplier to book the shipment (not recommended)

●  Book shipment via Alibaba (though still under development)

●  Book shipment via,, or other online platforms

Note: upon arrival, goods are subjected to import duties and other taxes.

3. Sourcing companies

How To Find Qualified Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers [China/USA/UK]

Sourcing companies are one of the best options for newbies in the business. As a beginner, you employ the experience of such companies to source for professional wholesale clothing manufacturers & vendors. It will save you time and most likely help you get a better price.

So, what are the examples of sourcing companies you can try out in China? Well, some of the top companies in the business include:

● China Brands (ideal for large & small companies, drop shippers, and wholesalers)

● Dragon Sourcing (suitable for medium to large businesses)

● Imex Sourcing Services (ideal for medium to large companies)

4. Linkedin

Linkedin is the best platform to engage with professionals in your network. Here, you’ll find most Chinese manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.

5. Google Search

When searching on Google, try using some keyword combinations related to the search item. One drawback with Google search is that few Chinese distributors focus on online marketing. As a result, chances of getting a legitimate clothing manufacturer in the first 10 search results are quite slim.

You can try to type in following strings in Google:

wholesale + clothing+China

wholesale + boutique + clothing+China

wholesale + clothing+ suppliers + China

wholesale + clothing+ factories + China

wholesale + clothing+ manufacturer + China

Pretty easy right? Try all the tips and find your idea suppliers in China, so let’s move on to how we can find suppliers in the USA.

How To Find Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers in the USA

Earlier on, I’ve outlined the top wholesale boutique clothing suppliers in the US. but what criterion did we use to come up with the list? Well, just like in China, there are tips to finding the best wholesale clothing suppliers in the USA. Let’s take a look!

● Visit Local Boutiques and Stores

● Google Search

● UBM Fashion

● Local Trade Shows

● Yellow Pages

● Visit LA Fashion District

1. Visit Local Boutiques and Stores

During your visit, keep attention to the labels and tags. Try recording the names and brands, which you’ll research further once you have access to your computer.

2. Google Search

Search on Google to get a list of wholesale suppliers near you.

3. UBM Fashion

UBM is a great platform for connecting potential buyers to brands. Here, you can get information on the latest fashion trends or get access to upcoming trade shows.

4. Local Trade Shows

Use UBM calender to find local trade shows near you. MAGIC is among the trade shows you don’t want to miss.

5. Yellow Pages

Use yellow pages to search for a list of wholesale clothing suppliers near your residence. The list helps you narrow down on the most competitive suppliers and those that specialize in the product you plan to sell.


6. Visit LA Fashion District

LA Fashion District is home to the top wholesale clothing suppliers in the US. Therefore, the chances of finding your supplier in this area are pretty high.

How To Find Wholesale Boutique Clothing Suppliers in the UK

Use the same tips that apply to the US, instead of “visiting LA Fashion District”, you need to go to the right wholesale clothing market in the UK.

Last Words

So that’s my post all about how to find the best high quality wholesale boutique clothing suppliers in China, USA and UK and my recommend wholesale clothing suppliers list.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

Which methods from this guide are you going to use?

Are you ready to find a great supplier for your clothing line?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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