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Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

This article will provide you with the best wholesale yoga supplies suppliers as a reference and wholesale or buy yoga mats online.

You will also know some tips and how to make wholesale supplies in a profitable way.

Whether you are upset or not, it will give you some good inspiration to get close to your goal.

Keeping fit and keeping a good figure, this is the topic we are always talking about.

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

Everybody needs this yoga mat or the Box of 12 Dark Blue Yoga Belts.

Yoga is taking over all other exercises and more money is spent buying and purchasing of yoga materials. This is the current emerging lucrative business worth investing. In USA 2017, the number of yoga related businesses grew by 5.4% with the Pilates and Yoga Studios growing By 10.6%.

Many people make money and become healthier according to the market trend of yoga. Why not you?

Just like them, we will gradually show you how to make more money as a wholesaler yoga supplies when you get the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Before we list the 6 best yoga suppliers directly, where are they usually found by us?

Let’s drive in…


Where to find buy wholesale yoga mats online in canada?


Getting what you want for your business has been digitized and improvised to make it easier for buyers to access the products easily.

There are several channels you can use to find the online Yoga material wholesale supplier of your choice.

1. Websites

In this digital age, any wholesale and buy Yoga Mats Online who does not publish and promote its website is less likely to receive the targeted online traffic.

You can visit sites like

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

Some websites like the Chinabrands are very descriptive well organized and with all the categories of Yoga mats you need at slashed prices.

Websites have more information that may be relevant to what you want. Platform for you to chat with the customer care makes websites the best way for finding wholesale and buy Yoga Mats Online.

2. Magazines

You will find magazines everywhere you want to go. These magazines provide names, location and some categories you may want to know. The challenge with magazines is that they provide scanty information.

3. Search engines

Search engines will provide the direction of wholesaler’s compound. Internet With the availability of the cheap internet, you can find that wholesaler of your choice. You can use Firefox or goggle.

4. Trade shows

You will find almost a full stand like a shop in trade shows with all the product categories the wholesale supplier would want to publicize and in addition flyers are given to everyone who wishes.

Here you will find even the yoga products and learn about all the supplies suppliers of all types and origins of different types of yoga equipment’s.

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Top 6 wholesale yoga supplies Supplier


Suppliers of suppliers are the greatest determinants of how fast and reliable the delivery of products to customers will be. They are the bridge between the manufactures and the retailers who deal directly with the end user.

How are going to know which wholesale supplies of suppliers is best for you?

Read the below top 6 suppliers:

1) YOGA Accessories

Yoga Accessories is a specialist supplies company dealing with only yoga items sourced from all the manufacturing companies across the world. Buying from this supplier is a guarantee to quality products.

Yoga Accessories has the best prices as it has the power to negotiate the prices from the manufactures. Make your orders and enjoy the advantage of the wide selection of wholesale yoga props.

2) Chinabrands

Look for no other company other than the Chinabrands. It is based in China but with warehouses in your country or in your neighbour country.

Let me take you through some benefits you may not be able to find in any other wholesale Yoga supplier.

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

Ø Direct free shipping to your online Yoga wholesale shop.

With the best transport systems and warehouses in almost every country, Chinabrands will deliver very fast and at minimal cost as they do not involve intermediaries in their operations systems.

This helps reduce your cost price and thus increasing your profit margin.


Ø Takes off your capital worries from you

Don’t fear to take huge orders from your customers because, at chinabrands, they value you and your success is their happiness. They have a system that allows you to take any order even with little capital. You then place your order and they will deliver to you with minimum order quantity.


Ø They have the best quality yoga products.

For Chinabrands to ensure they deliver the best wholesale yoga equipment, they get yoga specialist who controls the quality of the products from the manufactures and incorporates other well-trained quality controllers’ up to the point of delivery.

Ø Cheap wholesale yoga products

Imagine a supplier with a bigger bargaining power than the manufacturer. Due to its big orders, broad network across the world and high influence over the manufactures, it gets big discounts and offers which are passed directly to suppliers.

3) Yoga Matters

It was founded in 1996 with a clear conscience of supplying quality and tasted wholesale wear to every supplier.

It gets its products from the manufactures and delivers directly to you at price almost equal to the yoga product manufactures.

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)


4) Wholesaleyogamats

You will get a wide variety of products from Wholesaleyogamats suppliers. The best and trendy yoga mats supplied at competitive prices is what you will get from this supplier.

They deliver within 24 hours and they also have an excellent customer service.

5) Yoga Mat Lot | eBay

Being an affiliate of the eBay company, you will enjoy the widest variety of wholesale yoga equipment from UK and USA. They have a well-structured and simple product return policies.

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For you to realize higher profit margins, you can your orders from Yoga Mat Lot/ eBay.

6) AliExpress

It is a world known online wholesale yoga supplier at a cheap prices. For the supplier to be able supply the whole world, it has a huge quantity and a wide variety of products for you to make your own selection.

They also supply high-quality products.AliExpress offers a delivery period of 24hours.


Let me give you a snap preview of the 6 suppliers listed above:

Delivery period Customer care Minimum order quantity Rating
YOGA Accessories Not defined Good Not offered ★★★
Chinabrands 24hr Excellent ★★★★★
Yoga Matters Not defined Good Not offered ★★★
Wholesaleyogamat Not defined Good Not offered ★★★
AliExpress 24hr Above average Not offered ★★★★
Yoga Mat Lot | eBay 24hr Good Not offered ★★★

Tips for Wholesale & Buy Yoga Mats Online


√ Quality of the mat

Yoga mats exist in many different textures, colours, sizes and shapes. As a wholesale supplier, it is good to consider which mat shape is mostly used and statics prove that rectangular shape is highly preferred.

√ Trustworthy of the wholesale supplies suppliers

It is your supplier who will determine your success in your yoga mat supply business. In my opinion, you choose the services offered by Chinabrands the most trusted wholesale online yoga mat supplier. It has the widest variety of yoga mats and will offer other business support services like free shipping services and low minimum order quantity.

√ Consider the selling price of the yoga mats

Price is among the first factors a supplier will consider before placing any order. You can visit some of the supplier websites and compare the prices of the most selling yoga mat. This will help you to know the average price of the wholesale yoga mats to sell.


What are the hot products of wholesale yoga supplies?


This is one of the most sensitive parts of your business. I have always taken advantage of the most selling product and I can truly say my profits have been all high.

Let’s look at some of the hot products to look for.

1) Teeki Yoga Pants

Teeki Yoga Pants is made from 76% of recycled plastic materials. It is highly loved by many due to its comfortability during hot yoga. The arrangement of the different bottle colours brings out the most desired patterns.


Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)


It’s also due to its flexibility that makes it the bestselling wholesale yoga legging. According to Statistica per yoga studio, 7 out of 10 yoga practitioners use the Teeki Yoga Pants.

2) Nike Pro Shorts

The Nike Pro Shorts are most suitable for indoor yoga practitioners. They are trendy and fashionable to wear. They come in many different colours designed to suit both men and women.

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Wholesale suppliers of wholesale women yoga pants do always enjoy the best sales as its most selling women yoga short as shown in the most selling yoga product on the Chinabrands website.

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

3) Get Grip Towel

Being used by all ages and both gender, it is a sure sale for all wholesale yoga suppliers. It is everyone’s choice because it holds firmly to the ground hence limiting the sliding rate.


According to USA yoga products market analysis, all yoga practitioners have a mat but 80% of them use the Get Grip Towel during their exercises.

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)


How can I wholesale yoga supplies profitable?


A profitable way is to find a supplier with a service nature, such as Chinabrands, oberlo and so on.

Let’s take Chinabrands as an example to see how to get a profitable approach.

First we need to sign up for Chinabrands for free so that we can search our products in the search box and download them. In order to get more downloads, we can also become their members.

After downloading the product information and HD images, Chinabrands’ powerful API technology will help us to publish these products in our stores. Whether it is an Amazon store or other stores, it supports one-click publishing technology for 15 platforms.

After the customer orders your product, you only need to synchronize the order to Chinabrands, Chinabrands helps you:

  • Packaging the product
  • Store your products (Chinabrands has 40 overseas warehouses in 12 countries)
  • Shipping your products (Chinabrands and well-known logistics companies have cooperation, such as EMS, DHL.)
  • After-sales customer service

Probable process:

Top 6 Yoga Supplies Wholesale Supplier(FAQs Provided)

This method can help us save a lot of time, so we can focus on our sales work. This is really great!

Frequently Asked Questions for Wholesale & Buy Yoga Mats Online (FAQ)


Q) I am looking for the best yoga mat. What are the qualities of a good yoga mat?

Quality Yoga mats are characterized by the thickness, wash-ability and durability. To know the different thickness of yoga mats, see the product description at the top right side of the mat. Join the Chinabrands wholesale and buy yoga products( such as yoga clothes) esteemed customers and select the best selection of high-quality mats.

Q) Where do I buy a yoga mat online?

There so many online wholesale yoga mat suppliers across the world. The most recommended wholesale yoga mat is the Chinabrands online supplier company. To find the chinabrands wholesale company, you can visit and place your orders.  With their high-quality products and quick customer response, you will get your orders within the shortest time.

Q) What is the market trend for Yoga products?

This is the most promising business to start. According to USA yoga market study, the sale of yoga products has risen by 6.7% from 2012 to 1017 and is projected to grow at a higher rate of 11% up to 2020.

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