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Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

What is WIIO?

If you are dropshipping, you have probably heard of WIIO. WIIO is a fulfillment company that provides services to dropshippers, including sourcing a product, stocking it, and shipping it out to your customers. Dropshippers usually resort to services like WIIO when they still do not have an agent, but need better logistics. This is because these companies provide much faster and more diverse shipping options, compared to AliExpress suppliers. For example, in addition to E-Packet and Standard AliExpress shipping, these services can also ship with USPS, PostNL, e-EMS, DHL, and their own special line. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, as it often happens in life, not everything is so great. Below, I share with you my experience dropshipping with WIIO and provide my thoughts on whether it is worth using it.

My Story: Why Did I Start Dropshipping with WIIO?

In March 2020, I found a winning product that was doing really well. At that time, I did not have an agent yet, so I had to fully rely on the AliExpress supplier. The problem was that delivery with AliExpress Standard Shipping was painfully long. I then googled for solutions to this problem and found out about WIIO.

What was good?

When I started using WIIO, I was extremely happy to see all the fast shipping options they provided: DHL, USPS, e-EMS, PostNL, and similar. These are usually not available with AliExpress suppliers. I ended up using WIIO’s own “special line”, which promised delivery within 7-14 days (they do not indicate if these are business or normal days). WIIO’s special line was relatively expensive at 3-4 USD, but I am always ready to spend a bit more in order to ensure a good customer feedback score. So I did not mind.

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What was not so good?

Gradually I started to notice that even special line delivery was seldom better than the usual AliExpress Standard Shipping. Tracking numbers were uploaded very slowly, and delivery was still taking ages. I also realised that although WIIO promised to stock my product, they never did, at least in my case. So after each order, WIIO was purchasing the product from an AliExpress supplier and then waited for it to be delivered to them. All of that resulted in poor delivery times, which defeated the original purpose of using WIIO.

Another issue I encountered was that WIIO was mishandling my orders way too often. Without asking my permission, WIIO replaced my product’s case and packaging for another one that had a totally different color and Chinese characters all over it. In addition to that, sometimes my customers were receiving a product that I was not even selling! Needless to say, all that led to extreme dissatisfaction from my customers, scam allegations, and chargebacks.


So, is it worth dripshipping with WIIO?

Overall, based on my experience, I do not recommend dropshipping with WIIO. You would generally lose more than you would gain. To be objective, it is possible that long delivery times may have been caused by COVID, which may have affected even special lines, so perhaps this was not their fault. But even then, the irresponsible handling of my orders still harmed my business way too much.

So if WIIO is not an option, what to do if you need better logistics? Here is what I recommend. When a product has a demand and starts working for you, ask your AliExpress supplier if they can ship with a better service like YunExpress or 4PX. Usually, they can. This should be your interim solution while you are looking for an agent. Not all agents are good, but when you find a good one, stick to him/her and you will enjoy fast and smooth shipping times and no order mishandling.

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Good luck!

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