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4 Key Points For New Starters To Increase Shop Conversion Rates

4 Key Points For New Starters To Increase Shop Conversion Rates

New starters are very concerned about the conversion rate of shops, only after the conversion rate is increased, can we get more profit margins. This course is aimed at the novice sellers, explaining the four parts of conversion rate.

4 Key Points For New Starters To Increase Shop Conversion Rates

1. About exposure


When new stores are running, products need to be exposed. There are two key points related to exposure, mainly two points, keywords and attributes. So how to set keywords can refer to the following steps:

Download data and analyze the vertical and horizontal search words — convert to numbers — calculate filter words– in descending order – delete meaningless words (non-English characters) – filter the words that best match the product.

Filter word calculation is (search popularity * search index * click rate * conversion rate / competitive index) *1000.

There are two ways to sort out the long tail words list:

1) According to the number of the products in the shops, choose the first few keywords

2)The selection of drop-down words depends on the heat of the product category and is related to product attributes.


2. About clicks


When the product is exposed, buyers will click. Then click through rate analysis is very important.  For example, the click rate of a single product is: if the search click rate is lower than the industry level, then you need to consider optimizing the main picture and price. If the conversion rate is not high, we need to consider the details page.

1)the judgment of the quality of the main picture is actually based on different situations, including background color, real scene, design and display, selling points, logo and so on.

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2)The pricing strategy of products can refer to the pricing of consumer habits in the global aliExpress market. At the same time, we should pay attention to the maximization of the profit of the shop rather than the maximization of the profit of the product. Understand the platform class products for pricing.

3)In addition to this, the click and search engine rankings are also related: In the case of new products, no sales, no review, the advertisement is the most direct way to push the product to the buyer. There are two ways to find a good rank: Imitation of customer buying habits; novices can choose to stand beside the weak.

3. About the length of the browsing time


For a higher conversion rate, browsing time is also very important. The description of the length of the browser is related to the related sales.

1)The advantages and disadvantages of the details page have a great impact on browsing time. Moreover, the exposure of the store’s home page also comes mainly from the product details page. Then how to optimize the details page. You can analyze the details of competitors’ similar products, and find out our advantage. You should achieve that people do not have it, but you have, and people have it, you have a better one. This can eliminate the buyer’s concerns and increase purchase confidence.

These include: detail drawing, parameter introduction, angle display, advantage, detailed text description, strength display, etc.

2)The related sales module can increase the depth of visitors, reduce the jump rate, stimulate sales of whole stores and increase overall profits. Sellers can set price display, guide purchase buttons, and highlight their selling points.

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4. About orders


After ordering, you need to pay more attention to various information on how to increase sales volume

1)increase the review and maintain the dynamic score.

2)station letter-perfect service is also part of the product

3)Contribute to the conversion of unpaid orders

In addition, there are many activities to participate in the platform, and quickly accumulate basic sales volume, decorate the shop, highlight the professionalism, and strengthen the old customer marketing.

Finally, for product conversion analysis, we can find some data as reference dimension from data aspect. After exporting the data, we find the problem and solve the problem.

The improvement of conversion rate is related to your operational thinking ability and sensitivity to the market. The last point is that both novice and long run sellers can do optimization, service, and operational skills, and don’t forget the most important thing is still the product itself.

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