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How to be a successful dropshipper with Wiio? Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

How to be a successful dropshipper with Wiio? Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

Dropshipping is a wildly popular business for thousands of people all over the world. Many people choose this business model as it is relatively inexpensive to start up, you don’t need any inventory, and you can start it from anywhere.

That being said, it is not as easy as it seems, mainly due to the difficulty of dealing with foreign suppliers. Many suppliers don’t care about your dropshipping business and they don’t do any quality control on their products then you end up taking the blame for damaged goods.

Almost everyone that has had experience with dropshipping, has felt the stress from a foreign supplier. Many suppliers don’t care about your bsuiness if you aren’t getting many sales. I know many suppliers don’t spend time fulfilling orders from a small dropshipping store as you aren’t bringing in enough money for them. This causes even longer delays than normal for dropshipping, and it reflects badly on your brand.

This is extremely annoying and it can end up costing you a lot of money in returns and loss of customers. There has to be a better way you may be asking? Well, there is using Wiio you have a supplier that cares about the longevity of your business.

What it does

How to be a successful dropshipper with Wiio? Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

Wiio is the all in one dropshipping solution that takes care of sourcing shipping and quality controlling products from China. They remove the stress that surrounds finding the perfect supplier from China.

Wiio does it all! They find all of the top trending products then they have the inventory in their own warehouses which are conveniently placed around the world to help increase shipping times.

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The inventory is ready to be shipped and Wiio is dedicated to providing great service, unlike some other aliexpress suppliers. Then as soon as your store gets an order they do virtually everything for you and even ship it out. They even provide quality assurance unlike some of their competitors this helps you build a great relationship with your customers.

Why is a Reliable Supplier Important?

When starting an ecommerce drop shipping you may try and save some extra money by going with a generic dropshipping provider, you aren’t alone either most people new to the industry do the same as you. This, however, will cost you much more money in the long term than you may save in the short term. If your product provider stops sending out your products for whatever reason this could cost you out of pocket thousands of dollars. This is not the situation you want for yourself I assume.

Benefits of Using WIIO include:

One Sales Channel: WIIO offers dropshippers a one sales channel eliminating the need for multiple vendors like Aliexpress. Dealing with multiple vendors is highly time-consuming and this is what WIIO has eliminated with its one sales channel.

Customer Service: The customer service on WIIO is topnotch. The response is quick and very professional. There is a chat function on their website that enables you to talk with them if you have any dropshipping issue. The customer support team is available to you 24/7 to make your dropshipping business better.

Quality Control: Products stored in their inventory are kept under good conditions that preserve their qualities. Before products leave their warehouse to a customer’s destination, quality control is conducted on them to ensure that they in great shape. This is done in line to assist their clients to build and sustain healthy relationships with their customers.

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Affordable Prices: How affordable the items on WIIO are has been one of its features that are making it the dropshippers destination. Items offered on this platform are cheap compared to Aliexpress and other dropshipping platforms. The product that they do not have, they source it from Aliexpress. The products are cheap and of great quality.

Inventory: There is a dedicated warehouse to help dropshippers hold their items. The warehouses are in good condition to help dropshippers preserve the items’ qualities.

Manager Account: There is a dedicated manager account made available to you run operations easily with your supplier on a single channel.


WIIO are two of the most used dropshipping sites by dropshippers. However, Fulfillman comes with outstanding features that make it very handy. Wiio is the best ecommerce dropshipping platform that handles almost all of the logistics of your online dropshipping business. They worry about all of the boring stuff and leave you to worry about the fun business and marketing side of the business. Their platform is free to sign up for and there are some great features that will end up saving you a lot of money in the future. I can’t think of a reason not to try it out, and if you don’t like it then you aren’t out of pocket at all! Overall, this is a great service that I think everyone should try out.

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