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Try These 7 Cheap Suppliers to Wholesale Anime Merchandise

This article aims to discuss the wholesale business niche in popular movies and animes in the world currently. I will include tips on how to wholesale them and finally share a list of the best wholesale anime merchandisers to help the retailers to be wholesale to dropship and wholesale the products.

The groups that like movies, games and animes include children, adolescents and young adults. The effects of the same can be felt from the influence point of view whereby they have affected behaviour, character and even modelling of their lives. The fact that accessories, clothing, posters, stickers and even beddings have taken a twist of preference among adolescents if evident in the picking of even iconic full-length pillows and hairstyles.

How to Dropship Anime Products Legally?

Popular Anime Clothes and Anime Toys to Wholesale


The world of merchandise becomes more popular day after day, and millions of fans worldwide bombard the internet with searches of the most popular anime or movie merchandise in the market. In the film industry, merchandising is known to be a big part of revenue and may at times exceed the box office profits. The following is a guide on the best movie and anime merchandise that are wholesale hot sale items for re-sell;

1. Harry Potter Merchandise Wholesale

These popular movie ranges are filled with magic and full of gifts that leaves the fans wanting to watch and watch. The fans have always been left short of choice since they have a lot to choose from. Harry Potter is one of the most popular films which lots of billions in global box-office sales but the merchandise sales of magical gifts which included book sales, toys, scarves, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, brought in a lot of profit adding up to an estimated $15 billion. There is a wide array of incredible wholesale items for re-sell of Harry Potter merchandise ranging from iconic mugs, notebooks, cheap jewellery through to decorative decals for gadgets, cloth and any other surface that can be stuck on.


2. Marvel Superhero Wholesale Merchandise

This collection of movie wholesale merchandise is about superheroes characters like Spiderman, The Avengers, Hulk, Ironman among others. The investment of the business is in the merchandise which includes but not limited to toys, branded clothing, bags, shoes, comics, jewellery, accessories among others sold in wholesale from


3. The Lord of the Rings

This is one of the most successful movies ever produced coming in series and can be watched by all categories but loved most by kids who want to imitate and role plays the characters. This movie merchandise wholesale comes in different forms such as key holders, designer clothing and apparel as well as accessories for the phone, laptop and beautiful jewellery which are a must-have for all categories of fun.


4. Disney Wholesale Merchandise

This DC comics merchandise is an American series for a fairy tale that has inspired most kids who love to emulate and identify with the characters like Dora the Explorer, Sofia the first etc. Among other celebrated and most watched series includes Frozen with characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf being the most liked among kids. Disney channel has impacted and drawn a lot of sales in children clothing, toys, school bags and school items all over the world because they are never dull.

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5. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is anime merchandise that has succeeded in movie series that features the ancient dinosaurs which is a favourite among kids making the merchandise easy to sell. It has scooped Billions through its merchandise from artwork, printed posters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps as well as Jurassic inspired mugs and accessories which are a favourite for the young population.


6. Walking Dead

They talk about it everywhere and will always look out for copies. Known for its zombie theme, this walking dead merchandise wholesale hot sale merchandise that influences the clothing lines like t-shirts, mugs, hoods, posters, wristbands, lip balms, face masks, notebooks and many other types of gifts.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This famous marvel wholesale merchandise Teenage anime known as Mutant Ninja Turtles a.k.a TMNT or Ninja Turtles involves four fictional teenaged anthropomorphic turtles with Italian artists of the Renaissance. They have had their influence on the lifestyle of many girls worldwide in the form of clothing like tops, shoes, books, bags, toys etc.


8. Pokemon

This game has so far attracted an enormous number of fans worldwide among all clusters. There is a wide range of movie and gaming merchandise wholesale liked by many and have been celebrated as merchandise in the form of adolescent Clothing, baby clothes, toys, bags and many other types.


9. Transformers

These are the commandos in the gaming merchandise wholesale which has served the community with many games like Pac man, Ben10 and SpongeBob have influenced fans to go out for the merchandise that mimics and display the characters and the games. You sure will have a variety of products to choose from ranging from T-shirts, toys, duvet covers and canvas prints.


10. Dragon Ball Z

This Japanese anime is all you will need for the lovers of science fiction martial arts. It is also known as Dangerous Duo, or Super warriors never rest and even the Tenth Dragon Ball Z featuring a movie. It’s on clothing for all ages, toys and canvas.


Tips to Wholesale Movie and Anime Related Items


The decision to plunge into anime and movie merchandise wholesale business demands the involvement of products such as T-shirts, games. Toys and others will need careful consideration for success. Below, let’s look at some tips to make this possible:


1. The market size matters

How big is the target market you are operating? Market research will help in determining the strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that are likely to affect your business and unearth risks and how to avoid them.

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2. Know your Competitors

It is easy to tackle the enemy you know than the angel you do not know. Wholesale anime merchandise business is very tricky and requires you to consider your adventure critically into it. Who is the Lord of the ring in your locality? Are you ready for the pressure that comes with the competition? How conversant are you with both the online competitors and onsite ones? Answering the following questions guarantees you breakthrough.


3. Who will supply my goods?

Always ensure you ascertain the wholesale pride merchandiser who will be constant, timely and affordable or consider to try dropshipping sites. Ensure you are well supplied and making good profits always.


4. How will I price my marvel wholesale merchandise?

Always ensure you offer the best price to allow the fast sale. Remember that retailers are always looking out for where they can get the best anime and gaming merchandise at reasonable prices and maximise on the opportunity.


5. What is trending?

The dynamism in this industry call for real-time updates on what’s new in the field? Ensure you are always checking on the new arrivals, hot-sales, and know what’s trending at all times for customers will still want to buy fresh ideas.


6. Choose a speciality

The diversity that comes with anime and gaming calls for a speciality. Choose what to sell and don’t let the cumbersome that comes with it trick you. Let the retailers have confidence in your line of specialisation and avoid the over-concentration that comes with the crave for multiple. This allows wholesalers to be aware of what’s trending and result in customer satisfaction always.


List of Best Movie and Anime Related Merchandise.


The following are the 9 best suppliers who drop ship or wholesale movie and anime related merchandise around the world.


1. Wiio dropshipping

This is the leading wholesale and drop shipping supplier worldwide who is cheap, secure while offering a seamless integration through automation of services. It has enabled drop shipping business around the world to so easy, reliable, fun and assured. This company has allowed wholesalers to have whatever they needed in the wholesale anime merchandise to be available whenever needed. They have a user-friendly website interface connecting the drop shippers and the sellers through the highly interactive and highly optimised to allow the wholesalers to see what they are ordering in 3D and make the correct choices. It also works with global courier services to ensure the luggage arrives as it expected. For all your dropship or wholesale movie and anime related merchandise, you can be sure with Chinabrands.



2. Walmart 

Walmart is a renowned movie merchandise wholesaler/drop shipper for Movie and anime merchandise for a very long time. The varieties are shipped within two days and delivered as ordered. With Walmart, retail buyers are assured of instant access to their over 2m wholesale products sourced from the ever-growing suppliers. As an online platform for ordering the anime and gaming products, Walmart is celebrated for maintaining good customer relations.

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3. AliExpress

The world has known AliExpress as a wholesale merchandiser and drop shipping platform connecting different drop shippers to suppliers and the products. It has offered its services to by providing many suppliers with varying categories including anime, gaming and moving business.


4. Wholesale Central 

Wholesale anime merchandising is enjoyed through Wholesale Central which connects wholesalers to drop shippers for different kinds of products. Wholesale central includes all the suppliers and drop shippers in one database allowing the buyer to see and choose for themselves whom they are dealing with out rightly.


5. SaleHoo

This is a good gaming merchandise wholesaler for all your toys and gaming drop shipping. SaleHoo as a wholesale supplier that keeps a proper directory connect drop shippers to their suppliers anywhere. This is a place where everything you need is organised showing the product and the supplier all in one place including their information


6. Oberlo 

This supplier offers a variety of products to be drop shipped and allows wholesalers to buy directly from Aliexpress and get the luggage drop shipped. Oberlo provides a user-friendly interface and has even integrated its services to a mobile app for easy access. The buyers have access to many suppliers with all the prices and their images intact for secure orders in bulk and have speedy shipping. With Oberlo, Dropshipping sounds very easy because the team is always contacting suppliers on a regular basis, finding the best prices and updating the website every day.

7. GB eye

This wholesale anime merchandiser is also ranked among the leading UK’s poster supplier that is growing very fast. It has claimed the world’s licensed suppliers of anime products popularity with a vast clientele in many countries and an admirable record of having a variety of product brand licenses. GB eye partners with the world’s renown brands in different entertainment sector including music, TV, film, gaming, sport and many other genres to forge its reputation of ensuring it’s up to date with the trending in the global entertainment market.




Deciding to venture into Movie and Anime Related Merchandise is the best ever decision businesses should uphold. There are different types like posters, cosplay items, accessories, Drama Cds, Manga book or Anime CDs and body pillows. Wholesale pride merchandise distributors always look out for the latest animes to stock. Chinabrands dropship movie and anime merchandise of the famous Harry Potter, Disney, Superhero, Marvel, DC Comics and many others with guaranteed 100% quality. Chinabrands provide an interactive optimised interface providing automatic updates of the new arrivals and hot sales in real time. Chinabrands work professionally with global logistics companies for delivery.

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