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Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

The clothing industry is the largest amongst others in various countries around the world including the US. Many sellers want to make money by setting up a clothing store. Thanks to today’s convenient logistics and internet, many small enterpreneurs have open an online clothing boutique. However, where to find the best wholesale clothing suppliers?

Perhaps you even know a couple of wholesale distributors for clothing in USA.  Well, in America, the  apparel market is a profitable business.  From statista data report, the United States’ apparel market is expected to grow to USD 285 billion in 2025: a CAGR of two percent.

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

From this data report, we can see the top 3 clothing market in 2025 is China, EU(including UK,ERC), and the USA clothing market are growing year-by-year.

So are you planning to start an online clothing business by wholesale clothing in USA?


This article will be of help. we would look at the wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors with USA warehouse and the secrets to buy wholesale from the USA.


Why Wholesale Clothing Online?


The clothing trading business seems to be getting better through the advent of the internet. According to experts, statistics are showing that the internet has changed the way to wholesale clothing. You can easily find a clothing supplier or distributor with online websites to wholesale clothing and ship to your address.

Of course, it’s not the only benefit you can get from. Some the other advantages will be listed below.


1 – Price Transparency

As a retailer, we want to get access to lots of suppliers that will show various prices at once. This is one of the most noticeable benefits of wholesale clothing online.


2 – Diverse Wholesale Clothing Categories

Being online gives you access to various wholesale clothing categories that you can choose from to kick-start your reseller business.


3 – Fast And Efficient Delivery

However, all of these seemed to have changed rapidly as products purchased online are now being delivered timely. It is a win-win situation for both the seller (dropshipper) and buyers!


4 – Dropshipping Service

Online wholesale clothing has given dropshippers the chance of making money from clothing products they don’t own or stock in the US awrehouse. Dropshipping makes business more flexible and free.

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

Though many retailers come to Expo to find wholesale clothing suppliers in USA, much more retailer with small business find clothing suppliers online.

The offline sourcing process usually fits for the bulk wholesale business. You need to keep stock in warehouses, negotiate with suppliers and even come to visit their factories. Because wholesale bulk is high risk in finance and supply chain. Surely, if you have the stable reliable suppliers to work with, you can forget my words.

If you are just a small business, wholesale clothing online is more suitable for you. You needn’t to keep inventory in warehouses, or deal with much processes. Moreover, the best thing is it’s flexible and low-risk. The only thing you need to note is the risk of lacking invnetory. So, in order to keep the stable product supply chain, you must test more  clothing suppliers or distributors and create a multi-channel suppliers system for your business.

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Then, what is the next? You will know more details of wholesale clothing distributors in usa.


Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors/ Suppliers with USA Warehouse


Listed below are some of the top websites which are into wholesale clothing supplies. Through them, you will be able to get some of the best deals that will enable you make the most profits.


1 – Wholesalecentral


Wholesalecentral is a business directory in the USA that has come into existence to help dropshippers, suppliers, manufactures to make connections easily. You will get access to clothing items of various categories such as women’s clothing, urban clothing, T-Shirts, socks & hosiery, plus-size clothing, leggings, children’s clothing and baby clothes. It is simply a B2B (business to business) platform where wholesalers, exporters, and importers display their goods.

Therefore, there are only wholesale, that means there generally are minimum order limits. You can check the listed wholesalers’ website to ask details directly. Wholesale central will check and verify each company listed on their directory.

Website Data

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

Monthly, more than  410 people browse Wholesalecentral



Directly link to suplliers

Long history in wholesale business

Trade shows information



Little wholeslae suppliers listed


2 – Lashowroom


Lashowroom is a wholesale fashion clothes company based in California, USA. You will be getting access to some of the most trendy and newest clothing materials here. Best of all is that you are offered  discounts on every clothing item you will find. This gives you a very good chance of making high profits. it is noted that documentation will be required to gain full access to the sites’ store. A Registered buyer can gain access to 600 different stores and browse thousands of items. If you are a small business and try with little quantities, the price will be higher than the others.


Website Data

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

268k visitors per month



Massive rendy designed clothing



Not easy and convenient to use

Must register to see the details



3 – Orangeshine

Orangeshine is a clothing distributors located in Los Angeles, USA. Through this company, you will be connected to some of the best clothing brands and manufacturers.  These are reputable brands that can provide you with top clothing items at ridiculously cheap prices. Some of the items you will find here are loungewear, kids clothing, wholesale men’s clothing, and wholesale women’s clothing. One of the core areas that made this company very popular amongst wholesale clothing distributors in USA is the various promotions which are regularly run.


Website data

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

Monthly, more than 230k retailers visit Orangeshine.



Get access to US clothing brands



Sign in to check the price

Minimum order limit



4 – Wholesalefashionsquare

Wholesale fashion square is another top and reliable wholesale clothing distributor which is also located in Los Angeles. You will not only be getting clothing items of various types you will also be getting them in various packages. You will be notified of the various promotions going on in order to take advantage of much cheaper prices. It doesn’t really matter whether your target audience wants seasonal or occasional clothes, this company is up to the task of meeting their needs.

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Website Data

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

180 k visitors per month



Get access to China and US clothing

No minimum order limit



5 – Chinabrands


Chinabrands is a global wholesale and dropshipping website gives you access to all kinds of products, like electronics, home, clothing at affordable price. There is totally more than 500,000 SKU in the category and the new and trendy arrivals added every day. With so many options, you can choose the best one to increase your profits margin.

As you know, there are many manufacturers in China and they are the largest clothing wholesale market in the worldwide. Many people like to wholesale from China, but worry about the shipping time. But Chinabrands build up more than 36 overseas warehouses for fast delivery and 95% products will be processed within 48 hours. They have 4 USA warehouses now which are located in Los Angeles and New York.

Moreover, they have a trained QC team to monitor producing and check each single products. They also provide you return policy and aftersale service at 7×24.

Surely, if you use dropshipping method to fullfill order procecs, they can integrate with your store with API, so that the order data and sale data wille sync. With API, you can easily download the product listing s and add multi listings to your own store at once.

Website Data

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse

722 k visitors per month.



With 5000+ manufacturers and 500000 SKUs

Global warehouses

Discount points policy

Integrate with multiple platforms

Only work with Chinabrands team

Dropshipping service to 200 countries

Let’s summarize the wholesale clothing suppliers in USA.

Company Dropship Categories Processi Time Customer Rating Warehouse
Wholesalecentral No Clothing/general Varies by suppliers ★★★★ USA
Lashowroom No Clothing/fashion 2 Days ★★★★ California
Orangeshine No Clothing/fashion Varies by brands ★★★★ Los Angeles
Wholesalefashionsquare Yes Clothing/fashion 24hours ★★★★ Los Angeles
Chinabrands Yes Clothing/general 24hours ★★★★★ Los Angeles/New York

From the list, you can see the 5 wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers with usa warehouse are all top rated. Just compare their website and product price to see which is the best for you.

Absolutely, wholesale clothing in USA have more details you need to note except for choose the reliable suppliers.

Next, let’s move on to what is the key element when wholesaling clothing online.


What Are The Key Points When Wholesale Clothing online?


There are 2 major factors that will determine whether you can make money from wholesale clothing dropshipping or not. You will use these tips to find top wholesale clothing distributors to wholesale clothing USA. They are:


1 – Quality

Once the clothing products you are selling to customers aren’t of the highest quality, they may not come back again to make more orders. It is even worse when they start asking for refunds. This is why you need to look for suppliers and distributors that can be trusted to deliver quality clothing products.

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2 – Shipping

Products will not be of any good once they can’t be shipped out on time. You can make use of a company that understands how to ship goods to customers in a timely manner. But don’t believe what they say, just try and test.

Top 5 Wholesale Clothing Distributors & Suppliers with USA Warehouse


A Cheap and Best wholesaler – Chinabrands


Now, many China suppliers have overseas warehouses in USA. They are positive to build up their own logistic network. But the general company maybe lack the finance to build the supply chain.

Morevoer, the wholesale clothing market in China is one of the biggest around the world. There are lots of companies competing to offer resellers top products which you can dropship for the most profit. They offer these services across many niches and categories. Some of these companies have quality product delivery as their watchword, while some others boast of real-time transactions. These give rise to competition due to the need to grab a huge market share.

Due to such stiff competition, they are able to offer the cheapest possible prices for clothing items that are being sold. This gives you a much better chance of making profits.

☆  Easily to get small quantities

☆  Low costs

☆  Massive choice

☆  Strongly online wholesale platforms


Just go to the Amazon, you will find many stores are selling Chinese products.


FAQs about Wholesale Clothing USA


Below are some of the questions that resellers have been asking over the years when wholesale clothing in the USA.


1. Where can I buy trendy wholesale clothing for my online boutique?


The above list of wholesale clothing distributors with usa warehouse are the trusted suppliers that you can buy from. One of them is Chinabrands which offers dropshippers access to top clothing products at dirt cheap prices.

2. Where can I get US made wholesale clothing for women online?


Some of these are business directory like wholesale central. there will be many USA factory you can find out. Or the other wholesale marketplace like


3. How much cheaper is it to manufacture clothing in China compared to the USA?


There isn’t any exact evaluated estimate but it is obvious that clothing materials and items are much cheaper in China as compared to the US. China has thousands of clothing manufactures/ suppliers you will never worry the risk of stock.


4. Is there a way to automate the order fulfillment?


Yes, there is. The API integration makes your online business automatic which orders are handled only at one click. The company such as Chinabrands can help you automate your business. With API, you can add thousands of listings on your store within few minutes, and your order data will also sync with Chinabrands.

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