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List of Free Dropshippers in USA

List of Free Dropshippers in USA

What is dropship?


List of Free Dropshippers in USA


Zappos, the largest website for footwear, started doing dropshipping in 1999. Now companies such as Amazon and Sears also use drophippping. So what is dropship?

Dropshipping is a common mode of transaction, which means that the retailer sends the goods directly to the customer through a third party. This third party can be a producer, a wholesaler, or another retailer. Therefore, unlike the traditional retail model, you do not need to inventory these Dropshipping products. It only needs to be purchased when there is an order, and sent directly to the customer through a third party, and your profit is the difference between the price at which you sell the product and the price given to you by the supplier.

The operation of Dropshipping is not really different from the general cargo wholesale business. Usually, wholesale orders are sent to each other in bulk, and when you use dropshipping, the other party may ask you to send 10 items to 10 different customer addresses and request a return address (return address). Write on the address requested by the other party.


List of free dropshippers in usa


The American shipper usually collects membership fees on a monthly or yearly basis. There is also a one-time payment of a lifetime membership fee. For example, the one-time membership fee of the Worldwide Brands is $249. There are few free usa dropshippers because membership fees are one of the important sources of income for many companies.

After paying the annual fee, customers can freely upload or download the required product information and enjoy lower purchase prices and shipping costs. Free use of learning materials provided by the site, etc. But e-commerce entrepreneurs using low or ” 0 ” budgets may consider using a free platform to build their online business. There are also a few companies in the United States that provide free registration or have relatively low annual fees compared to other companies. Next we will list 4 dropship companies with no membership fees:

List of Free Dropshippers in USA


Wholesale Central


Wholesalecentral is a website with a comprehensive and trusted list of free dropship suppliers usa and wholesale products. Since its establishment in 1996, buyers have used it to find and wholesale resale goods. It is a global wholesale center that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here, you can trade without having to hire a sales manager or rent space. It is full-featured and can collect the names and information of potential buyers; place orders; display products and more. There is no need to hire a salesperson, or to reach potential customers without having to send mail or telephone.

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Its parent company is Sumner Communications Inc., a leading provider of business magazines, guides, catalogs and web services for the wholesale goods industry. Sumner’s trade publications serve retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and inventoried buyers who have daily business needs. These publications are tailored for business owners and are very targeted. Sumner publishes 5 monthly publications and 3 annual publications. It prints millions of copies each year for wholesalers, importers, manufacturers, and buyers of goods.

You can also register for an account for free, but to use their services is to pay membership fees. Membership fee is $399 per 6 months, no trial and free membership. If you become a wholesalecentral member, you can have the functions of an exhibition hall similar to other usa dropshippers free shipping, publish 500 products, search for products within the station, click on the products directly to the member’s corporate website (also the promotion of the use of members) and independent station optimization (autonomous optimization ranking).

List of Free Dropshippers in USA




AliExpress is an online trading platform created by Alibaba for the global market. However, it mainly provides technical support to free dropship suppliers usa. It is his various small and large sub-suppliers that distribute his products. And general suppliers will only be responsible for one product or several products. Commodities are edited into online information and published overseas through the AliExpress platform.

Through international express delivery, the baby will be transported to buyers, and buyers in more than 220 countries and regions will enter into transactions to earn US dollars. The countries and regions that have the largest number of AliExpress orders include the Russian Federation, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Belarus, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom, with orders exceeding 6.8 million.

Similarly, in terms of registration AliExpress is one of the free dropshippers in usa, but if the seller has passed the certification, it is necessary to select the sales plan type to pay the corresponding annual fee. AliExpress has two types of sales plans: standard sales plans and basic sales plans. A store can only choose one type of sales plan.

The registered entity of the standard sales plan store must be a company, and the number of online products that can be released can be less than 2,000, and if it quits halfway, the unused annual fee will be returned on a monthly basis.

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The company will return to the end of the year the unused annual fee, and the annual fee will be rewarded based on the completion of sales at the end of the year. Take clothing and apparel categories as an example. The annual technical service fee is 10,000 yuan per year.

In addition to that, 50% annual fee corresponds to annual sales of 15,000 yuan, and 100% annual fee corresponds to annual sales of 45,000 yuan. Individual registered retailers and businesses of basic sales plan stores can all return full annual fee if they exit halfway, and if the business is completed by the end of the year, they will be returned in full, but the number of online products that can be released is less than or equal to 300.

List of Free Dropshippers in USA


Dropship Direct


Dropship Direct allows you to create a free account so that you can access its huge product inventory. The site’s model is similar to that of Doba, first selecting your product, and then you can request that the product be sent to your customers.

Up to now, Dropship Direct has 100K unique products, 1,100+ brands representing, 13 years in business, 4,549 resolved tickets, 12 online marketplaces and 57,000+ Merchants. Drop Direct also provides its own warehousing, supporting a complete logistics and service team to provide sellers with a full range of services.


List of Free Dropshippers in USA



Salehoo provides the most comprehensive list of global wholesalers. Through this directory, you can maintain close contact with global wholesalers. Since its establishment in 2005, Salehoo has been continuously developing. As of now, Salehoo already has more than 40,000 customers from all over the world by providing a user-friendly information interface and excellent customer service. To become their member, you only need to pay $67/Year. This amount is far lower than other dropshippers. You can enjoy different suggestions on shop operations and more than 4,000 products wholesalers worldwide.


List of Free Dropshippers in USA

So what can be considered a good dropshipper?


1. Provides a series of transportation options, including limited time delivery.

2. Take full responsibility for mistakes.

3. To provide all-weather service support.

4. Processing orders on the same day.

5. Concerned about quality management.

6. Allows you to keep abreast of the latest situation on delays in delivery or low inventory.

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This is why Chinabrands is considered to be one of the best free dropshippers in usa.


With a cumulative total of more than 36.8878 million registered users, and the actual purchase of users exceeds 2 million, Chinabrands is one of the most popular wholesale dropshippers usa.

Tourists register for free as a registered member, registered members recharge (3.99USD / month) to upgrade to VIP member visitors directly through the invitation code registration to obtain a year free VIP qualification different levels of membership procurement price composition as follows:

Registered Member: Normal Retail Price – Credits

VIP Member: Normal Distribution Price* Membership Level Discount* Purchase Volume Ladder Discount – Points Credit

All members (registration members and VIP members) can use a certain percentage of credits (including warehousing logistics fees) when spending (purchasing) merchandise.1 point can be deducted 1 cent and the deductible ratio is not higher than 3.5% of the payment.

What’s more, the logistics network of Chinabrands covers more than 200 countries in the world. It has in-depth cooperation with leading logistics companies,such as China Post, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and deployed overseas warehouse systems. Chinabrands promises that 95% of goods will be shipped within 24 hours and provide the waybill number. This is simply the good news to usa customers. Shipping costs depend on the weight and shape of the product.

As the cheap dropshippers usa, Chinabrands consistently charges lower shipping costs, saving usa drop shippers more money and increasing their profits. Chinabrands provides dropship suppliers usa all kinds of transportation methods. You have the flexibility to choose the service that meets your requirements.

Conclusion – recommend you a great dropshipper


Of course, dropshippers do a lot of heavy work for you, but that doesn’t mean you can sit down and do nothing. You still need to deal with your customers. This can be tricky – because even if your supplier makes a mistake and causes the order to not arrive on time, you will still be held accountable. But today, customer service is a crucial part. One or two online bad reviews can completely ruin your brand reputation.

So you need to make a wise choice, choose the best dropshipper- Chinabrands. On the one hand you do not need to deal with logistics issues, on the other hand to ensure that your customers are satisfied, and have a sufficient understanding of their problems.

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