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Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Top 10 Best Online Clothing Wholesale Shopping Websites in Turkey

online shopping is the most popular and progressing marketplace in the world nowadays. Due to inflation in technology and automation, businesses have been set up online.

In this article, we have focused on some of the best Turkish online shopping website, where you can dropship and buy bulk wholesale clothes.

Turkey clothing market is one of the biggest markets in the world. They produce some of the best clothes in the world, which are then wholesaled and drop shipped at affordable prices by Turkish online shopping websites.

Turkish clothes wholesale business is booming and it can be the best business to invest in. With some of the best suppliers and manufacturers of clothes. You are assured of quality products that will satisfy your customers’ demands and needs.

With the passage of time, online shopping in Turkey has expanded and has achieved distinction and popularity.

Top 20 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Fimka store

Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Fimka store is among the best wholesale providers. With about 30 years of experience and an ingenious outlook, Fimka is an Istanbul-based company working as a wholesale provider.

You can find everything here, ranging from trendy outfits and attires, adornments, and accessories. It supplies to over more than 100 countries.

Clup Fashion

Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Here, at Clup Fashion, you can find all sorts, including denim, suits, coats, sportswear, tunics, and night suits. You can also find women’s accessories like bags, shawls, and scarves.

You can order any time and get first-rate and exclusive products delivered, including men, women, and kidswear.


Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Talking about online marketing, turkopt is worth mentioning. It provides a wide variety of ladies’ wear, men’s wear, kids wear, and footwear with a separate category of large size clothing.

They deliver orders all over the world within approximately 4-6 days through Express International Shipping Services.


Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Whocit provides clothing at a comparatively lower rate than others with a wide variety of brands and company products. They provide cardigan clothing, sportswear, jackets, and T-shirts apart from casual wear.


Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

Herpsiburada is the most popular online shopping website in Turkey. It has also been selected as the best website for online shopping. They supply their products outside Turkey on a large scale.

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They have a mobile app through which you can order products from an expansive collection.

N-11 Clothing

Top 10 Best Turkey Online Shopping Websites

N-11 clothing provides perfect wardrobe editions. Its products include T-shirts, Hoodies and Jumpers, Mugs, Joggers, Training gear, and shorts.

It has well-developed social media pages that provide information and pictures of the latest stock. They provide comfy as well as magnificent costumery.


If we talk about online shopping, Bershka is one of the names that come to mind immediately. It emerged as a brand in 1998 and has about 1000 stores in 71 different countries.

Shopping at Bershka is very simple, and you can easily exchange or return your parcel.

Clogs Clothing Supplier

Clogs Clothing Supplier is a wholesale retailer. You can buy products from here in bulk by just ordering online sitting at your own store. The best part is that you can order their products and give them your brand name.


Morhipo was established in 2011 by the Boyner group. It provides an e-commerce experience with a multiplex variety of women, men, kids apparel, home textile, decoration, cosmetics, and accessories.


Trendyol is a large eCommerce platform in turkey. It opened up the Turkish Fashion Boutique and is a collection of 40 designers. It delivers products over to 190 countries.


Tozlo offers scarfs and shawls, clothing, and outerwear. It provides hijab, shoes, and bags and offers fast delivery within 1-4 days and secure shopping. It also offers discounts to customers.


Sportive, as the name suggests, has a sports collection. Currently, sportive is not delivering abroad, but in Turkey, they deliver within 2 business days.

All the products sold are under the original brand guarantee. You can shop via cards; however, payment can also be made at the doorstep.


It is a retail company and mainly sells textile products. Boyner has an extensive collection of products, including sports, shoes, bags, cosmetics, accessories and clocks, home and life gourmet. It is a well-founded and reasonable website for online shopping.

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Koctas is another big name in the world of shopping. It covers almost all categories of household accessories and appliances. It offers free cargo to its customers.

It also provides a 9-month installment opportunity to the members.


Evidea is among the best sellers selling all the products ranging from furniture, textiles, electric appliances, decoration, and kitchen items.

It offers affordable prices and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


This online shopping website provides cosmetics, fashion, personal care, and a lot more. It is a levelheaded website for women and kids. GittiGidyor also has a mobile app for easy access.


Kitapyurdu is a bestselling site for books, newsletters, and magazines. It also has children’s books and exam books. You can search for a respective writer or a specific book with ease. They consistently bring up new varieties of books and journals. They provide membership advantages as well.


The major categories of D&R online shopping stores are Ebooks, electronics, stationery, game and console, music, magazines, and sports equipment. They offer many discounts to their customers.


Wow-wholesale supports the fastest shipping and highest quality. They started in 2009 by selling wholesale, men, women, kids’ wear, accessories, and footwear. They stand out in having the finest and five-star quality.

Where to Source Product If I Want To Start an Online Shopping Site in Turkey?

There are many sources from where we can purchase the products and setup online business by choosing high-quality products. The names of few high rated sites from where we can source the products are amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Walmart, Etsy, Tmall, e.t.c. These are the few standard eCommerce and online shopping websites to source products.

Ways to Get Repeated Customers to Your Turkey Online Store

Here are a few suggestions you can implement to get more traffic and repeat customers on your website.

  1. Start awarding points to customers on their purchases.
  2. Build up a good relationship with your customers.
  3. Answer to comments, complaints, and questions immediately.
  4. Make it a simple and easy step for customers to shop online.
  5. Provide the best quality in delivery, as shown in the picture.
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This will definitely build up the trust of the customer, and he will surely come again.


How to get loyal customers for your online business?


Set ways to communicate with the customer- Communicating with your customers, keeps you fresh in their minds allowing you to pass important information to them. Make an effort of having a comprehensive database where you can keep customers’ contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers.  In such way you can contact them by sending friendly reminders and monthly newsletters.

Set a rewards system for your loyal customers- By offering rewards or extra perks to your customers, you encourage them to stick around. Incentives can also make a customer strive to reach a higher status.

Setting different payment plans – Introduce monthly manageable prices so that during those low peak periods you can still make money and also retain your customers.

Great customer services – Treating customers in the right way can increase your customer flow and also loyalty. If a customer is treated well, word will always spread to friends and family and they will all flock to your shop.  Online shops are tricky and a little mistake on the customer service part can destroy your business.

Offer a head start- Offering a customer a head start can really go a long way in building good customer loyalty to your online business.




Now you can confidently order clothing from turkey. The website listed above is some of the best in Turkey. If you are planning to dropship and wholesale from turkey don’t waste any more time. The facts are already laid out for you. Depending on whether you are a resident of turkey or not, you can still order your clothes in bulk and have them shipped and delivered to your shop.

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