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9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

If you want to boost your sales, this article lists the world’s best 9 wholesale junior clothing vendors, tips to wholesale junior clothing and why wholesale junior clothes.

Great junior clothing wholesale suppliers play an important pivotal role by ensuring your business gets a constant supply of wholesale junior’s apparel at the right time and best price.

Why you should Wholesale Junior Clothing: Statistics


Is the junior clothing wholesale business the way to go?

There are good compelling reasons as to why clothes wholesalers should invest more in junior clothing.

· Generation z is the sole customer of junior clothing. By 2020, this generation is forecasted to reach 2.56 billion and 98% of them possess smartphones. With the uptake of e-commerce, this is an unbelievably huge market to tap into.


· Generally, the apparel market in the USA has a very positive signal according to Statista data. The market size is projected to grow from US$225billion to US$285 billion (2012-2025) at a rate of 2% (CAGR).

· The same institution’s research indicates the user penetration rate in the global apparel segment to be 33.3% in 2019 and by 2023 it’s expected to reach 44.0%. The junior age is the majority in this case.

This is attributed to a number of reasons;

1) The worldwide rapid growth of the middle-class with high disposal income

2) Increased ease in e-commerce operation

3) Availability and continued expansion of the apparel market

4) Increased access to computers, laptops and smartphones

Junior clothing wholesale business is now evidently a venture worth investing due to the foreseeable rapid wholesale clothing market growth. Don’t be left behind. For these reasons, take advantage of the world’s best wholesalers listed below.


9 Worlds Best Junior Clothing Wholesalers in China/US/UK

1. Sugarlips

9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

Sugarlips is a great website that offers you really wholesale quality clothes at good prices. The items are carefully selected, and you can go through their huge catalog. The site also has spent their time creating lookbooks so you can get inspired by them. The pieces included are classy and timeless. Products are included in packages of different sizes, and they do not ship in single pieces.

Also, all clothing items that come from the site are branded as Sugarlips, so choose wisely if you want to work with them or not.

2. LA Showroom

LA Showroom is both a marketplace and a directory for wholesale clothing suppliers. On the site, you can find clothes that look great with just $10. However, you must be a member to be able to view and buy items. Once you are approved as a member, you can explore the site by different brands and start ordering at wholesale prices.

Because there are different suppliers here, prices and shipping costs vary. Minimum order requirements are also different from supplier to supplier, including the destinations they can ship to.

3. Magnolia Fashion

If you are looking for dresses, swimwear, and suits, you may want to check out Magnolia Fashion. Like Sugarlips, Magnolia only ships in packages, which means you can’t order individual pieces. Most of the time, each pack provides the same three pieces of clothing or items.

Before you can place an order, you must sign up as a member. Registration is free, and the site accepts members worldwide. The shipping cost does not have a fixed price on the site, as it depends on the location. You can use the site to buy items in bulk, but you can’t use it for dropshipping.

4. Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is a website where you can find many wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers from the USA. Not only do you find suppliers, but the site also offers closeout sales and tradeshows. On the site, you can find clothes for babies, women, and more. The website is a directory for wholesalers with no membership required. If you find a supplier that you like, click the link to visit their website.

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You will have to contact the supplier and make business terms directly with them. Wholesale Central doesn’t have any fee to join, because they mostly earn from supplier advertisements on the website.

5. Seebiz

9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

SeeBiz is your gateway to becoming one of the leading businesses in the $368 billion worth clothing industry. Every type of clothing for men, women, children, and toddlers is available in various sizes, materials, and styles under a single platform. It has a variety of vendors that cover all the categories of clothing at affordable prices.

Since SeeBiz is an online wholesale networking platform that connects vendors and retailers, you will be able to view updates on clothing styles from different businesses. Plus, it’s free. You can easily buy or sell a wide collection of clothing without any cost on SeeBiz!

6. Jelly Bean

9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

Jelly Bean is a wholesale clothing vendor/supplier to find women’s clothing and also accessories such as necklaces or sunglasses. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

With the site, you can buy in bulk and deliver the product directly to your address. It is a great choice for those who have a physical store and want to stock inventory. International shipping is available and you can also return unsatisfied products. However, the return policy is legible only within three days from the received date.

Wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers in the UK

Even though the UK left the EU, the country is still an exciting location for fashion lovers everywhere. You can also reduce the shipping cost if your warehouse is based in the UK and want to ship around Europe. Here are some wholesale clothing vendors & suppliers in the UK to get started.

6. Parisian Wholesale

9 Best Wholesale Junior Clothing Vendors to Boost Your Sales

Parisian Wholesale is a UK brand that sells clothes internationally. You can order in bulk numbers, but you will have to pay a 20% tax if you are from Europe or the UK. Here, you can find jackets, blazers, dresses, coats, and more. The site only specializes in women’s clothing. You can buy good quality items for just £10 but in packs of six items.

Delivery also has an expense, so you need to prepare at least $20 for shipping. The shipping method is DHL or Parcel Force. Remember that you can only buy six or nine packages, so you cannot use this site for single dropshipping items. This is the best display wholesale clothing vendors & Suppliers for high-quality products.

7. City Goddess

City Goddess is a UK-based wholesaler that has been around since 2003, and the site has many brands and items to offer. The first thing you need to do is create an account. You can order single pieces, so the site is great for a dropshipping business.

There is a shipping fee, and the destination country determines how much it will cost. The site accepts different payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfer.

8. Catwalk Wholesale

Modern women love to have some colors in their style. Catwalk Wholesale is a vendor that you can find such colors with all trendy items. They also have products that take inspiration from trendy clothes that celebrities are wearing. It is very easy to go through the website and find something to sell. If you are lucky, you can encounter a sale season and get many pieces at just £1.



2. Dhgate  – Cheap Junior wholesale clothing   

It’s a wholesale online marketplace for consumer goods is the leading supplier of Chinese products with over 33 million products listed on its website. They have over 10 million buyers and have access to 230 countries and regions.

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Dhgate is the leading supplier of cheap junior wholesale clothing. You can buy in bulk directly or dropship. The standard shipment period is 2-5 working days and they have no minimum order requirement.

3. Walmart  -Junior Clothes  

Wholesale clothing vendors looking for junior plus wholesale clothing under $5, junior tops & T-shirts and juniors summer clothes should consider Walmart as their best wholesale supplier.

Walmart is a general wholesale supplier and retailer for all categories of products both cheap and expensive. Its clothing department is equipped to meet all the demands of every customer. Enjoy free 2 day delivery on orders above &35. The MOQ conditions vary from one products category to another.

4.  -Junior sports clothes

This is the largest sports clothes wholesale supplier for all ages and gender. You will find all the worlds’ famous brands suitable for every customer. Also available in their stores are bags, sunglasses, fitness equipment, caps and shore care accessories.

Standard deliveries are done within 3-5 working days and no minimum order requirement is needed.

5. Ami ClubWear   -Cheap junior clothing & Trendy Junior clothes

Ami ClubWear opened its doors in 2004 in the city of Los Angeles and is best known for junior celebrity clothing. They have a thin product range but in large quantities.

It’s designed to provide junior clothing wholesale vendors with cheap and trendy clothes to female customers. Orders are processed within 2 business but deliveries usually take 4-5 business days.

6. Uclerstore

When Turkey is mentioned, most people think of quality. Clothes sold by Uclerstore are made in Turkey. This is a wholesale B2B business directory as well as a supplier of clothing and accessories.

It was established in 1993 and is located in Istanbul, Laleli. Shipping takes 24 hours and the product return policy is 7days.

7. Etsy – Cute junior clothes

They are located in Brooklyn, New York and it’s regarded as the home to all vintage or homemade products. As the global supplier for cute kids and youth clothes, Etsy has thousands of wholesale clothes to meet all its suppliers.

With its order fulfilment tools, you can ship your products from any location and for less.

8. eBay  -Junior plus size clothing

This is a worldwide wholesale supplier of all categories of junior clothing. Its headquarters are in California, USA. You will also find other product categories like consumer electronics, furniture, jewellery and many more.

The wholesale clothes sold here are sourced from the best manufacturers and designers across all the continents. Their deliveries are usually done within 2-7 working days.

9. CC Wholesale   – Discount Juniors Clothing

CC Wholesale clothing is based in Los Angeles USA and specializes in providing fashionable and discounted clothing. They have a massive selection of cheap clothes for all junior ages from many reputable manufacturers and designers.

The junior clothing selection available include dresses, jumpsuits, collar shirts, floral printed skirts and many more.

CC Wholesale has a 30-day product return policy, 8-12 business days delivery period and a minimum order requirement of $100.

The dropship services offered by this company are top-notch: full access to all products, unlimited access to data feed and priority orders processing.


Tips to Wholesale Junior Clothing


High returns equal business success. To take your store to the next level, below are the tips you should follow.

· Age vs Size

This is the biggest trick you will experience as customers expect the size of the clothes to match their respective ages. The only exception and should be well listed and described is the junior plus wholesale clothing.

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· Pricing

Junior clothes tend to be a bit high priced. However, there are manufacturers and designers with cheaper clothes which should be dominant in your store. The cheaper the items are the greater the price.

· Variety, Design and brand

Different customers will search for different cloth styles, designs or even just colours. The only option you have to accommodate all these customers is by balancing the variety and the amount of stock available.

· Marketplace

Who are your main customers? This will help determine the fashion and cultural attachments related to the clothes you will sell. It’s important to study the majority of age buyers in the location of your store.


Where to Wholesale Junior Clothing in China


China is the largest apparel market in the world and operating the clothes business there is a sure success. These are the places to wholesale;

· Shein

· TB Dress

· Rosegal



Who Are the Best to Wholesale Junior Clothing in the USA?


The USA currently has the highest number of youth which is a great opportunity for clothes wholesalers. The best people to wholesale junior clothes include;

· Trading manufactures or trading companies like Duluth Trading Company, Lands’ End

· Dropship suppliers like, Doba

· Clothes distributors like  wholesale central, Orange Shine

· Wholesale suppliers who include  Dhgate, AliExpress


Where to Wholesale Junior Clothing in India?


India has not been left behind in this business of wholesale selling of junior clothes and their market has expanded over the past years. The best places to wholesale include;

· Surat Textile market

· Bara Bazaar

· Indiamart

· Shop4Shop

· Chinabrands


Where to Wholesale Junior Clothing in the UK?


There are many clothes wholesale buyers waiting for your supplies. Because you need a constant market, the most suitable places are;


· Catwalk Wholesale

· Lush Clothing

· Missi Clothing

· Stylewise Direct

Tips for finding quality wholesale clothing vendors, suppliers

When it comes to finding quality wholesale clothing vendors, there are a few Do and Don’ts that you should follow. Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Compare prices: Buying in bulks often results in larger profits from your clothing products, but that is not always the case. You can increase more profits if you can compare the prices of vendors before deciding.
  • Quantity vs. Quality: By default, the product’s quality is what increases the value and the price for more profits. You, as the store owner, should carefully consider the situation before purchasing while missing out on lucrative opportunities.
  • Plan and test: Every entrepreneur should have a detailed list of products that you want to purchase, an estimated budget, and the following marketing plan for promotion. If the wholesale vendors can meet your own criteria, it is the best.
  • Hang out on forums and groups: Here, you can discuss boutiques and clothing trends, while gaining insights on the expectations of the customers. You can also find good communities to join.
  • Attend nearby trade shows: Apparel is an exciting field, and you can meet many interesting people to grow your business. Talking to people in a trade show can gain some great tips and friendships.



The number of junior clothing wholesale vendors advertising themselves on the internet, social media and billboards are beyond imagination. But how many of these can sustain constant bulk orders for all junior clothes ages?

Only the list of wholesale junior clothing suppliers above can fulfil any customer’s requirements. Whether it’s same-day shipment, low or zero MOQ, junior plus size clothing or trendy junior clothing, they will meet all your needs.

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