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Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China


Undergarments are a commodity that customers need every day. Undergarment factories in China have seen a potential rise in the last few decades, owing to modernism, and reduced taboos. Initially, undergarments were nothing but a piece of cloth for us. But today, it is not the case.

Today, they are included as a full-fledged commodity that is being used, fashionably flaunted, and traded hugely all across the world. Hence, it only makes sense for new businessmen to venture into the undergarments industry.  If you are looking out for the best underwear manufacturers in China for wholesale purposes, or for importing the best quality pieces for your business, this blog will help you out.

Also, there are many product sourcing services providers like MatchSourcing that help you select the best manufacturer, and also complete the entire exporting process from China, without any hassle.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Underwear and Lingerie Manufacturing Clusters in China

China’s export-oriented underwear manufacturers are largely concentrated in the country’s primary textile production centers; Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, and Zhejiang Province.

If you intend to visit manufacturers in Mainland China, you are likely to find yourself in one of the following cities:

  • Quanzhou, Fujian
  • Jinjiang, Fujian
  • Shantou, Guangdong
  • Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Dongguan, Guangdong
  • Zhongshan, Guangdong
  • Yiwu, Zhejiang

1.Shenzhen Thunder Fashion

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Shenzhen Thunder Fashion

Type of Business:  Underwear Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Nanyang, Xinguojing Road, Gurao Town, Shantou City, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2018

Products offered: Low/high rise hipsters, high waisted briefs, mesh, and t-pack bras, lace bikinis, cage back panties, and underwear

Shenzhen Thunder Fashion is one of the best OEM and ODM ladies’ underwear manufacturers in China with a Shantou-based factory. The company offers more than 200 styles of fashionable undergarments for ladies aged between 13-60. These products include bra, panties, shapewear, available in different fabrics like foil, lace, satin, and cotton.


2.Xiamen Reely Industrial

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Xiamen Reely Industrial

Type of Business:  Underwear Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 302, Wanshan 3 Plant, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

Year Founded: 2005

Products offered: Boxers, High waist shapewear, plus size underwear, knitted briefs, G-string briefs, full cover rashguards

Xiamen Reely Industrial manufactures sportswear, underwear, athleisure garments for women and men, swimwear, and sleepwear. As a customer, you can expect to get all the services from designing and printing, to sewing, cutting the fabric, the final finishing, and delivery.

Xiamen Reely welcomes ODM or OEM model requests. Their product lines include form-fitting yoga pants, retro bikinis, thongs, rash guards, board shorts, t-shirt bras, front and back closure bras, and boxers.


3.Shanghai Jspeed Industry

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Shanghai Jspeed Industry

Type of Business:  Underwear Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 903, Building 6, 7001 Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, China

Year Founded: 2009

Products offered: underwear, plus size underwear, intimate wear, swimwear, beachwear, and form-fitting sportswear.

Shanghai Jspeed Industry is a reputed underwear manufacturer in China. It specializes in making children’s underwear, ladies’ lingerie, and men’s products. The product line of Jspeed is richly diverse including underwear, plus size underwear, intimate wear, swimwear, beachwear, and form-fitting sportswear. Shanghai Jspeed mainly focuses on the export business and has been successfully working with clients from all over the globe.


4.Foshan Casland Garments

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Foshan Casland

Type of Business:  Undergarments & Lingerie Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 6F, Business Building, Guangfo International Wujin Plaza, Huangqi Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Year Founded: 2008

Products offered: Lingerie sets, Seamless bras, Sports bras, Sexy lingeries, Intimate wear, Sleepwear

Foshan Casland Garments, established in 2008 is one of the best manufacturers of women’s lingerie of various styles, textures, and fittings. The company offers ODM and OEM services to domestic and international customers across nationalities. Their OEM services allow you to customize pattern and style design, material sourcing and procurement, sampling, fitting, bulk production, quality control, and inspection, and delivery, with a rich variety. They have an overflowing underwear factory in China to meet customers’ varying demands.


5.Shanghai Douai Lingerie

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Shanghai Douai Lingerie

Type of Business:  Undergarments Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): No. 466, Xuanqiu Road, Xuanqiao Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Year Founded: 2011

Products offered: Push-up bras, Plus-size bras, Front closure bras, Half-cup bras, Three-quarter cup bras, Full-cup bras, Seamless camisole bras, Seamless panties

Shanghai Douai Lingerie is a lingerie manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and offering custom-made underwear manufacturing services from Shanghai.

Since the company manufactures novel yet comfortable undergarments for regular wear, their target market is young and middle-aged women, between the range of 18 to 50 years.


6.The Delta Bogart Group

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: The Delta Bogart Group

Type of Business:  Undergarments Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 17/F, Goldin Financial Global Centre, No. 17 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Year Founded: 1975

Products offered: Sexy lace panties, Boxers, Briefs, Post-surgery bra, Maternity bras, Minimizer bras, High-performance sport bras

The Delta Bogart Group is an undergarment manufacturer with almost 6 in-house production centers. These are located in Myanmar, Thailand, Guangdong,  as well as a huge showroom, and sales center in Hong Kong. The company focuses on designing and producing comfortable fashion including underwear and sportswear for men and women, intimate apparel, curvy bras and lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear.

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7.CB Custom Underwear

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: CB Custom Underwear

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China

Year Founded: 2008

Products offered: Cotton men boxers, Trunk briefs, Mid-rise tight briefs, Ultra-thin invisible briefs, Hipsters briefs, Menstrual period women panties, Slip shorts, T-back

CB Color Custom Underwear was established in 2008. It was founded as a professional ODM and OEM manufacturer of undergarment products from Yiwu, Zhejiang. There are many male and female models for advertising purposes for the company. These products include boxers, briefs, panties, and slip shorts. Recently, the company has started manufacturing products for menstruating women & pregnancy.



Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: NEIWAI

Type of Business:  Furniture Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 353 Sacramento St. 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94111

Year Founded: 2012

Products offered: Tuplima & Turkish cotton bras, Tencel low & high waist briefs.

Founded in 2012, NEIWAI with the aspiration to create lingerie & loungewear that liberates peoples’ bodies and uplift them from clutches of uncomfortable fashion. The products are meant for everyday use, with comfort reeking out of them. Practical, stylish, comfortable, and ready to go wherever life takes you, these celebrate women in more ways than one.



Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Maniform

Type of Business:  Undergarments Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): 31-32F, Block A, International Innovation Center, No. 1006 Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

Year Founded: NA

Products offered: Lingerie, padded bras, underwear, and panties

Since the first store in Beijing in 1996, Maniform has established itself fulfilling the expectations of customers, and allowing them to evolve their tastes. The brand is known for integrating the typical traditional Chinese design elements such as dragons and phoenixes with modern classic textures and is the first one to come up with and embrace the idea of thermal underwear.



Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: Embryform

Type of Business:  Undergarment Manufacturer

Location (Headquarters): NA

Year Founded: 1975

Products offered: Lingerie, padded bras, panties, cotton sweater, and other shapewear

Founded in Hong Kong in 1975, Embryform is a show stealer providing top-notch lingerie and intimate wear for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It has more than 1,770 retail stores in over 180 cities. This manufacturer, with its quality and variety, has been making dominant control in the local market. Embryform frequently offers discounts to its members via Tmall.



A Reliable Sourcing Agent: MatchSouring

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Source: MatchSourcing

While there are many benefits of sourcing undergarments from China, like:


  • Bulk imports
  • ODM and OEM facilities
  • Lower price
  • Variety


There can some disadvantages too like:


  • Language barrier
  • Fraud cases due to unreliable suppliers
  • Loss of goods while delivering
  • Sub-standard goods


Owing to these, it is essential to hire a sourcing partner for your importing needs, MatchSourcing. MatchSourcing is a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent that will help you from start to finish. You can expect the team to find reliable suppliers for you, as well as ensure that the dropshipping services are met too.

How to Find Right Underwear Manufacturers in China

  • Make a list of underwear manufacturers you search for online. Remember to consider the following: product categories, pricing, MOQ, delivery methods, average lead time, main markets, annual output value, certification, ODM/OEM, etc. Notably, you need to request MOQ from underwear factories in advance, because many major ones tend to bulk orders instead of small quantity orders.
  • Optimize the list via comparative analyses. There are 4 characteristics featured by good underwear manufacturers: balanced quality and price; effective communication; a positive attitude towards both big and small orders. The optimized list includes at least three manufacturers you think appropriate.
  • Call or email them for further contact. Remember to communicate with potential underwear manufacturers in a professional, confident manner, with a focus on underwear orders and related project proposals on hand.
  • Identify a reliable underwear manufacturer. Is the largest the best for you? The answer is: not really. It’s actually up to you, especially in relation to the most influential factors you consider. Make sure you make a wise decision after careful consideration.
  • Ask for samples and place a trial order. That can also help you ensure massive production to a large extent.

6 Popular Types of Men’s Underwear & Fabric Comparison

Boxer (Boxer Short)

It’s a classic underwear style. Usually, the boxer fabric is pure cotton.

Boxer Brief

It required fabrics to be stretch. Cotton or modal combined with elastane are appropriate. And its cut is featured by a perfect fit. With Calvin Klein as the benchmark, the boxer brief is the modern classic.


The fabrics are stretch cotton or modal combined with elastane, similar to boxer briefs. In the UK, it’s called Y-fronts; in the US, it’s called tighty-whiteys (slang), jockey shorts, jockeys; in Australia, it’s called jocks (slang).

Trunks (also known as Hipster)

Trunks are short-leg boxer briefs, usually made by stretch cotton or modal.

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Thong covers Tanga, G-string, and C-String. Its fabrics are often cotton with elastane added.

T-back Bikini

This type needs the least fabrics and accessories but it can be sold at a 3 times higher price than the normal types. So it’s a profitable product for you.

Commonly Used Fabrics Comparision

Currently, mainstream underwear materials include pure cotton, modal, bamboo fiber, quick-drying fabric, and chemical fiber. Although the price of chemical fiber blended fabrics is low, it’s easy to cause adverse reactions.

Pure Cotton

It refers to 100% cotton. Underwear made of pure cotton fabric excels in moisture absorption but shows weakness in dehumidification (not easy to dry). At the same time, the elasticity of cotton is not so strong. Adding 5 – 10% spandex to cotton can help improve the underwear’s elasticity and fitness. “Lycra cotton” underwear (i.e. 95% cotton + 5% spandex) is favored by consumers today.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Bamboo Fiber

It’s more and more popular. Its moisture-wicking ability is higher than that of ordinary cotton fabric. Moreover, it’s good at natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, mite removal, deodorization, and ultraviolet resistance. If you want high-quality bamboo fabric, you need to make sure it’s made through a mechanical rather than a chemical process. Given the complex production (more difficult than the extraction of cotton), bamboo fiber underwear is more expensive. Additionally, bamboo fiber is relatively fragile, whereby blending can solve this problem. The cotton bamboo blend is the mainstream in the market.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China


Extracted from shrubs, it’s a kind of natural plant fiber like pure cotton. It’s not only as soft and comfortable as pure cotton, but also more breathable, 50% higher than pure cotton. Meanwhile, its stretchability is higher than that of pure cotton and polyester cotton, reducing the phenomenon of broken ends in manufacturing. Fabric thread count (80s) is not easy to wrinkle (better than pure cotton) and is less prone to deformation than modal with the specification of 50s. Micromodal, beyond the original modal technology, is highly valued by underwear manufacturers. The textile cost of modal fiber is generally more expensive than pure cotton.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Quick-drying Fabrics

Coolmax is a kind of polyester, but the different structural plane brings quick-drying and elasticity. Such characteristics make Coolmax suitable for sports. It is the preferred fabric for world-famous sports underwear brands.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Which fabric is the best one? There’s no definite answer.

From the perspective of health, the most suitable fabric is bamboo fiber, then modal, pure cotton (Lycra cotton is also OK), followed by fast-drying fabrics (sports scenes), chemical fiber blended fabrics.

However, it varies from person to person, up to the individual consideration and demand.

Underwear and lingerie have become more of a fashion statement and a sign of female empowerment in recent years. The demand for underwear is always very large and stable, but now more and more people would like to try lingerie, because of its various fashion designs. In this article, I will recommend several different Chinese websites to these sellers who want to do the business of underwear and lingerie on the basis of different types of business and budget, so they can import whatever designs they like without coming to China.

1. Aliexpress for Dropshipping Business

Most dropshipping sellers are new starters, they haven’t learned much knowledge about the item and market. That’s why they just want to have a try, do not invest too much to take the risk of inventory.

AliExpress is the best choice for these underwear dropshippers, no matter you are a new starter or experienced seller, you can always find the designs you can sell in your own store. Remember to check suppliers’ order quantity and reviews, so you can have a rough idea of an item’s quality. If the design you are interested in does not have any review, you can just wait for several weeks and check again.  

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Some sellers have stock warehousing in different countries, for example, the buyer can choose to let seller ship below lingerie from China or the US, according to buyer’s location. They will use different shipping method and shipping time will be saved a lot.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

When google underwear drop shipping, there are also several websites based in the US, UK, or other countries who can offer you, suppliers. Such as EmmaCloth and BigBuy. But the suppliers and designs are fewer when compared with AliExpress.

2. DHgate for Small Quantity Wholesale Business (budget from $100-$1,000)

Small quantity wholesale buyers who want to make their underwear order amount under $1,000 normally purchase supplier’s existing designs and the quantity is around dozens to few hundreds. These buyers sell the lingerie on their online stores, small shops on the streets, or some small markets in the local place.

It’s very difficult to find suppliers who are willing to make them customized styles with such a small amount, but some suppliers may agree to print logo on underwear in a very simple way at best (Like printing a small logo or other patterns on a T-shirt). So suppliers with more fashion and new designs are buyers’ prime option, they do not care much about private labeling.

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DHgate is the most suitable wholesale website for these buyers, and the more you buy, the cheaper prices you can get. They have plenty of designs of different styles of underwear & lingerie for the buyer to select. But before buying, you’d better know how to use it safely to avoid any possible traps.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

If you still cannot find the designs you fond of on DHgate, you can also go to Aliexpress for a try. Some sellers are willing to give certain discounts for buyers whose quantity is over 10/20 or other number units.

On both websites you can choose the various shipping way you like, only with different shipping cost: China Post ePacket is the slowest and freeway; China Post Air Mail, EMS, and DHL take a couple to dozens of dollars.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Remember to keep your eye on special promotions these websites hold every year, such as anniversary, holiday, to get price discounts and coupons for your order.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Other wholesale websites overseas that search from Google are very few, for instance: A&K Hosiery from the UK, Cotton Connection from the US. But most of their designs are the basic model.

3. Alibaba for Small-medium Scale Wholesale Business (budget from $1,000-$10,000)

Small-medium scale wholesale buyers prefer to private labeling their underwear with the budget from $1,000 to $10,000. Most of them sell on Amazon, eBay, or their own brand website. 

To customize a design of underwear, there are two ways:

  • Complete own design graphics sent by the customer, and they need exact same style for the lace pattern, color, material, size, etc, with their logo, sewn-in label, package, and other requests. 
  • Let suppliers send their underwear catalog, check and select, make the designs into their own with slight modification and private label on product & package.

So how to private label your underwear? We should use different methods for different types of underwear:

  • Sewn-in label: underwear with normal cotton material, lace, etc. The most common labeling way.
  • Print directly on the inner back of underwear: seamless underwear, this labeling way can keep the underwear clear and clean on both design and sense.

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

  • Print on the external of the underwear with patterns, letters: sports underwear.
  • No label on product, only private label on packages: nude bra, silicone bra. 

Top 10 Best Underwear & Lingerie Manufacturers in China

Alibaba is the best wholesale website for small-medium scale businesses where you can get reasonable prices from abundant lingerie supplier resources, but 70% of them you can find are trading companies and middlemen (everyone claims that they are factories). So if the supplier’s service, product, and price can satisfy all your requests, it’s not necessary to keep searching for a real factory, as it’s really difficult to. 

Most factories from Alibaba are on a small and medium scale because large factories do not take Alibaba’s online shop as their main way to seek customers. They tend to attend international trade fairs, to seek large wholesaler buyers and retailers, such as Walmart, and Zara. Large buyers will not search for suppliers on Alibaba.

Alibaba factories need to pay close attention to marketing, in order to get more inquiries. Sometimes they also cooperate with a domestic sourcing agent to get more orders.

If you plan to buy from Alibaba, it’s very essential to find reliable suppliers, and avoid getting scammed on Alibaba.

4. Made-in-China & Global Sources for Medium-large Scale Wholesale Business (budget over $10,000)

Buyers with over $10,000 budget can be these three types: customers who want to develop their own underwear brand with their ideas, large middle man who supplies for local chain stores or supermarkets for underwear and lingerie or practiced retailers who have their own large underwear website. 

They need suppliers who can satisfy all their demands of high quality & strict standard, full-scale customization (according to buyer’s sample or drawing). They will have strict request for materials, such as colorfastness because underwear is close-fitting wear, so suppliers need to offer reliable test reports from the large testing company. 

To develop whole new underwear or lingerie, the supplier also needs professional staff who can well understand customer’s design drawings and ideas and give suggestions properly, so that they can make the right samples as soon as possible because underwear buyers usually have tight development cycle to fit different seasons.

Obviously, small or medium factories could not fulfill these requests, that’s why buyers need effective large-scale factories to support them. I suggest them to go to Made-in-China and Global Sources to get what they want.

Although they may find a few large factories from Alibaba, with difficult and time-consuming process, why not use these other similar websites to get more suppliers in a much easier way. Small and medium factories would not spend too much money on Made-in-China and Global Sources, because it’s harder for them to get orders than in Alibaba, that’s why there are more large factories there for searching.

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