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9 Tips on How to Work on Customized Product Packaging

9 Tips on How to Work on Customized Product Packaging

Product packaging is an integral part of your business. It not only protects your product from damage but also carries your brand identity and business value.

In some cases, it is more than just a box or bag to carry items. In fact, it plays a key role in shipping products and providing a point of contact with customers.

For retailers, customers may choose products based on packaging rather than checking product quality. They tend to relate product quality to product packaging.

In their eyes, the packaging will tell them what makes the product different from other products, even if the product is a knockout or not.

Therefore, good product packaging, especially packaging design, plays a vital role in providing customers with a satisfactory shopping experience.

Good product packaging is easy to attract customers’ attention; Communicate your brand identity, business value, and product value. It should be attractive, simple, convenient, and informative. It will increase your sales and expand your business.

However, poor product packaging can undermine your business marketing efforts and hinder your customers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why most startups probably spend time designing their product packaging.

How to design incredibly excellent packaging to grow your business?

We’ll discuss this topic in detail and provide you with the best tips for creating beautiful and impressive packaging.

If you’re new or just thinking about starting a small business, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

9 Tips on How to Work on Customized Product Packaging

Brainstorm Your Brand

Packaging is a great way to make your brand speak for itself. You can build a positive relationship with your brand by developing custom boxes and packaging.

It will provide customers with a special experience of being able to open orders and find the items they purchased. You have to think about your brand, your business value, your brand’s target audience, etc.

All of your brand identity elements can be used in your packaging design, including your logo, font, size, color, and image.

Choose the right color to grab the customer’s attention at the first sight. Usually, different colors have different meanings. For example, white means simple and clean, while green means environmental protection, health, and sustainability.

If possible, you can look at the online palette and decide on your packaging colors.
Then, you must consider fonts that reflect your brand and culture. Make sure your brand can be identified in different sizes on different devices.

Your brand logo can be easily seen on the package. In addition, other ingredients of the product, such as production date, shelf life, product function, weight, size, color, flavor, product ingredients, etc., should also be shown on the product package.

Remember to align your packaging with your brand identity and brand value. Your brand will determine your packaging to some extent.

Learn the Your Audience Insight

When you plan to design product packaging, you must understand your target customers and their expectations for your business. After all, they are the ones who are going to invest in your business.

Of course, the packaging of your products affects the experience your customers have when they receive your products.

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If you are an Amazon retailer, your products will be wrapped in foam packaging in regular cardboard boxes with the Amazon and logo. If you want to include more brand elements, try to align them with customer expectations.

Make sure your customers are satisfied with the packaging design of your products. Make it attractive, which may give them some feeling depending on your brand strategy.

You can do some market research and find out the demographics of your target customers to get the best design for their emotional or physical needs.

For example, if you’re selling children’s toys, try designing your packaging using animated cartoons or well-known characters in a dreamy game environment. This will greatly boost your sales and business.

Know the Accurate Product Size

In fact, the product size is related to the package size. If your design size does not fit your product, whether it is larger or smaller than the product itself, it will be a complete failure.
For example, a product with four different sizes of different parts should accommodate two different sizes of packaging. Try to make it size economical and master your product.
Interestingly, there is a link between customer preferences and the size of the package. For example, cosmetic shoppers may order cosmetics in smaller packages, rather than larger ones, because of the price. Driven by price consciousness, people tend to prefer smaller sizes.
Therefore, it is best for you to combine the size of your product with the preferences of your target customers to determine the appropriate size of the product package.

Take Packaging Materials into Consideration

When it comes to packaging, you must know what to use to package the product. As for any shopper, they don’t want their beloved items to end up in boxes or bottles with the wrong materials.

Imagine a house made of cheese in the summer. Disgusting.

Packaging materials are used to protect the product from damage, freshness, and integrity during transportation.

You can imagine the customer unpacking your product, they have to open the outer case or envelope to make sure your product is safe during shipping, and the label or tape keeps the package closed during shipping.

And there are protective elements, such as bubble wrap and inflatable pillows, to ensure that your products are cushioned and protected. In addition, paper towels and other delicate packaging materials are included in the main box or outer packing.

When choosing packaging materials, try to make sure whether the packaging is fragile during transportation and the function of the material.

You must consider the durability and properties of the materials. Are the packaging materials insulated?

Choose environmentally friendly materials.

Make sure your packaging materials are recyclable and reusable. Out of the box, if possible, use your packaging to be at ease on Earth.

There is no doubt that eco-friendly packaging will have a positive social impact. Try to make your packaging sustainable and promote sustainable business practices.

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Budget Decides the Final Solution

How much do you want to spend on the packaging?

Usually, you have to think about it before you start working. It should depend on how much profit you want from each item you sell. It may be a small part of your business, but you can’t ignore it.

When it comes to packaging costs, key items should include packaging materials, packaging design costs, packaging printing, production, and labor costs. For packaging materials, more environmentally friendly packaging will provide you with sustainable packaging options.

You can search on the Internet or refer to your competitors to get the best packaging materials. For packaging design, you can hire your own designer or design on the website.

The budget should be critical for a startup. Remember to do the market price research, and then according to your product packaging words, develop a detailed and practical budget plan.

Packaging Design Preparation

This part involves the packaging design. This means that you have to design something pretty on a package that contains all the information available and convince your target customers to buy it.

To design product packaging, first of all, according to the attributes of the product, clear packaging levels.

In general, the product package should include inner packing, outer packing, and other packaging elements, that help to promote the brand, such as label, tag, and wrapping paper.

In addition, you must understand the type of packaging of the product. You must be clear about the attributes of your product.

For example, liquid drinks should come in bottles and not boxes. Then you can’t ignore your budget and your site positioning. Try to set it apart on a shoestring budget by comparing it to the competition.

Design Your Product Packaging on Fiverr

Then is the package design part. You must determine the packaging layer and packaging type based on the product attributes.

If you are not good at graphic design, professional designers will be your best choice.

But before you hire a professional designer to design your packaging, you must have an idea of your own. Share your brand identity and competitors’ packaging designs with designers. Designers will give you their ideas about the color, look, and feel of the package.

If you can design the packaging yourself, that should be your task. You must choose software such as Adobe Photoshop to design the 3D packaging images suitable for your products.

Until then, you can look at your competitors’ packaging to find out what’s different about your product. Include all key components of your brand identity and product description information. Try to make it different to stand out and easily trigger emotional engagement.

If possible, invite friends, family, and colleagues to provide some feedback on your design. Or you can show them several designs and ask them to choose the one they think is the best.

Optimize Your Product Packaging

Sometimes, we encounter different packages of the same product. It is caused by product packaging optimization in line with time changes.

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To optimize your product packaging, you must get some feedback from customers or time trends.
For example, green packaging materials are welcomed by customers.

With global climate awareness, you can use thinner plastics or recycled cardboard, or even biodegradable materials.

Try to make your packaging easier to transport. If you have to ship items by cargo, you can change the shape or size of the package to save money. You can ship more goods in the same space.

Try to optimize your product packaging. This will certainly help you balance the complexity and efficiency of packaging. This should be an ongoing step in supply chain management.

In short, you must have a clear understanding of the product packaging. I hope you will find the above tips useful in your business.

Your packaging is absolutely about communicating your brand and what it means to your target customers. Don’t miss your chance to make a lasting impression on your target customer.

Get Your Design Printed

Finally, you must print your design. As is known to all, packaging materials have different parts. You must print them out separately according to your packaging requirements.

For example, you have labels, scanner codes, logos, and other informative descriptions. You must use a different printer to print these key branding components.

Attempts to communicate with the printer to obtain the specifications required by the printer. If the packaging is designed by the designer, make sure they have discussed it. And the printer on it is clear.

In addition, file format is also important in printing. If the format is wrong, the solution should redo or process the file format. If this is the case, your costs may increase.

Consider the transportation scale. This means that you have to print the design according to the shipping speed. You don’t have to print too much and load it in there to make the order.

In general, your packaging stock should not exceed half a year in the event of a change in labeling regulations, although certain packaging forms have remained unchanged over the years.

And pressure-sensitive label adhesive shelf life is only one year. If stored improperly, it may lose its bonding properties.

Our last pro-tip: invest in high-quality packaging materials (we happen to know someone who can help you out)

High-quality packaging and printing are key to bringing your ideas to life. Without those two things, you may end up with lackluster packaging, regardless of how great your design is. Here at Packlane, we use nothing but the highest quality materials, and our printing processes are second to none. Plus, our 3D real-time design tool is kind of a big deal. You can use it to get an idea of what your packaging looks like before you ever spend a single penny. And not to brag, but we take pride in making the process as easy and painless as possible (even if you’re not a professional designer). Now, you have all the tools you need.

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