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TOP 10 Special Things To Do In Shenzhen At Night

TOP 10 Special Things To Do In Shenzhen At Night

This south-eastern city plays a huge role other than connecting Hong Kong to mainland China. For the longest time, what had been a drowsy market town has woken to be a city with skyline bristles. The city of Shenzhen exists as a testament to the strapping economic growth which China has witnessed in recent years. That, however, did come with a price. Until a decade, Shenzhen was allied with the unsightly face of economic growth. But that has begun to change.

Shenzhen, as of now, is a proud witness to travellers flocking here for the history, art, dining, and nature that are lurking behind all the skyscrapers. All hail to its large malls and retail destination, the city is very much worthy of a visit. If you’re planning your next trip here, we got you covered. Here are some of the best things to do in Shenzhen, China.

Shows/Activities at Night in Shenzhen

In OCT Bay or China’s Folk Culture Villages usually puts on various shows every day. Some of shows are set during the day, but some are at night. You may watch water show at OCT Bay or Dances between China Dragon & Phoenix at night.

Watch Water Show at OCT Bay

Address: OCT Bay Water Show Theatre, #8 Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Time: starting at 8:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday; closed on Monday

Water Show Theatre at OCT Bay is one of the largest modern water show theatres in the world, which is jointly made by OCT Urban Entertainment Investment Company with the prestigious French ECA2 Company. The water show theatre is sited right in the center of a beautiful lake. The water show lasts for 50 minute each time. You may take B603, B610 to OCT Bay Station, and then walk to reach the theatre.

Shop deluxe at Luohu Commercial City

TOP 10 Special Things To Do In Shenzhen At Night
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While we are very much fond to astound the multiplicity and diversity of experiences on and beyond the city, none of that would be perfectly complete without adding to the list its vast array of shopping centres. Many of you might already know of the Luoho as it is widely popular for its luxe collections of designer bags alongside tailor-made suit services. If you get a chance, you ought not to miss out on the soothing massage provided here.

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Watch Dances between China Dragon & Phoenix at China’s Folk Culture Villages

Address: Phoenix Square at China’s Folk Culture Villages, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Time: 19:30-20:20 daily

Dances between China Dragon & Phoenix at China’s Folk Culture Villages make full use of sound, light, electricity, water and other modern stage technologies and integrate dance, acrobatics, magic smoothly to create fantastic dancing performance. The 55 minutes show with more than 500 professional actors and more than 1200 sets of clothing let you enjoy the beautiful charm of Chinese national culture. Dances between China Dragon & Phoenix is put on from 19:30 to 20:20 every day.

Dances between China Dragon & Phoeni

Shopping at Night in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is also one of the shopping paradises for visitors. Shopping in Shenzhen is famous for cheap electronic products and clothing. Provided that you are busy in do sightseeing at scenic spots and do not have time to go shopping during the day, you could enjoy your shopping time at night. Here introduces some popular shopping malls/streets for your reference. You may go to visit one of them to buy the things that you need.

Dongmen Commercial Area

Address: Luohu District
What to buy: jewelry, handicrafts, toys, fashion clothes

One of the oldest commercial centers in Shenzhen, Dongmen Commercial Area highlights a walking street flanked by humming stores. It is a good place to buy clothes, handbags, fashion accessories, jewelry, handicrafts, toys and small electronic gadgets.

Dongmen Commercial Street is considered as a flag of Shenzhen business industry. As the saying is that one fails to go to Shenzhen if he do not visit Dongmen Old Street. The highly recommended department stores are Shenzhen Maoye Department Store, Zhongwei Cooperation Square, and Shenzhen Sunshine Department Store and so on. The old street is home to a dozen boutiques, franchise house and shops. From early in the morning to the midnight, it is always hustling and bustling with babel of voices.


North Huaqiang Area

Address: North Huaqiang Road, Futian District
What to buy: Tax-free jewelry, Electronic products, clothing

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North Huaqiang Area is the most prosperous shopping area in Shenzhen. It is home to dozens of market places for electronic products, home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry. Some market places each house hundreds of shops, from flagship stores selling big brands to small boutiques where you can bargain. It is also a great place to dine, with plenty of restaurants offering various Chinese cuisines and foreign brands like Pizza Hut, Hagen Daas and AijiSen.

Luohu Commercial Area

Address: Jiabin Road, Luohu District
What to buy: clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, traditional craftworks

Neighboring to Hong Kong border, Luohu area in Shenzhen is the trend of fashion. It is the home to the famous department stores such as the MIXC, Seibu Department Store, Friendship Department Store, and Tianan International Mansion, as well as the grand Luohu Commercial City integrating cinema, song and dance hall, disco clubs and excellent restaurants. The five-story building houses many stores selling clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories and traditional craftworks. You name it, you find it. And the price is quite reasonable.

Bar streets in Shenzhen

It would not be a bad idea to relax yourselves at night in a bar. There are various bars through out the city. But there indeed are some recommended places for you to explore.

Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) Bar Street

Location: Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), Nanshan District, Shenzhen

OCT Bar Street has become a relaxing place to go in Shenzhen for young people. It gives the impression that it is a place where gather youth and individuality. Most of the owners of the bars are very young. You can find the feeling of being young with a warm pub atmosphere there.

Location: at the gym, downtown of Shenzhen

The Fifth Avenue Bar Street is consisted of the basement Disco bars, ground-floor café, theme bars, theme music, western bars, cultural bars and other different styles of bars. The street has a western architectural style with a strong sense of European culture, Shenzhen. The elegant aristocratic demeanor of the street brings new fashion icons in the city. There are many bars here, the smallest one is over 100 square meters and the largest one is 800 square meters.

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The above are recommended interesting things for you to do in Shenzhen. Hope the nightlife guide can help you to have a happy time while you are traveling in the city. Except for the mentioned things, there are still a lot of possibilities to explore.

 Experience Cultural Fusion in Chung Ying Street (Chinese/British Street, 中英街)

  • Location: Sha Tau Kok Town, Yantian District

Chung Ying Street is an alley that is 250 meters long and 4 meters wide. Before 1997, when Hong Kong was a British colony, the east side of the street belonged to China while the west side belonged to the UK.

Today, the boundary tablet is still there and a museum holds records of that era’s history. You can do some duty-free shopping there.

As there isn’t a metro line connected, you can take a taxi there or take a bus to Sha Tau Kok Free Trade Zone. Before entering the site, you will need to apply for a special document with your passport near the entrance.

 Understand Local Beliefs in Pak Tai Temple (北帝古庙)

  • Location: Dongfang Road, Bao’an District
  • Transport: From Shenzhen Airport, take bus M527/M528 to Xixiang Pedestrian Street or take a taxi.

Pak Tai Temple is an ancient Taoist temple in Shenzhen. In legends, Pak Tai is the god of water and rainfall, so local people worship him to pray for good weather for the crops.

Every year on the third day of the third lunar month (March 26, 2020 or April 14, 2021), large ceremonies are held to celebrate Pak Tai’s birthday.

Have a picnic planned at Lychee park

TOP 10 Special Things To Do In Shenzhen At Night
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True to its name, the Lychee Park is to see the many lychee trees set around the lake. The park is replete with arched bridges in which you can take a stroll, if you so wish. You can also try feeding the ducks if you are into the idea. Situated in Luohu District, this park is for anyone and everyone who have very little time to drop a visit to the bigger parks in Shenzhen.

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