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TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

Replica products business has a huge market, as they’re affordable, highly profitable, and of high quality. And 90% of replica products are made in China around the globe. Many luxury brand companies have foundry in China. So you find all kinds of fake luxury brand products like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Rolex in China.
But you must have such questions: where to find replica products in China? What should I ask when I import wholesale replica products from China?

Why buy replicas from China?

China has a complete variety of replicas, the price is cheap, and there are different grades of quality for buyers to choose from.

China’s replica industry is very developed, and almost all the replica products you see can be bought from China. According to the survey, 90% of the world’s replica products are from China. One can imagine how developed China’s high replica products industry is.

Replicas made in China are cheap, maybe even 10% of the genuine ones are not needed. This is not only because of China’s cheap labor and abundant raw materials, but also because of China’s mature industrial chain.


TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

There are many industry clusters of replica products in China, and these clusters have complete product supply chains.

You can hardly find a large-scale replica production factory in China.

Since the bags, clothes and shoes industries are handicraft industries, small factories (small workshops) with a few people can make them.

Raw materials such as hardware, leather, and cloth are purchased from the raw material factory.

Many processes in the upstream production also have specialized factory OEMs.

As a result, in the replica market, there are tens of thousands of small factories producing knockoffs, but there are absolutely no large factories with hundreds of workers producing knockoffs.

Professional factories are responsible for every step of producing replica products, and the production volume is huge, which greatly reduces the production cost of each product.

Due to the low barriers for the production of replicas, there are countless such small factories on the market that produce replica. Fierce competition has also depressed the price of replica products. This also determines that the quality of replica bags is essentially uneven, there are different grades.

According to the quality of replica products, it can be divided into several grades from A to AAA. For AAA-level replicas, it is difficult for you to distinguish true from false.

Their styles and materials are basically the same as the original ones.

Which replica brand products are suitable for importing from China?

The most popular in China are replica clothing, bags, shoes, electronic products and watches.

The material or workmanship of these replica product is a little different from the genuine ones. They have plagiarized the design style of the brand, and most of the quality is not too problematic. They are not harmful to the body and mind, so it’s a choice for buyer to buy from China.

Replica clothes

An brand T-shirt costs a few hundred dollars, while the price of a copy from China is tens of dollars, which is only 10% of the original price.

The genuine product and the replica products look similar, and most people can’t feel the difference between them.

Some higher-priced replicas even have the same raw materials as the genuine ones.

China’s factories producing clothing replicas are mainly concentrated in Qingdao, Hebei, Zhengzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, and Shenzhen. Among them, Wenzhou and Guangzhou have the most developed replica clothes.

Replica designer bags

The price of a branded bag is usually several thousand dollars, but in China you can buy a copy for several tens of dollars. Of course, depending on the material and workmanship, the price of the copy ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. The more expensive it is, the more similar it is to the genuine product.

At least more than 90% of replica bags in the world come from China. One can imagine how huge the replica bag industry is in China.

The production areas of bags are also mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei.

After decades of development, the leather production in these places has formed a complete industrial chain, and they are all local pillar industries.

Nowadays, technology upgrades are getting faster and faster, and the manufacturing technology of bags is getting more and more advanced.

Furthermore, driven by interests. Many brands have foundries in China, which provides a lot of convenience for making bags.

Replica shoes

China Putian shoes are almost well-known in China, and it is China’s largest shoe producer. Although brand-name shoes are not as expensive as bags, they are several times more expensive than replicas.

TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

The replica footwear industry in Putian, China is already very mature and has a solid foundation. Here you can buy shoes with the same appearance, material and craftsmanship as the genuine ones.

Replica watches

The so-called replica watch is not equal to the garbage.

The main difference between a replica watch and a genuine one lies in the movement.

Most luxury watches use Swiss-origin movements, while replica watches made in China basically use Chinese-made movements. Although the movement of the replica watch is not as good as the original one, it does not affect the use of the product. There is no problem in using a watch for several years.

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TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

Guangzhou is currently the largest replica watch production base in China, with various large and small assembly plants.

If you want to buy it, it is recommended to buy a replica watch from a major manufacturer. After all, the production of watches requires a certain amount of technology, and the polished workmanship of a large factory is better. Many famous brand watches are also produced by these factories.

Watches from small factories are usually crudely crafted and easily damaged.

Replica electronic products

The industrial chain of electronic products such as Replica iPhone, Apple watch, and Airpords is also very developed.

TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

It can be said that after Apple Inc releases the new product, the Chinese factory can immediately produce its copy, including its peripheral accessories, such as wireless chargers, charging heads and so on within a week .

And the price is surprisingly low. My colleague Alice bought a copy of Airpods in Taobao for only 59 RMB. But it looks exactly the same as the original product, and there is no difference at all from the outside.

China’s electronic products are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen and its surrounding cities. Basically all the electronic products you know can be found here at low prices.

In addition to the above products, replica cosmetics also have a large market. However, cosmetics are in contact with the skin, and inferior cosmetics may contain some substances that damage the skin. It is not recommended to import replica cosmetics.

We have met some customers who are looking for the original factories of brand cosmetics in China, and they hope to purchase cosmetics from the original factories of these brands. This not only guarantees the quality of cosmetics, but also obtains a lower price.

However, it is very difficult to find a foundry for brand cosmetics and do a good job in quality control.

Where can I buy Chinese designer replicas?

The sale of fake and shoddy products is prohibited by law. Therefore, copies in China are basically traded on the Internet.

China replica wholesale websites

The same is true around the world. Due to the huge demand for copies, a large number of websites selling copies have spawned. When you search for keywords such as “replica” and “knockoff” in Google, a large number of websites selling replicas will appear.

These websites basically display all the pictures of the replicas, which are very attractive.

TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

However, trading through private website is somewhat risky, and buyers cannot get any guarantee after payment. It is very possible to encounter scammers when buying at private website.

Social media

In addition to private websites, you can also see many Chinese sellers selling replica products on social platforms such as FB/Ins. They usually post pictures of replica brands on social media, and then call on you to contact them on WeChat or whatAPP to buy.

TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

This is actually more dangerous than buying from an independent website. There are many people who post on the Internet the experience of being deceived by sellers. They are basically because of private transactions with buyers on FB and Instagram.

Dealing with these buyers is very dangerous. They may disappear after you make the payment, and then change to a FB account to deceive others. You can’t find them at all.

There is no cost for sellers to sell copies on social media, and building a website requires a certain amount of time and cost. So it’s easier to encounter scammers on social media.

Independent websites and social media are very dangerous, so where can you safely buy Chinese copies?

Cross-border e-commerce platforms

In fact, there are actually many merchants selling copies lurking on legal cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Although the platform does not allow open sales of copies, buyers can still upload replicas through some tricks.

The advantage of buying from these platforms is that the platform will protect its online transactions. When purchasing through these cross-border e-commerce platforms, the funds will not be directly transferred to the seller’s account but will be hosted by the platform. The funds will not flow into the seller’s account until the buyer confirms the receipt.

This guarantees the interests of the buyer, and the buyer will not worry about not receiving the product after payment.

After research by SourcingArts, you can find a large number of replica products on the following legal platforms:

Website Best replica products
1 Alibaba Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Watches, Bags, Health & Beauty
2 AliExpress Women’s Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Bags, Toys, Shoes
3 Made In China Apparels, Bags, Furniture, Hardware
4 Dhgate Shoes, Apparels, Watch, Bags
5 Ebay Bags, Watch
6 Global Sources Electronics, Hardware, Fashion & Lifestyle
7 Accessories, Clothing, Home Improvement, Sportswear
8 DIY trade Apparel & Fashion, Accessories, Office Supplies, Toys

Among them, Dhgate and DIY trade are famous for selling copies. Basically all copies can be found on these platforms. But these two platforms are more trading companies and wholesalers than manufacturers,it’s suitable for small batch purchasng.

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Alibaba, Made in China and 1688, as B2B platforms, have a large number of replica manufacturers. You are more likely to find current manufacturers on these platforms.

As 1688 is a wholesale website in China, you need to search in Chinese.

Offline china replica markets

The local replica markets in China offer a wide range of products. Be it wholesale designer handbags, replica clothing, or fake shoes!

1. Guangzhou Garment Wholesale Center

As the name implies, this market is great for buying replica clothing. The suppliers also allow customization, meaning you can add a brand name or logo on designer clothes.

Address: 16 Zhannan Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China.

2. Shanghai AP Plaza

This plaza consists of a large number of stalls. Here you can find a brand replica of various products, including sunglasses, clothes, bags, etc.

Address: Near Science & Technology Museum, New Pudong District, Shanghai, China.

3. Shanghai Clothing Market

The replica clothing market on Qipu road is famous for high-quality garments. It is a huge market that mostly attracts young buyers. Some suppliers at this market also sell replica handbags and cheap electronics goods.

Address: 168 Qipu Road, Shanghai, China.

4. Luohu Commercial Center

It is a huge shopping mall in Shenzhen. Here you can buy replica designer handbags, replica clothing, cheap electronics, etc. One needs to be extra cautious at this place. That’s because this mall is often crowded.

Address: Near Hong Kong – Shenzhen border, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China.

5. Taobao City

If you ever get a chance to visit Shanghai, make sure you spend some time in the Nanzheng building. The vendors sell premium quality replica clothing, replica handbags, sunglasses, etc. Some merchants also deal in Nike replicas.

Address: 580 Nanjing building, Shanghai, China.

6. Silk Market

The Silk Market in Beijing is one of the most visited tourist destinations for shopping. This market mostly contains replica clothes shops. However, you can also find shops selling designer handbags, shoes, and other consumer products.

Address: Near Xiushui East Street, Beijing, China. /

Here are two other China wholesale websites for your reference. They have cheap prices, but you need to pay more attention to quality. is the official website of Yiwu Market. The China Commodity Platform is developed and operated by Yiwu China Commodity City, serving 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the upper reaches of the industrial chain, and has 75,000 physical stores in the Yiwu International Trade Market. 

The name of the China wholesale website makeup knows that it specializes in clothing making. But they also have a footwear and accessories section on their website. In addition to websites, you can access them via iPhone and apps.

They do have a wholesale plan for bulk buyers. You can see any current prices you like. They bring the right to explore, at your fingertips.

This China wholesale website has expertise in gadgets and electronics. However, it must be like all other Chinese wholesale markets, where you get a ton of things. Several brands also work with them to sell their products.

The site does have a wholesale plan, as well as drop shipping options. The fashion part is pretty good, and they will provide you with fast and hassle-free shipping.



TomTop is an amazing China wholesale website suitable for all kinds of products. Concessionary prices for clothing, electronic products, and household items. Their wholesale plan is also good, they can offer up to 20% product discount rate.

Bulk packages can also enjoy free shipping if they meet their needs. This company also has its own delivery facilities. The website is also good for ordering makeup and beauty-related items.



Ordinary social media users will notice the influence of Zaful being a popular website. They sell a lot of women’s fashion at affordable prices. Their business is quite transparent, you can feel it on their website. They have also recently included a series of men’s fashions.



Chinabrand is the world’s leading China wholesale website for dropshipping. It covers a complete product catalog, and most product descriptions are very well written. It also provides one-stop delivery services. It integrates with all mainstream platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Lazada, Shopping, Wish, and Ali Express.


How to find replicas?

Replicas cannot be displayed openly on the platform. Entering the name of the real product or brand will not provide you with the exact product.

Because selling replicas on e-commerce platforms is unauthorized, this is why suppliers/sellers often hide replicas’ logos and brand names.

Below we will explain some ways to search for copies.

Image search

In Alibaba/1688/Made in China, you can search for similar products by uploading pictures.

Keyword search

Product model other than the brand name, such as “UNC 2021″””cinder”

Search for words similar to the brand name, such as “Gucc” “prad bag”

AAA+ product category, such as “AAA bags” “AAA T-shirt”

European luxury brands + categories, such as “luxury watch” “luxury designer bag” “brand shoes”


You can keep trying different words to search.

After clicking on one of the products, you will visit the site of that product, similar to the picture below:

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From the product’s website, you will get color options, quantity, product reviews, product descriptions, more pictures of the product, size, shipping, and product price.


When purchasing in large quantities, if the product you want does not contain the logo you are looking for, you can personally talk with the supplier to get a customized order. Product images usually do not contain the logo of the actual brand because it is not authorized to sell copies.

Tips for wholesaling replica electronics from China

The industry of electronic products like fake Airpods, fake iPhones, Apple Watch copy, and its peripheral accessories such as chargers are well developed in China.
Chinese electronic products base is in Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen. And Huaqiangbei is one of Shenzhen’s famous retail areas with one of the largest electronics markets in the world. It’s well known for selling replica electronics. It is said that the Chinese electronics factories can produce replica ones within a week after Apple releases new products.
So if you want to buy replica electronics in China, the products in Shenzhen are the best choice. Because they are attractive both in price and quality. The copy ones just look the same as the genuine ones. If you don’t tell people around you that you buy a replica product, no one can recognize it.
Since electronic products may easily have some problems which are very hard to fix, it’s necessary to scrutinize the stores by comparing them with one another. And you should also confirm the warranties and guarantees policy with the sellers through communication.
TOP 10 Best Replica Online Wholesalers Sites To Buy Fake Stuff

Tips for wholesaling replica products from China

There is no doubt that there is a huge market for replicas, and most of them are made in China. There are many reproductions to choose from, and you must know how to find the best product.

Although the quality of the replicas is somewhat similar, there are still many factors. If you know the factors to keep in mind before buying the product, here are some of the factors discussed:

Quality: The quality is very important and can be perceived by the eyes. If the appearance satisfies your eyes, then it is the appearance that suits you. If you want to purchase in bulk, you’d better buy samples first to check the quality.

Grade: There are A, AA, AAA+ and other grades. Whenever you want to search for a copy on the website, mention the grade. AAA+ is the closest to the real product.

Price: When you compare the prices of products from two different websites, you can see the difference. If the product is better for you, you can choose a higher price.

Manufacturer: It is important to have products from registered manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products. Remember to check before confirming the purchase.

Logo: You may not find a brand replica with the same logo as the genuine product. What you can do is search for the exact logo in other products.

Material: The material of one product is different from another. To ensure the best reproduction, please search for the type of material. Good materials will make the product go further.

Warranty/guarantee: This is another factor you can consider. You should choose a product with a warranty/guarantee over other products. It will ensure longevity, better functionality and efficiency.

Customer reviews: This is one of the key factors that you must consider before buying any product.

On almost every website, comments are displayed on the side or bottom of the page. There you will find compliments and complaints. It can definitely help you decide which products to buy and which products not to buy.

The market is flooded with millions of counterfeit products related to brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

Is it illegal to buy replicas on wholesale websites?

It is illegal to sell replicas in any market. But the customer knows the real and copied product. However, if you really want to start your business by selling replicas, then it is best to buy products from the market that do not have any brand logo.

Can I ship my copy from China to my country?

The shipping method of replica products is the same as normal, but you need to confirm how the customs of your country/region determines whether the products are replica products. Knowing the rules beforehand can help you choose a product.

Do I need to pay extra fees for international shipping?

For this, you need to consult the seller. Some sellers can provide free shipping service, but you need to bear the import tax; some sellers provide DDP service, you only need to pay the seller and not need to pay the shipping to anyone else.

In short, everything depends on your seller.

In conclusion

Buying a replica product from China that meets your expectations is more complicated than buying a normal product.

The most important thing for you is to buy in the right place to avoid being deceived.

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