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Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

here is a lot of different information all around the Internet about ways and times of shipment from sellers of AliExpress right to buyers, but all this information is scattered everywhere, so it’s very hard to find the whole article about each step describing every issue one by one.

And finally, you are here. Alitools will help you have every question explained and analyzed. And if you still have something to ask, feel free to communicate, we are so glad to help you.

How do shipments work on Aliexpress?

There are 2 logistics models on the platform: delivery from your warehouse (FBS – Fulfillment by a Seller) or from the marketplace warehouse (FBA – Fulfillment by AliExpress).

FBS: the delivery from the seller’s warehouse. The goods are stored with a seller and delivered by AliExpress. Orders for sending to customers can be handed over to the courier (they will come to your warehouse for free) or brought to the nearest post office or sorting center.

FBA: shipping from AliExpress Warehouse. You ship goods to the warehouse of a partner, where they are stored, sorted, and sent to customers by mail, to pick-up points or courier.

By choosing this shipping option, you can save a lot, increase conversion and increase the number of orders.

As soon as you have paid for the product, the seller receives a notification about a new order. After that, first of all, the seller has 3-10 days for sending it according to AliExpress’ rules. And secondly, most often the goods are kept in warehouses, so to deliver them, the seller needs additional time. Having received the things, the seller goes to the post office, registers the parcel there, and hands it over to the post office workers.

This entire preparatory procedure is called ‘Order Processing’ on the online store. And this is exactly the status you will see in the first 10 days from the date of payment.

By the way, while you see this status, you have the opportunity to cancel it without losing money, because obviously, the seller has not sent the products yet.

Why do AliExpress orders take so long?

The ‘delivery’ word sounds pretty simple. But if you disassemble the points through which your package passes, it becomes clear how multifaceted and difficult this process is.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

From the warehouse of China Post (or whatever service the seller uses), the goods are sent to the customs of China. After passing various checks, the parcel arrives at the transport warehouse, from where it is already sent by airmail to the territory of any destination country.

Having come to a country, the goods are in the queue for verification by the National customs service, and later, after successful verification, the parcel is sent to the recipient’s city. On the territory of your homeland, goods are delivered by state mail in 90% of cases. So, from the customs warehouse, the package is sent to the main post office in your city. And from there it goes directly to your mail.

Delivery of goods can be delayed for many reasons, but Heads of AliExpress try their best every month to come up with some new decisions optimizing the delivery process for the better.

How long do AliExpress packages take to arrive?

The day and month of the arrival of the parcel at this point are obtained based on the average actual time of delivery of goods to your region. Please note that this is a purely mathematical algorithm. Therefore, real time can be correlated both upward and downward.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

This fact is indicated by a footnote, the text of which can be seen by moving the cursor over the question mark “?”.

This function is displayed on the product page and is for informational purposes only. Potential delays or cataclysms are not taken into account.

The date appears only for the selection field for the picking and the country of the sender.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

Shipping method

First, you need to understand that AliExpress is a platform for thousands of retailers. There is no single delivery method on the site: each store provides its own set of options and is responsible for ensuring that the goods are delivered.

Nevertheless, all methods can be roughly divided into 3 types:

  • Regular shipping

This method is suitable for small, cheap goods that can be sent in a soft bag. It is impossible to track the movement of the parcel, and you will not receive a delivery notification. Most often, such parcels go by mail, a postman delivers them to the post office or to your home in the mailbox. The postman does not need your signature or proof of receipt. This is a safe and slow delivery, but you can save money.

  • Certified delivery

The most common type of delivery among online stores. After the purchase, you will receive a code to track the movement of the parcel. It starts and ends with different capital letters.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

The package is sent by mail, but unlike the previous method, the postman will be obliged to hand over the purchase personally and receive your confirmation signature. If you are not at home, the postman will leave a notice in which post office you can pick up your purchase.

  • Delivery by a private courier company

This type of delivery is best suited for valuable, fragile, expensive, and bulky items. Your purchase will travel in the best conditions and under the protection of a private company, it will arrive much faster, but this type of delivery is the most expensive and is almost always subject to additional costs at customs. In addition, preferring speed, some companies put their goods at pick-up points.

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Destination country

The speed of delivery of the goods also depends on the destination country, because the distance might be quite different, obviously. Let’s have a look at the example of a table with the average delivery time from China (Aliexpress Standard Shipping method).

Country Origin Country Destination % Delivered In Days Average Time in Days
China Australia 46.8% 16 – 30 17
China Austria 73.0% 16 – 30 23
China Canada 54.9% 16 – 30 21
China Italy 43.1% 31 – 60 31
China Singapore 73.7% 16 – 30 27.2
China United States 61.0% 16 – 30 20

The whole list of destination countries and their conditions you can watch here in detail:

Country of origin

Aliexpress ships goods to almost anywhere in the world, but they will be delivered much faster to countries where there are many orders from abroad, and which have a good government postal service.

Typically, all the postal service with Aliexpress takes 2 to 4 weeks, but the average buyer’s protection time is 60 days, and depending on the time of year or the distance of the destination country, you may need up to 60 days on average to receive your order.

It is best to look at the forecast offered by the seller, but keep in mind that it is always possible that it may take a little longer.

Time of year

Your orders can delay arriving if it’s a holiday and too many people purchase at the same time, like Christmas or the famous Black Friday Double 11 (aka The Singles’ Day, November 11). During these times, there are so many orders piling up in China that the postal service gets really overwhelmed and overcrowded.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

You also need to take into account the national holidays in China, which the whole country celebrates. For example, the Chinese New Year, lasting for two weeks on different dates of February: on these dates, you most likely will not be able to receive the parcel even beyond the expected time limit, because there is nothing more important for the Chinese person than the good old family holiday of the New Year.

Aliexpress shipping time in different methods

Let’s have a look at the shipping methods of delivering products all over the world. There is an extremely detailed article about all kinds of shipping: , but here we would like to focus your attention on the most widespread ones, centering on popularity among users, efficiency, and time of transportation.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

AliExpress Standard Shipping

This is a Standard one. Most sellers with inexpensive items, as well as buyers of some small retail products use this way because it’s commonly used and though the average delivery time is 25-41 days, it’s free, so very likely to be chosen.

AliExpress Premium Shipping

There is also a Premium one: most often it is paid, which mostly means faster. The average delivery time for parcels is 15-22 days.

ePacket Delivery

E-Packet is a method used by large online stores because it has comfortable shipping options for wholesale businesses. The cost of delivery by this method is usually not expensive or even free. All parcels sent using E-Packet are traceable, received in person at their post office. Parcels sent using E-Packet arrive much faster, but more and more often the delivery time is longer than stated. The average delivery time with E-Packet is 14 to 23 days.

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SunYou Economic Air Mail

SunYou is a cost-effective shipping method, which is also very common among retailers and wholesalers. Practiced by sellers to send small items at low cost. The shipment speed is quite low: 30-60 days.


FedEx IE (stands for International Economy) is a door-to-door, day-to-day, customs clearance service for shipments up to 68 kg (almost unlimited in weight).

Delivery times are about 5 business days, but can be more; it costs some money to use it and is backed by the FedEx Money Back Guarantee.


DHL is one of the most popular services all over the world, so a lot of people prefer to choose this one. Although it also costs money to deliver, it’s quite fast (7-25 days depending on the country the purchase is coming from) and safe enough.

What is the best AliExpress shipping method by delivery time?

And now let’s sum up everything that you learned above, the table can help compare and analyze, what exactly is worth using.

Tracking Received in Cost
AliExpress Standard Shipping Yes 15-45 days Mostly free, in some cases, it’s up to 3$
AliExpress Premium Shipping Yes 8-15 days Starting from 10$
ePacket Delivery Yes 7-30 days Starting from 22.24$
SunYou Economic Air Mail Yes 40-70 days Mostly free,in some cases up to 5$
FedEx Yes 5-15 days Starting from 9$
DHL Yes 15-45 days Starting from 18.83$

How to receive your orders in record time

If you would like to receive your products faster, there are several ways to speed up the delivery process.

Domestic warehouses outside China

Warehouses are the places in different countries where products of a particular supplier are stored. It’s not very common yet, but speaking of shipping costs and scheduling, it’s very useful and time-saving for both parties.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

That’s why nowadays more and more sellers, suppliers and even manufacturers would like to have their own warehouses in different countries beyond China, meanwhile buyers, for sure, prefer to choose products, which they will not wait almost forever for.

Fast Delivery in up to 10 days

Choosing fast delivery is a good idea when you really don’t want to wait or are even limited by time because of holidays or another important date. Making a decision about this kind of delivery can also be good for safety reasons. But it will no doubt cost you a dime.

Sometimes there are some extra bills that you will have to pay de-facto, expenses for a custom house or other services, so if you 100% can not wait, then keep your wallet aside.

Shipment Processed by AliExpress

This is the most commonly used and quite safe method of transporting. The goods first arrive at the center powered by the online platform. Each product is checked for quality and then dispatched as soon as possible to guarantee the shortest possible delivery time.

Aliexpress Shipping / Tracking – How To Track Your Shipments

Once your order has been accepted, your supplier will provide you with a tracking number that will show you where the package is.

The Different Shipping Status

Having placed an AliExpress order, a person is faced first of all with the status of it. With its help, a demonstration of information related to the shipment of goods is conducted.

The online store offers the following interpretations:

  • Awaiting payment – appears immediately after checkout. It means that you need to pay for your order.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
  • Payment being verified – an inscription that appears in your cabinet immediately after the funds are debited for the purchase.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
  • Awaiting shipment – demonstrates that payment data has been passed to the supplier. Within a certain time, the seller must send the item to the client.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
  • Awaiting delivery – is displayed after the supplier has sent the generated purchase. At this stage, the cargo is assigned a unique track number for tracking Aliexpress parcels.
  • Open dispute – a status that is displayed if the user opened a dispute for one reason or another. This indicates that the case is pending.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
  • Negotiation finished – emphasizes the end of a previously open dispute.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?
  • Order Completed – the most recent order status. It is assigned to all mailings that have been received. If a dispute was opened – after its resolution.
Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

How to deal with long shipping times when dropshipping with AliExpress

The best way to deal with long shipping times with direct AliExpress dropshipping is to use the faster shipping method possible and see if you can find a supplier with the least turnaround time.

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Remember to communicate about the estimated delivery date to your customers honestly and openly, because at the end of the day we never forget the ones who once ignored us.

Choose the right shipping method

As already mentioned, choosing the right shipping method is a better idea, than quitting sleeping while stressing about the arrival time and lack of knowledge of where your parcel is because you were trying to save a bit.

It’s always a great idea to find a balance between the cost and the schedule.

Look at the processing time of the AliExpress supplier

The shorter the processing time the better, because the processing time will be added to the shipping time. Pay attention to this. Longer processing times mean longer delivery times for your customers.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

You can also submit for an extension of the processing time if you feel like you need it.

Don’t make your shipping times a mystery

It’s a slow-witted idea to hide the delivery time from your buyers, because – let’s be honest – they will anyway know about it. And it’s way more comfortable and less stressful when they know it in advance. Even if the terms are long, the buyer can wait if the product is worth it.

So keep working on the value of the product and be open to your clients – this always works.

Customer Service

Another small topic about the importance of the service: whenever you reply to customers who ask questions about where their orders are, you must respond politely and include the location of their order in the email, as well as any other information you can provide them with.

Dropship from the country that you are selling in

The easiest way to find customers first is to target your products on the people from the same state you live in because you immediately avoid most transportation problems. Delivery inside of the country might be complicated in some cases, but anyway it can’t be compared to all the custom house and other shipment issues.

How Can Alitools Help?

Alitools is a price tracker extension for shopping on AliExpress, that does important things like tracking the way and the status of the delivery, monitoring changes in prices for all types of goods, indicating the level of trust to sellers (every customer can make a note about a seller that they worked with or bought from), searching for products and providing real reviews from real people.

Aliexpress Shipping Time – How Long Does An Order Take?

This extension makes your life easier, so you never need to follow the info about a product yourself, trying to understand where the goods are right now and when they are going to arrive. There you will get a notification about each step, so you can relax and keep working on making your business valuable, leaving the hard work to the app.

And also you can find an approved seller for almost a second because this extension is made for the people who don’t want to waste their precious time and work fast and efficiently. You can check it out here:


What is “processing” on AliExpress?

Processing time is the time between the payment for the items from a buyer and the shipping of the items by a seller. When the payment is done, within a certain time the seller will send the goods to the buyer.

Is it normal for my AliExpress order to take so many days in transit?

There are a lot of different reasons, such as your personal shipment method choice, country of a seller, your destination place, etc, that can affect the time of delivery. So keep in mind all these reasons and watch the shipment status carefully.

I have placed several orders on AliExpress on the same day, will they all arrive together?

If the orders are from the same country, same company, same seller – it might be possible (if the seller has all the goods in stock right now), but in 90% of cases, it’s not possible, because the shipping time depends on such points as seller’s and buyer’s country and even the holidays, which can delay the process of delivering.

My AliExpress order is taking too long, can I cancel the order?

You can cancel your order and have your money back quite fast and easily, while you have the ‘awaiting shipment’ status in your cabinet. After the status changes for ‘awaiting delivery’ it will be more complex, because you will have to deal with money refunding and your seller will need to take their product back after some procedures are already done.

My order appears as “Closed”, what do I do?

If it has been ‘closed’ for any reason, you can’t open it again. Do not rush to confirm receipt of your order. The item may be defective and you will not be able to open a dispute and receive a refund for a closed order.

Be extremely careful when buying electronics: use it for at least 2-3 days and only then confirm the order delivery.  If you have not received your item and your order has already been closed, you can still receive a refund. The most important thing is to take screenshots to have some evidence.

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